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She was a woman penned in by the restrictions of society pun intended yet a woman who was strong enough to discover the satisfaction of being just Jane. Needless to say I connected with Jane Austen and found many of her struggles to be my struggles- - to be universal struggles. The changes in the world from to are vast, but the changes in human nature are not. Witty and wise, I would have loved to call Jane my friend. Oh, the characters and plot lines we could have brainstormed! In , year-old Nannerl Mozart performed before the crowned heads of Europe with her younger brother, Wolfgang.

But behind the glamour lurk ed dark difficulties—the hardship of travel, agonizing bouts of illness, and the constant concern over money. Their father, Leopold, is driven by a desire to bring his son's genius to the attention of the world. But what about Nannerl? Wa s she not just as talented? In a time where women's choices are limited, what hope d id she have of ever realizing her own dreams?

The tour guide said, "People don't know this, but Mozart's sister was just as talented as she was, but because she was a woman she didn't have the chance to fully develop her talent. I had to bring Nanner's story to life. There's also a bit of commentary included for those of you who want to know what I think about certain 18th century this-and-thats. I've also included discussion questions.

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Maya Morano desperately wants a child and is willing to risk her ethics to get one. Peter McLean is set to take over the family farm until temptation lures him away. And Velvet Cotton approaches middle age with the attitude that this is all there is—such as it is. This simple act of faith intersects and changes their lives— forever.

My husband and I were born and raised in Nebraska and both graduated from the University there.

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That's why I couldn't resist setting John at Nebraska. But I promise Sooner and Longhorn fans will enjoy it too. But the drama has more to do with the parts the jurors play within their own lives as they pretend and ignore and try to hide from God. Who is being more true to who they really are? The jurors?

Or the accused? In the writing of this book some characters behaved nicely, and others had the audacity to try to hide themselves- - from me of all people! Little did they know how tenacious and stubborn I am, and that I would prevail. I did prevail, but it was often exhausting. Abandoned by her parents, she's a little girl with nothing to hold onto but the memory of her grandmother's love and the belief that some day she'll have the chance to do something important.

Meet the patrons of Neighbor's Drugstore. From the clerk who's desperately trying to turn her life around, to the lonely empty - nester who wants the freedom to make her own decisions, to the high-powered lawyer with a deep secret, they're all trying to survive another day. Yet the key to a rich, fulfilled life is closer than they think, if only they will open their eyes and hearts to the good nearby. What does it mean? You'll have to read the book, because I'm not telling. Her solution: buy up the entire town and hold a contest to give away the homes and businesses, giving Madeline full control of who lives there.

But once these modern pioneers accept the offer nd populate the town, their lives intersect in ways completely out of Madeline's control. It was fun getting back together with old friends like Kathy and Roy. Three lucky people get just that when they win the chance to travel back into their own lives to change something. The winners find out that God will go to great lengths to give them yet another chance to turn to Him.

But will they? What decision in your life would you like to change? I set it aside—and rewrote it— many, many times. It was the book that would not die. A trivia quiz: Which character in Time Lottery is related to a character in one of my other books? Who is it? Your prize? Knowing the secret! Time Lottery won a Christy Award for Christian fiction kind of like an Oscar, but Hollywood royalty wasn't there and Harry Winston didn't loan me any jewels.

It was a shocker because it was the book I'd set aside for ten years. God is amazing sometimes. Often, actually. Add the subsequent media frenzy and you've got trouble. And what about the attraction between Mac and Dr. Read it and find out. A o ne track mind. Another town in the book, Dawson, Minnesota, has family roots for me.

That's where my grandparents lived their entire lives. Their parents homesteaded in that area from Sweden in the 's. Deep roots. Who knew such a diverse group of women c ould become as close as sisters? She's the co-founder of Campus Crusade and I'm not. But now we're "sisters"- - just as you can be. Look for the companion, interactive, study guide for this series called t he Sister Circle Handbook.

And for information about how to organize a seminar where you can celebrate sisterhood, and discover your gifts and your purpose , go t o A God's GIfts Workshop. Even though it had been hard adapting to strangers living in her home, she and the other women from The Sister Circle had found a calm cove of sisterhood. The water had been rough at times, but generally, they floated along. But now Evelyn is starting over with a new set of boarders, and she isn't too keen on the idea. And though Tessa's off on a world cruise, never rule her out It's natural she has issues with the other new tenant, a fresh young beauty who thinks "make-up" consists of Chapstick.

As Evelyn would say: "Oh dear. Life imitates art imitates.. R ead an Excerpt Buy at Amazon. As the final book in the series, it's plum full of satisfying wrap- ups. Eleven stories. But we enjoyed every minute. These sisters have become family and we're going to miss them. Maybe they'll write Check out the Sister Circle Handbook below. Great for small group study--and fun!

When take-off is delayed, they become acquainted over small talk and pretzels. But then their lives are linked forever when the plane crashes in an icy river. Some die--and some don't. And one of them becomes a hero. Is it chance or D ivine design? Though this book is not about terrorism, the heroics and challenges of the survivors are the same. What will you take from it? By the way, this is the book of my heart.

I sent it to Denzel Washington , wanting him to direct and star in it. Hey, what have I got to lose? But is she? Or is her steadfast surrender something we all can—and should—do? This book was quite a different book when I started but evolved as I was brought to a total, steadfast surrender.

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And oh, how freeing it is! Wonder no more! She's a new Christian and her husband doesn't like it one bit. And Jered's coming home for all the wrong reasons Too much so sometimes I wrote the first draft of this novel when I was a bit stressed youngest graduating, etc. The resulting manuscript was negative and moody--just like me!

The book ends with a ton of characters death. Let him feel that weight and grow from that weight. And keep the books focused. Have the next books in the series be about him completing this massive backlog of quests he has. Have one book focused on his blood oath. Have another focused on conquering the catacombs. Have one focused on beating the swarm. If I was to continue the story from here, this is what I would do. Book 7 ends with the imp from book 1 coming to call in his favor. Book 8 starts with having the Imp require something that makes him need to clear the catacombs.

My suggestion is to get all the Khans together. The imp drags him to the city to get him on its way, and he lets the kobold king hatch to help him on his quest. Together they create the new Kobold Kingdom that acts as his vassal. The trader comes back with more of the Khan coins and some other stuff. Clearing the catacombs gets him the rest. He clears two quests, and the book ends.

Book 9 is about him clearing the blood vow as his diplomat comes back with a dwarven contingent. Uses the hammer he has in his treasury as leverage to get help and the book ends with the kinder informing Richter the swarm is on its way. Book 10 is all about killing to swarm queen. By book 11 he has cleared up most of his dangling plot threads that he can focus on the main plot. He has physical, magical, political, structural, and environmental power at that point so when the dark and the light courts start making their moves he can use all those resources to try to survive.

I hope that Dr. Kong will take some suggestions to heart. If you got to the end of this, just give your books more focus. And let Richter grow and let us see his decisions change as he changes. Just don't tell us how he grows. Use the old adage, show don't tell. That way this lovely world you've built up can get used to its full potential. View all 13 comments. Feb 19, Bill rated it it was amazing. Book 8 where are you Big fan of the series and like everyone been waiting on book 7 and now book 8! Think Aldrin was playing mind games with the book 7 will finish up a lot of quests.

Man did say 50 books was the goal after all. So if your looking for closer this isn't the book for you. That said I liked it! Think he went a little too table top game geek with all the math for every battle. I mean I get that the different metals give more damage and more damage with different spells ECT First few books were more plot focused he had quest this was trouble he got into completing it.

As he got more quests and into more trouble the pace of book slowed down. Typically in game same thing happens have to level up before you can handle bigger problems. So I get that, the whole village building for all city crowd is well done too. But the time tables just a little off in my opinion. Book 6 was two days roughly find problem take everyone into huge fight.

Book 7 is an evolution of this, in my opinion. Where are the darwf mercenaries? The eaters that destroy whole forests? The bugbears who where raiding the forest? Kingdom of law forgot about all the other races sneaking away?

Or the 2! Or the signal flair and certain crazy assassin sent into the sky when she died and shot in the dark alert whole guild the contact wasn't completed. Year later was hoping at least a few of these would be addressed. But all 8 can say is Feb 21, Jarred Medlock rated it it was amazing Shelves: litrpg. A great addition to The Land series, which I have come to expect from Aleron's other books. Predators is significantly longer than the other books in the series and the editing is very well done. I was very pleased with the story - it closed off some arcs, opened others and only hinted at some things which "make you go hmmm.

If you haven't read the series yet, I highly suggest giving it a read or even a listen, since the audiobooks are also extremely well done. Feb 19, Jesse Joyce rated it it was amazing. When an author claims to have produced their best work to date and you've already enjoyed their previous work so much it's natural to be sceptical. I am happy to report in this instance I have been thoroughly proven wrong in my scepticism! This latest book is indeed the best in the series to date.

Without giving anything away many questions generated previously are answered and in a throughly enjoyable fashion. I don't hesitate to say that the series is worth picking up and reading just due to t When an author claims to have produced their best work to date and you've already enjoyed their previous work so much it's natural to be sceptical. I don't hesitate to say that the series is worth picking up and reading just due to this installment. Well done! Feb 18, Aryeh Winter rated it it was amazing. Absolutely Amazing! Once more Dr. This book answered numerous questions while asking many more.

It was an amazing ready and probably my favorite book in the series. I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves fantasy, RPGs, and just a touch of Chaos. Thank you Aleron, this was worth the wait! Feb 20, Brian Kowalk rated it it was amazing. Strong continuation of a great series Ricther continues to develop swiftly but not as fast as the world around him the basic premise mod all litRPG. We start to the up some issues but the story ends with you wanting more. My only complaint for an otherwise great story is that I wanted to see more time pass instead of just over a week in the storyline.

Definitely worth the read!! Feb 21, Keith rated it it was amazing. The long It massive in size, something around to pages. A lot happened in this book and it was worth the wait Aug 16, M. The constant stats and internal monologue is just too much. So why the constant repeat. Also, to describe everything over and over again is just ugh Internal babble follows The Iron Nail Clipper is used to trim ones nail, either hands or feet or anywhere nail grows this will do the trick.

Iron Nail Clipper can also be used on dogs, cats or other types of animal, but this is not recommended for you to do. Each animal need their own type of Nail Clippers. Stats Stats Stats Stats Continues for another page. Plus the amount of information for mundane this is just outstanding.

Richter woke up, full summary of what he is feeling he washed his face another summary of his feeling about that. Also, so much things that need to be done, battles that need to be fought, quest that need to be completed, and he is partying, sleeping with three woman and one guy. What the hell? Nothing is being accomplished just him checking his damn stats.

I join a gym. I do one fucking push up and I stop Take all my measurements and I mean all. Including the length of each individual fucking hair and write it all down for you to read. Then I do another push up. And once again, check and measure every fucking inch. Then I have an internal monologue about how to much more I can progress and how faster I can do the sit up and if I do it faster will I grow faster.

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And then I do another push up and repeat the entire process all over again. Honestly, several times throughout the series it felt like the amount of action and progression for the entire series can make up the entirety of one book. I mean, Nothing. No offense but this is garbage.

The first few books were okay, but 3 and above have been garbage.

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Send this baby off to college already. On that note, for those of you who love this series. I admire your determination and will power. It takes a lot of it to get past the book 3. I should know, I made to 6 and a quarter. Think about the trees.

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I think it would be better if those trees be used for MineCraft novellas. Feb 21, Jorge Rodriguez rated it it was amazing. It just an amazing story! Come on you just have to read this. Full of adventures, love, betrayal, freedom, etc. Amzing writing style. I was glued to the book this whole time and finished in 5 days! Feb 21, Noah rated it it was amazing. A hands down thrill ride that will have your heart pumping faster and faster Same ol' Dr. Kong, but this time he decided to bitch slap us around and let a monster loose upon us. Feb 21, Garrison Nelson rated it it was amazing.

Badassery and Hijinks I truly enjoyed this book! I will be buying the audio book just to experience it again in a new medium and have the pleasure it brought me re experienced. Feb 19, Sprogg rated it it was amazing. Amazing, well worth the wait Excellent book, brilliant addition to the series, richer, more varied and thrill to read. Thanks Aleron, I appreciate the hard work that went into this.

Feb 22, norman luke manix rated it it was amazing. Great book It's a fun read and a good adventure. Answers some of the questions about the land. Can't wait for the next one. Feb 22, Daniel Martinez rated it it was amazing. Need next book now Great book, skipped a few pages here and there, but can't wait for the next book to come out. Feb 21, Dane Miller rated it it was amazing. Awesome Great book worth the wait and it's so long! Only question now is when's book 8 coming out Lol. Feb 21, Zachary Ridenour rated it it was amazing. Was not let down Awesome book just like the others. Not looking forward to the wait again.

If you have been following the series, you won't be let down. Mar 21, Chris Evans rated it it was ok Shelves: next-book-not-announced , litrpg. Wow this one a long book. Book 7 is about the same length as all 6 previous books combined I have a mixed feelings on this book. Upgrading his stats 2. Upgrading his profession 3 Upgrading his skills 4. Upgrading his spells 5. Upgrading alma's skills 6. Upgrading the dungeon loot 7. Upgrading the dungeon rooms 9. Upgrading the Town with settlement points. Upgrading the Town with research points. Upgrading the Town with building points.

Evolving his creatures Evolving his summons Browsing the chaos points catalog The town budget Setting tax rates and so, so much more fiddly details. The tax rates stuff, for example, was a full chapter on how treasuries worked and excruciating details on the banking system of the Land. You have way too many mechanics you're spending way too much time fiddling with, and this is from someone who loves that kind of thing. Anyways, the story. If all the superfluous stuff is stripped away the book would probably be about the same lengths as all the other books ish pages and Aleron is guilty of over using the 'all is lost!

It's fine on occasion, but it seems like every engagement in this book has it happen 2 or 3 or even more times. The climax of this book has it happen about 10 times.

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Still, I did enjoyed the story and I'm really interested in seeing what happens next. Conclusion: Aleron Kong desperately needs an editor. The man has some great ideas, and a mechanics based view of the world that I really identify with, but it's getting him lost in the weeds.

Feb 22, Amadeo Archuleta rated it it was amazing. My new favorite book An incredible world that is easy to get lost in. Loved to be able to see into the thoughts of some of the characters. So many parts made me laugh, angry, and even tear up a bit a true masterpiece. Thank you Mr. Feb 22, Earl rated it it was amazing.

Bravo Sir Bravo! Feb 21, John Borthick rated it it was amazing. I loved the journey and advancement of characters, village and story. Things are heating up in The Land and I can't wait to delve in again. Thanks Aleron King. Feb 22, Tanner Mandich rated it it was amazing. Gnomes rule!!! That being said, words cannot describe how amazing this book is. Harry Potter has always been my all time favorite series, but this series may just trump.

Feb 22, Shawn rated it it was amazing. This book was great. I've been waiting for what seems like an eternity for this book. I only put it down to sleep. That being said let us dig into the meat of it. One of the best aspects of this book is its length. The book definitely has some heft to it.

Although there are points that are a bit slow these sections are necessary to fill in the groundwork for the overarching plot development and background of the world Aleron Kong has created. I love battle scenes and creative magic as much as th This book was great. I love battle scenes and creative magic as much as the next person, but greatly respect and appreciate the time and effort that went into perfecting the game mechanics and building the world around the story.

I was very impressed with the worldbuilding. The world feels almost tangible. Aleron obviously spent a good deal of time thinking about the world his story takes place in. This particular book provides an overarching plot and structure to the series that the previous books have been lacking in. If you've visited Aleron Kong's Patreon page, you'll know that a lot of his beta readers thought the book took on some darker tones, and they are absolutely right. Although the themes may unsettle some, the darker tones add a depth to the series that I think a lot of litrpgs lack.

Most series focus on the fighting and quest completion. This leaves the main and secondary characters little more than cardboard cutouts with very little depth to them. The scenes that cast Ritcher in a darker light struck a chord in me that left me feeling both unsettled and vindicated. The ability to manifest these feelings is what makes Aleron Kong, in my opinion, a step above the rest and ahead of the pack.

While I enjoy the battles and quests just as much as the next person, I also enjoy the thought-provoking and self-examination Aleron Kong's writing brings about. In contrast to the dark tones are lighthearted references to many other books, tv shows, movies, cartoons and anime. I enjoyed piecing together where particular references came from and even did a couple searches to find the ones I didn't get.

Having a somewhat corny sense of humor is an affliction that plagues every litrpg writer, and fingers crossed they never grow out of it. I highly recommend this book to anyone. Jul 19, Steven Naylor rated it really liked it Shelves: favorite-books. Rating 4. Since this is book 7, you either love this series and there is nothing I can say that would make you change your mind, or you already know you don't like this series and there is nothing I can say that can make me change your mind. So, I guess this review is just for me then. Overall, I really love this series. For whatever reason though this book was a little different than the previous books in the series.

I have listened to them all on audiobook and before each book was be Rating 4. I have listened to them all on audiobook and before each book was between hours. This book though was 47 hours long. I have no idea why there was such a change in the length, but I really did enjoy it. I did feel at times that the story dragged on a little bit, however, because I liked it so much it was only something that I noticed and not something to truly complain about. We did learn more about the Lords of Chaos in this book, as well as the Demon Prince's plan in bringing the Chaos Seeds to this world this was something that was only hinted at in the first 2 books but never fully explored.

Rictor keeps leveling up his skill level and his village, he goes on multiple quests and now has to learn about running a Dungeon. This sometimes felt a little muddled. I thought that there were to many things going on at the same time and that nobody could have enough time to complete everything again something I noticed but it is only a minor complaint. We also get to meet another chaos seed in this story! I knew from the beginning something was off, and was complaining to myself why Rictor did not notice that something was off, at least until He Mans big reveal.

The casual way he talked about rape and torture bothered me, made worse by the fact that death did not stop the chaos seeds torture, they only re-spawned to be tortured all over again. The elf woman chaos seed story was truly tragic.

Seed (Seed Series, Book 1) Seed (Seed Series, Book 1)
Seed (Seed Series, Book 1) Seed (Seed Series, Book 1)
Seed (Seed Series, Book 1) Seed (Seed Series, Book 1)
Seed (Seed Series, Book 1) Seed (Seed Series, Book 1)
Seed (Seed Series, Book 1) Seed (Seed Series, Book 1)
Seed (Seed Series, Book 1) Seed (Seed Series, Book 1)
Seed (Seed Series, Book 1) Seed (Seed Series, Book 1)

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