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The Transformers Classics—Volume 1 Review |BasementRejects

Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. Privacy Policy. See more. The first 4 are more or less a page per character of nearly every G1 Transformer with their descriptions, abilities and weaknesses. This is more or less like the boxes of all of the old toys accompanied by a nicely drawn piece. It does what it says on the tin and the first 4 issues are really a quattro of editions known as Transformers Universe, so it does what it should be doing.

The second half of this though is a lot more like it. The reason for a tribute is that this is a work of the late, great Herb Trimpe, well known Wolverine, G. Their last set of trades reprinting this material only finished up a couple of years ago. So you can understand why people have been a bit cautious about picking this up.

It was first reprinted by Titan here in the UK back in the early 00s, cashing in on the popularity of the awful Dreamwave revival of Transformers.

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The trouble was, the collections were a bit half-hearted. When IDW picked up the Transformers license in the mids, they rushed into reprinting the classic series with lacklustre results. This meant fairly crucial issues had to be omitted and replaced with text summaries. Far from ideal.

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They were an easy choice to skip. The first thing to note about Transformers Classics mark 2 v1 is the cover. The other thing is that this collection is great value for money.

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This is probably because of the paper stock used, which is coarser, matte paper and thus probably cheaper. So the real question is how good are the new remastered colours? And the answer is really pretty good.

The Ben-Day dots of the Titan editions are gone, replaced by smooth flats that are a lot nicer to look at. Mostly this is in the realms of, well, keeping within the lines, which was a bit of an issue with the original colouring, where it was all a bit hit and miss. Small characters in the background of panels would often just be picked out with a smudge of colour here and there, if at all. This is all much neater and helps bring the artwork to life in places.

The other, smaller area is colour correction.

Transformers Classics v1 Transformers Classics v1
Transformers Classics v1 Transformers Classics v1
Transformers Classics v1 Transformers Classics v1
Transformers Classics v1 Transformers Classics v1
Transformers Classics v1 Transformers Classics v1
Transformers Classics v1 Transformers Classics v1

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