The Mystic Rose (The Celtic Crusades, Book 3)

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Celtic Crusades

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The Mystic Rose. Reviews from Goodreads. Item added to cart. Stephen R. Continue Shopping Checkout. Review by Carla Nayland. Laverne Gay, Wine of Satan , a romantic novel about Bohemond and his fictional lover. Tom Harper, Knights of the Cross , about a man charged with finding out who murdered a Norman knight during the Siege of Antioch in ; 2 in the Demetrios Askiates series.

Tom Harper, Siege of Heaven , about a man who longs to return to home and family but must first travel to Jerusalem with the armies of the First Crusade; 3 in the Demetrios Askiates series. Robert E. Howard, The Lord of Samarcand collection of stories originally published in the s and 30s , short stories about crusader knights.

James Patterson and Andrew Gross, The Jester , a thriller about a man who joins the Crusades in to escape oppression in his home village, and finds that his troubles are only beginning. Thorvald Steen, Constantinople ; not available in English translation , about Sigurd I, a twelfth century king of Norway and the first European king to lead a Crusade to end Moslem rule in Jerusalem.

Jack Whyte, Order in Chaos , about a Templar Knight disillusioned by his experiences as a crusader who decides to dedicate his life to God; 3 in the Templar trilogy. The Knights Templar was a religious order of knights founded after the capture of Jerusalem in during the First Crusade. Its original purpose was to protect Christian travelers making religious pilgrimages to Jerusalem.

They soon became a wealthy and powerful order. Their mission expanded to warfare, and Templar knights played important roles in a number of Christian victories during the Crusades.

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After the Crusades ended, the order's power and wealth attracted suspicion, and Templars were accused of heresy. The order was dissolved in by Pope Clement. Many novels have been set during the Crusades against Jerusalem. King Richard I of England was an enthusiastic Crusader; novels that portray him primarily as a Crusader appear in this section. During the nineteenth century, Crusader knights were viewed as heroic figures, but most authors now recognize that the Crusades were brutal wars of aggression in which not only innocent Muslims but also many Middle Eastern Christians were slaughtered, and that knights were often motivated as much by their desire for status and plunder as by piety.

For novels about the Crusades primarily from the perspective of Muslims, see the Middle East page. Elizabeth Chadwick, The Falcons of Montabard , about a Norman knight who becomes a Crusader to restore his honor after he is caught with the king's mistress in Judith Fox, Scraping Through Stone , about a woman who disguises herself as a boy and joins the Crusades to escape an arranged marriage, then experiences the Siege of Acre; Australian publication now out of print and hard to find.

Jan Guillou, The Road to Jerusalem , about a young Swede whose life is up-ended twice before it becomes clear that his destiny is to become a Knight Templar; 1 in the Crusades trilogy.

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Jan Guillou, The Templar Knight , about a Swede obligated to serve as a Templar Knight in Palestine, where he proves both a skilled warrior and a friend to Saracens; 2 in the Crusades trilogy. Jan Guillou, The Birth of the Kingdom ; also titled The Kingdom at the End of the Road , about a Swedish Knight Templar who returns home to develop a centralized military force in his own country; 3 in the Crusades trilogy.

David Hillier, Fire and Shadow , about a woman who, when her parents are murdered just before she is to marry, decides to follow a trail that may lead to their killers and travels to the Holy Land amid the Third Crusade in John Jakes, King's Crusader ; a revision of the novel originally published in as Sir Scoundrel , an adventure novel about the minstrel Blondel and his search for his patron and comrade Richard the Lionheart.

Pamela Kaufman, The Shield of Three Lions , a romantic novel about a girl who dresses as a boy and wins the love of Richard the Lionheart; 1 in the Lady Alix series. Pamela Kaufman, The Prince of Poison , a beautiful noblewoman returns from the Crusades, fleeing the wrath of Prince John, who believes her to be pregnant with his royal brother's bastard; 3 in the Lady Alix series.

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Mario Reading, The Templar Prophecy , about a present-day photojournalist, his twelfth-century ancestor, and their dangerous destiny as "Guardians of the Holy Lance;" 1 in the Guardian of the Lance series. Mario Reading, The Templar Inheritance , about a present-day photojournalist, his twelfth-century ancestor, and their search for a copper scroll said to contain the secret of Solomon's Treasures; 2 in the Guardian of the Lance series.

Sir Walter Scott, Ivanhoe , a romantic novel about an aristocratic young knight who returns from the Third Crusade and is disinherited for falling in love with his father's ward.

The Fourth Crusade, from , featured warfare over the Byzantine capital of Constantinople. Crusaders passing through on their way to Jerusalem expected the city to support their mission by provisioning their massive armies, while Constantinople's rulers, with some justification, suspected the leaders of the Crusades of coveting their realm. In , when the Crusaders' army arrived at Constantinople, one of their goals was to topple the reigning Byzantine Emperor, who had deposed his brother in , and restore the brother to the throne.

The effort got out of hand, ending in the sack of the city. The armies of the Fourth Crusade never reached their original goal of Jerusalem. Legends developed around stories of a Children's Crusade in which a boy is supposed to have led thousands of children on a peaceful pilgrimage with the goal of coverting Muslims in Jerusalem to Christianity. According to one version of the story, he led the children to the Mediterranean shore in the belief that the sea would part to let them through, as in the Biblical story of Exodus.

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Of course, it did not, and the children perished. Most scholars now believe the Children's Crusade never occurred. Bryce Courtenay, Sylvia , based on the legend of the Children's Crusade. Patrick Dorsey, God's Forge , about a disillusioned Templar Knight in Paris who leads his fellow knights in an escape when royal forces seize their fortress.

Michael Alexander Eisner, The Crusader , about a young Spanish nobleman who returns from the Seventh Crusade in an apparent state of possession and the Inquisitor charged with plumbing the depths of his soul; set during the late 13th century. Nicole Galland, Crossed , about the misadventures of a Welsh minstrel, a German knight, a prostitute and a mysterious princess during the Fourth Crusade.

Harold Lamb, The Grand Cham , an adventure story about a man's revenge on the Turkish lord who crippled him, set during the Crusades. Harold Lamb, Durandal , about a Frankish knight who vows vengeance after his company is betrayed by its allies during a battle at Antioch. Nabil Saleh, Outremer , about a young Cathar from Milan who travels to the Crusader kingdom to avenge his family by killing Philip of Montfort, whose father massacred Cathars in Languedoc. Robert Shea, The Saracen: Land of the Infidel , about two rival warriors during the thirteenth century Crusades; 1 in the Saracen series.

William Watson, Beltran in Exile ; also titled The Last of the Templars , a realistic novel about a Templar Knight and his experiences during the decline and persecution of the Templar Order after the final defeat of the Crusaders with the fall of Acre in Frank Yerby, The Saracen Blade , about the orphaned son of an blacksmith who grows up in Palermo, Sicily, where he is befriended by Frederick II, and rises to wealth and power during the Crusades.

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Robyn Young, Brethren , about a young Knight Templar and a Muslim warrior who fight on opposite sides during the Crusades of the thirteenth century; 1 in the Brethren trilogy. Robyn Young, Crusade , about a Templar Knight who wishes for peace in Acre, one of the last Crusader strongholds in Palestine; 2 in the Brethren trilogy. From the early eighth century, when Islamic Berbers from Africa crossed into Spain and conquered portions of the country, through the late fifteenth century, part of southern Spain was under Muslim rule. Crusades of the eleventh century targeted Spanish cities like Toledo, which was reconquered in by Christian armies.

The Cathars sometimes referred to as Albigensians after the city of Albi in Spain were a group of Christians whose beliefs differed from those of the the Church in Rome. In , the pope declared a Crusade against the Cathars, initiating decades of warfare and persecution in which many Cathars were massacred and their beliefs and practices were essentially wiped out.

Tariq Ali, Shadows of the Pomegranate Tree , about the forced conversion of Spanish Muslims to Christianity during the late fourteenth century after the fall of Grenada. Derek Armstrong, The Last Troubadour , an adventure story about a French troubadour and the invention of Tarot cards during the thirteenth century Inquisition against the Cathars.

The Mystic Rose (The Celtic Crusades, Book 3) The Mystic Rose (The Celtic Crusades, Book 3)
The Mystic Rose (The Celtic Crusades, Book 3) The Mystic Rose (The Celtic Crusades, Book 3)
The Mystic Rose (The Celtic Crusades, Book 3) The Mystic Rose (The Celtic Crusades, Book 3)
The Mystic Rose (The Celtic Crusades, Book 3) The Mystic Rose (The Celtic Crusades, Book 3)
The Mystic Rose (The Celtic Crusades, Book 3) The Mystic Rose (The Celtic Crusades, Book 3)
The Mystic Rose (The Celtic Crusades, Book 3) The Mystic Rose (The Celtic Crusades, Book 3)

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