Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit

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Please allow up to 5 business days for us for ship this item. Holidays , Bridges , Christmas. Limited Edition Art. Martin K P. The spirit of Christmas is a phrase that sums up all that is kid about the festive season; goodwill to all men, having innocent fun in the snow, greeting your neighbours with a smile and a friendly passing greeting. Thomas Kinkade presents all of these seasonal aspects of joy and friendship in his epic painting The Spirit of Christmas.

Your Review. Be the first to know about new paintings, specials and local Thomas Kinkade Studio events. Epic Sale! My Account. Description I experience layers of memory as I walk down Spirit of Christmas , the first in my new Christmas series. Limited Edition Canvas Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition Canvases combine old world craftsmanship with the finest materials and latest production technologies to produce extraordinary canvas artwork. Features Premium Canvas Hand stretched on wooden stretcher bars Hand highlighted with fine acrylic paints by skilled artisans Long-life pigment inks that outperform conventional press inks.

Edition number is applied to each Canvas Limited Edition Individually numbered Certificate Authenticity matched to the art piece Engraved brass nameplate included. Features Premium heavy weight lbs. Edition number is applied to each Paper Limited Edition Individually numbered Certificate Authenticity matched to the art piece Presented in a full size protective envelope. They start to fall in love during a road trip to Indiana, a sojourn that almost allows them to forget that John still has to try to send Lee to jail when they get back. In a classic holiday-spirit turn, he comes to realize the advantages his loving family have bestowed upon him once he sees how appreciative Lee is after sharing the first warm Christmas morning of her life with his family.

Its success was spurred on by the August release of Holiday Inn , a musical conceived by Berlin that starred Crosby and Fred Astaire as collaborators who break up and reunite over the course of a year, all against the backdrop of a country inn only open on holidays.

With Danny Kaye subbing in for Astaire, Berlin and Crosby teamed up 12 years later for White Christmas , another holiday musical set at an idyllic getaway. Both films have become Christmas staples, and both have much to recommend them. Featuring top-drawer Berlin songs and one memorable scene after another — Astaire tap dances while smoking and setting off fireworks in one — and elegant direction by Mark Sandrich, Holiday Inn is the better film by a good measure, but watching it means grappling with an ugly blackface number mid-film.

To make matters worse, skipping the scene altogether would result in missing an important plot point. White Christmas , on the other hand, features fewer songs and a sleepy, low-stakes plot as Crosby and Kaye romance sort of a sister act played by Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen. Still, its aggressive, Technicolor pleasantness has its own charms. Batman Returns , for one, uses the holiday to memorable effect. A rare Christmas Western, the film stars John Wayne as one of a trio of bank robbers who agree to care for a newborn child while fleeing the law in Death Valley.

From there the film keeps piling on the complications as it breaks down the divide between the haves and the have-nots. Produced as the planet descended into another World War, this short , like many animated films, depicts a world populated by wide-eyed cartoon animals. When Fred Quimby, William Hanna, and Joseph Barbera remade it 16 years later as the also-great Good Will to Men , they had to change little beyond the addition of nuclear war and other up-to-date threats.

Adrift, he finds himself drawn into a turf war between two rival ice-cream vendors, a conflict that might offer him a chance to start over, or might drive him to the brink of madness. The film stars Cate Blanchett as the eponymous unhappy housewife, a woman who unexpectedly falls for Therese Rooney Mara , a store clerk.

Inspired by Brief Encounter and adapted from a novel by Patricia Highsmith, otherwise best known for pitiless crime fiction like The Talented Mr. The passing of one year gives way to a potential new beginning of the next — for those who can make it to the other side. Odd as it may sound, many of the same qualities in Carol also make Die Hard a great Christmas movie, no matter what star Bruce Willis says. The rest is just a sidetrack, though neither goal will be easy.

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Still, he guns down the bad guys and emerges from the confrontation bloody and with a sense of forgiveness. Merry Christmas to all!

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The episodic film follows Ralphie Peter Billingsley in the days before Christmas, when he wants nothing more than a Red Ryder air rifle — and seems destined not to get one. Narrated by Shepherd himself, it mixes big comic moments, like a kid getting his tongue stuck to a stop sign, with affection for family life and days gone by. There are many great romantic movies set at Christmas, but somehow The Shop Around the Corner still stands above them all. : Rich Memories With a Christmas Spirit () : Bob Olson : Books

What makes an adaptation of A Christmas Carol great? There have been many memorable movie Scrooges take a look at the multiple entries above , but few as memorable as Alastair Sim. Chaos mounts as day turns into night in the hours before Christmas. You might have noticed that this list — some notable exceptions aside — is dominated by stories of prosperous white families. What else? Really, what other film could top a list of the greatest Christmas movies of all time? Potters of the world connected with a new generation. Already a subscriber? May your special memories of Christmas continue to be made this Christmas.

May your day be filled with love and happiness like the love and happiness you bring into our lives. My Nana, my friend. My Nana, my second Mom.

My Nana who I love, who is sweet like a dove. May this Christmas be one where you will be surrounded by those you love and may grace and happiness shine on you from above. Grandmother , you taught me the true meaning of Christmas - Christ was born, and the colors of Christmas are a reminder of His love for us when he died upon the cross.

Red the color of His blood and green the color of the tree. May this Christmas be one that is special to you because you are special to me. Christmas Messages for Grandfathers Back to Index of Messages A saying that is true, a saying for you: "you put the grand in Grandfather" applies to you. My Gramps you are special, I love you so much.

You are my special teddy bear, I will love you forever I swear! You play with me, you love me, you take care of me, and always watch out for me. When I am sad, you make me glad. When I am blue, you tell me, "I love you. Merry Christmas to you, I hope you know you are loved a lot. Gramps, may your Christmas be one that brings happiness and joy, surrounded by your family who loves you more and more each year.

Gratitude, appreciation and the feeling of being blessed are thoughts that come to mind when I think of you.

Merry Christmas to the best Grandfather in the world. I thank God for you every day. But on this Christmas day, I pray that God blesses you. You are a great husband and I know I have been blessed because God in heaven sent me the best. You fill my Christmas with love. You make the season bright. I knew I loved you at first sight.

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Merry Christmas My Husband! There is no one I would rather spend Christmas with. You fill my heart with joy not only on this special day but every day of the year. Merry Christmas Darling! Christmas Messages for the One I Love Back to Index of Messages May this Christmas note be like the star that shone so bright long ago May the brightness of my words be like the sparkle on the snow.

God sent me the best gift when he sent me you. I love you and everything you do. So my desire for you is a simple one but true, a wish for happiness in all that you do. Love shines brighter at Christmas it seems. However, when I am with you love shines brilliantly. May you have a Merry Xmas and may you feel my love shining over you each and every day of the year! When you see the Christmas tree lights and the tinsel sparkle may it remind you of my love for you. The love we share is the best gift a person could have.

A gift that we have not just at Christmas but every day of the year. You are my honey-bunch, you are everything to me, I wouldn't trade a single thing. So merry, merry Christmas, and may this message bring, A love that is for all seasons and all happy things. Christmas Messages for Teacher Back to Index of Messages Different teachers every year, but you are one that we hold dear. Now during this season of love and peace, we hope you are reminded how special you are.

This Christmas message is one that comes with love for you. We appreciate all you do. A Merry Christmas is our wish for you Thank you for sharing, thank you for caring. May your Christmas bring many returns for all you do.

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You share your knowledge, you share your experience, you share your life with us. We appreciate you, and all you do. You deserve a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit
Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit
Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit
Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit
Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit
Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit
Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit Rich Memories with a Christmas Spirit

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