TENACITY: You Are Bigger Than Where You Are

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Video-based onboard safety monitoring systems. These are cost effective technologies that make the roads safer for all of us, including truckers at the wheel. Today, more than 60 percent of our tractor-trailer trucks are equipped with collision mitigation systems.

But technology is two-faced. It can be both good and bad at the same time. Remember rotary phones? With the long cords that stretched around the corner for privacy? Perfect, right? But then we got cordless phones. Bag phones, flip phones, smart phones. You can even hail a ride with it. There is no doubt fleet owners, OEMs, utilities and regulators have the capability to make it happen and although there is strength in numbers, this powerful force must work in a synchronized, collaborative fashion.

But I do make are educated inferences. And here are three:. The key? Paying attention to what we see but never making assumptions based on the past. But we must make sure the changes are positive more often than not. We must cooperate. Private industry and public agency collaborations are crucial to ensure exceptional service levels in the transportation of goods and services. Every morning, wake up to the blog that gives you the latest trends shaping tomorrow. Click the RSS icon to subscribe to future articles by this author. Longitudes from UPS will now be delivered directly to your email.

We can't wait to begin sharing more big ideas shaping the global economy with you. We are unable to process your request at this time. Please try again later. Carlton Rose UPS. Subscribe to Longitudes Every morning, wake up to the blog that gives you the latest trends shaping tomorrow. Like this: Like Loading Next How to Supercharge Your Productivity. Or, I may say in mind that I will do it later but later never comes. At first glance, most, if not all of us would say we serve the Lord. But if I were to take a step back and be honest with myself, I might answer a little differently.

I remember a season in my life where I seemed to be absorbed with earning money to live and pay my bills. I also gave a tithe to the Lord even though in reality the tithe was coming from my line of credit or credit card due to the debt load we were carrying. The cycle was stressful and seemingly relentless. However, at one point I recall pondering what was life really about. What was my true motivation for working? Was I really fulfilling the call of God upon my life?

Or had I found myself caught up in an endless cycle of working each day to pay the bills to start all over again next day? As I began to ponder these questions and pray about it, I came to a new understanding. I really wanted to be obedient to the Lord and focus on what He had for me - to begin to see my life and calling from His perspective.

I wanted to not be caught up in a continuous cycle that was unsatisfying and unfulfilling.

What is Tenacity?

I realized that I had gotten caught up in the trap of working to earn money for present day realities, having a life I had always dreamt of and felt I deserved because I worked so hard, and for future days when I would be retired. Gradually this process of self-reflection led to a change of employment and focus. I had a sense of needing to re-calibrate with a focus on pursuing what God had for me in this season even with a wife and growing children.

Following my decision, I even let go of an offer for a six-figure salary to walk into the unknown. The story of Abraham and his sojourn into the unknown became my comforting refrain. Colleagues could not wrap their thinking around my decision, yet one remarked how envious he was of me, getting out of the day-to-day grind and stepping into the freedom of something different. Three days after leaving my job, the Lord amazingly open up a new opportunity — one that I had not anticipated. It allowed for a different pace of life and a different focus. I could choose my own working hours.

I found myself being able to have concentrated time with the Lord and growing spiritually in a new way. It was not how hard I could work to live life, but how much I could trust Him with my life and the needs of my loved ones. My heart entered into a new place of rest in His love and provision. Somehow I began to see how He cares so much for us, even greater than the birds of the air and the flowers of field.

My focus shifted to resting in His provision for my every need. I no longer needed to feel stressed out trying to earn the money to cover everything I thought was important in life. The more I learned to lean into Him, to rest and trust Him for everything and follow His leading, I deeply knew He would look after me and the needs of my family. I am so grateful for this new level of freedom in my journey with Him. I have been pondering of late how the Lord works in our lives through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

I am amazed at how He is so kind and wise.

Tenacity as identity

There are times when a direct word is what I need. In other words, depending on the season of my life and what God is doing, sometimes I need to be pulled up short and other times I need a little space to process things. When Jesus taught, He also ministered to where the people were at in their thinking and processing. He often taught the masses through parables. Even when posed a question, He was way ahead in their thinking and would often respond with a question in turn. Truth went into the heart as He spoke.

If you are like me, it is in those moments of hearing someone, speak, you know someone has spoken a profound truth. When Jesus spoke the people listened. In essence, He invited people into a journey of discovery. She would hold them in her heart, reflecting upon them from time to time, wondering and considering what they meant. The revelation becomes a part of our thinking and heart beliefs. The discovery process is a journey. A step-by-step revealing and unfolding of multiple layers of truth that begins to grip our understanding and heart in different and unique ways.

He knew money was a day-to-day reality for the masses, and wanted them to connect with the related heart issues. Even today, as we read the parables, we have opportunity to ask the Holy Spirit to give us deeper understanding. He continually invites us to journey further with Him as we explore His teaching in this area at deeper and deeper levels. He slowly reveals the complexity of the issues so intricately entwined with our heart. Layers of revelation begin to dawn in our understanding and we begin to recognize His heart to see us so free in from the grip of money in our lives and to avoid the trappings.

The insights and perspectives gained begin to bring course direction to our lives. Our beliefs, habits and world-views about finances and possessions begin to realign with His heart. Slowly we begin to see things so much differently. He invites us into this journey of discovery every day of our lives, in every aspect of our lives, especially and including how we view our finances.

The journey never ends. Thankfully we never walk it alone, the best part is that He is ever with us. The worship would include sacrifices, burning incense and rituals. In essence, the high places were centres of idolatry. Time after time, the Lord spoke to the Israelites through prophets and kings that these places of worship had to be destroyed and the names of the gods blotted out from their memory.

Tenacity Quotes ( quotes)

Due to ignorance or rebellious disobedience, this did not happen in many instances. God then judged Israel for their failure to do so. We still have high places in our culture and lives. High places are anything that is elevated above God, praised, worshiped, fixated on, or looked to for help or trusted. Idols or high places in our lives are reflected in our relationship with money and possessions. Jesus said that we cannot serve both God and mammon Matthew Mammon is characterized by self-focus, immediate gratification, greed, coveting, and lust for more.

This power keeps us grasping on to our money rather than blessing others, keeps us focused on ourselves and our wants and desires, and keeps us focused on fear for lack of not enough. We believe that all our problems would be resolved if we only had a little more money — even for Kingdom purposes. These characteristics are figuratively the high places in our lives.

Perhaps you recognize some of the aspects just mentioned. Jesus asked us to follow after Him, to deal with these areas and to give Him full Lordship over our lives. God has directed us to tear down the high places in our lives so He can rule and reign in our lives. That means as He speaks to us, we yield and respond to His promptings and leading. May the Lord help us to see the high places in our lives, turning away from them to follow after Him, worshipping Him and Him alone, tearing down and rooting out every idol in our lives.

Once again Christmas nears. Excitement grows with each day as Christmas nears. Thoughts and dreams fill their minds with presents, sweets and visits with cousins and playing games inside and out. One child stands alone watching all that is happening. Yes, all the fun and festivities are great but there is something yearning deep within. The sense of anticipation is different. There is a coming moment of expectancy.

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At last the special night arrives. It is the evening before Christmas. One by one they are set in their places, all-facing the manger filled with straw but yet still empty. The wise men are placed first, then perhaps an angel or two, the animals, Joseph and Mary and finally the manger itself find its place. Then comes the moment. His mom passes him the smallest figurine in the box. Baby Jesus.

He carefully gives the small, delicate baby in his hands a close look. Yes all is well — he has all his fingers and toes. He gently lays the baby in the manger. At last baby Jesus is laid in his place at the centre of the nativity scene. The boy looks around and sees his mom and dad and older siblings all gazing upon the manger scene.

A sense of contentment fills his heart. Jesus has his place. He knows the story of baby Jesus. He has heard it told many times over. Yet the wonder of it all still fills his heart. In that moment he knows that Jesus no longer lives in a manger but in his heart. As Jesus was the focus of those gathered around him, so Jesus is the centre of his heart. There was a sweet awareness that this simple act held more for him.

A renewed friendship and bond - one that could not be described by words, an experience too deep to articulate and profoundly complex.

A Philosophy Of Tenacity

The little boy had caught the essence of the true meaning of Christmas. He had not lost the awe and wonder of the moment. All the gift buying and tinsel and glitter did not lose it. He held tightly to the delight of placing Jesus in his place. It means you have an objective, and you believe in it. Who knew? Thank you for another great post.

The latter probably does involve keywords, etc. The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure , the process is its own reward. Your email is safe with me. It will not be sold or shared with anybody else. Skip to content Facebook. Life lessons!!

TENACITY: You Are Bigger Than Where You Are TENACITY: You Are Bigger Than Where You Are
TENACITY: You Are Bigger Than Where You Are TENACITY: You Are Bigger Than Where You Are
TENACITY: You Are Bigger Than Where You Are TENACITY: You Are Bigger Than Where You Are
TENACITY: You Are Bigger Than Where You Are TENACITY: You Are Bigger Than Where You Are
TENACITY: You Are Bigger Than Where You Are TENACITY: You Are Bigger Than Where You Are

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