Ripples on a Puddle: A Collection of Short Stories

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She was currently wearing an bright pink raincoat with equally large rubber sleeves that covered her hands of course, similar to the oversized green sweater she wore on a daily basis. Clenched in one of the black haired child's hand was a purple rainbow monkey umbrella, the smiling face of a rainbow monkey adorned its water repelling base as the rain relentlessly pattered against the top and the curved handle where it was held looked like a tail.

Kuki grinned as if the plushie had made its silent yet mutal agreement with her question. The joyful child sprang across the water logged sidewalk, rainwater trickling from the muddied front yards across the grey, grainy surface as she made her way down the sidewalk with no particular destination in mind other than to find the perfect puddles for splashing in. Her coal colored eyes widened in glee as an enourmous puddle lay before her after a few minutes walk , created by a slight dip in the sidewalk, raindroplets pinging against its surface and creating small ripples in the puddle.

Really big puddle! She sprang forward, picking up speed as her rainboots smacked against the watery sidewalk as she made a small leap, jumping right into the center of the puddle and sending water up in all directions, soaking the front of her raincoat and some of her black bags, the sopping wet locks drooping down into the girls face as she giggled, shivering lightly as the cold water trickled down her pale features. Her giggling was cut short at a particularly harsh gust of cold wind, sending water pinging against her small frame and tug at her umbrella and scramble to get in hold on it so it wouldn't fly down the sidewalk, and in doing so her hold on her rainbow monkey was released, causing the plush monkey to land on the sidewalk and quickly be swept up in the minature river that flowed along the sidewalk and float away from its owner.

Numbuh 3 let out a sigh of relief as she managed to get her umbrella under control but her fear returned as she then noticed the absence of her stuffed friend since she was currently holding onto the umbrella with both of her raincoat sleeve covered hands. She spun around with wide eyes, panic clearly showing through in her expression as he eyes settled down further along the sidewalk, letting out a light gasp as she spotted her rainbow monkey floating down another dip and the sidewalk that led right The operatives eyes grew as wide as saucers as she let out a cry of horror as she frantically fought to gain traction on the sidewalk, her boots squeaking and scratching at the concreted as she scramble down the sidewalk.

Short Short Stories – Lightning Droplets

Her eyes locked on the plushie, and she knew she wouldn't make it in time at the speed she was going, and let out a loud cry of "Noooo! Numbuh 3 felt herself skid to a stop just inches away from her hovering rainbow monkey,and the operative gasped as she fought to catch her breath from her panic as she felt her adreliane rush slowly subsiding. The continuous sound of the raindrops pounding against the sidewalk wafting through her eardrums.

The black haired girl slowly looked up to see who the savior of her stuffed friend had been. The child blinked a few times as she took in the sight of a group of five children, each wearing matching light blue raincoats standing before her. Bruce, the short blonde boy that stood at the front of the formation held an enourmous white and gold and rather fancy umbrella in his hand,its pearl white top wide enough to properly shield the clustered children from the freezing rain.

Her rainbow monkey still hooked around the curved, gold tipped handle. The Delightful Children from down the Lane hummed softly in perfect unison as Bruce slipped the waterlogged plushie off the handle and examined it, water dripping off of it as the Delightful held it in his pale hands. They then directed their attention down to the ground, where Kuki still lay in absolute silence, very rare for the ditzy operative. As she lay there, Numbuh 3 felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude welling up inside her, a wide grin spreading across her face in response, causing the goody goody children to blink their glassy light blue eyes collectively in confusion.

Before they could get a word out however, the operative sprang to her feet, splashing up water as she did so and without a moments hesitation, wrapped her arms around Bruce in a happy, and geniunely friendly hug. Causing the Delightful Children to immediately freeze up at the gentle and very rare contact, their eyes widening to the size of dinner plates. Noone hugged them that often afterall. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you Delightful Children! The Delightful Children, still frozen in shock, slowly managed to get control over their mobility once again and Bruce slowly rested his hands on the operatives slippery shoulders and gently pushed her away, exerting as much self control as possible so as to not simply shove her away out of pure habit.

The 5 children let out a light chorus of nervous chuckles. Color Change : The only real limitation of Plastic Man's powers relates to his color, which he cannot change without intense concentration, for example even requiring intense focus simply to turn, say, his nose blue. He generally does not use this ability whatsoever and sticks to his red and yellow colored uniform. Invulnerability : Plastic Man's powers extraordinarily augment his durability.

Some stories, perhaps of anecdotal quality, have showed him susceptible to surprise attack by bullets, in one case oozing a substance similar to liquid plastic. He is resistant to high velocity impacts that would kill an ordinary person, resistant to blasts from energy weapons Batman once mentioned that he could presumably even withstand a nuclear detonation , and is bulletproof. His bodily mass can be dispersed, but for all intents and purposes, it is invulnerable, even from many forms of magic in the DC Universe. For example, Plastic Man was once reduced to individual, separate molecules and scattered across the Atlantic Ocean for centuries.

It's untouchable by telepathy. Immortality : Plastic Man does not appear to age; if he does, it is at a rate far slower than that of normal human beings. In the aftermath of the Justice League story Arc "Obsidian Age", Plastic Man was discovered to have survived for 3, years scattered into separate, individual molecules on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean without decaying or being otherwise affected at all. Ultrasonic Detection : Plastic Man's body will start to "ripple" when an ultrasonic frequency is triggered.

This perhaps implies that Plastic Man is himself more like one giant, living organ than he is a "whole" made of component parts and organs, etc. Master Detective : Although no longer a criminal, he has insight into their mindset, enabling him to be an effective sleuth. He is also considered to be a lateral thinker and much smarter than he lets on.

Unpracticed Fingers Bungle Sadly Over Tiny Feathered Bodies

His semi-liquid form remains stable at relatively high and low temperatures, provided that the temperature change is gradual. A sudden change induces a complete change of state, creating a truly solid or truly liquid form. Once thawed and reassembled, he was physically unharmed though emotionally traumatized.

In the JLA story arc "Divided We Fall", Plastic Man is shown to have some weakness to extreme heat intense heat vision attack from a Martian and was temporarily melted. In some versions, Plastic Man is also vulnerable to chemicals such as acetone , which melts and destabilizes his putty-like form, although he will eventually regenerate when the chemicals are gone. Another weakness is that the only colors Plastic Man can mimic are the colors of his body and costume i. Whether this is an inherent flaw in his powers or a mental block has never been explained, whereas, his son, Offspring, also gained his father's powers, but is able to mimic at will any color he chooses.

During Offspring's introduction, it was revealed that Plastic Man could change color, turning his nose blue to prove to Batman that he could. This color change, however, was possible only with a great deal of Plastic Man's concentration, even for such a very tiny area.


The imprisonment and confinement drove him insane, and upon his release he lashed out at those around him. He fights Elongated Man , having the upper hand until Batman brings Plastic Man to his senses with a punch to the face. Batman declares that Plastic Man is the most powerful superhero in the room. Carrie Kelley as Catgirl describes him as being: "Immeasurably powerful. Absolutely nuts. He constantly changes shape and cracks jokes causing the other members to repeatedly tell him to "shut up". Plastic Man — , written and illustrated by Kyle Baker , harkens back to the Jack Cole version of Plastic Man featuring Eel O'Brian tended to by a monk in a mountain retreat following the events of his normal origin story.

Inspired by the monks kindness, Eel resolves to use his powers for good, becoming the crime fighter Plastic Man, and works for the FBI. In this series, Plastic Man gets a girlfriend FBI Special Agent Morgan, later revealed as the surgically-altered fiancee that Plas' alter ego had left in the s and adopts a Goth teenage daughter, Edwina. He is scientist Gunther Ganz, whose consciousness has been transferred to a "living polymer".

Reward Yourself

In the alternate timeline of the Flashpoint event, Eel O'Brian is a villain. After Heat Wave was sent to death row for killing Jason Rusch , O'Brian arrives to break him out in the flying fortress of the military Doom prison , having been hiding, disguised in the body of his cellmate Cluemaster. While O'Brian helps him to retrieve his weapons, he discovers Heat Wave attacking the guards' control room and attempting to ram the flying prison at Cyborg 's home city of Detroit.

After Heat Wave is defeated by Cyborg and imprisoned in Belle Reve , O'Brian is revealed to have survived the flame gun attack and smuggles himself into the prison in Heat Wave's new cellmate's body, where he is later shown advancing on Heat Wave. He is seen among the gathered super-heroes at Congress after Lara Lane-Kent delivers a speech to them, mingling among the heroes and politicians in the continuity where Lois didn't die.

In this story, Plastic Man is against Superman's changed ethics after the Metropolis bombing but doesn't physically try to stop him until Superman arrests Plastic Man's son Luke Offspring for opposing him. He breaks into the Regime's underwater prison, rescues his son, and frees the captured super villains and Green Lantern Corps while encouraging them to focus their efforts on bringing down Superman. Plastic Man and Woozy battle Professor Grushenko at the museum over a magic elixir with resulting hijinks. Warner Bros. Movies columnist Greg Dean Schmitz in June In December , new development of a Plastic Man film was announced, with Amanda Idoko writing the screenplay and Robert Shaye will executive produce.

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This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Ninjas vs. Spared no expense". Rick Marshall: "Its good.. Spared no expense. Beginnings: Exploring Biblical Creation: Fact vs. The Apprentice: Episode 9. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode 8. Dragons or Dinosaurs?

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Morgan says, "Clever girl," when he realizes what's happened. Grant did when he saw the dinosaur in Jurassic Park.

Radu Reviews: Dinosaurs! Chelsea Lately: Episode 6. Alan Grant". Animal Practice: Dr. Beauty and the Geek Australia: Episode 4. Everything Wrong with His last words: "Clever girl. One caveman breathes on the kitchen door like a raptor. Also, DVD is shown. Chelsea Lately: Episode 8. Studio C: Episode 4. Neighbours: Episode 1. Also, poster is shown. The guy said: "This is like Jurassic Park".

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Chicago P. Special Collector's Edition: E. Matzav Ha'Uma: Episode 8. Coronation Street: Episode 1. Reality Bites: Episode 1. Back of the Nation: Episode 1. Countdown: Episode The visitor's center makes a re-appearance, albeit abandoned in the film. Zach and Gray drive one of the film's original Jeep Wranglers. A statue of John Hammond is seen in the main atrium.

DNA makes a re-appearance. Claire's character is an homage to John Hammond, she appears completely dressed in white and is a relative of two major child characters visiting the park that happen to find themselves in danger when the dinosaurs' break loose. De slimste mens ter wereld: Episode 6. Geeks Who Drink: Harold Perrineau vs.

The Chase Australia: Episode 1. It's a UNIX system. I know this!

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Film Episode Pick Me! As Craven is surprised by the tiger having circled around behind him, Craven echoes Muldoon's reaction to finding a Velociraptor unexpectedly behind him. Studio C: Episode 6. Dinosaurs Never Existed! American Dad! The Chase Australia: Episode 2. The Question Jury: Episode 1. Teen Titans Go! Alan Grant. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode Robinsonuv ostrov: Episode 1. Jackson says his "hold on to your butts" line again.

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Brulee says, "We're being chased by Jurassic pork! When that proves false, Lars remembers it was a movie about dinosaurs. That's a movie I'd rather be watching right now. De slimste mens ter wereld: Episode The Cinema Snob: Stop! The Loud House: Tricked! Studio C: Episode 8. Tea Leoni starred in Jurassic Park 3. MenT: Jak jezdit na praseti? Rifftrax: Batman v. The children are trapped inside a car, while an adult makes a noise to distract the creature.

Ripples on a Puddle: A Collection of Short Stories Ripples on a Puddle: A Collection of Short Stories
Ripples on a Puddle: A Collection of Short Stories Ripples on a Puddle: A Collection of Short Stories
Ripples on a Puddle: A Collection of Short Stories Ripples on a Puddle: A Collection of Short Stories
Ripples on a Puddle: A Collection of Short Stories Ripples on a Puddle: A Collection of Short Stories
Ripples on a Puddle: A Collection of Short Stories Ripples on a Puddle: A Collection of Short Stories
Ripples on a Puddle: A Collection of Short Stories Ripples on a Puddle: A Collection of Short Stories
Ripples on a Puddle: A Collection of Short Stories Ripples on a Puddle: A Collection of Short Stories

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