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Yeo-ri works for Jo-goo, playing the specter in his show. Forward to almost a year later, the darkness inside her, something her colleagues sense, keeps her from truly connecting with them. Jo-goo calls Yeo-ri the next morning to sort things out, but when the phone disconnects with a weird sound, he decides to drop by her place for a visit instead. There, Jo-goo meets and engages in a game of hide-and-seek with a ghost child, which then scares the bejesus out of him later that night.

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As the two of them spend more time together, developing a fast friendship, Yeo-ri confesses the long story behind her gray, wan face. Yeo-ri has acquired an 'unwanted' ability to see the dead ever since she survived a high school automobile accident. She not only sees dead people, but these 'dead people' also appear in her life on a regular basis.

In particular, the vengeful ghost of her best friend Joo-hee, who died during that automobile incident, follows her everywhere scaring people around her relentlessly. Yeo-ri eventually ends up leading a solitary life, even her family has fled the country and left her behind. She sleeps in a tent in her living room, speaks to a friend sometimes and only through the phone, resigning herself to the idea that her solitary life is best in the grand scheme of things.

And though Jo-goo is sometimes scared witless himself, he loves Yeo-ri enough to overcome his fear. Joo-hee, consumed by jealousy, becomes a threat during the show, prompting Yeo-ri to head off to join her family in order to protect Jo-goo from herself and the ghost. Black Suspender Circle Skirt. Black Lace Midi Skirt. Hell Bunny Planchette Button Dress. Black Lace Babydoll Dress. Planchette Skater Skirt. Skeleton Cold Shoulder Dress.

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I enjoyed it greatly and had lots of laughs but it did not move me to my core? View 2 comments. Jul 22, Lisa The Novel Approach rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal , historical , tna-page-turner. My vocabulary is inadequate to the task of articulating how gorgeous this book is. There is no single word I can think of to describe its brilliance, though the title comes close to encompassing it. I am spellbound. Author Allie Therin introduces a world of magic within the mundane in Spellbound , book one in the Magic in Manhattan series, in a New York City which is alive and vibrant, a post-World War I urban landscape where underground speakeasies once skirted the prohibition laws to deliver entertainment to those who sought it out, and the city is a character in itself.

This same ability also makes him a target, putting him in physical jeopardy, and this story speaks in some very deliberate ways not only to a general xenophobia but to prejudice against those with paranormal abilities as well, underscoring the reason he has closed himself off from most human contact. His cautious nature was earned the hard way, and his backstory is one that wrings a lot of empathy and compassion from readers, the betrayal he endured supporting and justifying his mistrust of everyone but the woman who gave him her name. In every conceivable way, Spellbound is an opposites-attract story.

Arthur is the son of a politician. Ace is also a mundane who knows magic exists, a rarity in itself. He, however, is not the typical unaffected socialite, and his heart is as big as his trust fund. Bigger even. He needs someone with the ability to scry an artifact that holds what Ace suspects is an immense power. The fact that he lures Rory into the job by way of tricking Mrs. Or for many meetings after, truth be told. But, as the plot thickens and the danger increases for Ace and Rory, and everyone else involved, their bond with each other intensifies, and they eventually become inevitable.

The supporting cast in Spellbound do their intended jobs, becoming integral to not only the story but to the success of thwarting a plot that will do unmitigated harm and damage to the city of New York and those who inhabit it, if not stopped. The suspense in carrying out this mission rises and builds in superb style and leaves readers on the hook for book two in a most capable way.

This story is far from over, the prevailing danger has only gained more power, and the villains are not without their own paranormal abilities which will certainly provide for more action, suspense, and threats as the series continues. There has been a lot of early buzz about the brilliance of this book.

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Believe it. All of it. Spellbound not only lives up to the hype but exceeded any preconceived notions I had going into it, and my only regret was that it ended. Aug 01, Evie Drae rated it it was amazing Shelves: may-december-romance , new-adult , m-m-romance , favorites , sweet-as-sin , romance , bisexual-romance , authentic-characters , magic , historical-romance.

Have mercy. I have found my new favorite book.


Hands down best read of the year. Which would be a disservice to you, me, and this phenomenal book. So, what was it exactly that had me swooning from page one? It was kind Have mercy. It was kind of everything. Everything from her writing style to her characterization to her plot had me all heart-eyed and happy, heavy sighing. Both genres truly have to be written at the top of their game for me to enjoy them. The setting of this book was absolutely superb. Therin captured all the literal and figurative magic in her fictional depiction of s Manhattan.

And her characters—every dang one of them, from the MCs to the supporting cast—were woven with intricate and heartfelt brilliance. Then there was the plot and the awe-inspiring twist on the paranormal that had my eyes wide and my readerly heart beating staccato the entire read. Both times. I would recommend this book to ANY romance reader. Jul 07, Santy rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , good-series , m-m , action-packed , low-steam , part-of-series , paranormal , magic , netgalley , slow-burn. Great beginning to the series. I gobbled this one in one sitting.

I loved Ace and sloooowly warmed up to Rory. I don't know if it was his age or something else that was to blame but bless Ace and his overly large heart because I wou Great beginning to the series. I don't know if it was his age or something else that was to blame but bless Ace and his overly large heart because I would've shaken some sense into him once or twice.

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But anywhoo Ace's method also worked so I guess that's that. Despite all my griping about Rory, I loved his chemistry with Ace. He obviously needed a caretaker and someone to just dote on him and Ace needed someone to dote on so I must say their pairing was genius. They had real chemistry out of, and in bed although their sexy times were fade-to-black. This was my first book by Allie Therin and I don't know if that's her style but I liked it.

It didn't take anything from the storytelling. Concerning the story proper, I liked the world building and its nuances. It was nicely done. I also liked how fast paced it was and how the secondary characters were fleshed out and diverse. I couldn't get enough. I must say however, that considering how evil the baddies were, that ending just didn't satisfy my vindictive heart. I hope they get what they really deserve and hopefully this gets sorted out with the next book. Also I hope we get more relationship development in that one. This story ended with a HFN, with Rory and Ace's relationship still in the honeymoon stage and Rory still over the place emotionally.

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I pray the next book comes out soon because I will be first in line for it. Great read! Enjoyable characters, good world building, excellent editing, and a unique view of paranormal people and the magic in their world. Looking forward to the next one. Jun 09, Roberta Blablanski rated it it was amazing.

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I got lost in this book. Lost, I tell ya! The setting is written so perfectly that I felt as though I was running the city streets with Rory, sneaking into a hidden club to have a drink with Arthur, and freezing my butt off at Coney Island. The book ends on a cl I got lost in this book. The book ends on a cliffhanger of sorts, but not to worry! I love Arthur and Rory and would deadass die for them, but I unquestionably wanted to know more about the magic system and the fantasy aspects of this world.

I love it, but I really want to see some grit!! I want to dive deeper. View 1 comment. Jun 07, CrabbyPatty rated it really liked it Shelves: carina-press , reads , netgalley , mm-historical , mm-fantasy-paranormal , mm-alt-history-au , gaybookreviews. Author Allie Therin introduces us to the New York City of - a world of jazz, Prohibition, crime, corruption, speakeasys, skyscrapers Arthur Kenzie - Congressman Kenzie's son, former soldier, Harvard quarterback - has surrounded himself with paranormals, like Jade with her telekinetic powers and Zhang who is an astral walker.

Then Arthur comes across Rory Brodigan, who has the power of psychometry: "Think of magic as radio waves. Most paranormal powers make magic - Author Allie Therin introduces us to the New York City of - a world of jazz, Prohibition, crime, corruption, speakeasys, skyscrapers Most paranormal powers make magic - most powers transmit.

But magic also broadcasts its own signal, and some powers receive. Your psychometry receives magic into your mind from the objects you touch. In the midst of saving NYC, Arthur uncovers Rory's secret past while Rory rails against Arthur trying to help him, in my opinion, for far too long. There's building sexual tension, and then there's endless variations of Rory taking exception to almost everything Ace says and does. But finally, finally Rory and Ace become lovers in mostly fade-to-black scenes but there is a palpable attraction between the two.

The plot is innovative and interesting, and the stage is set for the continuous of the series with lots of unanswered questions and adventures. The relationship building is a bit too slow for me personally, and as a result the pace of the story feels slow at times. But the suspenseful ending really brings everything together and I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series. Review posted at Gay Book Reviews - check it out! Jul 23, Devann rated it really liked it Shelves: c-arcs , sg-magic , znetgalley , sg-lgbtia , zwheelathon-iv , g-historical-fiction , a-adult , star , zpast-present-future.

I liked all of the main characters basically from the moment they appeared on the page and I think that Arthur and Rory had great chemistry. The magic system was very interesting [although I'm hoping it's expanded on a bit more in the next book] and there was a really good balance between the romance plotline and the magic plotline. A really good book in general and even more impressive since it appears to be the author's I received an ARC copy of this book from NetGalley Really enjoyed this one!

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A really good book in general and even more impressive since it appears to be the author's first book. I will definitely be checking out the next one! Aug 08, WhatAStrangeDuck rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed , mystery , historical , paranormal , a-u-sorcery. The book itself is well done and I suspect that I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't so generally grouchy at the moment.

I'm still looking forward to the next installment when that particular theme will hopefully be laid to rest. View all 3 comments. Aug 08, Meep rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy-paranormal-shifter. I was hooked after reading the sample, eagerly pressing 'buy' and turning the page. But for me this book proved a huge disappointment. I entered expecting a colourful 's world, magical highjinx with romance along the way. The reality is teenage angst and overabundance of manners with very little to determine period or any plot. The only nod to the era is a visit to a speakeasy, the wearing of cloche hats and occasionally calling women 'doll' this is so random as to be distracting; the first t I was hooked after reading the sample, eagerly pressing 'buy' and turning the page.

The only nod to the era is a visit to a speakeasy, the wearing of cloche hats and occasionally calling women 'doll' this is so random as to be distracting; the first time it happens I was imaging a bespelled doll and had to pause to remember the supposed time period. There's also I believe a number of coloured characters, but this is expressed very coyly to the point that when it's stated 'you have no rights in America' I'm still confused as to whether that was down to skin tone or posessing magic ability.

Oh my. Arthur is limitlessly rich and all knowing, without us ever getting a good explanation for that knowledge. He doesn't seem very focused on it though because he's more concerned over not causing offense than to actually gathering information. For a big bruiser of an ex-soldier -much is made of his muscles- all we get from him is the 'could he possibly like me' Then Rory.

Rory is described as a 'hell-cat' but is written to seem increasingly younger as the story progresses. Then there's a few other random characters thrown in often upstageing. Romance - well Rory is half-Italian. Though passing smoothly for Irish accents? He speaks a few words, almost one whole sentence of Italian and Arthur is hooked. Hopefully Arthur wont bump into someone who can speak two whole sentences in the near future or he may move on! I found that odd.

Rory says he can cook Italian food never demonstrated and so it's love. I found characters acted illogical to their situation and stories. That really bugged at me hide spoiler ] Someone in hiding revealing their presence to rant, random visits to locations seemingly simply for the visual. This is primarily a romance with fancy terms 'subordinate paranormals' to make it seem more. So full on angsty teenagers doing the 'does he, doesn't he'.

The characters do little to bring it about, though there's a few special magical effects. The outcome seemed obvious. I went through the whole book thinking it was the sequel, that the main events had already occured and this was the follow-up, but this is the first book. For any of this to have impact I think you'd need to read the non-existing first book! Sorry if disappointment is making me bitchy. There were plenty of promising ideas here but the result is lacklustre, it needs more plot focus to drive the story on. A great start to what I hope will be a series This is a feel good story to lead into the series.

Roaring 20s, a favourite historical period of mine, mis-matched heroes both of whom are loving tender and gallant, and some superb secondary characters plus a creepy plot with a whole centipede's worth of shoes still to drop. Can't wait for the next instalment. Aug 04, Steven rated it it was amazing. A new author, Allie Therin has immediately become an autobuy for me.


And how refreshing this book has been. Jun 13, Alisa rated it liked it Shelves: bi-sexual , , age-gap , historical , m-m-read , hard-knock-life , magic-witches-etc. Jun 29, Caz rated it really liked it Shelves: 4-andstar-books , arc , m-m , romance-other , pnr , queer-romance. Supernatural relics, powerful psychics, romance, magic and an unusual setting s Manhattan — it all looked like a recipe for a great read, and for the most part, it was. The story pulled me in right away, I was impressed by the worldbuilding, the plot is intriguing, I liked the characters, and the setting is vividly described; pretty much everything about the book works, although I had a few issues with the central romance.

Twenty-year-old Rory Brodigan is a psychometrist, possessing a unique talent that allows him to touch an object and discover its history. More accurately, the object pulls his mind into its history and there is often a very real possibility that it may never be able to return to the present. Realising eventually that Rory is the psychometric, Arthur and his closest friends and allies — Jade, a telekinetic and Zhang, an astral walker — band together to protect him and his unique gift from those who would abuse it.

He pushes them away — or tries to — at almost every opportunity, even as his attraction to the handsome and urbane Arthur grows stronger. The story is well conceived and well executed, and the author does a fabulous job of integrating the prohibition era setting and the details of her secret magical world into it. I enjoyed learning about the existence of relics and their power, of the use of magic for good and evil and of the prejudices facing supernatural beings in the society in which they live.

The first part of the book was a five-star read, easily, and I flew through it, eagerly immersing myself in the world Ms. Therin has created. The plot — in which Arthur faces a devastating betrayal at the same time as he, Rory, and their allies must race to save Manhattan from spectacular destruction — is tense and exciting, but the villains were somewhat underdeveloped.

I also had a problem with the romance, because try as I might, I found it difficult to see what the gorgeous, sophisticated and world-weary Arthur saw in Rory who, while only eight years younger than him Arthur is twenty-eight often acts more like someone in his mid-teens than a young man of twenty. Brodigan who turns out to be a bit of a badass in her own right! Jul 28, Maria Rose rated it really liked it Shelves: 4-star-reads , fully-reviewed-books , paranormal-romance , lgbtq-romance.

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