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This opinionated guide exists to provide both novice and expert Python developers a best practice handbook to the installation, configuration, and usage of Python on a daily basis. All proceeds are being directly donated to the DjangoGirls organization. This guide is the result of the collaboration of hundreds of people around the world, and your contributions are welcome! Note The use of Python 3 is highly preferred over Python 2.

Choosing a License. Flat vs. Note Notes defined within all diatonic and chromatic musical scales have been intentionally excluded from this list of additional notes. Filing the Issue 5. Measuring coverage of C code with gcov and lcov 6. Helping with Documentation 6. Python Documentation 6. Helping with documentation issues 6. Proofreading 6.

Documenting Python 7. Introduction 7. Style guide 7. Use of whitespace 7. Footnotes 7.

Zero to Hero with Python Programming - 2017 Full Python tutorial from beginners to advanced learners

Capitalization 7. Affirmative Tone 7. Economy of Expression 7.

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Security Considerations and Other Concerns 7. Code Examples 7.

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Code Equivalents 7. Audience 7. Paragraphs 7.

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Inline markup 7. Lists and Quotes 7. Source Code 7. Hyperlinks 7. Sections 7. Explicit Markup 7.

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Directives 7. Comments 7. Source encoding 7. Gotchas 7. Additional Markup Constructs 7. Meta-information markup 7. Module-specific markup 7. Information units 7. Showing code examples 7. Cross-linking markup 7. Paragraph-level markup 7. Table-of-contents markup 7. Index-generating markup 7. Grammar production displays 7.

Substitutions 7. Building the documentation 7. Using sphinx-build 7. Translating 7. Starting a new translation 7.

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PEP summary: 7. How to get help 7. Translation FAQ 8. Silence Warnings From the Test Suite 9. Issue Tracking Using the Issue Tracker Checking if a bug already exists Reporting an issue Disagreement With a Resolution on the Issue Tracker Helping Triage Issues Classifying Reports Reviewing Patches The Meta Tracker Triaging an Issue Python triage team Becoming a member of the Python triage team GitHub Labels for PRs Fields in the Issue Tracker Title Type Stage Components Versions Priority Keywords Nosy List Assigned To Dependencies Superseder Status Resolution Mercurial Repository Generating Special Links in a Comment Checklist for Triaging Mailing Lists Zulip IRC Blogs Standards of behaviour in these communication channels Setting Expectations for Open Source Participation Additional Repositories Porting Python to a new platform How to Become a Core Developer What it Takes What it Means Gaining Commit Privileges Issue Tracker GitHub Sign a Contributor Agreement Pull Request merging Responsibilities Developer Log Procedure for Granting or Dropping Access Accepting Pull Requests Is the PR ready to be accepted?

Does the test suite still pass? Patch checklist Contributor Licensing Agreements Checking if the CLA has been received Working with Git Active branches Backporting Changes to an Older Version Reverting a Merged Pull Request Development Cycle Branches In-development main branch Maintenance branches Security branches End-of-life branches Stages Pre-alpha Alpha Beta Release Candidate RC Final Repository Administration Organization Repository Policy Organization Owner Policy Current Owners Repository Administrator Role Policy Current Administrators Repository Release Manager Role Policy Continuous Integration Checking results of automatic builds Stability Flags-dependent failures Ordering-dependent failures Transient failures Custom builders Adding to the Stdlib Adding to a pre-existing module Adding a new module Acceptable Types of Modules Requirements Proposal Process Changing the Python Language What Qualifies PEP Process Suggesting new features and language changes Experts Index Stdlib Tools Platforms Miscellaneous Documentation Translations CPython Source Code Layout Additional References Abstract Rationale Checklist Parse Trees Memory Management Parse Tree to AST Control Flow Graphs Introducing New Bytecode Code Objects Important Files Known Compiler-related Experiments References Updating standard library extension modules

Python Developers Handbook Python Developers Handbook
Python Developers Handbook Python Developers Handbook
Python Developers Handbook Python Developers Handbook
Python Developers Handbook Python Developers Handbook
Python Developers Handbook Python Developers Handbook
Python Developers Handbook Python Developers Handbook
Python Developers Handbook Python Developers Handbook
Python Developers Handbook Python Developers Handbook

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