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Although there have been some worries that statins might interfere with testosterone production because of cholesterol's role in producing the hormone, a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that statins actually increased erectile function by nearly 25 percent.

Eat foods high in magnesium

The science works like this: Cholesterol clogs the arteries, restricting blood flow. Statins lower cholesterol, improving the ability of arteries to dilate, which may help increase erectile function. John B. Kostis, M. But if you're on a statin anyway, men may see an improvement "within a couple of weeks. Truth: Put eggs back on your menu. The federal Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee recently dropped its recommendation that healthy adults limit foods high in cholesterol, like eggs and shellfish, because research shows they only have a slight effect on blood cholesterol.

In fact, researchers at Yale University found that even those with coronary heart disease could safely consume two eggs per day for six weeks and experience no adverse effects on cholesterol levels. Plus, the "incredible, edible egg" is also a good source of choline, a nutrient that plays an important role in memory, and the yolk is packed with antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin, which help prevent macular degeneration.

Truth: While statins are still the most popular, a new class of drugs called PCSK9 inhibitors show promise for sharply reducing levels of LDL "bad" cholesterol. A study published in the Lancet found that the drugs, which are currently undergoing clinical trials, reduced levels of LDL cholesterol up to 60 percent more than placebo medications. If proven safe, the drugs would be a welcome alternative for patients who can't tolerate the side effects from traditional statins.

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In the meantime, please feel free to search for ways to make a difference in your community at www. Share with facebook. Share with twitter. Share with linkedin. Sounds pretty boring. The role of cholesterol in atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease is often debated. In my opinion, the so-called lipid hypothesis is an oversimplification of a complex disorder.

Sometimes we debate because we disagree on how to simplify complex mechanisms. Cholesterol is just one of many players in the atherosclerotic process. The main reason it has become such a popular player is that it is easy to measure, not because it plays the main role. They often provoke lively discussions, and they may stimulate scientific research. There are different ways for authors to present a hypothesis they believe is true. Such a balanced, informative approach is honest, and it gives the reader a chance to make up his own mind. There is no reason to discuss any contradictory evidence.

In my opinion, the recent book by Bowden and Sinatra is a good example oft he preachers approach. In fact, you may admire how fearlessly they expose, what they call the misinformation fed by the scientific community. On the contrary, I think they have some great tips on healthy lifestyle and diet.

In the first two chapters, the role of cholesterol in heart disease is discussed. The authors believe that cholesterol numbers are a poor predictor of heart disease. The importance of cholesterol for different bodily functions is underlined. In this chapter the people who write the special reports and guidelines, meant to help doctors make treatment decisions get a fierce amount of critique.

Atherosclerosis is the underlying cause of cardiovascular disease. It leads to the building of plaques within the walls of our arteries. These plaques are composed of several substances, among them is cholesterol. Atherosclerosis typically affects the coronary arteries, the vessels supplying blood to the heart muscle. In medical school, I was taught that the exact cause of atherosclerosis was unknown. However, there were certain risk factors, which if present increased the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease.

The main risk factors were family history of heart disease, smoking, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. None of these risk factors was considered to be the cause of heart disease. However, by modifying the risk factors, the likelihood of developing heart disease could be reduced. I have never believed that cholesterol is the sole cause of heart disease. However, it is certainly involved, and it is quite clear that cardiovascular disease as we know it would not exist if cholesterol was not present. Is a tsunami caused by water? Is heart disease caused by cholesterol?

The fact that cholesterol is a very important biologic substance and essential to life, does not prove that high levels may not promote a disease process. There are many examples of this phenomenon. Iron, for example, has important biologic functions. However high levels of iron in the body can cause a disease called hemochromatosis. Although insulin is essential for our metabolism, research indicates that high levels are undesirable and may promote obesity.

A certain level of blood glucose is essential for life. However, high blood levels of glucose are undesirable and associated with the disease we call diabetes. So, although cholesterol is an important biologic substance, high levels could certainly be associated with disease. In animal models, atherosclerosis does not occur in the absence of greatly elevated blood cholesterol. Furthermore, heart attacks have been shown to be uncommon in humans with very low plasma levels of LDL cholesterol due to a sequence variation in the PCSK9 gene. Healthy adult levels are times higher.

Familial hypercholesterolemia FH is a disorder characterized by high cholesterol levels, specifically levels of LDL-cholesterol. Many individuals with this disorder die prematurely of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. The most common problem in FH is the development of coronary artery disease at a much younger age than would be expected in the general population. So, try telling a thirty-year-old woman with FH, and an acute heart attack that cholesterol is harmless. Statin drugs have improved prognosis and quality of life in patients with FH.

It is important to emphasize, that it is lipoproteins that interact with the arterial wall and initiate the cascade of events that leads to atherosclerosis. Cholesterol is only one of many components of lipoproteins. LDL, the major carrier of cholesterol in the circulation, is the most atherogenic lipoprotein. High levels of LDL in the blood may lead to increased transport of this substance into the vessel wall. When inside the arterial wall, LDL can undergo a variety of modifications including oxidation, uptake by white blood cells called macrophages, formation of so-called foam cells and the initiation of inflammation.

This cascade of events may ultimately result in an atherosclerotic plaque within the vessel wall. Obviously, cholesterol is not the cause of all this, but it is always involved. So, could it be that atherosclerosis is more likely to occur if plasma concentration of LDL-cholesterol is high than if it is low?

The answer is yes. A number of scientific studies indicate that this is definitively the case. However, this does not mean that cholesterol causes heart disease. The authors claim that inflammation is the true cause of heart disease. Bowden and Sinatra consider the size of the atherogenic LDL particles to be important. Thus, the more of the large fluffy particles, the better. The more of the small dense particles, the higher your risk.

Nature is complex and so are biological mechanisms that control bodily functions. A disease often occurs during specific conditions that involve many different biological pathways. Of course, environmental and genetic factors play a role as well. So, why should there be one simple cause of heart diseases such as chronic inflammation or cholesterol?

So, again, we may disagree because our methods of simplifying complex mechanisms are different. An association between LDL particle size and cardiovascular risk has been found in some studies. However, measurements reflecting the number of LDL particles appear to be a stronger predictor of risk than particle size in itself. Therefore, particle size in itself may be unimportant. Bowden and Sinatra say the benefits of statin drugs have been widely exaggerated.

Furthermore, they believe the side effects of these drugs to be much more common than previously thought. They point out that statin therapy may be associated with cancer and diabetes. Other common side effects may be memory problems, lack of energy and sexual dysfunction. They believe that much of the side effects of statin therapy may be traced to depletion of coenzyme Q Sinatra only uses statin drugs for high-risk middle-aged men. However, most people tolerate statin therapy quite well.

Furthermore, I believe these drugs certainly reduce cardiovascular risk in patients with documented cardiovascular disease, and in many high-risk individuals without disease. Here I definitively agree with Dr. Bowden and Dr. There are a number of supplements the authors believe improve the health of our hearts. Among these are coenzyme Q10, which the authors call the spark of life, D-ribose, L-carnitine, magnesium, niacin, vitamin E, fish oils and Omega Interesting list, but somehow I could not help thinking that, if the authors owned companies that were selling these products on-line, it would seriously affect the credibility of the book and reduce its educative value.

However, keeping in mind they believe that the lipid hypothesis is kept alive by medical professionals getting paid by pharmaceutical companies, I will have to assume that Dr. Sinatra have no conflict of interest. Well done Dr. Walking round graves in Europe from 19th Century I wonder how all those people managed to live to be 88 working the whole time usually, without ever having a blood test in their lives!!!

Years ago, a study was done linking stress to raised Cholesterol levels using Tax Accountants in March and early April. We have seen cholesterol bars lowered more and more ditto for bone density testing. I am now reading about how we are getting inflammation and fatigue due to not spending enough time in the sun sans sunscreen, and I do recall women gobbling down HRT meds etc.

Here is the best solution unless one has a genetic disease: Exercise daily, Eat healthily, not too much, mainly vegetables. Thanks for the interesting discussion. Ordinary elderly housewife, Lizzie. It is a controversy, indeed. I have done extensive research and all I see is one contrary opinion after another. Same thing about statin drugs vs. I cannot draw any conclusions at all. Great to read such a balanced view. You have addressed in some detail many of the controversial areas confounding the relationship between cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

I will be encouraging my friends to read this article. I am in the middle of the book so I appreciate your review. However I do not fault the authors for their spin. I found they repeatedly emphasized the value of statins for those cardiovascular patients who actually can benefit from them. But it is important that ordinary people not be put on drugs arbitrarily. Especially when the overwhelming evidence is that a change in diet and attention to proper nutrition can accomplish the same goal for free and with no side effects.

That was their major point. As for their endorsement of certain supplements I suggest that you also read Dr. I am not saying I agree or disagree with him — but it is his daily profession and it is based on his documented experience, however anecdotal it may prove to be. Bowden does indeed sell supplements on his website. Does this disqualify him from being an impartial voice? It appears that both Dr Bowden an Dr Sinatra sell nutrition supplements on the internet, among them are those they promote in their book.

They never mention this as a possible conflict of interest. One of the main message of their book is that people should not take statins, but should take the nutrition supplements they are selling. At the same time they consider it a problem that some of the doctors who write the clinical guidelines have financial ties with the pharmaceutical industry. What about Dr.

Yes he is selling something. He is selling his medical services. What would happen, if he were wrong about cholesterol? I venture to guess his reputation and pride would be on the line. Perhaps Dr. Sinatra and Johnny Bowden saw the handwriting on the wall. I saw where cardiologists are abandoning LDL targets and just giving statins to everyone over a certain age.

Actually statins are being pushed on everyone with a little high cholesterol conveniently redefining normal to sell more of them , even here in Spain. We live in a capitalist system.

Your Doctor is a Liar! CHOLESTEROL DOES NOT CAUSE HEART DISEASE! | Statin | Cholesterol

First, anyone wishes to take these 4 particular supplements has a large and ever growing field of choice as to where to go to purchase them. Or is the current front page news about generic versions of various drugs — and the financial fears of their being introduced — just to be dismissed?

The Big Heart Disease Lie - high blood pressure or cholesterol, fatigue, shortness of breath...

Thanks for very balanced view on this controversial topic. I guess low-grade inflammation is bad, but the elevation of inflammation markers in infections is critical for human survival. So inflammation is equally two-edged sword as is cholesterol, if you wish. But the bigger question is how would your enthusiasm in prevention spread among cardiologists? After you have read and re-read this book, please do not let it just collect dust on your bookshelf.

The information contained within this book is so vital to your health, and to the health of your loved ones, that I humbly request that you please make it a point to share this book with as many people as possible. Please give this book to someone that you care about. You may very well save their life! May your life be long and healthy. Just say NO to all drugs.

Even the drug companies publicly admit this. Eat more protein. Eat more foods that contain Vitamin C and Copper. Stop eating sugar. Stop eating processed foods. In a Nutshell continued. They are! If it is higher than that, then you need to eat less of everything and you definitely need to eat less sugar and fewer carbohydrates. Their beliefs are based on faulty statistical analysis, their drugs are poisonous and their advice does not work!

Anyone who attempts to tell you that it does is either lying to you or has been brainwashed by someone who lied to them. Instead of telling you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, they are endeavouring to make you believe that you are ill so that they can prescribe deadly, poisonous drugs and recommend surgical procedures that are known to be ineffective. After you finish reading this book, you will understand your health a little bit better and hopefully, you will also awaken to the TRUTH that Rather, you have been taken in by certain commercial interests and health groups who are more interested in your money than your life.

Nothing could be further from the truth Their power is so great that they have infiltrated medical and governmental regulatory agencies that would normally protect us from such unsubstantiated dogma. Statin drugs have been aggressively promoted by the pharmaceutical industry and medical opinion leaders. The new guidelines were not written by disinterested scientists, but by members of the medical community who have received major grants from the pharmaceutical industry.

The recommendations are based on distorted statistical analysis of relative risk reduction that mislead doctors and the public. They are designed to turn healthy people into patients! Many Americans, including medical scientists, have a one-track mind when it comes to the condition. But years of medical research have produced NO convincing evidence that these components of foods actually cause hardening of the arteries.

Heart disease is still the number one cause of death in the United States. Our thinking has to change. There is a way to prevent heart disease and to achieve a longer, healthier life. Heart disease is caused by modern processed food and the way to prevent the disease is to improve the quality of your diet.

What the average American eats in one day - cereal for breakfast, a doughnut and coffee midmorning, cold cuts on white bread for lunch, potato chips and soda as a. Even health-conscious eaters who use skim milk on their cereal, replace the doughnut with a plain bagel, eat nonfat pretzels instead of chips, have pasta for dinner and eat fat-free frozen yogurt with cookies for dessert, all in the name of good nutrition, are fooling themselves. If we ate what our bodies needed, heart disease would be as rare as it is in unindustrialized parts of the world. The official dietary recommendations made by the U.

This simply is not true. The demonization of fats has also led to the low-fat diet craze that has swept the United States and enticed us to eat more refined carbohydrates instead of complex carbohydrates from fruit and vegetables. By eating low-fat foods filled with sugar and white flour and snacking on highly processed, high calorie foods depleted of all nutrients, Americans are depriving themselves of vitamins, minerals, fiber, essential oils and phytochemicals that are needed to prevent disease.

These are more than just bad habits - the way we eat is causing a disease epidemic. Recognizing that our unhealthy diet can lead to disease, and realizing that we can use our food choices to prevent disease, are the first steps in making change. All you have to do is improve your diet. The simplest part is figuring out what to eat. The only hard part is ignoring what the health establishment has drilled into our heads about the supposed culprits.

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The real villains are processed foods, especially refined carbohydrates, that are depleted of the vitamins our bodies need to prevent disease. With a more balanced and nutritious diet, the mid-twentieth century epidemic of heart disease can become a distant memory. Kilmer S. McCully, M. There is no other substance as widely publicized by the medical profession - and no bigger health scandal.

These levels have always been normal. Many hundreds of thousands of people are treated with expensive medications to prevent the development of a non-existent illness. This is a phony issue. Enig, Ph. Much of the literature, therefore, is nothing less than an affront to the discipline of science Smith, Ph. Matthias Rath, M. But People Do! Health professionals generally ignore the growing body of evidence that the ingredients of processed foods - liquid and hydrogenated vegetable oils, refined sweeteners, processed milk products, preservatives and artificial flavorings - are the largest contributors to modern disease, especially heart disease.

Carefully reviewing the research on nutrient recommendations, disease prevention, documented dietary shortfalls and major health problems of the population, we submitted the final version of our new Food Guide to the Secretary of Agriculture. When our version of the Food Guide came back to us revised, we were shocked to find that it was vastly different from the one we had developed. As I later discovered, the wholesale changes made to the Guide by the Office of the Secretary of Agriculture were calculated to win the acceptance of the food industry.

Where we, the USDA nutritionists, called for a base of servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day, it was replaced with a paltry servings changed to servings a couple of years later because of an anti-cancer campaign by another government agency, the National Cancer Institute, forced the USDA to adopt the higher standard. Our recommendation of daily servings of whole grain breads and cereals was changed to a whopping servings, forming the base of the Food Pyramid as a concession to the processed wheat and corn industries.

Moreover, my nutritionist group had placed baked goods made with white flour - including crackers, sweets and other low nutrient foods laden with sugars and fats - at the peak of the pyramid, recommending that they be eaten sparingly. Over my objections, the Food Guide Pyramid was finalized. In the 25 years since the initial Food Guide was developed, we face an unprecedented nutrition crisis. A majority of Americans have poor quality diets and the rates of diet related chronic diseases, from cancer, diabetes and heart disease to digestive diseases and arthritis, are soaring.

The latest research blames commercial food ingredients, imbalanced diets, excessive calories and too few nutrient and antioxidant rich vegetables, fruits and whole grains. The government readily complies. How and why does the government allow this to happen? As I learned from my days as a USDA nutritionist, nutrition for the government is primarily a marketing tool to fuel growth in consumer food expenditures and demand for major food commodities. This is not the case. The way the foods we eat affect our risk of heart disease is a subject that has been wrenched out of context and profoundly exaggerated in recent years.

Unfortunately, this group has been the source of as much exaggeration and misdirection as it has useful advice for physicians and their patients. The figure does not represent any demonstrated change in risk in any clinical study. For most of us, the fact that a certain health recommendation receives substantial news coverage and is the subject of an expensive public awareness campaign is enough to convince us of the validity of that position.

Such trust is perhaps too easily placed. Stare, M. Olson, M. Whelan, Sc. That myth is the greatest scientific deception of this century [the s], perhaps of any century. George V. Mann, M. The body is capable of healing itself. Damaged and blocked vessels can open up and function normally again.

We now know that we have a choice regarding this disease. Atherosclerosis can be prevented, brought to a halt and even reversed. John P. Cooke, M. It is no wonder the pharmaceutical companies are hyping these drugs. Supporters are so enamored of statin drugs that some have even proposed putting them in the water supply. Critics object that the statins are another thalidomide story for the drug industry, with ill effects not yet fully understood.

The drug companies will tell you that the likelihood of side effects from statins is low. Nevertheless, many physicians who prescribe these drugs - and their patients who use them - may tell you otherwise. Like many of my colleagues, I have hundreds of patients who, when they take a statin agent, develop annoying, sometimes incapacitating, muscle aches and weakness that abruptly stop when they discontinue use of the drug, and return when drug use is resumed.

Both perceptions are untrue. Really lowering your risk for heart disease requires a dramatic shift in focus. William Davis, M. Almost all of the information that doctors receive about drugs comes straight from the pharmaceutical industry. The annual toll of lives and serious side effects currently sustained by hundreds of thousands of patients is a heavy and unnecessary price to pay for faith misplaced.

Duane Graveline, M. Risk factors are only statistical associations and are not causal in any sense. It is essential to realize that the causality is assumed and not proven. Such imprecise use of English results in misrepresentation and bad science. Scientific evidence for the role of dietary fat and hypercholesterolemia in the causation of atherosclerosis is seriously lacking William E.

Both the public and the clinical physicians have simultaneously been swamped by an ever- growing tidal wave of exaggerations, distortions, and even fabrications of the facts. The media blitz has been so successful that nearly everyone is now thoroughly brainwashed. It literally steamrolls over all who disagree and there are many medical researchers who have been trampled in its path.

If you control the money and the media, negative findings are little more than irritants because the public will never hear about them. Biases are so commonplace, they appear to be the rule, rather than the exception. Conclusions drawn by authors of such studies seem to be based on the need to justify the money and many years devoted to these investigations, rather than on the objective analyses of data.

It is painfully obvious in some instances that preconceived beliefs were to be supported no matter how much the data had to be manipulated and erroneously interpreted to achieve this end. Billions of dollars are spent worthlessly and millions of lives are lost prematurely because research funding agencies have disregarded masses of scientific findings and fraudulently used public monies to disseminate dogma and propaganda.

Russell L. John A. Rumberger, Ph. He was not the first, but he did it quite successfully. He and his cohorts told it often enough, and with official state backing, so that just about everyone involved believed it. Government agencies and the American Heart Association have literally forced a drastic change in dietary habits with mostly manufactured evidence. Those dietary changes, along with dangerous medicines, can cause far more disease, disability and death than the illness they are supposed to prevent.

Pinckney, M. They take our natural fear of dying and our reluctance to make major changes in our lives and use them against us: They hype the rising statistics about heart disease, then promise us that we can make ourselves safe from it by taking a simple pill. I call these people the Cholesterol Terrorists. Their goal is to keep every hospital bed filled, keep every surgery theater operating all the time, to push every pill the drug companies can produce.

They are not out to make political points. Who are these terrorists? Your physician may be one of them. The family doctor is just the smiling front man for a much larger group, a group that includes hospitals, insurance companies, sue-happy malpractice lawyers, pharmaceutical companies and even the big food producers. Paul A. Clearly, other factors are involved. Our market-driven, advertising-shaped culture pushes sugar, fat and salt laden foods that cause cardiovascular disease, then pushes expensive prescription drugs to slow but not reverse the damage. Drug companies control all of the major venues of information for doctors.

The result is that for most disorders, treatment means drugs. Our economic system is all about sales, not health. It is about profits, not prevention, and you are the cash cow. Cohen, M. It is these high levels of toxins that result in arterial damage and degenerative heart disease.

Butter consumption dropped by more than two-thirds over the last century, but the incidence of heart disease has skyrocketed. What has kept pace with the rise of heart disease is our consumption of trans-fatty acids, packaged foods, processed vegetable oils, carbohydrates and refined sugar.

I think you know where the blame should land. It would be nice if it was that simple, but once again, the magic pill theory falls short. This is blatantly false. There are no studies that show that women benefit from these drugs - all the studies showing even marginal benefits have been done on men. These drugs have ominous side effects, especially when used on a long-term basis. The studies that do exist juggle numbers and play with statistics to the point where the information becomes meaningless. Earl L. Mindell, R. How is this compatible with the working paradigm of heart disease and the treatment guidelines based upon it?

Commercially they are known as atorvastatin Lipitor , fluvastatin Lescol , lovastatin Mevacor , pravastatin Pravachol , simvastatin Zocor and rosuvastatin Crestor. The belief that these drugs prevent heart disease is undeniably false - but more importantly - dangerous. Because of the gender and age bias among the statin drug trials, one cannot conceivably use the statin drug trials to rationalize prescribing them to women, the elderly, children or ethnic groups. Prescribing statin drugs to any one of these groups is a giant leap of faith - safety and effectiveness has not been shown for any of these populations.

If you are among any one of these populations and taking a statin drug, you are a guinea pig! All statin drug trials from to suffered from age and gender bias. The elderly have also been bamboozled. This statement has been made with such redundancy that it has handicapped health logic among some of the most respected health experts in the world. This campaign is very prevalent and here to stay. It deserves redemption. The only difference is that lawyers merely rob you, whereas doctors rob you and kill you too. International Standard Book Number Visit the companion website to this book at: www.

Contact the author James Paul Roguski directly at: This book may be reproduced in whole or in part and may be transmitted in any form without permission of any kind. Any part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording or other, without permission of any kind. The whole point of this book is to expose the lies of the medical and the pharmaceutical industries by sharing this information with as many people as possible.

Please feel free to copy and share this book with everyone that you know and love. Their lives depend upon it! The material in this book is intended for education. It is also meant to be construed as advice that is designed to help you keep yourself healthy and balanced. It is not medical advice.

It is health advice. It is not designed to treat any dis-ease. On the contrary, the information in this book will show you how to address the most fundamental needs shared by every human being. You are encouraged to take full responsibility for your own health and for your own actions. Prints are available at: www. This book is dedicated to all of you brave souls who no longer need an HMO, a doctor, a surgeon, a pharmacist, a cardiologist, an internist, a dermatologist, etc.

This book is dedicated to all you brave souls who have taken back the innate responsibilities that ultimately reside within each individual human being: The responsibility to take care of yourself; The responsibility to listen to your own inner spirit; The responsibility to live in accordance with the laws of Mother Nature; The responsibility to take the time and put in the effort that is necessary to understand how and why your own body functions; The responsibility to pay attention to what you put in your mouth, to what you breathe into your lungs and to what you rub onto your skin.

I love you! Three doctors were on their way to a convention when their car got a flat tire. They all got out of the car to examine the tire. Smith is doing? May I ask who is calling? I implore you. A lie is about to be told. Doing this is tiring, it is frustrating and it should not be necessary, but it is, and it is worth it because This term is only used by the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Before they admitted me to the hospital, the doctor put me through a pretty lengthy interview to find out what type of diseases I could afford to have. Since the operation, he no longer has what he had before he went into the hospital. How many doctors does it take to screw in a light bulb? That depends. Your Doctor is a Liar!

A diabetic patient was in the hospital to have his gangrenous left leg amputated. After the surgery, the doctor came in to speak to the patient. With bad news like that, how could there be any good news? To stop them from rolling out of bed! The taste! The premise of this book may be shocking to some. I am here to point out that, in order for you to be healthier Absolutely no scientific study has ever been able to prove such a ridiculous assertion.

In fact, there is ample evidence to the contrary. Please realize that the measurement of blood levels of anything only tells you what the body is moving around from place to place. The bloodstream is roughly analogous to our interstate freeway system. If you counted the number of cars on the freeway in the middle of the night, you might wrongly conclude that the traffic is not all that bad. However, if you observed cars that were backed up behind an accident, you might wrongly conclude that the stretch of freeway that you were observing was overcrowded. Obviously, a snap-shot observation of freeway traffic is inadequate to determine future freeway construction needs, so why does the medical profession believe that the quick measurement of something so complex as the flow of lipids through the watery fluids of the human body can possibly be an accurate way to determine the overall current health of an individual human being?

There is so much obvious evidence exposing the stupidity of the current system that it boggles the mind. Think about it. Your doctor takes one blood test and professes to be able to accurately predict the status of your future health for the rest of your life. Even the worst 1- psychic reader will tell you that the future that they can see is only one of many possibilities. It must undoubtedly be their uncanny psychic ability to predict your only possible future that enables medical doctors, surgeons and pharmacists to drive much nicer cars and live in much nicer homes than you and I.

The linear thinking that dominates the thought processes of the medical establishment ignores the intricate feedback mechanisms that are employed by the body in order to keep itself in balance. The purposeful activity of producing and delivering nutrients which are necessary for life is not a mistake on the part of the human body.

It does NOT do so in a haphazard manner. Your liver is NOT stupid. An elevated level of triglycerides means that your liver is distributing excess calories to the body to be used for energy or stored for later use. None of this is random. None of this is a mistake. I know that this flies in the face of convention. It flies in the face of common knowledge. One hundred years ago heart disease was absolutely unheard of. Now heart disease kills more than half of everyone! Look at the evidence. And now? I think not! According to the statistics of the World Health Organization WHO , each year more than 12 million people die from the consequences of heart attacks and strokes.

They have bilked and swindled us their trusting patients out of hundreds of trillions of dollars, yes, hundreds of trillions of dollars in regards to cardiovascular disease alone. The people who work in the medical and pharmaceutical industries are continuing to lead us to a slow, painful expensive slaughter with information that they know to be false and misleading.

They must be stopped and they must be stopped right now! The official medical establishment openly admits that the fourth leading cause of death in America is due to adverse reactions to properly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs! Bruce H. Pomeranz, M. Paul N.

Corey, Ph. The determination had to be clear. Additionally, the authors of this study reported on the incidence of serious, but non-fatal incidences of adverse drug reactions. They estimated that in approximately 2,, people suffered from serious adverse reactions to drugs that were properly prescribed and administered by their doctors. Serious adverse drug reactions were defined as those that required hospitalization or were permanently disabling or FATAL.

The people who conducted the studies were actually in contact with the patients who suffered the adverse reactions. The people who conducted the studies were able to interview physicians, nurses or patients at least once per week. No adverse drug reactions were counted unless the people who conducted the study were actually present at the time. The studies included in this meta-analysis spanned a period of 32 years The analysis found that the incidence of adverse drug reactions has not changed over the past 32 years. Their incidence has remained stable over the last 30 years There are a large number of serious adverse drug reactions even when the drugs are properly prescribed and administered We found that a high proportion of adverse drug reactions were type A reactions.

This may suggest that many adverse drug reactions are due to the use of drugs with unavoidably high toxicity It is important to note that we have taken a conservative approach No numbers were provided for the costs of the funerals. I base these far-reaching accusations on verifiable, documented, facts. These accusations are not based on new discoveries. They are not based upon alternative healing practices or exotic medicine. These accusations are based upon cold, hard facts that are published in medical textbooks and taught to every medical student in every medical school in this country.

Their own textbooks incriminate them.

A Heart Surgeon's Viral Confession

Their own documents incriminate them. Their own journals incriminate them. Their own product inserts incriminate them. The facts are crystal clear, but somehow they convince most people to simply look the other way! And most obvious of all, their pathetic lack of progress and lack of success incriminates them beyond even a shadow of a doubt. Half of all people in this country still die from heart disease.

I respect your right to your religious beliefs, whatever they may be, and I am not normally a Bible-toting, Bible-quoting person, but please allow me to pass along a bit of very wise advice from the mouth of Jesus Himself:. Ye shall know them by their fruits Their advice simply does not bear good fruit. I hope that you are able to see that which is so blatantly obvious.

The news media is also lying to you. Your government is lying to you too. Sadly, your family and friends have also been lied to, so you should be wary of their poorly informed opinions as well. Also, you should definitely not believe me either. I am human and I am probably wrong on a few points in this book. Please contact me immediately if you discover an error in my work. Also, I have probably left out some very important information as well. This book is continuously being updated. Please visit the companion website in the future to find additional updates.

I will certainly endeavour to correct any and all flaws. Why have you overlooked the reality that is so plain to see? Why have you allowed yourself to be brainwashed and indoctrinated by the incessant repetition of statements such as Doctors usually mean both. In regards to having to follow a given course of treatment for the rest of your life, of course you will, but only if you refuse to examine more appropriate therapies.

If you refuse to delve into the true CAUSE of any problem and if you refuse to make any changes in your habit, lifestyle, living conditions, etc. What if you ate more wholesome food, got more rest and had a lot less stress in your life? What if you made some drastic, but straightforward changes? What if you did what you truly loved for a living, lived in a peaceful community, and got along with your spouse, family and neighbors?

These things are the fundamental starting point of good health. These most basic things must be done first, in order to be healthy.

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Of course you can, but have you? The primary reason that doctors lie to their patients is money, but the secondary reason is because so many patients really do not want to hear the truth. If you are a typical American, then you have not taken the time to learn enough about your own body in order to keep your- self healthy.

By definition, the only people who go to medical doctors are the people who do not want to take responsibility for their own health. You want to do whatever you want, you want to eat whatever you feel like eating, you want to get a paycheck rather than pursue your innermost dreams, you want to continue to bury your true emotions and you want to blame someone else for all of your problems rather than face your inner emotional world with honesty and dignity.

You want to have your cake and be healthy too. You want your insurance company to pay for everything. You want to be able to break every health rule in the book and then either have your doctor fix it with a pill or have a surgeon cut out the part of you that you broke. Health cannot be administered via a pill, via an injection or via a surgical procedure. If you want to truly be healthy, at some point you are going to have to take full responsiblilty for learning exactly what YOUR body, mind, heart and spirit really need in order to be healthy and then you are going to have to make the various changes that are necessary.

All of them. I am tired of seeing and hearing doctors placed on a pedestal and admired as M. I find this to be completely and totally offensive to my spiritual beliefs. I hold the medical establishment of this country in such low regard that I have been forced by my spirit to write the book that you now hold in your hands.

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I believe that the only force that can ever lead you to your own personal truth is the combined efforts of your own body, heart, mind and spirit. Did they take a sample of fluid from your body, culture it in the lab, wait a few days and then look at the growth under a microscope? Did they actually use a microscope and see any bacteria? Or are they simply guessing? And are you simply believing? If you truly do have a bacterial infection, it can and should be clearly proven to you. Bacteria can be seen under a microscope. If you truly do have a bacterial infection, make your doctor prove it to you BEFORE you start swallowing poisons to kill some mysterious bacteria that may or may not be the cause of your health problems.

Virus particles are so amazingly small that they can only be seen under the highest magnification possible. Does your doctor own an electron microscope? Did they bother to send a sample of your blood or other bodily fluid to be tested for any possible virus? Are they recommending something that is effective against viruses?

Please realize that antibiotics do not offer any health benefits if you are dealing with viruses. Courts of law accept DNA tests as evidence to both convict or exonerate people who are accused of crimes. Did your doctor submit a sample of your DNA to a testing laboratory? Did the results show which gene was responsible for your health issue? Or is your doctor simply making up a story to hide the fact that they simply have no idea how to help you? Medical doctors lie to every patient that walks into their office every day. Maybe you should pretend that you are from Missouri. Maybe you should memorize a few Missouri-like phrases Show me the bacteria!

Show me the virus! Show me the damaged gene! Show me that you are not lying, because I know that you are! Please learn to listen to your own inner self. Please trust your own personal Divinity to guide you to your truth. Please keep your mind open and listen to the still, small voice inside of your very self that guides you to all that is good in your life. Use your common sense. Trust your gut. Listen to the feelings that you feel inside, because life itself starts within, and your health follows naturally from your inner life. Please take the time to learn about your personal, individual health and wisely apply that knowledge to your own life.

One way to seek the truth is to ask questions. This book also contains the answers to these questions, so obviously, the main purpose of asking your doctor is not to increase your understanding of this subject matter. The real purpose of asking your doctor these questions will be to examine their personal integrity. I believe that it is okay if someone does not know all of the details about a subject, even if it is a subject within their chosen profession and even if they are charging your insurance company a lot of money in return for their professional services.

It is also okay if someone makes an honest mistake. We are all human.

Your doctor is a liar - CHOLESTEROL does NOT cause heart disease Your doctor is a liar - CHOLESTEROL does NOT cause heart disease
Your doctor is a liar - CHOLESTEROL does NOT cause heart disease Your doctor is a liar - CHOLESTEROL does NOT cause heart disease
Your doctor is a liar - CHOLESTEROL does NOT cause heart disease Your doctor is a liar - CHOLESTEROL does NOT cause heart disease
Your doctor is a liar - CHOLESTEROL does NOT cause heart disease Your doctor is a liar - CHOLESTEROL does NOT cause heart disease
Your doctor is a liar - CHOLESTEROL does NOT cause heart disease Your doctor is a liar - CHOLESTEROL does NOT cause heart disease
Your doctor is a liar - CHOLESTEROL does NOT cause heart disease Your doctor is a liar - CHOLESTEROL does NOT cause heart disease
Your doctor is a liar - CHOLESTEROL does NOT cause heart disease Your doctor is a liar - CHOLESTEROL does NOT cause heart disease

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