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Floris Rutjes. Click to enlarge afbeelding: Biologiepracticum. Welcome to the Synthetic Organic Chemistry group.


Staff members. Floris Rutjes dr. Daniel Blanco Ania dr.

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Page top. These targets enable the preparation of chemical entities through diversity-oriented synthesis. The research goals are to enhance structural diversity available from Nature and to prepare molecules with novel chemical or biological properties. The Porco laboratory is developing novel synthetic methodologies for concise entry to bioactive complex molecules. In a main area of interest, biomimetic approaches to natural products are being pursued as a means to formulate biosynthetic hypotheses and invent new synthetic methodology to important synthetic targets.

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As part of our studies, we have taken opportunities to address key questions and contemporary needs in organic chemistry including asymmetric catalysis of photocycloadditions, enantioselective dearomatization, and atropselective synthesis. Our laboratory also has a growing interest in translational collaborations with biological investigators to identify bioactive molecules, the latter done in conjunction with the BU-CMD.

Area: Chemical methodologies, natural product synthesis, and chemical genomics. The Schaus Group focuses on new chemical methodologies, synthesizes natural products and small molecules with interesting biological activities, and uses chemical genomics techniques to study the effects of compounds on cellular processes.

They use chemical synthesis, functional genomics, and bioinformatics to gain understanding of the effects of antiproliferative compounds on cellular processes.

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Exploiting the synergy among their research projects, they develop new asymmetric methodologies, which they apply to interesting natural products. They use and develop techniques in genomics and biology to understand how these compounds affect cellular processes.

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Their work in chemical methodology focuses on the development of direct asymmetric carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions. They have been studying the Morita-Baylis-Hillman MBH reaction, a long-standing challenge in asymmetric catalysis, concentrating on the phosphine-promoted reaction. Area: Organic synthesis and natural products.

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  5. The goals of the research of the Snyder Group are to discover new chemistry and delineate the potential applications of this chemistry to issues in health, agriculture, and other areas that society faces. They are highly motivated to explore new reactivities and apply them to diversity-oriented synthesis in the generation of relatively small libraries compounds that can then be submitted for biological screening to a variety of collaborators.

    On occasion, target-oriented projects will arise, particularly if the pursuit of that biologically significant target reveals unique applications of innovative chemistry, and can also lead to an intriguing collection of analogues for screening.

    Synthetic organic chemistry Synthetic organic chemistry
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