The Mountain and the Valley

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The slim U-shaped concrete core of the building fully houses the cable car engineering and opens up towards the mountain with a metre freely projecting roof structure.

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The open, transparent construction of the mountain station on the Giggijoch at an altitude of 2, metres cannot fail to take you by surprise. A 47 x 44 m steel construction, spanned with film, floats above a concrete base, which virtually disappears into the landscape, acting both as load carrier and protection from the weather.

Inside it houses several floors, including the traction equipment station, a type of garage for gondolas, with a traction power of tonnes. The entire load-bearing frame of the building is achieved with only 8 support points, a challenge for the experienced steelworkers project team, both in terms of statics and steel construction. Seven circular supports, arranged in a V-shape, support the entire structure. The concrete lifting tower acts as the eighth support point, and also doubles as wind bracing to absorb the horizontal wind forces. Greenhouse Kids. Hockey Family.

The Mountain and the Valley by Ernest Buckler, First Edition - AbeBooks

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Tales of the Shining Mountains. The Stry-Ker Family Saga. Set in the early decades of the 20th century in the poor farming communities of Nova Scotia, Buckler's first novel stages a collision between two worlds.

Buckler has been hailed as a "pioneer in Canadian writing" and a "pathbreaker for the modern Canadian novel" Laurence and Atwood. But this edition breaks new ground by engaging with the author's relation to international currents and the novel's place on the international scene. The novel moreover reflects the philosophical interrogations of modernity transcending national boundaries.

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These questions involve a suspicion of an increasingly technologized and knowledge-based society, the problematic relations of the self with a reality which is arguably only a construction, and even the issue of how representation mediates our access to reality. Entering into a diachronic dialogue with writers and thinkers throughout the globe, from Emerson and Thomas Hardy to T. Eliot and Sartre, the novel illustrates not only the evolutions and loops in North American production, but also the overlapping of dominant and later, peripheral modernisms.

This edition buttresses the fresh view of Buckler's novel by providing a fuller version of the text than is available with the reprinted McClelland and Stewart NCL edition.

From The Mountains To The Valleys

It notably confronts the original American Henry Holt edition with Buckler's final typescript, in the interests of furthering textual authenticity and legitimacy. The significant variants are addressed and certain cuts in the text are restored. The Textual appendix endnotes not only comment on the modifications and criteria ranging from commercial reasons to ethical or aesthetic ones , but also make certain passages which are not restored within the body of the text accessible to a specialized readership. The restored segments either illuminate culture-specific practices, or connect with modernist or authorial preoccupations and techniques.

This edition's multi-faceted explanatory notes also go beyond the traditional mandate of the genre.

The Mountain and the Valley The Mountain and the Valley
The Mountain and the Valley The Mountain and the Valley
The Mountain and the Valley The Mountain and the Valley
The Mountain and the Valley The Mountain and the Valley
The Mountain and the Valley The Mountain and the Valley

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