Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective

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The time has now come to recognize realities and to invest globally. Turning the challenges of sustainable trade into opportunities and seizing them commercially are two of the biggest tasks we face today. Sustainability: Observe regional differences All areas of mining are equally affected, even if priorities will naturally vary by regions in the world.

In the comparatively heavily populated areas of Western and Central Europe, production of raw materials begins to compete for space with such areas as agriculture from the very start: the planning stage.

Where mining and sustainability meet

Available space is rare. For this reason, sustainable actions also involve the meticulous restoration of mining areas. Practices that have been a standard operating procedure in well-organized industrial countries remain a developmental area in other parts of the world. In such places, the challenge of sustainability involves much more than simply minimizing the use of energy and resources.

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A key priority is to utilize alternative and environmentally friendly energies and new technologies to produce raw materials. Sustainable action begins with a social-cultural component: The certification of raw-material production and traceability along the supply chains of mineral raw materials has a positive effect on the development and implementation of international requirements.

Worldwide technology transfer The industry cannot shut itself off from such developments and has no plans to do so — a global sharing of experiences and technologies becomes that much more important as a result. Initial pioneering work appears to be promising: Post-mining creates complex approaches to follow-up uses, including pump storage stations to produce energy in former mining shafts.

Self-developed methods are turning formerly exhausted slag heaps into commercially interesting storage sites. Bioleaching can be used to extract certain ores by employing special micro-organisms.

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New processes and procedures are needed everywhere. Germany and other technology leaders can act as role models here. Their worldwide expertise must be complemented by technology and knowledge exports. Intelligently interpreted, this is the opportunity of the 21st century for the mining industry.

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On its home page, the German Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources lists a number of national and international projects related to mining and sustainability. An era filled with many complex issues related to artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, sustainability, recycling and much more. In its role as a globally leading information platform, bauma in Munich always strives to be something more than a machine show.

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  6. The sustainability effort has also reached this segment. A solution that has long been used as a sustainable alternative for totally refurbished EM tire molds is now being used for construction machinery as well. This process, which is known as rebuild or remanufacturing, produces a complete second life with plant warranty for dump trucks, excavators and wheel loaders. Sustainability is frequently found in the details of products and technologies. The professional magazine journalistically represents the entire rock industry as the official publication of the Bundesverbandes Mineralische Rohstoffe e.

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    Mine Design Selection Considering Sustainable Development

    MENU Startpage. Industry trends. Exhibitor directory. Exhibition sectors. Statements about the fair. Trade fair venue. At the fair Opening hours. Photo gallery. Social media. Visa service for visitors. Getting there. It revealed that sustainability reporting is becoming buzzing word in every sector but still mining sector is far behind to disclose information on the non-financial performances to their stakeholders. There is variation in the reporting system of sustainability aspect in public and private sector. Research Methodology This is an exploratory research design to understand the trend and variation in the quality and extent of sustainability reporting by public and private Indian mining companies.

    GRI guidelines are taken as a basis for analysis. A sample of 53 private companies and 47 public companies were selected for the purpose. Annual Reports, Websites and sustainability reports published by the selected companies during this period was considered for the analysis. This study used content analysis methodology to assess the extent and quality of sustainability reporting disclosure as per GRI guidelines in the Indian mining sector. Content analysis involves systematic procedures for studying the content from the written documents Halme and Huse, Number of sentences has been used in the previous empirical studies like Hackston and Milne.

    They considered number of sentences as the most appropriate measure of disclosure, as well as a sound basis for coding and analysis. Content analysis is done on the basis of GRI guidelines related to the environment, social and economic aspects of the organization. Comparative analysis has been used to examine the level of sustainability reporting of private and public mining companies in India as per GRI framework.

    The content analysis method used in the present study involves the following process i indentifying information as per GRI framework, ii assigning score and determining the aggregate score for each firm. Results The results and discussion have been categorized in two parts. In the first part, the extent of sustainability disclosure of companies has been explored and the second part deals with comparison of sustainability disclosure in public and Private Indian mining companies has been examined with the help of disclosure score using content analysis techniques.

    Information collected manually from the annual reports, websites and sustainability or standalone report were clarified as per GRI indicators and then scores were assigned depicted which is accessible in appendix1 GRI indicators. The disclosure score of the items varies from 82 to 0. In private companies it is revealed that Sesa Goa has obtained first rank with the percentage score of This result showed that Indian mining companies are still not very serious in disclosing sustainability reporting practices in their annual reports.

    Moreover out of 53 sample companies only 18 private companies disclose information as per GRI framework covering very few indicators. There is a huge variation between the sustainability disclosure practices of India private mining companies. Majority of companies provides no information at all regarding sustainable management practices and if at all it provides some information it is only partial. Public companies —wise sustainability disclosure In this section, sustainability disclosures of sample public Indian mining companies have been depicted that is accessible in exhibited 2.

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    6. The sustainability disclosure score in public companies varies from 48 to 0. Only 23 public mining companies disclosed information on the non-financial aspects. The volume of disclosure varies from neutral followed by partial and then full information. Sector —Wise Variation in Disclosure Companies have been divided in two parts as depicted in table no.

      Hence it revealed that there is high variation in the disclosure practices of the Indian private sector mining companies. Result It can be observed from table no: 5 that value of p is less than 0. Hence it revealed that there is high variation in the disclosure practices of the Indian public sector mining companies. Table no: 6 shows that the alternatives hypothesis, i. Hence hypothesis is accepted. From the above analysis it is clear that the mean of public sector Indian mining companies that is 7.

      It signifies that sustainability disclosure by public companies is more than private sector mining companies. Discussion Sustainability reporting is in its nascent stage in Indian mining sector, but it is an effective communicating tool for sustainable management practices between the company and the interested stakeholders. It has been observed that disclosure practices that are followed varies across different sectors.

      Public sector mining companies are disclosing more and more information on the aspect of the sustainability but they are using only the national framework for reporting purpose which is the national voluntarily guidelines or national mineral policy sustainable development framework. These frameworks have several limitations. However the history of sustainability reporting as per Global reporting Initiative framework is very new in the Indian mining sector. No public sector mining companies are disclosing information as per GRI guidelines.

      This study observed that sustainability disclosure by public mining companies are more as compared to the private mining companies but as far as content quality is concerned private mining companies disclosed limited but relevant information on sustainability disclosure as per GRI. However there is huge variation in information disclosure as per GRI guidelines in both the sector which is exhibited in the table no.

      This paper incited that sustainability reporting has many positive implications because better reporting helps to increase quality of decision making. Sustainability reporting has a large potential for raising environmental and social concern to the processes of organizations. In relation to good governance that is, the transparency of institutions and processes , sustainability reporting has much to offer for both the private and public sectors.

      Sustainability reporting can thus help to increase the effectiveness of mining sector governance. The impact of sustainability reporting will help the company in maintaining their goodwill in the society in which it operates. Therefore to minimize the hazardous impact of the mining activities on the society there is need for compulsory regulation which are required in terms of sustainability disclosure practices in proper format as per GRI guidelines. The initiatives of Global Reporting are expected to improve sustainability disclosure in the near future. This study contributes to understand the sustainability reporting disclosure practices in Indian public and private sector mining companies.

      The company analysis reveal that number of sustainability reports is more popular in public sector but as far as the content of disclosure i. Toggle navigation. Copy the following to cite this article: Daizy, Das N. Article Publishing History Received: Accepted: For this we adopted Global Reporting Initiative framework, which constitute 85 indicators broadly classified in to three main categories i. Assigning a score and determining the aggregate score:- For this purpose of analysis of the sustainable development reports content analysis was applied taking disclosure index as per GRI guidelines.

      Further, independent sample t test and correlation were applied to judge the significant difference between means of two groups, that is, public and private Indian mining companies. The extent of disclosure of all companies has been measured separately. A comparison has been made regarding variation in disclosure of public and private mining companies.

      Public sector mining companies H 02 - There is no significant difference between disclosure score of different public mining companies. White G. Deegan C. Unerman J. Adams C. Gilbert D. Owen D. O'Dwyer, B. Eppel, J. Mock, T. Milne, M. J and Gray, R, , sustainability accounting and accountability , routledge, London Bebbington, J. Available for download at accessed 5 January Schaltegger ,stakeholder-Beziehungen and reputation in baslerzeirung, 3 rd march, ,15 Choi, Frederick D. Steurer, R.

      Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective
      Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective
      Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective
      Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective
      Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective
      Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective
      Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective Sustainable Mining Practices: A Global Perspective

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