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Kings of Leon - Pyro (with Lyrics)

Oh well, it's not my fault if he gets his head blown up because he's so close. Non-Pyroman Speaking : Why are you runing? A Pyro is an person who is obsessed with the burning of fire.

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You have gone far and beyond out of your way to use fire. Ex1 girl:"whats wrong with that kid? A "pyro" is a person addicted to fire. Most of society mainly teenagers claim to be pyros, just because they like to play with fire. In fact, "pyro" is short for pyromania , and it is a mental addiction to fire. For a pyromaniac, it's not normal to go a day without fire.

Build a fire that never goes out

They usually handle themselves well normally, but when around fire they could become jittery, aggressive, and obsessive compulsive. They can be obsessed with exploding things, may carry lighters at all times, and may have mental disorders such as Schizophrenia and Psychopathy. If someone is a "pyro" it is extremely noticeable. Pyro : Dude, this morning I made 3 drano-bombs, and lit them all off at the same time.

Pyro, Sector 34A, Chandigarh

It was awesome! I also added another 2 lighters to my collection. Want to come over later? I think I'm going to make some more bombs. I hope the bomb squad doesn't catch me this time. Later me and some friends might go light this guys house on fire too!

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A slang for a pyrotechnician , usually used to describe anyone who likes fire, or claims such. Many associate them with anarchy , because of the anarchists cook book, a work that is hated by almost all professional pyrotechnicians. Due to mis-understanding by the general public, pyrotechnics as a hobby is getting harder and harder to really get into.


The true art of pyro is slowly dying. Pancake Nipples Pompey skate Dogfish Tappin' the Bottle Silver Dollar Democrat Lavate Las Manos CP1 Republican DJing Urban Dictionary Orca Currents. He christened it Pyro , after the photographic developing fluid, pyr ocatechol.

Pyro, the cat who flew with the RAF, earns posthumous honour. Pyro has made a conscious effort to move on to an eco-friendly mode by deploying resources that ensure Green Technology is leveraged in all the platforms and products being deployed with customers. Pyro walks the green path with IBM. Headquartered in Hyderabad, Pyro , a leading technology solution provider to NGN communication carriers such as Wireless, Wireline, IP and MVNOs, was founded in and has been providing Telecom Solutions globally for over a decade to more than million subscribers, telecom networks and operations in about 50 countries.

A majority of the models created by Ilion Animation Studios for the film were digitally transferred to the team at Pyro Studios for reuse in the video game. Autodesk's 3D software used to create 'Planet 51' video game and movie. Dictionary browser?


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