Practical Asymptotics

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AB - The term practical asymptotics is explained.

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Practical asymptotics Introduction to Special Issue H. Centre for Analysis, Scientific Computing, and Applications.

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Abstract The term practical asymptotics is explained. Fingerprint Curricula. Asymptotic Methods.

Range of data. In order to obtain a solution, we need rigorous mathematical methods, approximate methods, with asymptotic methods being the most powerful of them, and computations.

Preface to the sixth special issue on “Practical Asymptotics” - Semantic Scholar

It is wrong A. Korobkin B. Classification supporting. Paper Sections Intro.

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Abstract : Asymptotics consist in formal series of the solution to a problem which involves a small parameter. When truncated at a certain order, the finite serie provides an approximation of the exact solution with a given accuracy, and the coefficients of this sum are solution to elementary problem that do not depend on the small parameter, which can be for instance the thickness of the domain or a small or high conductivity coefficient.

This a useful tool to obtain approximate expressions of the solution to the so-called Eddy Current problem, which describes the magnetic potential in a material composed by a dielectric material surrounding a conductor. From the numerical point of view, this leads to instability which may restrict or prevent a direct use of the asymptotic expansion.

Practical Asymptotics Practical Asymptotics
Practical Asymptotics Practical Asymptotics
Practical Asymptotics Practical Asymptotics
Practical Asymptotics Practical Asymptotics
Practical Asymptotics Practical Asymptotics
Practical Asymptotics Practical Asymptotics

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