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To prosper, the seeds of career development need three vital components; career options, a foundation for growth, and strong networks. The presence of these critical elements determines the fate of the seed of career passion and whether it will thrive or just remain a seed. In looking at career development, particularly the first stage of self-assessment and career exploration, I realized that one of my first goals, as a career counselor, is to help clients nurture and foster the interests and curiosities within them.

The nurtured seed within our clients can then grow into a mighty oak tree as evidenced by a strong sense of their career direction and identity. Water is essential for all living things. Despite other favorable circumstances, such as fertile soil and warm sun, nothing survives without water. As with our clients, we can help them identify the seeds of a possible major or career option, but we must also help provide abundant opportunities for the seeds to germinate. As a devoted gardener, you foster the development of career interests and rejoice when one day you notice that a few tiny leaves have sprouted.

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However, there is still critical work to be done to ensure the sustainability of the career interests you planted. Slugs, dandelions, weeds, and other vermin can threaten the success of a plant, especially if the plant or tree bears fruit or vegetables. Career resilience does not develop on its own. With our clients, creating a support network as they navigate through the career development process is essential.

Akin to a support rod for the trunk of a tree, strong connections with mentors, counselors, instructors, and positive friends and family members creates a community for our clients. Additional resources include joining professional associations or Facebook communities to network with individuals with similar interests.

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Clients might also find volunteering in an area of interest another valuable way to create a strong and supportive network. Likewise, weeding out critical and unsupportive voices is also essential. For example:. Waiting for seeds to germinate, for sprouts to generate true leaves, for the right weather to transplant out, for crops to mature.

Like biting into the first juicy strawberry of the season, cultivating and harvesting these dreams and goals are worth the wait. University of California, Berkeley. Career Center. Planning Your Future: Visualization Exercise. What is Companion Planting?

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Printer-Friendly Version. Excellent metaphors for promoting "career development". I really enjoyed the emphasis on the process of growth and development. Thank you Juliana. What an incredible article filled with analogies, warmth, and hope. Perfect Saturday morning reading. Strong connections and strong relationships do keep the garden from verminous things. Wonderful article, Juliana. So important to meet the client where they are. Great metaphors to break down the process of guiding clients to clarity. In its wide-ranging essays, environmental perspectives illuminate diverse historical processes and events in the long history of the Ottoman Empire.

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Seeds of Power Seeds of Power
Seeds of Power Seeds of Power
Seeds of Power Seeds of Power
Seeds of Power Seeds of Power
Seeds of Power Seeds of Power
Seeds of Power Seeds of Power
Seeds of Power Seeds of Power

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