Wisdom of Dead Men (The Wildenstern Saga)

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These exotic beasts are inordinately difficult to capture and tame and are quite rare, so usually only the rich can afford to own them. Gerald Wildenstern, the cousin of the patriarch of the family, is the standard steampunk scientist, researching, vivisecting and experimenting with enigmals. The Wildensterns have a feature that very few other families in the world have - aurea sanitas, a kind of intelligent particle found in the blood of these families that imparts superb healing and long lives.

Interestingly, these particles seem to be found in the enigmals, also.

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Given their wealth and longevity, the ascension of family members to positions of prominence and power is depressingly slow. In response, the Wildensterns have developed a family code called the Rules of Ascension, whereby assassination may be used within the family in order to improve one's position. The family would cover up the murder if it were committed according to the Rules.

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This has bred aggression, cunning and ruthlessness into the fabric of the family. The Wisdom of Dead Men and the rest of the Wildenstern saga is interesting not just for how it differs from standard steampunk, but also in the effect these characteristics of wealth, power, intelligent particles, exotic locale a superstitious Victorian Ireland , and intelligent, living machines have on the conflicts that emerge. Wisdom begins with the Witch of Tinahely stumbling out of her cottage and burning, seemingly by spontaneous combustion. An investigation finds that the woman was a member of the Wildenstern family, much to the surprise of its ranking members.

Shortly thereafter, an assassination attempt is made on the Patriarch because he is blamed for making a family member's mother disappear. These two events introduce the main theme of the book - the role of women in the family and within Victorian society at large. The riddle of the intelligent particles inside of the enigmals is wrapped in the mystery of the women in the family and in the larger society who have disappeared.

This mystery is the substance of the plot - which women disappeared secretly and which from natural causes? Why did those women disappear? Where did they disappear to? What happened to them after they were gone? The family members, men and women, set out to find the answers to these mysteries, of course employing their ruthlessness and cunning and using their enigmals and aurea sanitas particles to help them through the dire situations that transpire.

The story is gripping and exciting; it explores some of the dark side of Victoriana; and it is strange. The Wisdom of Dead Men is well recommended, even for those who are averse to the steampunk genre - it is unusual enough to stand out from the crowd.

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I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. LibraryThing member Velmeran. Wells s "The Island of Dr. Sci-Fi-London" "Give this Victorian series to teens looking for a unique steampunk angle a Dublin setting instead of London with a hint of horror, a la H. Wells's The Island of Dr.

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The Wisdom of Dead Men

After the Fall Rwby. Olivers Community College. Unable to conceive of a way to make a living from writing fiction after his Leaving Cert. He signed up for a design and print foundation course in Ballyfermot In , he took up a position as Background Layout Designer for Fred Wolf films, working on the animated series of Zorro.

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After completing his contract, he decided to expand his horizons and left for London in February to seek his fortune. He found gainful employment as a security guard, watching over trains and then hospitals. After three and a half years of working in advertising he became increasingly concerned for his immortal soul.

Wisdom of Dead Men (The Wildenstern Saga) Wisdom of Dead Men (The Wildenstern Saga)
Wisdom of Dead Men (The Wildenstern Saga) Wisdom of Dead Men (The Wildenstern Saga)
Wisdom of Dead Men (The Wildenstern Saga) Wisdom of Dead Men (The Wildenstern Saga)
Wisdom of Dead Men (The Wildenstern Saga) Wisdom of Dead Men (The Wildenstern Saga)
Wisdom of Dead Men (The Wildenstern Saga) Wisdom of Dead Men (The Wildenstern Saga)
Wisdom of Dead Men (The Wildenstern Saga) Wisdom of Dead Men (The Wildenstern Saga)

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