Your Heart: An Owners Guide

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The Woman's Heart

X-rays are also used to monitor the progression of congestive heart failure. Echocardiography is excellent for confirming tentative diagnoses, for assessing the severity of leaky heart valves or narrowed vessels, for evaluating chamber sizes and heart muscle function, for diagnosing high blood pressure in the lungs, for identifying birth defects in the heart, for detecting heart tumors, or for detecting pericardial disease problems with the membrane surrounding the heart.

Heartworm disease is diagnosed best by performing a blood test to detect the presence of female heartworms. X-rays also called radiographs of the chest frequently help diagnose heart disease in pets. Finding generalized enlargement of the heart or enlargement of specific heart chambers makes the presence of heart disease more likely.

The images may also provide clues as to the specific disease present. For example, fluid in the lungs is a common finding in congestive heart failure. Although chest x-rays are useful in evaluating patients with heart disease, they have certain limitations. The presence of fluid in the lungs does not definitively confirm a disease originating from the heart or exclude another origin, such as pulmonary lung disease. Also, assessment of overall heart size and the size of specific heart chambers is typically far less accurate than testing by echocardiography ultrasonography.

It can be used to identify heart arrhythmias, such as bradycardia slower than expected rhythm , tachycardia faster than expected rhythm , or other abnormalities of rhythm such as sinus arrhythmia or sinus arrest.

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Electrocardiography can also detect conduction disturbances, or failures of the electrical signals that cause the heart to contract to pass through the heart tissue. These include first-, second-, and third-degree atrioventricular block. Finally, electrocardiography can identify chamber enlargement, which is indicated by waveform abnormalities shown on the electrocardiogram recording.

Different readings suggest enlargement of the different chambers. While the electrocardiogram may suggest chamber enlargement, chest x-rays and echocardiography ultrasonography are more effective. Echocardiography is a type of ultrasonography used to evaluate the heart, the aorta, and the pulmonary artery. Echocardiography complements other diagnostic procedures by examining and displaying the working heart and moving images of its action. Heart chamber and wall dimensions can be determined; the physical structure and motion of valves can be seen; and pressure differences, blood flow volumes, and several measurements of heart function can be calculated.

There are 3 main types of echocardiography: 2-dimensional, m-mode, and Doppler. Two-dimensional echocardiography provides a wedge-shaped, 2-dimensional video of the heart as it moves. This is typically used to measure chamber size, wall thickness, valve motion, and the size of the aorta and pulmonary artery. Doppler echocardiography detects changing frequencies of the ultrasonic beam as it contacts moving red blood cells to measure the speed of blood flow and thus identify turbulent or high-speed flow.

This can locate heart murmurs.

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Cardiac Catheterization. Cardiac catheterization involves the placement of specialized catheters thin, flexible tubes into the heart, aorta, or pulmonary artery. It may also be used for presurgical evaluation, treatment, and in clinical research. Diagnostic and presurgical cardiac catheterization, however, have largely been replaced by echocardiography see above. Measles today has a great fear around it, however did you know that the vaccine for measles can cause harm and weakens your immune system and there are long term benefits to catching and resolving the wild measles virus for your immune system.

There is today a fear based health care that is permeating our society. The fear is not based on science or facts but on ignorance and control. This episode we will review the historical facts and the science behind measles. Click here to refresh the feed.

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This is the time of the year that there is a big push to "Get your Flu shot", you are getting this message from all sorts of media, bill boards, and store loud speakers. There are little to no benefits for this vaccine if you are under 2 years old and 65 years old or older, according to the cochrane collaboration.

This episode you will find out the truth behind the hype for this years flu shot, and safer more effective ways to protect yourself and your family! Your heart never stops and should last a lifetime! There are a number of different stressors in our society that can negativley affect your heart!

Your Heart: An Owner's Guide by John A. Elefteriades

This episode we will cover the function of your heart and review the environmental factors that can damage your heart! There are 3 types of stress, Physical, Chemical, and Emotional.

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In our crazy allopathic medical system, the normal response to stress is misread as a disease. This episode you will find out how to identify and deal affectivly with those stressors and restore your health! It is time to take charge of your own health! No longer can you expect your family doctor who has been trained in the symptom drug protocols of the medical system, to look for the cause of your symptoms or suggest natural therapies.

The average person over 60 years old in the USA is taking 12 prescritpions a year, and properly prescribed drugs kill , people a year according to the Journal of the Amercian Medical Association. There is hope, your body is self-healing and self-regulating, this episode we are going to show you how your body is designed for health and simple steps to get your health back!! Don't miss this life saving and life changing episode! Thjere are a number of environmental factors causing this epidemic!

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Knowing the causes of this autoimmune disaster then you will know the solutions! Autoimmune Diseases are suposed to be "The Body Attacking itself". However you will see in this episode that immune system is hyper stimulated and misdirected by the procedure of vaccination. This episode we will go over the peer reviewed medical journals on the link between vaccinations and autoimmune diseases.

Autoimmune diseases are said to be from your immune ssytem just attacking your body! However with 1 in 5 people in American today developing this type of disease, it's time that we look into how the immune system works and what "autoimmune diseases" are. This episode we will cover how your immune system works and what your an autoimmune disease is and how your body is NOT attacking itself!

Our population is sicker than it was just a few years ago.

Heart Health, How to keep your heart healthy!!

The "Health Authorities" are saying that it is just from bad luck or bad genes or better diagnosis. The truth is that the environment and the medical procedures are contributing to the sickening of our world! This episode we will explore the causes and solutions to our sick society, specifically Cancer and the toxins in vaccines!

Cancer is a metabolic disease , which means it is caused by toxins in the environment. This episode we will explore the cancer causing agents that people are exposed to as well as the toxic therapies and safer more effective alternatives. Cancer is always a systemic problem which means that all cancers are a whole body rpoblem that presents locally in the form of a tumor or abnormal cell growth. There are a number of causes of cancer and the solution for for cancer is to strengthen your immune system. Rating the health of a country is vital for the health and wellbeing of its people.

The health of a country can be determined with how healthy is its population, or education, stability, environmental stewardship, economic future, etc

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Your Heart: An Owners Guide Your Heart: An Owners Guide
Your Heart: An Owners Guide Your Heart: An Owners Guide
Your Heart: An Owners Guide Your Heart: An Owners Guide
Your Heart: An Owners Guide Your Heart: An Owners Guide
Your Heart: An Owners Guide Your Heart: An Owners Guide
Your Heart: An Owners Guide Your Heart: An Owners Guide
Your Heart: An Owners Guide Your Heart: An Owners Guide
Your Heart: An Owners Guide Your Heart: An Owners Guide
Your Heart: An Owners Guide

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