Shape Memory Polymers and Textiles

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The methodology used to explain these SMPs have been carried out starting with the discussion on their properties, their physical nature, types, viz. Other related details of these polymers, such as their advantages, structure and mechanism, shape memory functionality, thermally responsive SMPs and applications, have been detailed.

It has been observed that the SMPs are very important in the fields of wet and melt-spun fibers to offer novel and functional properties, cotton and wool fabric finishing, to produce SMP films, foams and laminated textiles, water vapor permeable and breathable SMP films, etc.

Shape Memory Polyurethane for Smart Garment

The field of SMPs is new, and very limited information is available to enable their smooth production and handling. Chakraborty, J.

Please share your general feedback. You can start or join in a discussion here. The shape memory fabrics were first prepared in by the project team led by Prof.

Shape Memory Textile Jacket

The relationships between synthesis procedures of shape memory polymers and the shape memory behavior of spun fibers are analyzed. SMP generally characterized as a phase segregated statistically block copolymer having a hard segment and a soft segment. The hard segment acts as a frozen phase and the soft segment acts as a reversible phase.

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This frozen phase helps to memorize the original shape while the reversible phase acts as a switch responsible for shape recovering. Once the shape memory polymer is deformed, the original shape is recovered by heating the SMP at a switching temperature which equals to the melting temperature of soft segment, T ms. The fabric shape memory effect of flat appearance could be defined as the ability of recovering an original flat shape from a deformed shape, after stimulation at switch temperature in different media.

Shape Memory Polymers for Smart Textile Applications

The Application of Shape Memory Polymer on Textiles and Apparel During application of Shape Memory Polymers on textiles and apparel, different types of shape memory polymers should be synthesized using different methods. For the fiber industry, they can be spun into shape memory fibers. The important achievement and advancement in this field have been made by Shape Memory Research Groups.

We believe that the applications of shape memory polymer on textiles can bring tremendous value to the Hong Kong Textile and Clothing industry in near and long term future.

Shape Memory Polymers and Textiles Shape Memory Polymers and Textiles
Shape Memory Polymers and Textiles Shape Memory Polymers and Textiles
Shape Memory Polymers and Textiles Shape Memory Polymers and Textiles
Shape Memory Polymers and Textiles Shape Memory Polymers and Textiles
Shape Memory Polymers and Textiles Shape Memory Polymers and Textiles

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