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Covers Hadoop security from a high level, down to how to set up a secure Hadoop cluster and the individual services within it. It is targeted at developers and people trying to understand obscure kerberos-related stack traces.

10 Best eBooks on Hadoop

Name: Apache Oozie Essentials. This book is for architects and senior managers building a strategy around their current data architecture, helping them identify the need for a Data Lake implementation in an enterprise context. Name: Elasticsearch for Hadoop. Elasticsearch for Hadoop covers integrating Elasticsearch into Hadoop to visualize and analyze your data. Big Data Forensics: Learning Hadoop Investigations will guide statisticians and forensic analysts with basic knowledge of digital forensics to conduct Hadoop forensic investigations.

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Name: Learning Hadoop 2. Learning Hadoop 2 is an introduction guide to building data-processing applications with the wide variety of tools supported by Hadoop 2. Hadoop MapReduce v2 Cookbook - Second Edition is a beginner's guide to explore the Hadoop MapReduce v2 ecosystem to gain insights from very large datasets. Scaling Big Data with Hadoop and Solr - Second Edition is aimed at developers, designers, and architects who would like to build big data enterprise search solutions for their customers or organizations.

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Name: Hadoop for Finance Essentials. Hadoop for Finance Essentials is for developers who would like to perform big data analytics with Hadoop for the financial sector.

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Name: Monitoring Hadoop. Monitoring Hadoop is for Hadoop administrators who want to learn how to monitor and diagnose their clusters.

Name: Hadoop Backup and Recovery Solutions. Hadoop Backup and Recovery Solutions demonstrates the strategies for data recovery from Hadoop backup clusters and troubleshoot problems. Name: Hadoop Essentials. Hadoop Essentials explains the key concepts of Hadoop and gives a thorough understanding of the Hadoop ecosystem. Name: Hadoop in Practice, Second Edition.

The second edition of Hadoop in Practice includes over Hadoop techniques.

Moving beyond MapReduce and Batch Processing with Apache Hadoop 2

Name: Optimizing Hadoop for MapReduce. Sample Chapter: Chapter 2: Understanding Solr. Scaling Big Data with Hadoop and Solr is a step-by-step guide to building a search engine while scaling data. Starting with the basics of Apache Hadoop and Solr, this book then dives into advanced topics of optimizing search with some real-world use cases and sample Java code. Hadoop Operations and Cluster Management Cookbook is a guide for designing and managing a Hadoop cluster.

Name: Hadoop Beginner's Guide. Written for complete beginners to Hadoop, covers how to install and run Hadoop on a local Ubuntu host or create an on-demand Hadoop cluster on Amazon Web Services EC2 , before getting to grips with MapReduce. Collection of real world code analytics and design patterns using various tools from the Hadoop community. Each recipe walks the reader through the implementation, or in some cases debugging and configuration tuning.

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Mendaftar Login Registrasi Fundraising: Utama Pro Apache Hadoop, 2nd Edition. Revised to cover Hadoop 2. All the old content has been revised too, giving the latest on the ins and outs of MapReduce, cluster design, the Hadoop Distributed File System, and more. This book covers everything you need to build your first Hadoop cluster and begin analyzing and deriving value from your business and scientific data.

Learn to solve big-data problems the MapReduce way, by breaking a big problem into chunks and creating small-scale solutions that can be flung across thousands upon thousands of nodes to analyze large data volumes in a short amount of wall-clock time. Learn how to let Hadoop take care of distributing and parallelizing your software - you just focus on the code; Hadoop takes care of the rest.

Tahun: Bahasa: english. Halaman: Most of the examples presented are written in Java.

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Basic knowledge in statistical concepts will help the reader appreciate advanced data processing examples. Interested in increasing your knowledge of the Big Data landscape? Join Big data course and explore the opportunities in the world of big data. The book provides basic and advanced level knowledge to readers on Pig including Grunt shell, and user defined functions for extending Pig language and the Pig Latin script language. With an in-depth code example in XML, Java and the recent addition to the Hadoop ecosystem, this complete guide also highlights the use of APIs, by allowing developers to leverage and custo mize the architects to suit their needs.

Moreover, the guide is example driven as it shows developers how to setup and configure Hive your environment. Whizlabs Software Pvt. All Rights Reserved. The certification names are the trademarks of their respective owners. Logo are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition) Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition)
Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition) Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition)
Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition) Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition)
Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition) Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition)
Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition) Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition)
Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition) Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition)
Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition) Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition)
Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition) Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition)
Pro Apache Hadoop (2nd Edition)

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