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These distinctions indicate the varying focuses of interest and the different analytical categories employed by the theoretician, but most of the actual theories are mixed because war is an extremely complex social phenomenon that cannot be explained by any single factor or through any single approach. Reflecting changes in the international system, theories of war have passed through several phases in the course of the past three centuries. After the ending of the wars of religion, about the middle of the 17th century, wars were fought for the interests of individual sovereigns and were limited both in their objectives and in their scope.

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The art of maneuver became decisive, and analysis of war was couched accordingly in terms of strategies. The situation changed fundamentally with the outbreak of the French Revolution , which increased the size of forces from small professional to large conscript armies and broadened the objectives of war to the ideals of the revolution, ideals that appealed to the masses who were subject to conscription.

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In the relative order of post-Napoleonic Europe , the mainstream of theory returned to the idea of war as a rational, limited instrument of national policy. This approach was best articulated by the Prussian military theorist Carl von Clausewitz in his famous classic On War — These no longer regarded war as a rational instrument of state policy. The theorists held that war, in its modern, total form, if still conceived as a national state instrument, should be undertaken only if the most vital interests of the state, touching upon its very survival, are concerned.

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Otherwise, warfare serves broad ideologies and not the more narrowly defined interests of a sovereign or a nation. Some theoreticians have gone even further, denying war any rational character whatsoever. To them war is a calamity and a social disaster, whether it is afflicted by one nation upon another or conceived of as afflicting humanity as a whole.

The idea is not new—in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars it was articulated, for example, by Tolstoy in the concluding chapter of War and Peace — In the second half of the 20th century it gained new currency in peace research, a contemporary form of theorizing that combines analysis of the origins of warfare with a strong normative element aiming at its prevention.

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Peace research concentrates on two areas: the analysis of the international system and the empirical study of the phenomenon of war. World War II and the subsequent evolution of weapons of mass destruction made the task of understanding the nature of war even more urgent.

On the one hand, war had become an intractable social phenomenon, the elimination of which seemed to be an essential precondition for the survival of mankind. On the other hand, the use of war as an instrument of policy was calculated in an unprecedented manner by the nuclear superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union.

War also remained a stark but rational instrumentality in certain more limited conflicts, such as those between Israel and the Arab nations.

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  • Thinking about war, consequently, became increasingly more differentiated because it had to answer questions related to very different types of conflict. Such a definition includes civil wars but at the same time excludes such phenomena as insurrections, banditry, or piracy. Finally, war is generally understood to embrace only armed conflicts on a fairly large scale, usually excluding conflicts in which fewer than 50, combatants are involved. The vote, expected around GMT, is likely to be close and could see Corbyn - a lifelong sceptic of the EU - forced to change his position.

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    Party divisions over Brexit, left-wing ideology, and the role of unions threaten to overshadow other policies being unveiled and debated at the conference in the southern seaside town of Brighton. Finance chief McDonnell used his keynote speech on Monday to confirm plans for Labour to fund free personal care for elderly people in England. At a rally on Sunday night, McDonnell indicated a pledge to reform the social security system, including scrapping the widely criticised Universal Credit system, would be included in Labour's first legislative agenda after winning power in the election, which is widely expected in the coming few months.

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    Labour denies 'civil war' ahead of Brexit showdown Jeremy Corbyn may find himself forced to abandon his Brexit 'neutrality' and back the UK remaining in the EU. UK's Labour Party holds annual conference Have your say. Give us feedback.


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