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Author s : Vitaly K. DOI : There are two generally known concepts in biology of aging.

Accordingly to the first one, there is a program of aging. The alternative concept advocates that aging proceeds stochastically.

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In this area of research, free radical-theory of aging, which was put forward by Denham Harman in fifties of XX th century, has determined the most heuristic line. The goal of this review is to demonstrate how the aging program and the aging stochastics are united on the basis of the systems theory of reliability.

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On this basis, universal features of aging, such as the exponential growth of mortality rate with time and correlation of longevity with the species-specific resting metabolism, are naturally explained. As a consequence, the oxidative-stress products and other metabolic slag accumulate with the resulting impetus to autophagic or apoptotic cell death accompanied with age-associated clinical disorders.

Based on this reliability-theory approach, one can estimate that the longevity of human brain could reach years should the antioxidant defense against the free-radical failures be perfect. Thus, the free-radical redox timer serves as effective stochastic mechanism of realization of the programmed deficiency in reliability of biomolecular constructs. Keywords: Aging, reliability, free radicals, preventive maintenance, program, prophylaxis, robustness, stochastics.

22. Radical and Type Theories (1832-1850)

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The metal ion theory of ageing: dietary target hazard quotients beyond radicals

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Contributions to the Theory of Radicals for Noncommutative Rings

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Theory of Radicals Theory of Radicals
Theory of Radicals Theory of Radicals
Theory of Radicals Theory of Radicals
Theory of Radicals Theory of Radicals
Theory of Radicals Theory of Radicals
Theory of Radicals Theory of Radicals
Theory of Radicals Theory of Radicals
Theory of Radicals Theory of Radicals
Theory of Radicals Theory of Radicals

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