Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference

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All other local delegates who may be interested in participating as non-paper presenters must pay the prescribed subsidized registration fee. A limited amount of travel support funding is available to support participation of PhD students and scholars from low and lower middle-income countries. PhD students and junior researchers will receive priority over senior researchers. Applications for travel support should be submitted at the same time as submission of papers ; deadline for submission of travel support requests is 1 June Travel support is not guaranteed.

For more details on eligibility, how to apply and the rules of travel support, please visit the conference website. Complementary hotel accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis will be available for one author normally the lead author per accepted research paper ONLY. All other participants will be expected to make their own hotel arrangements and cover the costs of their own hotel and subsistence arrangements. Details of local hotels will be made available on the conference website nearer the time of the conference.

Further information on registration and conference logistics will be made available on the conference website from 1 st June If you have questions that cannot be answered using the website, please send a mail to secretariat africalics. The African network of researchers in learning, innovation and competence building systems AfricaLics is the African regional network for researchers involved in innovation and development research with a specific interest in promoting learning, innovation and competence building systems approaches.

The formation of AfricaLics was centered on the following two rationales:. It was envisioned that the AfricaLics network could become a strong dynamo for capacity building in the specific field of innovation and economic development, both at the individual, institutional and country levels. This can allow African countries to design policies suitable and responsive to their own needs, and instigate corrective measures to ensure the smooth production, dissemination and use of knowledge for economic development, including poverty alleviation.

For more information about AfricaLics, visit www. AfricaLics has received funding from the Swedish International Development Agency Sida to conduct research capacity building activities to build research capabilities in the field of innovation and development. This includes funding to support a bi-annual research conference. The major mission is to contribute to the resolution of the contemporary, complex and inter-related issues in science, technology and innovation for the purpose of informing relevant policies such as industrialization, agricultural value chains, energy, and sectoral and national systems of innovation.

In operation since first as network , STIPRO has the requisite in-house expertise and the regional presence to carry such kind of research. The organization is also known for its leadership in the area of linking research to policy in sub-Saharan Africa, and has established close working relationships with policymakers, academia, think tanks, the media and international development agencies.

Through partnership with the Think Tank Initiative, STIPRO — within past 9 years or so — have carried out over 20 research projects and has published in both academic journals and policy oriented outlets such policy briefs, blogs, newspaper articles, etc. Through its research — policy linkage activities, the organization has influenced a number of STI related policies in Tanzania. The Fellows collaborate on research projects, advise STIPRO staff, mentor junior researchers, review projects and provide feedback for quality control. As far as financial discipline is concerned, in addition to having well managed bank accounts, STIPRO has installed proper procedures to guide financial matters, including disclosure of annual audited financial reports.

Duff, M. J.

The University of Dar es Salaam UDSM is the oldest and largest public research University in Tanzania offering bachelor, master and doctoral degrees and professional development programmes leading to the award of certificates and diplomas. It was established in as an affiliate college of the University of London. In August , it became National University, through the University of Dar es Salaam Act number 12 of with three main objectives, namely:. The Mwalimu Julius K.

The University of Dar es Salaam comprises of various academic and non-academic units as follows:. The student population undertaking these programs has now reached over 35, For more information about UDSM, visit www. It was established by Act of Parliament No. The Act provides for a structural framework of the Commission, which brings together, the top leadership of the scientific and technological institutions in the country under one forum.

Thus, the Commission maintains a system of collaboration, consultation and cooperation with parties within Tanzania whose functions relate to the development and application of science and technology. The main offices are in Dar es Salaam. It is the chief advisor to the Government on all matters pertaining to science and technology and their application to the socio-economic development of the country.

Box - Nairobi - Kenya. View All Events. Toggle navigation. Email: secretariat [at] africalics. Follow us on Twitter Tweets by AfricaLics. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. Send Sending. All rights reserved. Log in with your credentials.

PO Box 1053, Minot, ND 58702

Redundant manipulators. Synchronization of sampled-data chaotic systems Lee, S. Gams, A. A modular bio-inspired architecture for movement generation for the infant-like robot iCub. Degallier, S. A new method for determining joint constraint forces and moments during optimal dynamic motion of redundant manipulators Kim, J.

Call for Papers – 4th AfricaLics International Conference – AfricaLics

Redundant Manipulator. Algebraic Differential Equations. Duff, M.

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Carbon nanofiber network sensors for structural health monitoring of composite materials Nguyen, N. Paper V Characterization of quasi-static and dynamic response of functionally graded composites An, D. Dynamic response. Compexity and hyrodynamic turbulence Sreenivasan, K. Aslam, J.

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World Scientific , p. Development of a novel functionally gradient composite material Gupta, N. Dynamic optimization of human stair-climbing motion Bhatt, R.

Effect of process modification on the microstructure and properties of fiber reinforced metal matrix composites Nguyen, N. Fiber reinforced metals. Carbon fibers. Eliminating secular rotation of spacecraft orbits about the angular momentum vector in J2 perturbed orbits Wilkins, C. Acceleration control.

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Angular momentum. Earth planet. Encapsulations of micro-optical sensors for applications of stress management Nguyen, N. Optical sensors. Fast-switching pulse synchronization of chaotic oscillators Fiorilli, F. Coupled circuits. Chaotic systems. Flexural properties of vinyl ester-glass hollow particle composites Tagliavia, G. Bending strength.

Bearings structural. General biped motion and balance of a human model Kim, J. Global pinning controllability of complex networks Porfiri, M. Global stochastic synchronization of chaotic oscillators Porfiri, M. Dynamical systems. Networks circuits. Load-effective dynamic motion planning for redundant manipulators Kim, J.

Dynamic loads. Non-Boussinesq convection at moderate Rayleigh numbers in low temperature gaseous helium Sameen, A. Rayleigh number. Boussinesq approximation. Numerical experiments of turbulent thermal convection at high Rayleigh numbers Sreenivasan, K. Oberlack, M. Springer Proceedings in Physics , Vol. Optimization-based dynamic human lifting prediction Xiang, Y.

Passive compliant quadruped robot using central pattern generators for locomotion control Rutishauser, S. Pattern generators with sensory feedback for the control of quadruped locomotion Righetti, L. ICRA Pulse synchronization of sampled-data chaotic systems Lee, S.

Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference
Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference
Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference
Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference
Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference
Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference
Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference
Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference
Salam + 50: Proceedings of the Conference

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