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Yang, L. Transcriptome analysis of rice root heterosis by RNA-Seq. BMC Genomics, , 14 19 Zhai, Y. Feng, X. Wu, P.

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Yu, Y. Chen, H. Wang, Z. Lin, L. Plos ONE, , 8 4 Liang, X. Shen, L. Locating QTLs controlling several adult root traits in an elite Chinese hybrid rice. Gene, , 2 Zhan, Z. Gao, Z. Lin, Z. Yang, Y. Zhang, X. Mapping of QTLs associated with important agronomic traits using three populations derived from a super hybrid rice Xieyou Euphytica, , 1 Zhan X. Cai R.

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Y, Zhuang J. Cheng S. Breeding of R, a rice restorer line resistant to blast and bacterial blight through marker-assisted selection.

Rice Science, , 19 1 S Liang, Z. Q Gao, X. However, there has been no research to investigate whether these practices are effective at increasing rice productivity. We hope to find the best nitrogen management practices for California rice growers.

The Richard E. Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology, Rice University

The traditional way of measuring the amount of nitrogen in the plants is by destructively sampling them and submitting them to a lab for analysis. However, this method has some problems.

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Analyzing plant samples is cumbersome and time-consuming. Fertilizer applications are time-sensitive, and this procedure often returns results after the critical time to apply fertilizer has passed. To combat this, Rehman has been testing a small tool called the Handheld GreenSeeker to gather data on the plants.

The device is able to collect data without physically contacting the plants. It objectively measures how green the plant is nitrogen is a key component of the molecule that makes plants green. Fake entities. Instead, societies learn to deal with the adverse consequences. In a sense, this is the story of humanity.

S&T Journey: 60 Years and Beyond

We are the technological species. Our quest to invent tools is partly where we departed from our cousins, the apes. And dealing with the consequences of technology has always been part of that quest. We discovered fire about 1 million years ago, perhaps the most crucial discovery to early human progress. But fire also has enormous power to destroy. We are still dealing with its consequences. The advisory board see below and I decided on three legs.

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One is research and scholarship. We will look at various aspects and facets of how technology impacts society and culture. Another leg is outreach. This has to be a major topic of conversation in universities and in society. We want to elevate the conversation.

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Another example would be smaller conferences that focus on narrower topics. Most of the big cities are booming. But the countryside is declining. You want to understand politics? The blue states are generally doing very well economically, and the red states are in decline.

Rice science and technology Rice science and technology
Rice science and technology Rice science and technology
Rice science and technology Rice science and technology
Rice science and technology Rice science and technology
Rice science and technology Rice science and technology
Rice science and technology Rice science and technology
Rice science and technology Rice science and technology

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