The Night, The Day

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Toggle navigation. Add to My Favourites Fail to add to my favourite, please try again later. Add to My Favourites Please login to continue this process, process will continue after you login. It takes a lot of work and time to merge multiple images in order to create one final image that shows smoothly how day spans to night in one frame.

This article will show you briefly the creation process. Give it a try if you are interested!

What is the Best Time to Study? Day vs Night

Our final image is like a timeline that records the sky changes from sunset till night. The individual images taken are arranged by time from the left the earliest to the right the latest. The shooting should take place within the Magic Hour, i. For equipment, since it involves merging multiple images in post-editing, we need a tripod to shoot to ensure compositional consistency.

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The sunset time was pm at the day we took the images. So we started shooting from pm till pm, and altogether a total of 15 images were taken with a time interval set at 4 minutes. Farewell, my blessing season this in thee! Polonius believes that a person can be harmless and good to others when he is financially sound. Therefore, he must be loyal to his best interests first, then take care of others. However, the modern age has given it an entirely different meaning, as it connotes the ideas of truth, self-ownership, and individuality.

Shakespeare uses irony and humor by masterfully presenting his characters, which speak high and act low. Polonius is one of those characters whom Shakespeare does not intend to present profoundly, nevertheless, he lets him speak as a scholar, creating humor and satire.

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Everyone thinks they know what the best time to study is, but the reality is that each person is different and there is no clear winner from a scientific point of view. There are some people who get more out of studying at night while others find the best time to study to be the morning or the afternoon. Society is structured around being active during the day and sleeping at night , so by sticking to this norm there are undeniable benefits such as being able to go to the library or grabbing a coffee with a friend. Natural light is better for your eyes.

Artificial light hurts our eyes and can affect our natural sleep rhythm.

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People are more active, louder and intense during the day. At night there are fewer distractions than during the day. Most of your friends are asleep and your social networks will be less active. It is true that things look different by night.

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The night can increase your creative efficacy and help you see concepts differently.

The Night, The Day The Night, The Day
The Night, The Day The Night, The Day
The Night, The Day The Night, The Day
The Night, The Day The Night, The Day
The Night, The Day The Night, The Day

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