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10 Things Your Wedding Guests Don't Care About

Alternatively, simply forgo the matching bridesmaids outfits and tell them to wear a dress they already own. Some brides simply ask their maids to wear one colour, such as black, which is common and looks elegant. At the end, presenting each of them with a small, token gift perhaps from your honeymoon?

Alternatively, consider simply using fewer bridesmaids, or none at all.

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  2. 6 Simple Steps To Setting A Wedding Budget.
  3. Have a Beautiful Party Without Blowing Your Wedding Budget.

Bridal Cars. Still, let us not forget their main point, which is to ferry the bride and groom at the end of the day from point A to point B —from home to church, from church to the reception, etc.

We Got Married For Under £3000 - Beautiful Budget Wedding - Charlotte Elizabeth

Why not consider driving your own cars or get your friends and relatives to lend you theirs? The bride and groom could ride in the most stylish loaner vehicle of the lot. What about all those extra gimmicks people are using now, such as wedding planners? Ladies and gentlemen on a budget: No! A changing dress is nice but is it really necessary? You could do it as they do it in many other countries and choose just one, preferably comfortable gown for the whole day.

Decorations are recyclable or even free if you employ a little creativity. Get ideas from someone who recently threw a wedding. Especially if you get married outside, there are countless examples of beautiful and uniquespots to get married in Kampala. Having said all that, cut corners wherever you can, but do not become overly miserly about the spending on your wedding.

The point here is simply to avoid to getting to your new home following a great honeymoon only to find out that the bank is ready to repossess your house because you went to far into hawk to pay for the wedding. Then again, you can always start saving for.

Married People Reveal the Top Wastes of Money at Weddings

My Wedding provides reliable information on tips, life stories, experiences and advice for people intending to wed or have introduction ceremonies. Email: mywedding ug. Home About Join Us Contact. How to throw a beautiful wedding with a small budget by Esther Nantambi.

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February 12, Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Small nitty grittys Got a photographer in the family? Wedding gown Your dream dress just came on display in the window of your local bridal shop. Reception venue Popular reception venues around Kampala tend to charge astronomical prices. Salon A natural bride styled by the saloon Every bride wants to look pretty on her wedding day. Stick to the small budget Having said all that, cut corners wherever you can, but do not become overly miserly about the spending on your wedding. Previous Post Do arranged marriages work in this day and era? Next Post Our kukyala didn't follow the ordinary rules but all turned out splendid.

Related Posts. The power of bargaining to make an introduction ceremony happen September 18, I want you to enjoy your wedding planning process from start to finish, with a clear plan for what you need to work on and when, and you can rest assured that I will guide you through the process and complete many of the big projects for you.

10 Things Your Wedding Guests Don't Care About – Wedding Shoppe Inc

I'm detail-oriented and will therefore have a detailed plan about your wedding. You will feel confident that I will take care of all wedding day details so you don't have to do any setup or answer any questions - you get to sit back and enjoy getting ready that morning. I'm going to ask as many questions as possible before your wedding so I can be as prepared as possible on the day of. But I'm also going to help you figure out the answers to those questions so you don't feel alone.

I'm going to be your relationship cheerleader. You'll easily feel that I value each relationship I come in contact with, and I want you to spend time with your fiance so you feel prepared for your marriage. I believe that marriage is the most special, exciting, and dangerous journey of life, and preparation is keep. I like to help my clients keep their eye on what is most important and that isn't a wedding. I want to help you enjoy your entire engagement.

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I want your close family and friends to be able to enjoy your wedding day as much as you. I'll perform setup, work with vendors and answer questions that your family and friends might have otherwise had to do, and this allows them to spend more time with you on your wedding day. I actually love the logistics - the budgets, timelines, worksheets and planning details that you might not love - so you get to focus on whatever part of planning you enjoy the most. You'll feel confident that the logistics will be taken care of, even if they aren't your strong suit. I will help you stay on track with the task you need to complete before the wedding day.

If you have a busy life or your a self-proclaimed procrastinator, you'll love knowing that I'll be keeping an eye on the planning process so nothing gets lost, forgotten or rushed at last minute. I'll take care of the timeline on the day of, so you don't have to keep an eye on the clock. This allows you to be fully present on your wedding day instead of worrying about what you need to do next.

I'll let you know when it's time to do something important or exciting, like walk down the aisle or enjoy your first dance, so you can relax and enjoy your guests between points on the timeline. I was sitting in the office at my day job a few weeks after my wedding, and the name just popped into my head. Broken down, "Beauty" and "Budget" each represent an important part of what we do.

Beauty is easy to understand - we want to create beautiful moments throughout the wedding process, and stunning wedding days that truly capture who the couple is. As for Budget, we recognize that every couple has a wedding budget, whether things are tight or there is some wiggle room, whether the couple is paying for everything on their own or they have family help. Every wedding has a budget, and we want to help our couples have a truly beautiful wedding that sticks to the amount they want to spend. We love working with every kind of budget!

The word budget normally makes people think "low cost," but we recognize that any amount that you want to spend on your wedding is your budget. And it can be difficult to stick with that budget, no matter what it is. Click here to see all the details of our coordination service. The main difference between a wedding coordinator and venue coordinator is their priorities.

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By Esther Trattner Wedding programs. Shoes for the bride. A wedding planner. Most brides-to-be assume they need a wedding planner. Wedding favors. Brides in the U. A huge guest list. The wedding cake. Premium open bars. Menu cards for every guest. Having a destination wedding. Your wedding is the one time that having too many friends could be a bad thing. Champagne toasts. Mailed invites and Save-the-Dates. Renting a limousine. The little things.

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Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget
Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget
Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget
Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget
Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget
Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget
Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget
Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget
Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget

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