Under The Ice (LeGarde Mysteries, Book 9)

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Hello, friends! For the past year I've been trying to gloss over what was happening to me when I posted. After all, who wants to hear about a writer who's too sick to write??? Now that I've had surgery and am feeling pretty darned good again, I thought I'd "come clean. So, it's a long and complicated story, but I'll try to spare you the gory details. After one year, eight very specialized "specialists," a gazillion tests that were absolutely not fun, and multiple appointments every week, I'm finally getting back to my old self.

Under The Ice: A Gus LeGarde Mystery

Since last May I could barely walk to the mailbox and back without getting horribly out of breath and coughing up a storm. I was even breathless when I bent over to tie my shoes! And I could barely get out to the garden to pick my beautiful tomatoes. My flower beds and veggie garden sported four foot high weeds They put me on oxygen at night and tried to figure out why my O2 dropped to 75 every time I did any little thing. On top of that, work cut me to half time due to business pressures, and we have been seriously struggling ever since.

Here's a bit about the story:. But for one newlywed couple just beginning their lives together, there will be no peace. The girl slumped on a park bench clutching a battered old guitar case. Long copper curls tumbled forward in an untidy mass, nearly obscuring her eyes. She covered her face with her hands, and it was at that moment I noticed her shoulders shaking. The poor thing was crying.

Concerned, I stepped closer to the balcony railing to get a better look, wondering what was wrong. Can you come here for a minute?

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She pushed back from the piano and joined me on the balcony. I pointed to the girl. My wife peered across Beacon Street to the sidewalk bordering the park, where the girl sat on the bench, weeping harder now. Another lost flower child. She wore typical hippie garb, like most of our Bean Town flower children, with patched bellbottom jeans, sandals, a tie-dyed tee shirt, and a suede vest with beaded fringe. Groups of vibrant young hippies, flowing with beads, long hair, and whorls of colorful fabric, tripped and laughed, floating across the park to gather and play music. Their green metallic feathers winked in the sunlight.

Taxis, cars, and buses engorged with passengers trundled past, honking and billowing black smoke. Throngs of businessmen hurried through the park, dressed in neatly pressed suits and crisp white shirts, ignoring the forlorn figure on the bench. No one stopped. No one gave her a second glance. I turned to my wife. Read more here. Spirit Me Away on Amazon. Donations to Pets for Vets. It was only available for a short time, and we told you we'd give half of our profits to Pets for Vets. I promised the pictures when they were available. Two of the other authors in the set just presented our other donation Following are a few deals from author friends.

Thanks for reading my rant today. I know many of you are amazingly supportive folks who I consider friends, so thanks again for all you do to pass on the word of this starving artist! Send me an email if you have any comments, ideas for Gus's new book, or questions. It's the best part of being an author. Best always, Aaron Paul Lazar. Have you ever wondered what could happen if you didn't totally wipe your hard drive before getting rid of your old computer?

Or what could happen if any of the blank checks sent by credit cards fell into the wrong hands?

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  • Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women and the Rest of Us.
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I live in a close-knit community in Cambridge, Mass. Most of us know Joe, our long-time mail deliverer, and he knows us. So when Joe was instructed to forward a certain household's mail to an address in a neighboring town, he knew that the family hadn't moved. He alerted the police who discovered a ring of con artists who were diverting people's mail in order to steal their identities and checks.

While this scam was coming to light, I was busy trying to figure out how to get rid of my old computer. Some computer stores and charities advertise that they'll remove your personal information before recycling your old equipment, but what if one of their employees is less than honest? A family of grifters uses Iris Reid's stolen identity to commit a crime. She becomes fascinated with Iris and starts to stalk her. An engagingly nerve-wracking tale with gradually escalating suspense. By the way, my husband smashed my hard drive with a hammer before I took my last computer to be recycled.

I wasn't taking any chances Happy Easter! I wish you a blessed day and hope you get a bit of warmth and blooming flowers today. We've had some beautiful days this past week but it's gotten all cool and rainy again. Today dawned with heavy fog! I hope the Easter Bunny can find his way out there. I haven't posted in a while 'cause I had surgery a few weeks ago, on April 3rd.

It was to hopefully fix my reflux that was getting into my lungs and stopping me from doing pretty much anything, such as walking to the mailbox or carrying a laundry basket or especially planting or weeding. You should have seen the weeds last summer! It wasn't a fun experience, but the operations is in my past now and I'm getting a little bit better every day.

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  6. It's recorded by the phenomenal Gwendolyn Druyor, who can create any voice type in the world. The way she represents Carmen and Rosita, my two Mexican American heroines, or Rocco, a warmhearted African American gentle giant, is simply outstanding. Musso writes an amazing portrait of his characters, with many details that make them quite unique, true to life, and so endearing that you as a reader want to spend more time with them. I also enjoyed his great, detailed, and atmospheric descriptions of the area, a region the author personally knows very well.

    The translation by Frank Wynne had a great flow to it. It is so well done you could think it was originally written in English. Many generations of French students are familiar with these, actually literature textbooks.

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    Hi Karen, good to see you here. So so good, I hope English speaking publishers are preparing many more in translation. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Reunion Guillaume Musso July 9, Murder in the Corn Maze by G. About Author. The shortlist of nominations for the awards will be announced on 24 October.

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    Under The Ice (LeGarde Mysteries, Book 9) Under The Ice (LeGarde Mysteries, Book 9)
    Under The Ice (LeGarde Mysteries, Book 9) Under The Ice (LeGarde Mysteries, Book 9)
    Under The Ice (LeGarde Mysteries, Book 9) Under The Ice (LeGarde Mysteries, Book 9)
    Under The Ice (LeGarde Mysteries, Book 9) Under The Ice (LeGarde Mysteries, Book 9)
    Under The Ice (LeGarde Mysteries, Book 9) Under The Ice (LeGarde Mysteries, Book 9)

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