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Port bow image of the Pennsylvania BB at anchor on 13 December US Navy sailors cleaning the stacks on the super-drednought battleship Pennsylvania BB , late s. Photographer: Navy Dept. Photo shows mascot of the Pennsylvania BB , amusing some of the sailors.

Photo shows an anti-air craft gun recently installed on the super Dreadnought Pennsylvania BB , which is the first United States battleship to be equipped with those guns. Photo from Kentucky Irish American. Louisville, Ky. Observation balloon aboard an American battleship, Pennsylvania class , circa Photographer: C.

Sighting through the 40 power telescope of the Pennsylvania BB , circa Pennsylvania BB men being inspected by their commander, circa Hoisting last bag of stores aboard Pennsylvania BB , circa First appearance of new band on the Pennsylvania BB , circa Garbage press aboard the Pennsylvania BB , 16 January She did not sail to join the British Grand Fleet since she burned fuel oil and tankers could not be spared to carry additional fuel to the British Isles. In the light of this circumstance, only coal burning battleships were selected for this mission.

Based at Yorktown, she kept in battle trim with Fleet maneuvers, tactics, and training in the areas of the Chesapeake Bay, intervened by overhaul at Norfolk and New York, with brief maneuvers. Visitors aboard the Pennsylvania BB This photo shows mothers, fathers, sister, and brothers of our victorious bluejackets about to make an inspection tour thru the Pennsylvania , circa Winter Scrubbing hammocks and mess tables on the Pennsylvania BB , circa Photo from Evening Public Ledger. Pennsylvania BB looking aft from forecastle. Note the ship's bell. Chaplain distributing the ship's newspaper to sailors and Marines of her crew, circa Almost all the Sailors present are wearing knitted "watch" caps.

A front view of the Pennsylvania BB , one of America's fighting warships that has just returned from duty in the North Sea, showing six of the big guns. A blue jacket aboard the Pennsylvania BB telling two feminine visitors all about the mechanism of the anti-submarine guns. Photographer: Underwood and Underwood. Photo was taken from a dirigible at feet. Photographed by Zimmer from on board another Navy ship. Photographer: Lt. Note the caption says 7" inch gun". Text courtesy of Pieter Bakes.

Photo HD-SN courtesy of dodmedia. The caption for the bottom image writes, "Muzzles of the big guns of the Pennsylvania, the flagship of the American Atlantic fleet, that will take into their capacious maws projectiles weighing 1, pounds and throw them to a distance of eighteen or twenty miles. Photo courtesy of periodpaper. Ten Dreadnoughts, headed by the giant battleship Pennsylvania the flagship of Admiral Mayo, will be the leader of the string. They will be joined here by dreadnoughts and other battle craft now in Atlantic ports. A large number of smaller craft, some of them with the returning fleet, will participate in the review.

Unprecedented crowds are expected here for America's first big "welcome home" to her sea fighters. Photo from The Washington Times. Photo from New-York Tribune. Halftone reproduction of a photograph of a galley on board the Pennsylvania BB , circa It was published in about by A. Simon, E. Donation of Dr. Mark Kulikowski, Halftone reproduction of a photograph of the interior of the Pennsylvania's BB wheelhouse, showing a binnacle, steering wheel and an engine order telegraph.

Taken circa , it was published in about by A.

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Halftone reproduction of a photograph of the ship's officers' ward room, circa Halftone reproduction of a photograph of a surgical operating room on board the ship, circa Halftone reproduction of a photograph of a sick bay on board the ship, circa Halftone reproduction of a photograph of crew members in the ship's library, circa Halftone reproduction of a photograph of the ship's carpenter shop, circa Postcard photo of the Drill of a 5-Inch gun crew, showing method of receiving orders.

Atlantic Squadron just back from its vigilant watch in the North Sea is here shown at rest in the Hudson River as the sun slowly sinks in the West. Photographer: 2nd Lieutenant George H. Note the escorting biplane. The "escorting" aircraft is either a Curtiss HS-1 or HS-2 note the single engine can't tell which from the photo. The aircraft on a fly-off platform atop the No. The platforms were a British concept designed to provide the fleet with an aircraft capable of reaching the high flying Zeppelins which the German Navy occasionally used as scouts. Though equipped inflatable floats for water landings, this tended to do a lot of damage not the least of which was dowsing a hot engine in cold salt water.

By a successful compressed air catapult was developed and were being mounted on the aft deck of all 4 turreted battleships and fly-off platforms were removed. The Texas and New York BB , because of their 5 Turrets, lacked the deck space for the catapult and had to make do with a float plane Vought VE-7 sitting on the aft deck which would be launched by lowering it over the side for a surface take-off.

If you look carefully at the photo you see the VE-7 on the deck and the A-frame hoist used for handling it. Photo by Paul Thompson. Text i. The Pennsylvania flagship of the Victory fleet, is now in the Hudson river. Photo from the Evening Public Ledger. How the Atlantic Fleet looked to the camera man in a seaplane flying over lower Manhattan a week ago yesterday morning as the mighty armada came up the bay to anchorage in the Hudson off Riverside Drive for a two weeks' vacation after months of strenuous maneuvers in Southern waters.

In addition to the big battleships, the fleet includes thirty-two destroyers, numerous supply ships and several submarines. The Atlantic battleship fleet is home: again. Here are the twelve great first line fighting ships that are paying Father Knickerbocker a two weeks' visit. Over a hundred of Uncle Sam's grim sea warriors gray the North River, while their 30, sailor-men are given the freedom of the city in a royal welcome home.

The Battleship Mississippi BB leading the fleet into the harbor, as photographed from an airplane. Note the airplanes atop the forward and aft turrets. In one of the accompanying pictures is shown the after turret of the great sea fighter, while another scene shows the wireless plant on the big vessel. The Pennsylvania is a favorite with the thousands of visitors who view the great line of vessels daily. Image and text provided by Indiana State Library. Photo by South Bend News-Times. South Bend, Ind. Admiral Wilson succeeds Admiral Henry T.

Mayo, who becomes head of the navy selection board. Under the new naval system two main fleets equal in strength will be maintained in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Rear Admiral Hugh Rodman will command the Pacific fleet. Photo from the The Washington Times. Photo from the The Sun. Battleships in Line of Column led by one of the largest Superdreadnoughts". Photo by Central News Photo Service , courtesy of memory. Photo i.

A group of care-free gobs perilously perched on the roof of a fighting top of the Pennsylvania BB as the mighty dreadnought and flagship of the Atlantic Fleet passes down the East River en route to Southern waters and winter target practice. Tallualah, Madison Parish, LA. This characteristic smile is shown through a porthole of the battleship Pennsylvania BB in a New York harbor.

However, the reports show variations had been adopted locally by nearly every installation. Aircraft of the Atlantic Fleet Air Detachment were identified by a system of black and white stripes or squares on the hull of each flying boat. These had been developed to aid in joining up for squadron formations, allowing each aircraft to be recognized almost as far as it could be seen.

This, of course, was not possible with the small serial numbers. The actual design was considered of no importance so long as the various designs were distinctive. One aircraft was left with the original painting to which the last two digits of the serial number were painted on the sides of the hull. These numbers were repeated on the bottom of the hull, with the tops forward, in numerals 4 feet While this system was satisfactory for the 6 flying boats of the detachment, its use in a larger force was questioned.

The Burgess-Dunne Company initiated the finish, which was characterized by dark and light irregular patterns. NAF F5Ls were later seen and photographed in a dark and light striped pattern. F5Ls were also photographed in a checkerboard pattern of dark and light shades. Aircraft i. Here is an unusual photograph. It shows one of the fighting towers of the battleship Pennsylvania BB No other nation's warships are equipped with such masts, built of heavy steel cables.

They can stand a lot of battering from from heavy shells. Glancing up, the Pennsylvania sailors look a lot like human spiders. PDF courtesy of Evening Star. A gathering of vessels appear off to the Pennsylvania's BB starboard side, possibly during when the combined Atlantic and Pacific Fleets met in Panama Bay, 21 January The ship pier side behind the tanker is Pennsylvania BB Photo from the collection of Lieutenant Thomas Marshall Colston during his naval service.

Image and text provided by University of New Mexico. Photo of President Harding, CIC of Uncle Sam's Navy, standing beneath the muzzles of the giant inch rifles of the Pennsylvania BB , flagship of the Atlantic Fleet, address the Fleet's officers on their return to Hampton Roads from the Southern waters saying: "Officers of the navy, I bid you make ours the most efficient, conscientious and effective navy in the service of any civilized nation, and I pledge to you in return the confidence and regard of one hundred and ten million people.

Among the ships in the background is the destroyer Lawrence DD off the stern of the Pennsylvania. Aerial Salute to Pres. Harding on the Mayflower at the Naval Review of In Vice Adml. Hilary P. He is seen here aboard the Pennsylvania BB on 23 June Digital ID: npcc Wale, , assembled from five separate images. Steaming with other battleships, during the early s.

Oklahoma BB is in the left background. Original Caption San Pedro, California The people are watching the catapulting of a seaplane from the deck of the Pennsylvania BB , 's. The Nevada BB leads the battle force in the early 's. The next ship in line is the Pennsylvania BB Photo courtesy of Pieter Bakels. Navy Battle fleet steaming into Panama Bay to join scouting fleet for combined fleet maneuvers, probably The irony of this photo is that the ship with the least certain ID is the one closest to the camera! The photo is not clear enough to show twin or triple turrets.

However, the ships in the background show enough unique characteristics to give more certainty about an ID. The two ships in the second column are New York BB bridge does not extend out far enough to be Texas BB and Nevada BB no enclosed lookout stations on the cagemasts and she has a catapult on her quarterdeck. It is interesting that the only apparent catapult is the one on the Nevada. This would place the photo in the time frame. Courtesy of the Library of Congress. Navy, courtesy of flickr. Early 's circa aerial photo of the Arizona BB surrounded by small boats. Also note the "E" on the stack.

The photo appears to be backwards. Pennsylvania BB arriving at Panama for combined fleet maneuvers, Panoramic photo of the U. Copyright R. The people are watching the catapulting of a seaplane from the deck of the Pennsylvania BB Photo contributed by Robert Hurst. Photo taken from U. Warships of World War One, by P. Photo courtesy of Steve Inglis. Pennsylvania BB during reconditioning , 11 September George D. Pennsylvania BB underway, before the addition of aircraft catapults, circa - mid 's.

The Pennsylvania BB follows other battleships during maneuvers. Source: City of searcharchives. Pennsylvania BB leading two other battleships during maneuvers, during the s. Pennsylvania BB in Melbourne during Ships of the U. Fleet pictured at anchor at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, during winter exercises in Two unidentified Omaha class cruisers are in the foreground.

There are at least 17 destroyers, identifiable bottom, right is Mahan DD , converted to a minelayer and redesignated DM-7 , but still wearing her old DD hull number and two submarine tenders in the foreground with about 10 smaller and two large submarines. The peninsula in the right foreground is South Toro Cay, where the drydock is still visible that was begun in , but cancelled two years later. Photo courtesy of wikipedia. Watercolor of a Presidential review during President Hoover's term of office, View of the U. Battle fleet from above, possibly from the airship Los Angeles ZR Photo by Alonzo D.

Biggard, courtesy of phillyhistory. What makes a battleship go? She had been in the Navy Yard since 2 May undergoing general modernization. Photo courtesy of the George D. A crane is on the pier in between the two ships, 31 March Relatives and friends of the seventy-five officers and 1, men are shown on Pier 3, seeing them off. Commander Jonas H. Ingram [ In addition to new tripod masts, a new battle control station and fifteen five-inch anti-aircraft guns, the ship has bunks instead of hammocks for the crew.

List of aircraft carriers of the United States Navy

Pennsylvania BB all decked out with flags. In the background is a 3 masted bark. Photo by George Winstead, possibly on or about 8 May , when she departed for a refresher training cruise to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba after her modernization. View of the Pennsylvania , port side, disembarking from the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Crew is seen in their Navy Whites on all decks. Photo dated 1 September Uniform slope back to front - no kink like the twin 16" mounts on the Colorado's BB Based on the relatively full appearance of the forward superstructure, I am leaning toward California BB which had an enlarged flag bridge as Battle Force Flagship.

Because of the boom cranes on the sterns, the photo was taken between and The Pennsylvania is the umpire ship in the great "war" game. Captain Jonas H. At the time, she was Admiral Schofield's flagship. These six 14 inch guns, bristling from the forward turrets of the Pennsylvania BB flagship of the U. Fleet, were photographed by a Navy cameraman during the war games off Pureto Rico. The flagship carries two similar turrets of 14 inch guns aft. Smaller guns at sides are anti-aircraft and destroyer defense guns. Something new in battleships. The picture was made in Seattle Harbor.

Wide World Photos. Identifiable ships in this photo possibly at Puget Sound circa are, from left to right: U. Crane Ship No. Wide World and Associated Press Photo. The nearest battleship, straight up from the Langley is Pennsylvania BB The remaining battleships include two New Mexico's : Mississippi BB and Idaho BB , but even this higher rez shot is not clear enough to tell which is which. Also are the rest of the "Big Five" and what is probably one of the Nevada's , but that is not certain. The photo is not clear enough for positive identifications.

Circa overhead and broadside photo of the Pennsylvania BB with a full compliment of Vought 03U-3's birds perched on their roosts. Photos courtesy of Mike Wade. Assistant Secretary of the Navy Henry L. With other U. Fleet flag officers, on board Pennsylvania BB in the Spring of Photographed from a U. Army Air Corps aircraft. Battleships at Balboa, Panama, on 6 May passing through for fleet exercises in the Atlantic.

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The stern at left belongs to Pennsylvania BB Photo courtesy of Ric Hedman. Oil on canvas painting by the artist James Flood entitled "Pacific Bulwark". Photo and text courtesy of oldgloryprints. Photo from Evening Star. After the Texas , the photo is just too "fuzzy" for an ID. Pennsylvania BB in with two Vought 03U-3's. Pennsylvania BB equator memorabilia , 20 May Oil on canvas painting by the artist James Flood entitled " Pennsylvania BB - " underway and taking water over the bow.

Photo and partial text courtesy of oldgloryprints. From August to , Pennsylvania BB engaged in Fleet tactics and battle practice along the west coast and participated in Fleet problems and maneuvers which were held periodically in the Hawaiian area as well as the Caribbean Sea. USN photo courtesy of Robert M.

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Pennsylvania BB engaged in night battle practice , 27 October It sounded like war on the high seas but it was only the Pennsylvania engaging in night battle practice. This picture shows the secondary battery of the Pennsylvania hurling steel projectiles at distant targets in the dark. Arthur J. Note the 4 star podium. Sailors hosing down anchor chain on the battleship Pennsylvania BB Men spreading awning on forecastle of the Pennsylvania BB in She is probably entering tropical waters. Recreation hour on the Pennsylvania BB The bluejackets acquire a tropical sun-tan while the ship's band renders its daily concert, Pennsylvania BB sails along with two columns of destroyers for company in this 's photo.

Commissioned in before the advent of the clipper, or overhanging bow, the ship has a blunt or overhanging forecastle. Alcatraz island is in the background. It was the Pacific Fleet, ordered to home waters in surprise announcement. The battleships and convoy formed impressive column as they steamed out in the morning mist. Turret guns aboard the Pennsylvania BB , 19 October The Pennsylvania , flagship of the Navy, in recent fleet maneuvers off California.

Drawing courtesy of artbywayne. Admiral James O. Fleet, in ceremonies on board Pennsylvania BB , 24 June Captain Roland M. Lovette via Tommy Trampp. With him are center Admiral Charles P. Snyder, Commander, Battle Force, U. Fleet, and right Vice Admiral William S. Pye, Commander Battleships, Battle Force. Note pipe radiator on the bulkhead, to the right, open porthole covers and leather-covered furniture.

Fleet, seated, center with members of his staff on board the Fleet flagship, Pennsylvania BB , January Photo of part of the Pacific Fleet in at Lahaina, Maui. It is possible that the battleship on the left is the California BB If you look at the top of the armored conning tower there is a thin vertical structure at the rear on top of the conning tower, just in front of the superstructure.

The center battleship is definitely Oklahoma because of the higher platform. I also believe that this can be narrowed down to be Pennsylvania rather than Arizona BB because of the height of the armored conning tower in front of the superstructure and behind turret 2.

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As can be seen in this picture of the Pennsylvania , which was taken at nearly the same angle, the conning tower is one deck higher than on the Arizona , shown here. Partial text i. Photo courtesy of Floyd Proffitt via Brad Proffitt. Probable front and rear photos here and below showing formations of aircraft flying over U.

The Yorktown and Enterprise were the only two carriers whose bombing squadrons were equipped with the Northrop BT The text for the photo reads: "The Navy uses enormous amounts of rubber. At least seventy-five tons of rubber, enough to makes 17, tires, are used in the construction of each of these battleships.

Aircraft Carriers - CVN

Tons more are needed for the naval planes that are making history over the world. Medical and communication requirements--and countless other needs of the Navy--are met. Fourth is the Oklahoma BB no birdbath. Aside from the DD now in the lead, I see nothing in the head-on shot aerial that positively differs from the ID's of the first 4 BB's in the first photo. Everything I see supports these three photos all being part of the same operation with at least the first 5 BB's remaining in the same order. Battleship i. Probable front and rear photos here and above showing formations of aircraft flying over U.

New Mexico BB is leading the BB column while the remaining battleships have dual masthead fire control structures. The air group formation in the two photos appears to be similar. The perspective makes it difficult to sort the monoplanes and biplanes into their respective types. I suppose it's possible that the photographer was in that Helldiver's rear seat. What stands out for me is the presence of nine extra fighters beyond the normal squadron composition of 18, as seen in the other three squadrons in this formation.

She is pictured here in company with other ships of the Pacific Fleet taken during Fleet Ops. Attack on Pearl Harbor. Captain Charles M. Cooke, Jr. Portrait photograph, taken circa Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor, 7 December Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carriers in dawn fly-off for Pearl Harbor. Artwork by John Hamilton from his publication, "War at Sea," pg. USN photo H, courtesy of the U. USN photo I, courtesy of the U. Photo courtesy of Arnold Putnam. Alongside Pier , in the center middle distance, are the light cruiser Helena CL , listing slightly from a torpedo hit, and the capsized minelayer Oglala CM Taken on 7 December Submitted by Scott Dyben.

Cassin has capsized against Downes. Pennsylvania BB is astern, occupying the rest of the drydock. The torpedo-damaged cruiser Helena CL is in the right distance, beyond the crane. Smoke is from the sunken and burning Arizona BB , out of view behind Pennsylvania. California BB is partially visible at the extreme left. Note Jack flying at the battleship's bow. Damage to the superstructure deck, broken near the splinter shield to the left and folded back to the right.

The crane is being used to clear away damage. View from the upper deck outboard of No. Note how the splinter shield of the gun above is lifted. The galley bulkhead is in the center of the picture. Looking aft of the No. The galley door in the b. STS bulkhead to the right is hanging by one hinge.

The bomb struck the base of the gun mount in the lower left corner of the picture, and rebounded to explode where the hole is in the deck. Looking inboard in the No. The fire main riser was broken. Crew space A on the main deck, looking aft. Foundation of No. Note rupture of clipping room bulkhead in the rear center of the picture. View from within warrant Officers mess, looking to starboard into A, and showing distorted bulkhead and fragment penetrations. Plate I. Cut out of the Plan view of Dry Dock No.

Plate III. Note the removal of her conning tower and long-base rangefinder was mounted in its place. A new deckhouse replaced her Mainmast, the after Main Battery Director cupola Spot 2 being relocated to its top. Provision for dual-purpose fire control was limited to replacement of the two MK. The bridgework was simplified mainly by the elimination of the previous outside platforms and the turret-top catapult and boat cranes were removed.

Ten quadruple Bofors and fifty-one Oerlikons were mounted. Photo taken on 26 February , one of the 1. View of splintershields, 5-Inch AA gun shields and 20mm guns and platforms. Mare Island, CA. View of splinter shields and 20mm guns and platforms amidships, looking Fwd.

Cities at Sea: How Aircraft Carriers Work

Note: There also seems to be some sort of exchange regarding what looks like gas balloons in the left corner of the photo. Broadside view of the Pennsylvania BB starboard side. Bow to frame Mare Island, Ca. Broadside view, starboard side at Mare Island, Ca. View from Frame 33 to View from Frame 40 to The Pennsylvania BB survived Pearl Harbor virtually without damage and continued to operate in essentially her Pre-Pearl Harbor configuration, except that now all her 5-in.

Some of the features installed on the Pacific Fleet battleships before their destruction were therefore preserved, as shown in this 2 March Mare Island view, including the installation of enclosed Mark 19 directors on the rangefinder level and extensive splinter protection. The aircraft carrier and its strike group also engage in maritime security operations to interdict threats to merchant shipping and prevent the use of the seas for terrorism and piracy.

Aircraft carriers also provide unique capabilities for disaster response and humanitarian assistance. The embarked carrier air wing provides helicopters for direct support and C4I assets to support them and ensure aid is routed quickly and safely. The 10 Nimitz-class aircraft carriers are the largest warships in the world, each designed for an approximately year service life with just a single mid-life refueling. The next generation of aircraft carrier, the Gerald R.

Gerald R.

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Ford-class The Gerald R. Ford-class is the future aircraft carrier replacement class for Enterprise and Nimitz-class aircraft carriers. The lead ship, Gerald R. Ford CVN 78 , was commissioned in The Gerald R. Ford-class will be the premier forward asset for crisis response and early decisive striking power in a major combat operation. Ford-class aircraft carriers and carrier strike groups will provide the core capabilities of forward presence, deterrence, sea control, power projection, maritime security and humanitarian assistance.

The class brings improved warfighting capability, quality of life improvements for our Sailors and reduced total ownership costs. Improvements in the ship design will also allow the embarked air wing to operate with fewer personnel. New technologies and ship design features are expected to reduce watch standing and maintenance workload for the crew.

Ford is the first aircraft carrier designed with all electric utilities, eliminating steam service lines from the ship, reducing maintenance requirements and improving corrosion control. Ford-class is designed to maximize the striking power of the embarked carrier air wing. The ship's systems and configuration are optimized to maximize the sortie generation rate SGR of attached strike aircraft, resulting in a 33 percent increase in SGR over the Nimitz- class. The ship's configuration and electrical generating plant are designed to accommodate new systems, including direct energy weapons, during its year service life.

Ford-class builds upon the Navy's legacy of aircraft carrier innovation, stretching back to the first aircraft carrier, USS Langley CV-1 and continuing to the present day.

US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot
US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot
US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot
US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot
US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot
US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot
US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot
US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot
US NAVY FACT FILE Aircraft Carriers CVL-28 USS Cabot

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