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Your medical records can be downloaded to servers all over the world to countries that do not have any regulations for privacy. If a doctor, patient or insurance company is involved in a criminal or civil case, medical records may become public court or law enforcement records.


If a patient has radiotherapy he may have a photo taken before treatment to verify identity. Patients can also become the victims of financial or medical Identity theft. Under the HIPAA laws you are entailed to a copy of all your medical records, however if you try to obtain a copy of extensive records as in a hospital stay you may be met with resistance. My family doctors office hires summer time high school interns with full access to all records. Would you like to have a high school or college student that possibly lives in your neighborhood or attends to school with your children read over your extensive family members medical records and personal information?

How much curiosity or self control does a high school or college student have? I also went to a hearing aid center in a department store to get a free hearing test and was given forms inquiring about personal information and my complete medical history. This is information I do not want filed in a department store. All patients should avoid supplying unnecessary information whenever possible. Supply relevant information only. In the USA identity theft is very common, growing problem and is often financial devastating.

Medical forms can be a good source of information for thieves. Recently my friend with arthritis in her hips received a letter offering a clinical trial for a new medication; coincidently looking for patients with hip and knee arthritis. How did this company determine she and not her husband was a prime candidate for this new drug study without violating any HIPAA privacy laws?

Even without HIPAA privacy law violations, office records can be accessed by multiple people and appear in multiple databases. Your privacy and confidentiality is probably not that safe! EPIC questionnaires probably have an increased potential and greater impact on patients for privacy violations because of its format, nature and personal content potential for HIPAA privacy law violations. Patients may mistakenly believe the EPIC questionnaire is a requirement to be filled out.

He was dismayed, resulting in him not filling out any more EPIC forms or any other forms and he stated that he became very uncomfortable and evasive with the entire office staff. The drawbacks of this form seem to outweigh any potential benefit for some patients. Medical testes and procedures can be degrading and embarrassing for both men and women.

Over half of men prefer a male doctor. Per some respected doctors: Men stay away from medical care in large numbers because of privacy and dignity. Many men still avoid medical care because of embarrassment. Honest answers will often not be given if asked by a female doctor or nurse. What percent of old men will feel comfortable consulting a female doctor, nurse or office worker about his prostate problems, ED, etc or would want an invasive test or procedure performed by a female? The most common treatment options for men with prostate cancer are radiation, Brachytherapy, surgery, cryotherapy and hormones ADT.

Sometimes chemotherapy, immunotherapy and castration orchiectomy are used. A combination of treatments is often used. Most or all of these treatments have long term or short term side effects. Often men are not told about all of the true risks and side effects or they are downplayed for both a blind biopsy and treatments. LDR Brachytherapy is permanent radioactive seed implant.

This treatment procedure implants about 50 to radioactive seeds in the prostate, sometimes resulting in urinary problems. The patient will literally become radioactive for months and up to 2 years. The patient may set off radiation alarm and also possibly metal detectors at airports. He will also be required to use a condom, have no close contact with pregnant women, infants, children and young animals or pets for months or longer.

Occasionally he may even eject radioactive seeds during sexual activity or urination. The patient will become like a walking Chernobyl, having radioactive scrap metal and emit radiation from his crotch. He will also be required to carry a card in his wallet stating he is radioactive. The videos of this procedure seem to be disturbing and bizarre. However LDR Brachytherapy seems to have less sexual side effects than some of the other treatments available.

Men are sometimes prescribed hormone therapy ADT therapy , AKA chemical castration as an additional or only treatment. Hormone ADT therapy is sometimes over prescribed for profit, per some studies. Hormone therapy is often very expensive may be profitable for doctors if provided at the doctors office and not a pharmacy and can have horrible, strange and devastating side effects, feminization, fatigue, weight gain, etc. His penis could shrink and his testicles can completely disappear, he may grow breasts.

This treatment can have so many mind and body altering side effects that doctors will often not inform patients about all of them. Men are sometimes castrated orchiectomy as a cancer treatment to reduce testosterone. Overtreatment is extremely unfortunate and avoidable.

Nerve sparing Robotic-assisted DaVinci surgery is touted as being a better treatment and having fewer side effects, this is usually an exaggeration. The nerves can not always be spared. Robotic surgery can result in a faster initial recovery. Long term risk of incontinence, fatigue, etc is about the same as conventional surgery, ED rates my possibly be a little better. Patients are sometimes not told about the high risk of a shorter penis after surgery due to the shortening of the urethra.

Patients can have unrealistic expectations about the results and regret the surgery treatment option. The ED rates and depression are often understated to patients. Patients should not be naive: Medical mistakes are the third cause of deaths in the USA. Medical mistakes cause more deaths then suicide, firearms and motor vehicle accidents combined.

Countless other patients have been harmed by medical mistakes. If you are having surgery, brachytherapy, a biopsy or a procedure take precautions if possible. Have someone qualified or knowledgeable monitor you and your medications, etc. Doctors, nurses and technicians can be profit motivated, use obsolete procedures, be lazy, incompetent, make mistakes and be apathetic or rushed.

Occasionally harm can be done or not prevented with intent. This may be a disadvantage to patients, empathy and quality of care can sometimes be compromised. What are the main reasons nurses get fired: 1. Prescription drug abuse, 2. Too Many mistakes. Bad attitude.

No proper licenses 4. Abuse of patients. Patients should be aware that sometimes QOL quality of life may be secondary or an absent goal in treatment. Sometimes overtreatment for profit or to prevent an unlikely death or metastization from low risk cancer may be the primary or the only goals of cancer treatment. Hormone therapy may have an extensive list of side effects that can be devastating for men. Biopsies and treatment are degrading, stressful and often unnecessary. Many men may not be prepared or have unrealistic expectations about the outcome, physical and psychological impact of testing and treatment.

The risk of long term chronic and permanent fatigue that can result in depression is almost always understated if mentioned at all to many patients. Radiation with Hormone therapy has a high risk of fatigue. Long term fatigue also increases the risk of clinical depression and suicide. In my opinion: Castration, ADT hormone therapy chemical castration , LDR Brachytherapy radiation seed implant , radiotherapy, surgery and blind biopsies are often psychically and emotionally brutal, traumatic and disturbing.

Newer treatments like, HIFU, hyperthermia, Boron Neutron capture therapy, focal Ablation only treating the cancer and not the entire prostate and orphan drugs should be approved and used when appropriate. Biopsies should be limited to selective MRI guided samples only; blind biopsies should seldom be performed. Approved advances in prostate cancer treatment mostly consisting of newer more accurate radiation treatments, robotic surgery and new drugs.

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These advances sound like greater strides have been made. However most of these approved advances are of limited benefit to prostate cancer patients and still have about the same amount of long term side effects. Compared to other technologies, computers, communications, electronics, aviation, etc, cancer treatment approved advances have been dismal.

QOL quality of life issues have not been adequately addressed. Profit sometimes outweighs QOL. However as far as reducing long term side effects, only small gains have been made with the newer radiotherapy equipment. A patient should be skeptical if exaggerated claims are made about reduced long term side effects, especially fatigue and ED rates. Patients should inquire as to the treatment plan: Gy dose and fractions, margins, testicular dose, constraints and age of radiotherapy equipment to insure excessive radiation exposure treatment is not given that can result in additional side effects.

Patients should be aware that pelvic shaving, small permanent tattoo markers, fiducial marker small seeds are sometimes placed in the prostate, MRI, CT scan, photographs, catheters and other procedures may or may not a be required. Radiation has high probability of sexual dysfunction and fatigue.

Sometimes radiation can also cause bowel and urinary problems. A 5 day SBRT radiation treatment is now commonly available with about the same results and side effects as a 9 week radiation treatment. Excluding hormone therapy, this drop is determined by the testicular radiation dose treatment equipment and planning. A below normal drop in testosterone can result in increased fatigue, depression, sexual dysfunction and other symptoms. It seems all of the best treatments for prostate cancer have not been approved and most are only available outside the USA.

Treatment options outside the country or under development are HIFU, Laser, Hyperthermia, Boron Neutron capture therapy and orphan drugs, just to name some. Focal Laser Ablation is a good option with fewer side effects however it is not widely available in the USA and sometimes not practical. Any cancer patient man or woman who are being offered chemotherapy should be particularly cautious. Chemotherapy can be extremely toxic and sometimes deadly. Without genomic testing or proof of the effectiveness of the specific drug being used on the exact cancer type being treated, chemotherapy can often be more toxic to the patient then to the cancer.

Chemotherapy may be extremely expensive, profitable for some doctors if dispensed by the doctor and not by a third party and can be misused or overused, sometimes for profit. Do you think any regulatory agency will stop the exploitation of elderly men with a high PSA or prostate cancer or approve new treatments at the risk of financially bankrupting thousands of treatment facilities and jeopardizing thousands more jobs? Do you think any regulatory agency will set guidelines for treatment and monitoring at the risk of upsetting the doctors who are over treating?

Saw Palmetto

Often few good choices exist for treatment. A prostate cancer patient treatment choice often ends up being the least worst choice or the choice with the side effects a patient thinks he can tolerate. Patients can be sometimes misled about the expected side effects and results of the treatment being offered.

The risk of chronic fatigue and depression is often never disclosed. Long term care consists of regular PSA testing for years. Long term care for side effects is often lacking or exploitive or ineffective. Often complaints of side effects are disregarded by nurses, doctors and sometimes referred out to other doctors. The patient is sometimes left to figure out what to do about his side effects with the resources available to him. Long term side effects often consist of fatigue, bowel or urinary problems, sexual dysfunction, depression and other symptoms.

Patients with complaints of chronic fatigue are often told to exercise, get plenty of sleep, pace yours self and eat a healthy diet; this advice is of limited help for chronic fatigue. Often treatments for long term side effects are embarrassing, degrading, unavailable, nonexistent, costly, not effective, not offered or bothersome. Prostate cancer treatment often results in fatigue, depression, isolation and sometimes suicide.

Billions of dollars are profited from ED drug and other ED products, catheters, pads and diapers, drugs for depression or pain or insomnia or incontinence, additional treatments and surgeries for side effects. Also treatments for the multiple and bizarre side effects from hormone ADT therapy chemical castration is sometimes required. Men and ageing: If any man lives long enough it is very likely he will have a prostate problem, low testosterones or some form of sexual dysfunction. In my opinion modern medicine often has been exploitive, abusive and has provided substandard care for older men in general due to all of the explanation given in this text.

I believe much of the attitudes toward older Americans need improvement and they are sometimes viewed as being subhuman and exploitable by various individuals. If documented cases of unnecessary surgery and radiotherapy or blind biopsies on children by doctors for profit were released, the vast majority of Americans would be outraged and it would quickly end. However for older men it dose not seems to be of great concern? Prostate cancer patients are at an increased risk of suicide. Almost all prostate cancer treatments usually result a high percentage of erectile dysfunction.

Lower libido is almost never disclosed as a treatment side effect. Biopsies can sometimes also cause temporary or permanent ED. Often claims of prompt effective treatment for ED if it occurs after treatment are sometimes misleading. Statistics for ED percentages from treatment are usually quoted after treatment with Viagra, Muse or other ED treatments, therefore most statistics are very misleading.

For cryotherapy, ED rates are extremely high. Many insurance companies will not pay for ED drugs or treatment. The patent for Viagra should have already expired in the USA. Less expensive generic drugs are usually unavailable in the US. This is further exploitation by the drug companies of men in general. Men are further exploited by counterfeit mail order ED drug sales. ED drugs are not always effective and may have side effects.

Some side effects may not be disclosed at all. If side effects low libido, chronic fatigue, depression, etc are not disclosed, no percentages will need to be quoted. Results are often worse for a surgery option, the main difference in ED results between surgery and radiotherapy is; with surgery ED will start out bad and may or may not get better with time, however with radiotherapy ED will get worse over time.

Cure rates are often quoted at the 5 years mark for most treatments. Studies and clinical trials results, side effects percentage claims, etc can be biased. I have read and have been given some extremely exaggerated claims concerning cure rated, side effects, etc. In conclusion: Prostate cancer patients are sometimes elderly and exploited for profit per documented studies. A blind biopsy is unsafe and newer test methods should be used. The treatments offered have horrible side effects. Some doctors are treating patients with low risk cancer or advanced age when monitoring is often a better option.

Aftercare for long term side effects is frequently ineffective, expensive, not offered, degrading or nonexistent. Prostate cancer patients are seldom told about chronic fatigue and the true risk of side effects are usually understated. Modern medicine often fails and victimizes prostate cancer patients. If a patient has intermediate or high risk prostate cancer and dose not have advanced age he may need treatment.

He should look into other advanced treatments if available. Also he should try and avoid hormone therapy if possible because of the multiple side effects. If advanced treatments are not available a 5 day SBRT radiation treatment may be considered In my opinion, it could be the best of the bad choices. SBRT seems to be fast, least invasive or traumatic. ED and fatigue is still a high long term risk. Radiation with Hormone therapy has a higher risk of ED and long term fatigue.

The short version of my story: I was referred to an urologist by my family doctor after a high PSA test. Shortly after my Dr. I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer by Dr. I refused his surgery and hormone therapy recommendation because of the eminent side effects and his unprofessional medical assistant behavior, so Dr. When I arrived in his office the waiting room was empty. One week after my consultation with Dr. However this nurse could not answer any of my basic questions, lacked any credibility and sounded like a used car salesmen.

Most of these office visits caused me multiple problems with offices workers processing paperwork for tests, insurance forms and billing, etc. Two of these doctors offered me an unnecessary bone scan. Two of these doctors recommended hormone therapy ADT Therapy. After I absolutely and utterly refused hormone therapy, both doctors admitted it probably would not help me in my final outcome because of the computer estimate run on me with my PSA, biopsy report, etc.

Having no advance treatments laser, etc available to me at that time, I decided on treatment with Dr. I wasted 2 more days verifying it was the correct MRI of me and not some other prostate patient MRI before my treatment could start.

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I did have a relatively fast and completely noninvasive treatment SBRT , resulting in months of fatigue and some short term side effects. I also no longer trust modern medicine, doctors, nurses, etc. Modern medicine seems to be more of a gamble then a science. I have wasted hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. I feel modern medicine has abused and failed me due to the lack of guidelines and regulation, still approved obsolete technology, better unapproved treatments, exploitation, greed, apathy and incompetence.

If I could do it over again, I would also consider no PSA testing and treatment or traveling for advanced treatments from a competent provider if practical and available. I believe if I did take the two doctors recommendations and received hormone therapy in addition to the radiotherapy my quality of life QOL would have been severely impacted for years or permanently and could possibly have resulting in my early death. I was potentially exploited and financially harmed by Dr.

I did also have numerous other billing and paperwork problems probably due to mistakes and apathy. I have also observed several medical facilities do not require workers to wear name tags; this may also be a factor in health care workers not acting in an ethical manner. It seems that this prostate cancer nightmare maze was intended for increased physical, psychological, financial harm and to be of questionable benefit.

Hormone therapy would not have been an effective treatment for me. Surgery and LDR Brachytherapy are to invasive. Surgery has an imminent danger of incontinence and ED. A 9 week EBRT radiotherapy was just to long and laborious. Because castration orchiectomy , ADT hormone therapy chemical castration , LDR Brachytherapy and blind biopsies are what I consider Frankenstein medicine strange, bizarre, brutal, twisted or a perverted nightmare I avoid all of them. Unfortunately I was deceived and misguided into having a blind biopsy. I do not believe other treatments like radiotherapy are good or greater choices either, just not as bad and acceptable at that time for me.

I also had no advanced treatment options available to me. As I have stated above, If I could do it over again I would also consider no PSA testing and treatment or traveling for advanced treatments from a competent provider if practical and available. I am not implying anyone should make the same design as I did. I am only giving the motives for my decisions. I was also the victim of profit motivated and substandard providers.

Protect yourself: It should not be up to a patient to protect himself or herself from harm from doctors however the new standard in medical care now seems to be substandard. If you are concerned about misuse or privacy issues, refuse to fill out EPIC questioners and limit the information given to relevant information only. If you have a high PSA or prostate cancer, educate yourself.

A patient should be extremely skeptical if exaggerated claims are made about minimal long term side effects from conventional treatments or blind biopsies. Bring someone educated or astute with you to your consultations and appointments. Avoid doctors that are mostly profit motivated. Do not submit to a blind biopsy if other options are available. Get a second or third opinion if you are being offered treatment with low risk cancer or have advanced age. Learn about all your treatment options, testing and side effects. Verify everything you are told. Always ask the name of the person assisting you.

If they refuse the request for a name leave immediately you may or may not be in extreme danger. Be very cautious if you are ever refused a copy of your records; demand a copy of your records and a reason for any denial and seek other advice. Get a copy and keep a file of your test results, biopsy report-Gleason score, PSA, MRI report, treatment plan, bills, insurance payouts, etc. Carefully monitor your PSA. Expect a temporary increase for weeks or months in PSA after some procedures.

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Verify the accuracy of paperwork. If treatment is necessary talk to your doctor in advance about side effect management, chronic fatigue, ED, Etc. Doctors that provide treatments often have computer software to predict the outcome using test results and different treatment options. Ask to see your computer predicted cure rate outcome with your treatment options if available.

This may give you some insight to your options, cure rate and also to avoid overtreatment. Contact a good prostate cancer support without a conflict of interest. One more time: Multiple studies have verified more deaths caused from prostate cancer testing and treatment then from prostate cancer itself. Strict guidelines for prostate cancer testing and treatment need to be created and enforced because of the extensive and documented abuses of prostate cancer patients: 1.

Blind biopsies should be banned. Strict standards and gridlines for testing and treatment need to be created. Full mandatory industry standard disclosure forms need to be created for tests and treatment to include realistic risk factor disclosure. Newer testing and treatments need to be created and approved. Dignity, privacy and confidentiality need to be standardized and enforced in addition to the HIPAA laws. Aftercare needs to be available, standardized and regulated.

The cost for drugs needs to be regulated to end financial exploitation by drug companies. Medical workers should be identifiable and be required to wear name tags with first and last names. It is unlikely any of the above recommendations will be implemented unless prostate cancer affected a larger percent of the population or enough prominent people are affected. Prostate cancer patients must protect themselves, as the only alternative! Clarification: The above text may probably anger and upset some people for various reasons.

The intent of this document is not to imply all doctors are dishonest or to condemn all medical providers. The intent is to educate men and prostate cancer patients of the consequences and dangers that may await them so they can take appropriate action and to inform patients of real world, typical or worst case scenarios. I have also tried to include most scenarios a prostate cancer patient should be cautious of. Would some health care providers harm a patient for profit or by accident or some other reason?

Yes, absolutely! Are some other doctors and nurses exceptional? Spelling errors, differences in opinion, variations in semantics do not invalidate this document or its intent. Disclaimer: I have no conflict of interest. I have no affiliation with any support group or other organizations. I am not a doctor. I do not prevent, treat, diagnose, cure or advise on medical matters. The information above is for educational purposes only. If you need treatment or medical advice, consult a competent and trustworthy medical doctor. I have been extensively criticized for creating this document.

In order to insure my privacy and avoid any potential criticism, reprisals, further abuse or exploitation, I will remain Anonymous. I agree, after just seeing a new urologist in my locale for a second opinion on urinary retention from severe BPH. I have been on TRT testosterone replacement therapy, my level last baseline testing with no T for a month was for several years via endocrinologist and a different urologist who it turns out was monitoring my T level every three months but not my PSA!

Last one a year ago was 1. I have had symptoms of BPH for many years before. This new urologist was degrading, insulting, offensive. It was all I could do to not walk out halfway through the appointment. I scheduled with the previous urologist for LUTS testing stricture cystoscope kidney ultrasound , flow tests and review of my PSA test results, which I will pick up myself from the lab. My quality of life for years has largely dependent on my T replacement — I have begun using Anastrozole to mitigate E2, as I believe the research that indicates E2 and not T is responsible for cancer.

I am looking for doctors that support T supplementation after BPH or prostate cancer treatment, and in the last three years have seen a number of practitioners bury their heads in the sand and refuse to discuss T supplementation beyond parroting the most staid and archaic philosophies regarding it, in their panic to avoid liability.

Lester 72 yo Diabetic with low testosterone level ; prostate removed 15 years ago; negligible PSA readings. Take 2 ML testosterone injections every month. Still have alibido, but cannot maintain erection and on rare occasions when I can have sex, orgasim is a 3 on scale. Any suggestions for improvement or is it a no win situation. Had PSA 4. Gleason 3 T Had cyber knife, 5 treatments 6 months ago, June PSA 2.

Previously bodybuilder still train 3 times weekly. Problem: significant weight gain in abdominal area, low libido, low energy but force myself to exercise with weights etc. Am I a candidate for T treatment? About 3 years ago I began T-treatment for all the reasons that have been spoken of. Libido, muscle tone, lethargy and depression. Monitoring my PSA during that period it was noted that it began to rise, so the treatment stopped. A very small amount of cancer was found, so it was decided to try a wait and see. Another biopsy was performed and no cancer was found.

During this period of time my PSA has gone from about 10 to 1. I still have all the problems that initially warranted the T treatment. Would I be taking too much if I began T-treatment again? My age is I had a radical prostatectomy in It was contained, but was. My testosterone level at that time was just below Now, it is around I have gained about lbs since, no matter what i try. I understand that low T can be a key contributor to obesity. What can you tell me? I am here to testifies on how Dr Odia help me to cure my sickness called CANCER OF THE LUNGS which has been eating me up for 2 years and 4 months, and when I go online I saw his email on how he cured so many people, so I emailed the Dr and tell my problems to him, and tell all his necessary needy for the healing, after that day he gave me an assurance of 3 days of his herbal healing, and said I should go for a medical check up on the 4th day of which I get to the hospital the new result now shows that the cancer was gone,And now am so happy and free from it thanks to Dr Odia.

Please if there is any one in need of his help should kindly contact him on his email address drodiaherbalistcenter gmail. Please contact him through his email:drogunrootherds outlook. Physical in showed a PSA of Physical in showed a PSA of 11, and I had a biopsy that showed 3 of the 12 samples were positive for cancer and the Gleason we 6. Physical in age 70 had a PSA of 17 and a Gleason of 7, and my physician suggested I take action.

I was given several options at MD Anderson, and went home and opted for external beam radiation 43 treatments which resulted in a PAS of 0. This was followed by hormone treatment with a Trelstar 6 month injection which resulted in a PSA of 0 and a Testosterone level of I had side effects of fatigue, mussel loss and some depression. At the end of 6 months of hormone treatment, the physician wanted me to take another 6 months, but I opted for a 3 month injection of Trelstar.

Now one week later, I have severe fatigue and mussel loss and my balance is off, no energy at all, worst so far. My physician stated that I need another 15 months of hormones. My Boyfriend use to have Penis which never make me feel Good when ever we had Sex and this make my Boyfriend more Concerned About the Size of his Penis, I came a support of it because very woman need a Good touch of a man and make her feel Good.

It not a shame to stand for your man it more better than breaking Up with them when they have this problem, Why not stand with them and find a way out, A Good Woman will stand and fight to make her man a better person. We bought some product on-line and nor could work, Not till we tried out Herbal medicine. I told my boyfriend about it and he contact the Herbalist and send down to us the enlargement Cream and pills to use for three weeks which really work out.

Thanks to Dr Anaele. To John Leach, I also went through cyberknife following diagnosis of prostate cancer. After using T supplements for several years due to a low testosterone level, my psa went from 2. With this change, my urologist recommended a biopsy.


One of twelve samples had cancer which had a gleason score of 6 so we used a wait and see approach. Six months later a followup biopsy showed a gleason of 7. His recommendation was to seek treatment using cyberknife. At the time I was working on the road a lot so I got my cyberknife from a respected facility in Alabama.

The treatments consisted of 5 one hour sessions. To allow my body to recover and minimize any ill effects, the treatments were given over a two week period. Other than some temporary tiredness and some mild plus temporary bladder issues, I am fully recovered with psa less than 0.

I had a prostate radiation,PSA dropped from 5. I am After the surgery my PSA was at 0. Recent labs showed it at 0. At what point should I consider salvage radiation therapy? I resumed HRT two years following the surgery. Currently, I inject mg testosterone cypionate once a week. HRT has improved the quality of my life and general health. I am 72 years old. How best to proceed is a difficult decision with respect to the quality verses quantity of life. My PSA was 1. History : I was born with an undescended left testes, which was brought down in an atrophied state at the age of ten.

By the age of 40 I was having problems with ED , this followed my divorce at age 39 having father two children successfully. By age 50 I was reliant on the use of viagra to ensure successful intercourse. I have been plagued with weight gain from age 50 and despite regular exercise over the last 19 years. During the year post the procedure , I was tired, listless, and had zero motivation in exercise. I continue to feel that way and with increase in weight gain I has been problematic for me. I have been a bachelor for 31 years , living alone.

Is there any recommendation for my situation , particularly a diet which could counter w this increase in weight gain. I am not worried about my total loss of Libido as a result of my near non existant testosterone level. What is important for me is an improvement in fitness and a reverse of weight gain. Thank You. Testosterone Supplements is a herb derived component which support lean muscle development. Tribulus Terrestris is Natural Testosterone Booster. Wow,After reading all of these comments I feel really lucky.

I went through my radiation treatment 6 years ago. A first the Viagra worked with little side effects. As time went on the libido decreased. My wife is 17 years younger than I am and we have a wonderful sexual life until the last two years. I tried the tri shot injections at the base of the penis. Wow, Great erection but one problem. It would no go away. After ejaculation I would remain erect for 3 to 4 hours. This is not like your high school boner.

It remains hard and aches to the point you have to bend over,grab it and squeeze for hours. After one year of that my wife made me stop. I am 64 years of age and we are still intimate with the help of other skills I have developed over the years. We do have a toy called little boy but she prefers the intimacy, the kisses, the touch of my hand and other appendages. I have been told that the hormone therapy could be dangerous.

I want to be around for another 10 or so years so that we can enjoy each other and our grandchildren. If there is a cure or drug out there I am all ears. If the libido is low, stop and remember your history and the best sexual times of your lives and then hold each other and imagine together out loud while holding each other. I am 64 and had my prostate removed in December. I have no PSA reading. I am in good shape. Have exercised all my life. I have no incontinence issues.

I do have some ED but have been using penile injections and viagra which provide sufficient erections for sex. I have very little energy. My testosterone level is very low. Replacement therapy is not recommended for a few more years. I continue to have major allergic reactions, skin rashes, etc. My skin doctors says, I have a very low immune system. Thus contact with viruses or allergy causing products will be severe. These are very good comments and questions, but are there return comments or acknowledgements to these questions that others might review?

My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer that spread from his brain into the lungs and liver. I was unable to bear his situation anymore and ibegin to ask questions about cancer in my neighborhood and work place, above all i was praying that God should send healing to my husband and take the sorrow away from my family, one faithful evening my neighbor who recently moved to the neighborhood came to me that she heard that i have been asking question about cancer and told me about fountain water spiritual book she have and how they had help her in the it cured her 9 years breast cancer.

She gave me their email fountainwatercoven yahoo. Finally, my husband is totally cancer free and he is healthy and strong now, after which he reported that he could breath well, was not experiencing any pains and felt the good cells in his body. His doctor reportedly says his liver is cancer free. That he does not seems to have a small amount of cancer in his liver and lungs again. The doctor is amazed at the effectiveness of the oil. Of course we do notdeny the important role of dieting.

We Thank fountain waters for his miraculous oil treatment. Email them with fountainwatercoven yahoo. Treatment is active surveillance. How dangerous is it to stay on to therapy? Have psa 0. My brother has been through chemo 3 times, but this time his condition was getting worse that I was afraid it will kill him. When a friend of mine directed me to Dr Al-Jamali at: drjamaliremedycenter gmail. I had my prostate removed in and now is cancer free.

M energy level seams fine and I have a good physical training program which includes weight training and bike riding with no energy problems. But my sex life is non existant. I recently talked to my Primary Care Provider about Testosterone supplements. A blood analysis was requested and we are awaiting on the results. I pray for the best!!

I would like for a doctor who is against T supplementation to answer this hypothetical. If raising T to via TRT is bad for him, why is not lowering it to good? Why is ADT for the most part all or nothing? So, if you are already above the level PCa needs, what difference does it make to raise it? I had the radical prostatectomy after 3 years of testosterone therapy.

They barely touched the pain. I spent my days in agony, waiting for evening so I could try to sleep. I took sleeping pills nightly in a futile attempt to escape the hell I was going through and failed miserably. Within 2 hours of taking the pills, I would awake in agony. Fast forward to July of Already coping with 2 spots of skin cancer on my collar bone, I was stunned when I was diagnosed with Anal Canal Cancer.

Following 2 surgeries, the doctor told me they did not get all the cancer and I would have to endure a regime of radiation treatments. I started researching what this would entail, and attended a intake meeting at the Cancer Clinic. COM you can also contact her because good works needs to be advertised. God bless you madam thanks. T2stage tumour I was recommended active surveilance, My question is why is not some treatment undertaken immediately to prevent spread ,whilst it is still fairly contained?

And does hormone treatment have its place at this stage? Compromised testosterone in the old is due to age AND estrogenic foods and drink. In the young, it is always food and drink. Pharmaceuticals synthetic are absolutely going to cause cancer. Bioidenticals mirror the same hormones we had in our bodies in cell structure so are not thrown off in side effects and disease.

I have been on BHRT bioidentical hormone replacement since and it not only stopped my clogging heart arteries, it saved and changed my life. Men are simpler in their hormone symphany. So, replacing their testosterone with bioidenticals could save their lives. Our US doctors are 60 years behind. I had my prostate removed ,cleason score So high risk, after surgery PSA So what i did had surgery had a penile pump installed, in hospital overnight ,6 weeks later having great sex any time i want,been having PSA blood test evry 6 months raising slowly 0.

I am in that situation. Low grade, low volume; active surveillance for nearly 6 yrs. Hi Chuck, I have read all the posts seeking a return to sex!!

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

For me getting testosterone replacement is NOT about my sex life even though it is non-existent! Lab tests show my T-level to be in the hypo-gonadal range. I have no energy, feel weak, no energy, anxious, headaches, have lost all of the hair on my legs. Hair in axillary areas thinned to almost nothing. Hair on chest and arms thinning or gone. This is no way to live. It has been ten years since brachytherapy and it has been down hill all the way.

I had every symptom in the book following treatment. I have got to get some relief or I might as well just sit in a chair waiting until it is all over. Feel ya brother chuck. I told him to give me the T so it will get big enough so he CAN find something maybe. I guess next time it will be 30 needles.

At least I can maybe regain some manhood until I get to some sort of decision point. Hey if I only get 60 years, at least I went out with my boots on! And knocking! My Internist also has her PhD in endocrinology and she has me taking anastrazole to regulate estradiol, which was double the normal limit of 32 for men. I still find opinions regarding the definition of BCR that state. Lee, MD — a Harvard-trained physician and leading medical authority on natural progesterone, Medical News Letter January Some years back, a handful of men called or wrote to tell me of their experience with progesterone, usually the result of handling progesterone cream while helping a woman apply it.

They reported that their symptoms of prostate enlargement or benign prostatic hypertrophy 3PK such as urinary urgency and frequency decreased considerably, and their sexual performance increased, Needless to say, this gave me much to think about. Since then, several men with prostate cancer have told me their PSA Prostate Specific Antigen level — an indication of prostate cancer — decreased when they started using a daily dab of progesterone cream, and that they have had no progression of their prostate lesions since using the cream.

One man called to say his bone metastases are now no longer visible by Mayo clinic X-ray tests. Though I retired from active practice ten years ago, six of my former patients with early prostate cancer have been using progesterone cream along with diet, some vitamin and mineral supplements, and saw palmetto for about five years. All report their cancer has shown no progression. The Wrong Treatment All These Years Since Huggins showed, in , that castration removal of the testicles slowed progression of prostate cancer, physicians have assumed it was the resulting lack of testosterone that slowed the cancer, and ever since have relied on suppression of testosterone in their treatment of the disease.

However, the testosterone suppression benefit only lasts two to three years, and then the prostate cancer progresses to an androgen male hormone insensitive state and continues to spread. In more recent as yet unpublished studies it has been shown that in a prostate cancer cell culture, testosterone kills the cancer cells.

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences showed that in mice, testosterone will shrink human prostate tumors. The benefit of castration in prostate cancer stemmed from estradiol reduction, not testosterone reduction Tracking the Culprit Why does prostate cancer occur so often in aging men? Consider the changes in testicular hormone production as men age:.

Testosterone levels fall; 2. More testosterone is changed by 5-alpha-reductase enzyme to dihydrotestosterone DHT , stimulating prostate growth; 3. Progesterone levels fall. Progesterone is vital to good health in men. It is the primary precursor of our adrenal cortical hormones and testosterone. Men synthesize progesterone in smaller amounts than women do but it is still vital.

Since progesterone Is a potent inhibitor of 5-alpha-reductase, the decline of progesterone in aging males plays a role in increasing the conversion rate of testosterone to DHT. Estradiol an estrogen effect increases. Testosterone Is a direct antagonist of estradiol. Both the fall in testosterone and the shift from testosterone to DHT allows increased effect of estradiol. Perhaps estradiol Is also the culprit along with DHT in prostate growth. Getting Down to the Gene Level Embryology teaches us that the prostate Is the male equivalent of the female uterus.

The two organs differentiate from the same embryonic cells and they share many of the same genes such as the oncogene, Bcl-2, and the cancer-protector gene, p It is not surprising then, that the hormonal relationships in endometrial cancer will be the same in prostate cancer; that is both are very sensitive to the harmful effects of unopposed estrogen and are protected by progesterone. Researchers T. Wiley and Bent Formby, Ph. The course of prostate cancer growth, like breast cancer growth [is] due to the continued presence of an underlying metabolic imbalance.

The underlying metabolic imbalance in all hormone-dependent cancers is estrogen dominance. Prevent the estrogen dominance and you will prevent the cancer. If the cancer is already underway, correcting the estrogen dominance will slow the cancer growth and prolong life. The benefit of castration in prostate cancer stemmed from estradiol reduction, not testosterone reduction.

Given the choice, I would choose testosterone and progesterone supplementation…. Diet should avoid sugars, refined starches, and other glycemic insulin-raising foods as well as high. Avoid xenoestrogens such as pesticides and some plastics 3. Maintain a good intake of antioxidants. If you are over 50, monitor saliva hormone levels of progesterone and testosterone.

Supplement progesterone and testosterone by transdermal cream to maintain saliva levels consistent with that of healthy mature males. From my clinical experience, It would not surprise me that exercise and an active sex life are also protective factors against prostate cancer. It is known that chronic inflammation may also be potentially carcinogenic.

John R. Left unbalanced this can cause a tremendous problems in the human body, which I suspect will run up your number. Mercola, on his website. Just Google it…Great info in general! I would put the link but usually things like that get blocked. If you only ad the Testosterone portion of all of your hormones then you are just asking for trouble. Etrogens, unopposed are responsible for a host of problems from breast cancer, heart disease, stroke… to prostate cancer and man boobs. If you have moobs you need progesterone. If you have belly fat,a another indication you need progesterone, it also is producing estrogens and nothing in your body is making up for the depleted progesterone.

Since the s, extensive clinical studies of saw palmetto have been done in Europe. A review of 24 European trials involved nearly 3, men, some taking saw palmetto, others taking Proscar, and a third group taking a placebo. The results were nearly comparable to the group taking Proscar and superior to the men taking a placebo. On the other hand, saw palmetto does not appear to be useful in treating prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome CPPS in men.

There is very little documentation or scientific research into saw palmetto use in women. However, several studies in the s show that the BPH drug Proscar can be effective in stopping unwanted facial and body hair growth, and in treating thinning hair in women. It works by blocking the action of an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase. Anecdotal reports suggest that saw palmetto may be as effective as Proscar in treating unwanted hair growth and thinning hair, and in preventing some types of acne.

It has also been used to treat urinary tract inflammation and help relieve the symptoms of menstruation. There are claims it can be used to enlarge breasts, but these claims have not been scientifically tested. Saw palmetto berries have been used in American folk medicine for several hundred years as an aphrodisiac and for treating prostate problems. Native Americans in the southeast United States have used saw palmetto since the s to treat male urinary problems.

In the s, medical botanist John Lloyd noted that animals that ate saw palmetto appeared healthier and fatter than other livestock. Early American settlers noticed the same effects and used the juice from saw palmetto berries to gain weight, to improve general disposition, as a sedative, and to promote reproductive health. In the United States , the medicinal uses of saw palmetto were first documented in by Dr. Read, a physician in Savannah, Georgia , who published a paper on the medicinal benefits of the herb in the April issue of American Journal of Pharmacy. He found the herb useful in treating a wide range of conditions.

Its sedative and diuretic properties are remarkable," Read wrote. A pungent tea made from saw palmetto berries was commonly used in the early s to treat prostate enlargement and urinary tract infections. It was also used in men to increase sperm production and sex drive, although these uses are discounted today.

One of the first published medical recommendations that saw palmetto was effective in treating prostate problems appeared in the edition of United States Dispensatory. In the late s, the use of medicinal plants , including saw palmetto, began to decline in the United States, while at the same time, it was on the rise in Europe. The National Institute on Aging recommends that people taking saw palmetto should obtain it only from reputable sources.

Dosages vary depending on the type of saw palmetto used. A typical dose is mg per day of standardized extract g per day of ground dried whole berries. It may take up to four weeks of use before beneficial effects are seen. In late , the web-based independent consumer organization ConsumerLab.

There are no special precautions associated with taking saw palmetto, even in high doses. However, BPH can become a serious problem if left untreated. Men who are experiencing symptoms should be examined by a physician, since the symptoms of BPH are similar to those of prostate cancer. Men over the age of 50 should have a yearly prostate exam.

Saw palmetto should only be used under a doctor's supervision by people with prostate cancer, breast cancer, or any sex hormone related diseases. Although the effects of saw palmetto on a fetus is unknown, pregnant women are advised not to take saw palmetto.

Saw palmetto can alter hormonal activity that could have an adverse effect on the fetus.

Saw Palmetto

Women taking birth control pills or estrogen replacement products should consult a physician before taking saw palmetto. Persons taking testosterone or other anabolic steroids should not take saw palmetto without first consulting their doctor. In rare cases, allergic reactions to saw palmetto have been reported. Symptoms include difficulty breathing, constricting of the throat, hives, and swelling of the lips, tongue, or face. Persons experiencing any of these symptoms should stop taking saw palmetto and seek immediate medical attention.

The only reported minor side effects are rare and include cramps, nausea, diarrhea, and headache. Saw palmetto may interfere with such hormone-related drugs as testosterone and estrogen replacements, including Premarin, Cenestin, Vivelle, Fempatch, and Climara. Anyone on these types of medications should consult their doctor before taking saw palmetto. There are no known restrictions on food, beverages, or physical activity while taking saw palmetto.

Anabolic steroids — A group of mostly synthetic hormones sometimes taken by athletes to temporarily increase muscle size. Aphrodisiac — Any substance that excites sexual desire. Estrogen — A hormone that stimulates development of female secondary sex characteristics. Placebo — An inert or innocuous substance used in controlled experiments testing the efficacy of another substance.

Progesterone — A steroid hormone that is a biological precursor to corticoid another steroid hormone and androgen a male sex hormone. Testosterone — A male hormone produced in the testes or made synthetically that is responsible for male secondary sex characteristics. Urethra — The canal that carries urine from the bladder. Several herbs and minerals have been used in conjunction with saw palmetto in treating BPH. A European study showed positive results in treating patients with a daily dose of mg of saw palmetto extract and mg of nettle root extract.

Many alternative health practitioners also recommend saw palmetto be used in combination with the herb pygeum africanum, pumpkin seeds, zinc, flaxseed oil, certain amino acids, antioxidants, and diets high in protein and soy products.

Saw palmetto for BPH: Does it work?

Some factors that can impair the effectiveness of saw palmetto include beer, cigarette smoke, and some chemical pesticides used on fruit and vegetables. Some physicians recommend using saw palmetto in addition to a prescription medicine, such as Proscar, Hytrin, or Cardura. Gong, E. Gunther, S. Patterson, A. Kristal, et al. Kaplan, S. Volpe, and A. Peng, C. Glassman, L. Trilli, et al. Box , Gaithersburg, MD Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

September 22, Retrieved September 22, from Encyclopedia. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.

However, there is much scientific documentation outlining the effectiveness of the herb in treating irritable bladder and urinary problems in men with benign prostate hyperplasia BPH , an enlargement of the prostatic gland. BPH produces a swelling of the prostate gland that obstructs the urethra. The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research estimates there are six million men between the ages of who have BPH serious enough to require some type of therapy.

Health practitioners in both the allopathic and natural medicine communities recommend annual prostate for men over the age of 50, and an annual blood test that measures prostate-specific antigen PSA , a marker for prostate cancer. Many of these trials have shown saw palmetto works better than the most commonly used prescription drug, finasteride, sold unter the trade name Proscar. Originally prescribed to treat hypertension , Cardura and Hytrin can cause a drop in blood pressure , causing light-headedness and fainting. Saw palmetto is listed in the Physicians Desk Reference for Herbal Medicine edition as a treatment for prostate complaints and irritable bladder.

A review of 24 European trials appeared in the November issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The trials involved nearly 3, men, some taking saw palmetto, others taking Proscar, and a third group taking a placebo. The results were nearly comparable to the results from the group taking Proscar and superior to the results from men taking the placebo. As of , however, many American physicians still regard the effectiveness of saw palmetto as requiring further proof.

There is very little documentation or scientific research regarding saw palmetto use in women. There are claims that it can be used to enlarge breasts, but these claims have not been scientifically tested. Native Americans. In the s, the medical botanist John Lloyd noted that animals that ate saw palmetto appeared healthier and fatter than other livestock. Read, a physician in Savannah, Georgia , who published a paper on the medicinal benefits of the herb in the April issue of the American Journal of Pharmacy. One of the first published medical recommendations that saw palmetto was effective in treating prostate problems appeared in the edition of the United States Dispensatory.

A typical dose is mg per day of standardized extract, or 1 — 2 g per day of whole berries that have been dried and ground. BPH can become a serious problem, however, if left untreated. Men over the age of 50 should have a yearly prostate examination. Saw palmetto should be used only under a doctor's supervision by people with prostate cancer, breast cancer , or any sex hormone related diseases. Physicians who accept saw palmetto as an effective remedy for prostate problems nevertheless point out that it is not completely free of side effects.

Symptoms include difficulty breathing, constricting of the throat, hives , and swelling of the lips, tongue, or face. Other reported minor side effects are rare. They include cramps, nausea, diarrhea , and headache. Anyone on these types of medications should consult with their doctor before taking saw palmetto. Many alternative health practitioners also recommend saw palmetto be used in combination with the herb pygeum africanung, pumpkin seeds, zinc, flaxseed oil, certain amino acids, antioxidants , and diets high in protein and soy products.

Fleming, Thomas, editor. PDR for Herbal Medicine. Sahelian, Ray. Saw Palmetto, Nature's Prostate Healer. New York : Kensington Publishing Corp. Winston, David. Ernst, E. Lowe, F. Overmyer, Mac. Wilt, Timothy J. Saw palmetto is a natural plant remedy used to treat men who are experiencing difficulty when urinating. Saw palmetto is not used to treat cancer. It is used to treat non-malignant enlargement of the prostate gland, also called benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH.

The prostate gland is found only in men. It is located where the bladder drains into the urethra. The urethra is the tube that takes urine out of the body.

Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More
Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More
Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More
Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More
Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More
Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More
Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More
Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More
Saw Palmetto for Men & Women: Herbal Healing for the Prostate, Urinary Tract, Immune System and More

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