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What Lies Beneath the Love

Who of us, for example, has not used words to injure or destroy? Words can kill — and inspire to kill — far more than any individual weapon. It is not, as the gun advocates tell us, the gun or word that kills, it is the person. The deranged, evil or enraged person with the gun may use it, but the gun itself is innocent. And, just as in my opening quote one of the most commonly misquoted verses of the Bible , money is innocent.

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It is one of the many ironies of human history that we pass laws regarding the use of weapons, money, drugs and yes, words when the real problem is none of those things. Yokai a. Professor Callaghan of Big Hero 6 becomes a villain because he is consumed with grief about the apparent death of his daughter and wants to avenge her, no matter the cost. After believing he was spurned by his owner who loved him more than anything in the world , he becomes a twisted tyrant of the daycare center and a G-rated nihilist.

Films — Live-Action. She ended up dying anyway , partly because of his turn to the Dark Side. What's interesting is that, three films later, his son's love for him made Anakin good again. In fact, an ironic commonality in Star Wars is that both the Jedi and the Sith believe this. The Old Jedi Order believe love is an inherently corruptive emotion that at best draws a person's attention away from the Force towards the physical world and at worst makes them vulnerable to the lure of the Dark Side.

The Sith, meanwhile, believe something closer to Love Is a Weakness , with a philosophy that love should be shunned because it can quench hatred and rage, weakening the power of the Dark Side. When Sarah finally confronts Jareth at the end of Labyrinth , he claims that he's put her through all this because he loves her.

Whether he is sincere, taking a desperate gambit to delay her until time runs out, or trying to tempt her to The Dark Side is an open debate. Most of the Fanfic community naturally falls into the first camp or a combination of the three. In Ghostbusters II , Jaonsz falls into this. In the third act, he rejoices at the prospect of Dana becoming his wife if he helps Vigo abduct Oscar.

He gets better later in the end.

Love Makes You Evil

It is questionable, however, on whether the culprit, Rose Michaels , is actually insane the whole time. The version of Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula declares war on God because of love specifically, because his fiancee killed herself upon hearing lying reports of his death, and the church taught that her act irredeemably damned her soul to Hell.

The horror film The Black Sleep stars Basil Rathbone as a 19th century neurosurgeon named Cadman who uses experimental brain operations to turn his colleague into a mindless brute with an incestuous longing for his daughter and keeps him around to force his daughter to work for him, has his assistant abduct homeless people with promises of shelter and pay, destroys a test subject's ocular faculties so he cannot see and escape, frames his star pupil for murder, fakes his pupil's death, and then blackmails him into helping him or risk exposure.

Why is Cadman doing this? So he can learn enough about how the brain functions to save his wife from a paralyzing brain tumor. Imhotep in The Mummy Trilogy.

  • Tapeworms, Lice, and Prions: A compendium of unpleasant infections?
  • Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all crimes;
  • Spectacle Lenses. Theory and Practice.

He spends most of the two movies he's in trying to bring Anck-Su-Namun back. And, you know, raining down the ten plagues of Egypt and sucking the life out of anyone who stands in his way. He's a combination of this trope and Cursed with Awesome , with some Bad Powers, Bad People thrown in for good measure that is, even if you weren't so evil to begin with, becoming able to rain down the ten plagues of Egypt is a sure sign of villainy. In a rather brutal twist, it turns out that all of Imhotep's actions were in vain.

He finds out in the last moments of his life that Anck-Su-Namun doesn't love him as much as she loves her own life, and she certainly doesn't love him as much as Eve loves Rick. Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels.

Lie #1: Wanting someone means you should be together

He fell in love with Calypso, goddess of the Sea, and became Captain of the Flying Dutchman so they could be together in ten years. When she failed to show up, Jones carved out his own heart, helped the Pirate Court trap Calypso in a mortal body , and made the Dutchman his personal torture chamber, turning himself and its crew into Fish People as a side-effect.

Auntie in the Japanese campy slapstick horror-comedy movie House Hausu kills and eats young, unmarried girls and possesses the body of her niece just so she can remain immortal and marry her long dead fiancee, who she believes will return to her. When Angela's parents find out about her pregnancy and the father of their grandchild, they try to create some distance.

For Love of Evil

This doesn't set well for Chad as he starts to stalk them and tries getting in contact with them. His Yandere levels go through the roof when he tries attacking Angela's father for getting a restraining order against him. He even turns to his mother, who was recently released from prison, for help on kidnapping Angela and their newborn son so that they can be a family together.

The Three Musketeers Arthos has a bit of a story about love. It doesn't end well. In the first version of the story, Liz explains that Martin's love of Liz and jealousy of her liking Mike led him to lock Liz, Mike, Frankie and Geoff in the titular bomb shelter in which they had been hiding to avoid going on a school trip until she realized she didn't really like him very much.

From Pastor Colin S. Smith

In the second, true version, it is revealed that Mike wanted to leave the bomb shelter early to go patch things up with his ex, but Liz had become so obsessed with him that she decided to lock herself and the others inside the bomb shelter to prevent him from leaving, ultimately leading to Frankie, Geoff and Mike dying. She then kills Martin too to cover her tracks. Not that Khan was ever a nice guy, of course, but beforehand he was an apparently sane Social Darwinist , as seen in " Space Seed ".

Nero has similar issues in the new film due to his own dead wife. In every incarnation of Little Shop of Horrors , Seymour slowly becomes a murderer because he believes success is the only way to win Audrey's heart. Doctor fuckin' Phibes! He slowly kills the doctors he believes responsible for his wife's death. In Hot Fuzz Frank Butterman forms a deadly city council to eliminate all flaws to the community after his wife commits suicide after Travelers ruin the town, causing them to lose the Village Of The Year award.

From bags to bathmats: why fashion loves the evil eye | Fashion | The Guardian

Lampshaded by his son: "If Mum knew what you were doing she'd kill herself again! It appears that this is Horvath's true reason for betraying Merlin and siding with Morgana in her quest to destroy the world in The Sorcerer's Apprentice. He just couldn't handle Veronica choosing his best friend Balthazar over him.

In The Last Circus it is Javier's love for Natalia that leads into his downfall and eventual descent into insanity. Non-romantic love, but Loki in Thor loves his father and his Asgard home very, very much. His desire to be acknowledged and loved on par to his brother Thor leads him to attempt genocide. Obsessed with making her beautiful again, the doting father starts kidnapping other young women and transplanting their faces onto his daughter's. Subverted with Professor Fassbender in The Pink Panther Strikes Again , who would rather die than help Dreyfus destroy the world and succumb to Stockholm Syndrome , but he can't bring himself to let his daughter suffer either.

However, not only does this drive Cynthy away from him, it also leads to his eventual downfall.

Gitchee Gitchee Goo with lyrics

Sound Horizon 's Elysion Paradise Illusion Story Suite album is full of seemingly nice girls doing really terrible things due to love like the girl who loves her brother so much that she stabs him to death so they can go to Paradise together, or the one who kills the girl she loves for rejecting her Lord Voldemort. No matter how diabolical their schemes, we seem to have an unnerving fascination with the wicked. Why are our stories filled with these vile characters, people so evil that we love to hate them?

While the question has long been debated by literary scholars, a new paper published in Evolutionary Behavioural Sciences by Jens Kjeldgaard-Christiansen at Aarhus University in Denmark is the first to cast light on these shadowy figures through the prism of evolutionary psychology. To understand the appeal of evil, Kjeldgaard-Christiansen argues that you first need to examine its opposite — altruism.

Clearly, keeping these people in our groups would have put us all in danger so they provoke the most potent emotional responses, such as disgust, fear and anger. Our reactions may be so strong that we may even feel justified in killing them to remove the threat from society. Importantly, these intuitions are hunches and can be easily swayed by a number of factors.

For example, there is research showing that physical disgust fear of illness, say can spillover and influence our moral decisions. Crucially, Kjeldgaard-Christiansen says authors can and do make the most of these kinds of features to build the most spine-chilling villains.

When Evil Loves When Evil Loves
When Evil Loves When Evil Loves
When Evil Loves When Evil Loves
When Evil Loves When Evil Loves
When Evil Loves When Evil Loves

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