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Winter Wheat Cover Crops: Growing Winter Wheat At Home

Nitrogen efficiency of wheat varieties. Fertilisation is largely capped by the amended fertilisation ordinance in Germany; further yield increases are therefore only possible through increased nutrient efficiency. How can this characteristic be taken into consideration when choosing the variety? This question is raised in particular for quality wheat with regard to nitrogen as the limiting building block in protein synthesis.

Winter wheat crop success could be a game-changer for the industry, farmers say

What determines the nitrogen requirement in wheat? With an increasingly limited N-supply, the grain protein performance becomes an important efficiency parameter. To what extent is the N-processing efficiency for winter wheat determined by the cultivation conditions, the variety and its quality classification? Wheat variety selection: Varieties in the hardiness test.

Seeding depth

Deviations from the optimal sowing time and preceding crop are risky but cannot always be avoided. To find the answers to these questions, there are varying tests during the production trials using different sowing times, preceding crops and soil processing techniques Fig.

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Crop protection and crop management are adjusted to the respective conditions and are the same for all the varieties. Winter wheat - New variety types with huge potential. During the last years, wheat for early seeding and wheat stubble has become available through breeding.

All rights reserved Design and implementation: leine-weber. OK We use cookies on this website. It is also important to assess the health of the plants themselves to determine whether plants are actually going to survive or not. Are the plants well anchored into the ground or is the seed lying on the soil surface with the plant holding on by a single root? If plants are not well anchored, do not include them in your stand counts as they are less likely to survive.

When making assessments do not focus on bad spots in the field. Conduct a number of stand counts and plant health assessments throughout the entire field to get a broader perspective of what is happening.

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Also, be sure to consider the planting date. If the wheat was planted early, it has more yield potential. Figure 2: An established winter wheat stand with areas of winterkill.

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Field Selection

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Winter Wheat Food Plot

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Winter Wheat Winter Wheat
Winter Wheat Winter Wheat
Winter Wheat Winter Wheat
Winter Wheat Winter Wheat
Winter Wheat Winter Wheat
Winter Wheat Winter Wheat
Winter Wheat Winter Wheat
Winter Wheat Winter Wheat

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