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PCWorld News. Why get paid literal pennies to do menial Mechanical Turk work for a mega corporation when you can do the same thing for free? It is this very question, which Amazon apparently hopes you're too stupid to ponder, that is posed by the latest ham-fisted attempt to improve Alexa.

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The iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max will soon be available in Australia and New Zealand before rolling out to other countries around the world, and customers have already started lining up to purchase one of Apple's new devices. At the Orchard Road store in Singapore, where the The tech industry just took another step to nail down the specs for 8K TV. The Consumer Technology Association has unveiled the official display definition for 8K sets, including a logo TV makers can use. Any model needs to output at a minimum 7, Engadget RSS Feed.

The 71st annual Emmy Awards have concluded, and eager TV fans were able to see which actors and series took home the statue in the top categories. It provides full HD photo and video, lots of advanced configuration, and is easy to program. The infrared camera is ideal for this kind of use, and with an infrared LED which the Pi can control you can see in the dark! If you want to take still images on a regular basis to keep an eye on things, you can just write a short Python script or use the command line tool raspistill , and schedule it to recur in Cron. You might want to have it save them to Dropbox or another web service, upload them to a web server, or you can even create a web app to display them.

If you want to stream video, internally or externally, that's really easy, too.

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Just download or copy that code into a file, run it and visit the Pi's IP address at port , and you'll see your camera's output live. A more advanced streaming project, pistreaming , is available, which uses JSMpeg a JavaScript video player with the web server and a websocket for the camera stream running separately. This method is more performant and is just as easy to get running as the previous example, but there is more code involved and if set up to stream on the internet, requires you to open two ports.

Once you have web streaming set up, you can position the camera where you want it. I have one set up to keep an eye on my pet tortoise:. If you want to be able to control where the camera actually points, you can do so using servos.

5 Fun, Easy Projects You Can Try With a $35 Raspberry Pi

To integrate this with pistreaming, see the project's pantilthat branch. If you want to position your Pi outside, you'll need a waterproof enclosure and some way of getting power to the Pi. PoE Power-over-Ethernet cables can be a good way of achieving this. It's and there are internet-connected devices everywhere, especially in the home. Our lightbulbs have Wi-Fi, our toasters are smarter than they used to be, and our tea kettles are at risk of attack from Russia.

Why is Raspberry Pi perfect for building flood resilience?

As long as you keep your devices secure, or don't connect them to the internet if they don't need to be, then you can make great use of IoT devices to automate tasks around the home. There are plenty of services you can buy or subscribe to, like Nest Thermostat or Philips Hue lightbulbs, which allow you to control your heating or your lighting from your phone, respectively—whether you're inside or away from home. One thing you can't do with Philips Hue is have the lights come on when you enter the room, but with a Raspberry Pi and a motion sensor, you can use a Python API to turn on the lights.

Similarly, you can configure your Nest to turn on the heating when you're at home, but what if you only want it to turn on if there's at least two people home? Write some Python code to check which phones are on the network and if there are at least two, tell the Nest to turn on the heat.

You can do a great deal more without integrating with existing IoT devices and with only using simple components. A homemade burglar alarm, an automated chicken coop door opener, a night light, a music box, a timed heat lamp, an automated backup server, a print server, or whatever you can imagine. Adafruit's Onion Pi is a Tor proxy that makes your web traffic anonymous, allowing you to use the internet free of snoopers and any kind of surveillance.

11 Clever Uses for Your Raspberry Pi | Random Nerd Tutorials

Follow Adafruit's tutorial on setting up Onion Pi and you're on your way to a peaceful anonymous browsing experience. You can install a Raspberry Pi on your network that intercepts all web traffic and filters out any advertising. Simply download the Pi-hole software onto the Pi, and all devices on your network will be ad-free it even blocks in-app ads on your mobile devices. There are plenty more uses for the Raspberry Pi at home. What do you use Raspberry Pi for at home?

What do you want to use it for?

Practical Pi projects

It is easily controlable from remote points by ssh and can also monitor the temperature using a DS18b20 sensor. With a cron command it normally allows the electric heater to come on between and PM if the heater's built in thermostat is below its turn-on point. The RPi switches a gpio line to enable a solid state relay and a fan for its heat sink and it gets its timing from the network via ntp.

Even better way of securing ssh is by setting up a vpn on it, so you're required to connect to the vpn. And at the point, you won't even have to connect to the pi ssh, and instead can directly connect to local IPs. Also, if you do wanna run multiple applications on the same pi, you can run everything in docker including the vpn. I think one great application is the curtain pulling device to let in more sunlight in the morning. I am personally working towards it right now!

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  • A couple of other suggestions for using the RPi for a ssh gateway. Change the user I removed pi and added a long username and don't allow root login. I also added iptables rule that will immediately lock anyone trying to login with root or admin. On the ssh gateway. Make sure to use iptables recent library. You can keep all ports closed and have it open ssh when you telnet to a specific port.

    Note the port is closed but the recent library will keep an eye on traffic to that port and then tag traffic from whatever host hits that port. Note you will want to make sure to put a close ssh on the port above and below the port you select so that a random scanner that runs through the ports wont be able to open the port.

    11 Clever Uses for Your Raspberry Pi

    I use this on anything touching the internet and it works lovely. Also use fail2ban. Plus personally I use ubuntu running the arno-iptables-firewall scripts. One of my favorites for adding allot of security. As Shrek would say "Its like an Onion" Not a parfait!. Jeff's comment points in the right direction, but there are many more and better safeguards that are readily available and easy to set up. The ultimate is a "knock server" using fwknopd, which puts Jeff's general concept on a cryptographically strong footing.

    The idea is that a daemon fwknopd is completely passively listening for incoming packets on a designated port. It's conceptually like sending encrypted and signed email and actually uses the same underlying gnupg technology - with email, you encrypt your email for the intended recipient using the recipient's key, and sign it with yours.

    It works the same way with SPA, you use the daemon's key that you set up, or course to encrypt the single packet and your key to sign it, so the demon can verify that the request is really coming from you.

    HTPC media streaming

    Then the daemon takes the requested action, which usually is to open a short-lived conduit for the ssh port for you to log in but you can set the system up to execute any other command if you like. There are many good tutorials just a google search away. I consider this the ultimate protection for your home setup. No one can log in without your multi-layered credentials the SPA port-opening, and then requiring ssh keys to log in - you should disable passwords , but even more importantly, you do not advertise your IP as "active" and worth a closer look.

    Practical Raspberry Pi Practical Raspberry Pi
    Practical Raspberry Pi Practical Raspberry Pi
    Practical Raspberry Pi Practical Raspberry Pi
    Practical Raspberry Pi Practical Raspberry Pi
    Practical Raspberry Pi Practical Raspberry Pi
    Practical Raspberry Pi Practical Raspberry Pi
    Practical Raspberry Pi Practical Raspberry Pi

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