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September While working for Bugatti, German designer Daniel Simon began sketching out futuristic cars and spaceships in his spare time. By , he had enough to publish a book, Cosmic Motors, which earned him a traffic jam of fans, including racing legend Jacky Ickx. Then Hollywood came knocking. His new book series, The Timeless Racer, depicts fictional cars from the years to Welcome to the weird world of Daniel Simon.

Most of the stuff that inhabits this parallel motor-racing world looks reassuringly familiar — the cars, the logos, the shapes, the faces, the men, women and even the hairstyles — but jars just enough to get your attention, like a glitch in a computer programme. Imagine being able to look back on six centuries of racing heritage and cars! March Admittedly, the man behind Cosmic Motors thinks similarly.

For me, this sport is entertainment at the end of the day. You want to attract people; you want them to talk and be inspired about it, to have ownership of their teams. February Doch als ein Projekt, an dem er ein ganzes Jahr gearbeitet hat, nicht realisiert wird, packt er seine Koffer und geht. Er steht auf der Strasse. Und er hat Ideen. Issue We were there, mob-handed and enjoying a few refreshing shandies, when we struck up conversation with a group of like-minded race fans. When we subsequently ran a piece on him TG , we discovered a world called Galaxion filled with Cosmic Motors and some startlingly attractive women.

November Ljudi poput Daniela Simona. If you had to pick somewhere to spend your down time, you could do a lot worse than a place full of outrageously beautiful machines, piloted by impossibly beautiful women. That reads back like the neatly distilled essence of adolescence, and, for Daniel, it probably is. Quite the reverse. We want a shot. This is a place where he can build machines to his own radical and exacting specifications. The question remains as to why a man employed at the spearhead of automotive design even needs to escape so utterly from reality.

Contact RAM Mountaineering on or visit www. The end result: stunning visuals, from large stills to Full HD 30p video. In fact, it boasts a sixfold improvement in focusing speeds when compared with the original EOS M. Budding videographers will like its Touch AF functionality, which gives them the ability to select focus points on the 7,5 cm LCD screen to create professional-looking pull focus effects. Also included is integrated Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, which takes the hassles out of downloading content. Price: about R8 Contact Canon on or visit www.

Razor-thin at just 7,5 mm, the tablet features a 22 cm seamless all-alumini- um unibody design that weighs grams undocked. Hook it up to the Bluetooth keyboard and it still only weighs grams, making it a great option for those wanting to travel light. Efficient proces- sors provide all-day battery life, apparently with no compromise - and no noise, either, thanks to a fanless design.

Other features include ultra-fast, responsive all-solid-state storage, fast USB 3. Contact Asus on or visit www. It supports mobile and cloud printing and comes with a multi-purpose tray to accommodate envelopes, labels and paper of varied thickness up to A3 in size. Two-sided printing functionality helps you save on paper, while its automatic two-sided scanning and faxing function helps save time.

It also offers the option of affordable 2 page-yield black and 1 page-yield colour cartridges. Price: about R4 Contact Brother on or visit www. Breathtakingly simple in principle, yet maddeningly complex to execute, it involves arranging translucent towers to move a marble from one location to the next, using gravity alone to accomplish the task.

Needless to say, the moment you start adding extra towers into the mix it can get surprisingly complex, fast. The game includes one game grid, 60 challenge cards beginner to expert , nine towers, one target piece and three marbles. Contact Think Tank distributors on or visit www. Weighing a mere g grams and uitra-portabie, it deiivers 4 iitres of fiitered drinking water in just 2 minutes, no pumping i required, its Piaty zip opening aiiows you to coiiect water easiiy, i even in the most chaiienging of situations think shaiiow muddy i puddies.

The fiiter cartridge, j good for around 1 iitres of the ciean stuff, can aiso be back- i fiushed in four seconds to ensure optimai performance on the fiy. Pius, if you fiii up both bags, i you have 8 iitres to piay with - making it an ideai soiution for those hiking in iarger groups. Contact i Outward Ventures on or visit www. Apart from ionger throw, they aiso feature ETM Eiectronic Thermai Management technoiogy to extend the iifespan of the LEDs to more than 60 hours without any dimming of brightness. Another pius: they boast an impressive IP68 waterproof rating.

Contact Pianetron on or visit www. Built with productivity in mind, it provides access to all the essential office tools such as email, word pro- cessing and spreadsheet capabilities. Its aluminium alloy chassis makes it a durable device for those on the move. It can also function as a phone and navigation device. Price: about R2 Contact Drive Control Corporation on or visit www. The Marquis was one of the many examples of what would come to be known as the Gentleman Racer. Early racers were often those entrepreneurs who wanted to showcase the abilities of the cars that bore their name - and to show off their driving abilities, too.

Thus the early annals are littered with names such as Jenatzy, Serpollet, Stanley, Bentley and, yes. Of course, racing was then, as now, a game for people with deep pockets and a zest for thrills and glory. As the moneyed set got in on the act, the starting grid began to feature the likes of Vanderbilt and members of the aristocracy. Count Wolfgang von Trips and brewing heir Piers Courage are just two of the names that exited tragically before their time.

Even so, specialised racing drivers began coming to the fore. Tazio Nuvolari and Bernd Rosemeyer epitomised the new breed of professionals backed up by vast, dedicated teams. Yet the era of the amateur, the dashing privateer, the gentleman racer, was far from done. Predictably, among these well-off types there was an element of the eccentric. Count Gianni Marzotto, for instance, raced in his usual working attire - a jacket and tie - because he viewed driving fast as fun.

But it could be hard work, too. The Indianapolis allowed single-seaters for the first time, and there were complaints about the bone-jarring ride quality of the smaller-engined, lighter, but slower cars with stiff suspen- sions. Although two-seaters and riding mechanics made a brief comeback at Indy, from they were banned in Grands Prix - yet the cars were still obliged to have two seats until the early s.

Closer to the modern era, an element of those daredevil, less corporatised early days before big sponsorships remained even as Formula 1 took hold. Today, a racing driver can spend a full working day - and more - at the track, several times a week, bookended by early mornings at the gym and eve- nings at events and press conferences, generally providing a public face for the team. Actually driving can take up only a portion of daylight hours, given the time spent on optimising the set-up, briefings and debriefings.

Cne such programme is even used as a selection tool, with remarkable success apparently, to identify racing talent. Race days are a huge PR exercise for teams, with everyone from sponsors and race organisers getting in on an act that starts early and finishes late. Post-race activities focus on more gym work, possibly more driving time and lengthy discussions with the technical team. Depending on the time of year, test driving may form an important component of these activities.

Some of the interest in this area is being driven by new-wave sports cars that look like road vehicles, but are in reality thinly disguised racers. All you need, really, is driving skill. And money, of course - lots of it. Robocop, Johnny Number 5, Chappie and Scarab aii have our best interests at heart. Robots are kind of a big deai on the iocai front, so we investigated. All our mechanical manufacturing and engineering is local. And it takes manpower to build the hots and train the operators.

So is Chappie. Ms Booysen assures me that it was walking around perfectly fine yesterday and that the problem most likely lies with the third- party Xbox controller. I can believe her; those multifunction Bluetooth controllers can be hell to live with. The opera- tor presses the Forward command and the robot interprets the command. Scarab evolved from the much larger track-driven Ratel, but is much more portable and manoeuvrable. Even more specialised is Seahog, a new third- generation submersible from the lab. At a fraction of the cost of its nearest competitor, Scarab wiii be a market ieader in search and rescue.

It is intended as a money spinner in the mining sector. Sharlto Copley plays the title character Chappie in the upcoming Neill Blomkamp movie. The animators, a team of about , then worked to CG ani- mate over his every single movement in an incredible, highly technical process. He spoke to us about getting into the role and distinguishing the role from precursors such as Robocop. SC: We really wanted Chappie to feel as human as possible - basi- cally starting like a baby and then developing super quickly to the emotional maturity of about a year-old with a beyond-genius IQ.

I tried to play him more like some kind of genius human. I think those elements in combination are what make him amazing at sci-fi. I knew him when he was 16, and even at that age he was designing sci-fi elements in 3D animation, like robots or spaceship control rooms, where just his images elicited some kind of emotion.

He is interested in where the world is headed and applies himself intel- lectually to those questions. So, for exam- ple, in Blade Runner, the world Ridley presents is what Los Angeles looks like in the future. So we shoot Mexico for LA in the future in Elysium. I think most futurists would actually agree with Neill.

LA will most likely end up looking like Mexico for many many years before it gets close to looking how it does in Blade Runner. He loves to use sci-fi as an entertaining, satirical metaphor for issues that people around the world are facing right now, and for me that is the true genius in his work. Actually, to be more accurate, in the case of Chappie you react.

It was an incredible opportunity to just play a child - to leave my personality and mannerisms at home and pretend to be a kid. Getting paid to do it is an incredible bonus. SC: I hope so laughs. If, for example, it com- puted that the Earth was far too overly populated to sustain its current rate of development much longer, it may decide it needs to halve the human population.

SC: I can understand why people might want to make a comparison; there are definitely some nostalgic nods to those classic movies. Chappie himself is a child-like robot who becomes a gangster. He has positive and negative parental role models in his life who are both trying to influence him and he has to learn to make his own decisions. It would be question of if we had any use to them. A major function of artists in society is to reflect issues that society is wrestling with back to itself. Contrast that with the actions of our current government leadership, who are so obviously exploit- ing the underprivileged and uneducated people of this country to All their own coffers.

I think a filmmaker like Neill is reflecting aspects of society that people face in every country around the world. They are major chal- lenges that the world is going to face for many years to come and there are no easy answers. SC: I found growing up and watching sci-fi opened my mind and freed my imagination. I think that is one of its biggest benefits: instill- ing the idea that anything might be possible. Chappie was scheduled to appear in cinemas across the country from 13 March I watched a lot of sci-Fi films - two of my favourites are the first two Terminator and first two Alien films.

Within that, my function really as the actor was to make sure that people would care about and empathise with Chappie. A Uniway is fun transportation experience - some might call it a single-axis self-balancing inverted pendulum unicycle. We like to call it pure awesome. Wind in your hair kinda awesome. How does it work? Simply step on the foot pads and lean forwards or backwards if you prefer to revisit places and the rest is history!

The Uniway moves thanks to the brushless DC motor, the battery and the gyro-stabilised system. It detects the forward tilt and instructs the engine to compensate for the balance by rotating the wheel and by keeping the tilt stable. When braking, it reciprocally detects the backward tilt and order the engine to decelerate.

How cool is that? Does it require special skills, you may be wondering? We like to believe that, if you can learn to ride a bicycle, a horse or a car, you can learn to ride a Uniway. No acrobatic skills are required. Readers of Popular Mechanics qualify for a discount or a free bag worth R For more information please visit www. SMS the word Uniway, followed by your colour combination, your name and email address to R1,50 per SMS; this service does not allow for 8ta numbers.

To enter online and see the rules visit our Web site at www. Feats of engineering you can strap to your wrist. Whether you choose mechanical or quartz, traditional or smart, your watch has an important role: it lets people know who you are. He uses an abrasive bit to create burnished, circu- lar perlage on the underside of the main plate of the watch movement. He is focused and unmoving, his attention riveted to the plate, whose decoration no one will ever see.

High-end watchmaking has not, for the most part, always been something you find in Amish country. Or, for that matter, in the United States. Typically, if you 39 go looking for horological greatness, the kind of virtuosic craftsmanship associated with the greatest watchmakers, you go to Switzerland. If you are looking for scrap- ple, you go to Pennsylvania. But Murphy, the year-old owner and sole proprietor of the watchmaking company that bears his name, is the exception.

Like some of the small European companies directed by a single watchmaker, RGM makes fewer than watches a year. In contrast, the brands worshipped by most enthusiasts - Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin - produce tens of thousands a year. Rolex produces 2 a day. Burly and with a thick head of salt-and- pepper hair and a bushy moustache to match, he looks more like a juniors rugby coach. Like most watchmakers, he started out doing repairs and found himself drawn to the silent, obsessive work of cre- ating tiny universes of absolute order.

Not long afterward Murphy landed at Hamilton Watch Company, where he eventually rose to an executive development position. Hamilton, it ought to be noted, is a famous American watch brand. And none even tries to produce the kind of arcane complications - a whirling tourbillon that compensates for gravity, say, or a precision Moon- phase subdial - associated with the Patek Philippes and Jaeger-LeCoultres of the world. RGM makes what are by far the most intricate and ambitious timepieces produced in the United States.

The paradox, of course, is that this rugged practicality is actually pure poetry. A R Casio G-Shock keeps more accurate time than a Breguet; a hot-pink Swatch a fourth-grader wears in the pool is more reliable than a watch that costs more than her home. The rhythm of its escapement, the part of the movement that regulates timekeeping, varies slightly based on how the watch is positioned. Not that anybody other than watchmakers would care or even notice.

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But the gravity problem stymied them, and so in , Abraham- Louis Breguet patented a rotating cage to suspend the escapement, freeing it from the effects of gravity. Manufacturing a tourbillon is incredibly hard, which is why almost nobody does it. Two bridges hold the tourbillon cage in place. Murphy and his master watchmaker, Benoit Barbe, bore tiny holes in the bridges to mount the escape wheel, pallet and bal- ance. They friction-fit a gold ring inside each hole and a jewel into each ring.

The degree angle of the drilling, the depth of the holes, and the ring-and-jewel fittings must be precise to ensure the perfect rela- tive positioning of the parts. The slightest variation would ruin the mechanism. The completed tourbillon turns degrees once per minute, driven by a tiny spring coiled around the central axis.

All of this work, by the way, can be done only by hand. A few of the parts can be machined, but even those parts are usually made by equipment the two men created themselves. How much weight do you think it had to bear when they built it? Some horse carriages? Some pedestri- ans? I wore it hunting in degree weather. I had it on when I flipped my Polaris Sportsman quad off a ridge. Still ticking. The most brutal beating was last win- ter, when it was below freezing. I was ploughing snow, running a mitre saw, and roofing.

My phone battery fried, but my G-Shock never flinched. No mention of any special features - he just appreciated its function. So I ordered one of those instead. The digits are big enough to see the time and date with a quick glance. Its body is thick enough to find the LED light button, even with motorcycle gloves on, yet it still fits underneath a shirt cuff. With its year battery and water resistance to m. The whole thing took about a second. Here, too often, is what he does now: he shoves his hand into his pants pocket, or into the folds of the suit jacket beneath his overcoat, fishing for his telephone, which he produces and holds in front of his face.

A man without a watch looks unprepared, like a man who has to check his wallet to see whether he has any cash. A man should always have cash. Your phone tells the time, yes, but your phone is not a watch. You need a watch. Three tones, from low to high, signify each hour, quarter-hour, and minute, respectively.

Minute repeaters often cost six fig- ures due to the complexity of installing the many gears. They count 29 days each February to account for leap years. A perpetual calendar, however, accounts for leap years only when they happen, requiring cor- rection just once every hun- dred years, since each new century not evenly divisible by , , etc does not contain a leap year.

Example: Jaeger- LeCoultre Master 42 www. Give yourself two points for each attribute you possess, then check your results. You are at least a year from buying a smart watch. You may already be wear- ing a smart watch. Apple Watch Accelerometers inte- grate with iOS workout apps to make it a practical fitness track- er. Curved touchscreen and zoom-and-scroll crown are Apple beautiful.

Downside: Needs daily recharge. LG G Watch R Notched bezel pro- vides a vintage aviator feel as you cycle through texts, weather updates, and calendar appointments. Downside: Chunky and slightly conspicu- ous. Waterproof to 50 m and has GPS, so you can track your run, bike ride, or swim. Downside: Poor battery life in GPS mode. It works by adding a dedicated gear that completes one rota- tion every twenty-nine and a half days, the length of a lunar cycle.

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Or more super- fluous. This is no longer an issue, since a watch moves with your wrist. QUARTZ A battery sends an electric current to a tiny, tuning-fork-shaped piece of quartz, causing it to oscillate at 32, vibra- tions per second. This is why mechanical watches, whose springs steadily release tension, have smoother second-hand movement Chronographs require three presses of the trigger to stop, reset and restart the timer.

The function was created for pilots timing turns while flying in formation, where a fraction of a second counts. On manual- wind watches, that energy comes from regularly turning the exterior crown to apply tension to the spring. Automatic, or self-winding, watches have a semicircular weight that pivots as your arm moves, turning the gears that wind the main spring. CON: Inappropriate in most formal settings. CON: Occasionally pulls out arm hairs. CON: Has a rela- tively short life span, could lead you to consider matching your watchband to your clothing.

Smells nice. CON: If you are prone to perspi- ration, that nice smell can be replaced with a pretty terrible one. Not that anyone really had anywhere to be. Filson partners with Shinola, expanding the classic field- wear company to include its first line of wristwear. Radioactive radium paint is used to make watch hands glow in the dark. After clients and employees lose teeth and develop cancer, the radium is eventually replaced by safe photoluminescent materials such as zinc sulfide and stron- tium aluminate. In response, brands such as Doxa create escape valves - automatic, one- way valves that release pressure as the diver surfaces.

Shinola opens in Detroit, delivering man- ufacturing jobs back to a city that needs and deserves them - and beautiful, accessible American watches to the rest of us. Get on a bike. Ride to and from work. Riding will improve your immune system. Have you heard of bike mes- sengers? The bicycle is the solution, but science and Strava have ruined it. And that year-old probably rode a low- maintenance, rugged and inherently cool BMX. This leaves regular and larger-sized peo- ple with the circus bear conundrum of either getting an awe- some-when-I-was BMX or a ridiculous-looking fold-up.

The BMX wins on cool factor and fat tyre comfort, but the fold ups roll quicker and usually come with sweat-beating gears. All the goodness of the compact fold is also offset by the greasy chain and easy-to- damage derailleur. Still a great bike from the worldwide leader in fold-up bicycles. Your fellow commuters will appreciate the grease-free belt-driven drive-train and the two-speed automatic internal rear hub adds to the comfort. The clever one-second fold- ing system is the star of the show, though. Choose between knee pain from sitting down with your thighs coming up to your ears or get a full body workout by standing up.

This is also one of the lightest steel frames on the market. Serious bike commuters who like to trek for miles should consider the Dahon. There are plenty of fold- up choices out there and none of them are poor. Our engineers designed the Leap with safety as our 1 priority. The Leap also comes with a user-installed knife blade that can be added by a parent when the user is ready for more responsibility. Awesome Tools are the exclusive distributors of these brands in South Africa.

Here, he shares his survival rules. GEAR Always take a sleeping bag. And I bring a preassembled emergency pack. Right on top is a pair of warm mitts in a ziplock bag. I carry two. Even the stiffest wind has a hard time penetrating a ruff. But remember that the ice is dan- gerous. You have to know the dif- ference between good ice and bad.

Clear is bad. You want cloudy. And you want cracks. Once ice gets thick, the water expands as it freezes. It has to give somewhere, so the ice cracks. You can almost always find enough firewood. But it takes a lot of time and energy to melt enough snow into water for 20 dogs.

To find the water, just listen for it. When I get to a spot that looks like it might have water. If I can hear the water, I can get to it. You would never have time to build most of them. In Alaska, a lot of us catch marten using small leg-hold traps, which are those spring-loaded metal jaws. To set the trap up, first find a 3-metre, small-diameter tree, preferably a dead one. Then tie it to a big tree at a degree angle from the ground. On the end of that pole you hang bait or a lure or both.

Bait can be guts from other animals or even a piece of hide. Once you secure the trap to the spruce tree just in front of the bait, open it. The idea is to get the little bird to climb the pole and step in the trap. If I find myself exerting a lot of energy, the first things off are my hat and neck gaiter to promote cooling.

Once you get wet, you stay wet until you get to the cabin or tent at night to dry out. This comes from my days working on a helicop- ter crew as a paramedic. That means movement and contrast. A signal flare works, obviously. But neon material called flagging can be tied to a tree. Then, if a pilot flies over, he can see you and which way the wind is blowing. The essential escape kit in case of emergency. Tell only trusted confi- dants about this place. Practise hunting the animals native to your area. Worth noting: domesticated rabbits are less gamey than their wild counter- parts.

If the power goes out, a wood stove is great backup. Get your ham-radio licence. Plenty of people still use ham radios to communicate, including FEMA. In a catastrophe, it might be your only option. Non-food items you should have in your emergency pantry: manual tin opener, multivitamins, fuel gel for cooking. Store a couple of ceramic flower- pots in the cupboard. Two pots nested, turned upside down, and propped above a few candles make an effective space heater. Establish a training regimen on various terrains, so that you can flee with- out getting winded. Pick up a fitness tracker.

Ideally, for ultimate secrecy, not on your house property. But that might also require a rather large purchase.

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  • Have a list of emergency shel- ters. WATER Capacity of your cistern equals 5 litres per person times number of people times number of days of expected cataclysm times 10 - just to be safe. Keep a large water-filter pitcher in your fridge. Good for everyday use and as a filtration system. At the first sign of trouble, fill all extra containers and the bathtub. Canessa had told them that, while they might not be of particular nutritional value, they con- tained glucose, which would give them energy; he had been the first to take a head, cut the skin across the fore- head, pull back the scalp, and crack open the skull with an axe.

    The brains were then either divided up and eaten while still frozen or used to make the sauce for a stew. And because he punches sharks in the face. Probably easier 52 www. See in-store or online for details. For full terms ond conditions visit www. Les Stroud you may know him as Survivorman is just camping. Two complete strangers, a man and a woman, meet completely naked - without food or water - in a desert, swamp or forest. Then they walk the Earth like God intended for a harrowing 21 days. Or: the two people hate each other, build a shelter, struggle to make a fire, and then starve while eating an occasional snake or dead bird.

    I could watch a whole episode just for the before-and-after photos. What a great way to lose weight. You also want a dog that barks like hell when a stranger walks up your driveway. The German shorthaired pointer has these qualities and a lot more. The breed has pulled sleds, carried packs, and gone into battle with elite forces. Its webbed paws make it a good swimmer.

    It can be trained to retrieve game that you kill - or to kill small animals itself. Its complex ances- try also makes it susceptible to few ailments and likely to live up to 14 years. So maybe stock up on dog food, too. Inner fleece gloves provide additional insulation, and the outer shell features leather palm patches for extra grip and protection. The robust outer waterproof shell can handle water columns of up to 5 mm and features an adjustable and removable hood. Made out of co-polyester, both items are extremely durable, making them ideal for the rigours of the bush. For fire pits and latrines.

    Metal spork. Insect repellent. Toilet paper. Refuse bags. Good for food storage or a makeshift poncho. Glow-in-the-dark, if possible. Maglite LED flashlight. Doubles as a weapon. Extra batteries. Flint and tinder. Mylar blanket. Lightweight and warm. Extra pair of weather- appropriate clothes. Tarpaulin, tube tent, or dropcioth. Paracord 30 metres. Durable and versatile. Any necessary medication. First-aid kit. Non-perishable food, such as MREs or canned goods.

    Water bottle with filter, LifeStraw, or canteen. Canteen cup.


    Thick enough but not too thick. Rain poncho. Local maps, preferably topographical. A few drops decon- taminates your water. Small denominations. Twelve-hour candle. Wet wipes. For hot wings. Hand-cranked can opener. Hand sanitiser. Bonus: highly flammable. Open, it has a whopping 1 40 litres of storage. Apart from having an almost unbelievable metre range, it also features a unique pushbutton ammo release function. Transmission ranges vary between 2 and 5 km flat terrain and 5 and 20 km elevated line-of-sight. The radios each weigh a mere 67 g and feature outer casings manufactured out of high-impact materials.

    Features include a virtually unbreakable 4 mm thick, full tang blade with rustproof black oxide coating and a tough-as-nails moulded TPR handle. To tell the truth, I started out on the fringe, buying enough ready-to-eat meals to put me on a government watch list. During the apocalypse, your duty is to keep up morale - and nothing is better for that than a great meal.

    Work Environment

    To make one, you still need to be able to cook. Here, a few essentials. Keep them around. And make sure the ones you buy are storm- proof. You can make your own by dipping standard matches in melted wax. I also recently dis- covered the Soto Pocket Torch, which turns certain disposable lighters into a minitorch. I like Jetboils in general, but this one is serious: it puts out 10 British thermal units, and the pot on top holds more than two litres, which is good for when you need to cook for a few people. You should also have a Power- Pot: the five watts of energy it creates while heating water up to 1,4 litres will charge any device that plugs in to a USB.

    It gen- erates heat with a chemical reac- tion. You simply pour water over the heating pack, then put a tray of food on top. And booze. But do they taste like actual food? Nice chilli bite, too. The only thing missing: a dash of fruit chutney. The separate sachet of mash has great texture, and the dash of mint is a nice touch.

    It tastes just like the real thing. This is more recognisable to the human ear. Mirrors are also important. Nothing in Nature can be mistaken for a signal mirror. Same goes for brightly coloured construction tape. The technical name for all this is amateur radio, an old-timey pursuit in which operators pass a test, acquire a licence and call sign from the communi- cations authorities, and then spend their days chitchatting across the globe.

    The term ham was once an insult, a name professionals gave to amateurs with clumsy Morse skills and mediocre equipment. When I joined as a squeaky-voiced year-old in the s, it was like discovering the Internet before the Internet. Ham is built upon the thrill of the contact: operators routinely hold contests to reach, say, someone in the countries of a particular continent, or they clamour to talk with a fuzzy voice floating in from some far-off island.

    To confirm conversations, they send each other a personalised postcard. I had hundreds on my wall. But then I grew up. At first I filed it away as a memento. But then I remembered: when a disaster strikes, ham radios are pivotal to survival. Operators become community life- lines, with hams talking to each other and working with first responders to relay local conditions.

    I still owned my old handheld, and it seemed foolish not to have it at the ready. So I renewed my licence for free and set about seeing how ham has fared in the digital age. The answer: quite well. There are now almost licensed hams in the US alone, an increase of almost since I bailed two decades ago. In part this is because of new technology that enables talk on previously inaccessible frequencies.

    With my radio busted, I downloaded EchoLink and found a repeater near my Brooklyn neighbourhood. I will, with my new radio. Hopefully just to chat, but also just in case. O Fold an open wrapper in half, width-wise. O Hold the foil O Fully cut diagonally I side of each end from the open side to on opposite almost the edge on the i terminals of the folded side. Unfolded, battery.

    The the two ends should be i middle section wide triangles and the will burst into connecting portion as ' flames. Have narrow as possible. Rotate the map and compass together until the needle reaches north. What you need: an inverter. Some cars have them built in, but you can buy one for a few hundred rand. Use the clamps to attach the inverter directly to the terminals on your car battery. Let the car run at idle and you have volt AC power for as long as you have fuel. Can be a phone or lighter or a knife or multitool. Use a utility knife or handsaw to cut out window- size slabs of drywall.

    O yank the beams Got any drywall in your house? Inside every one is a stockpile of timber you can use to fortify your entry points. Using a hammer, bat or spade, knock the studs loose from the bottom plate and then yank them free from the top. O lock down the entry points Nail your beams together in length- wise pairs at a degree angle to form braces. This makes them stronger. Then run three or four braces horizontally across every door, hammering the nails from above and below directly into the frame at a degree angle.

    Use more braces to secure the drywall over the windows. Try to use longer nails and leave a few centimetres of each nailhead sticking out for easy removal. Panicking wastes energy. As soon as you stop, you lose precious body heat. You can last a long time after this, so flex your fingers closed after each stroke to get blood flowing again. Vase- line and cotton balls to use as fire fuel and kindling, vitamins, and all the antibiotics you can carry. Get tampons if you intend to bring any women with you, and ciga- rettes, alcohol and lighters that you can trade for whatever you forgot.

    O If you have string, make a small hole at the top of both sides and tie an end of the string to each. This is your handle. The wrong plant could debilitate or kill you. But remember: six legs or less to avoid potential poisoning, and roast them if possible to cook away parasites. Get right up to the trunk. Tie your line around one of them. Pack down the sides of the hole for walls. If your tarpaulin has grommets holes with metal rings , pull the line through them on both sides. If it does not, use a buttoning technique bottom right before tying the cord to the other tree.

    The Cream around R90 , a mountain bike made by Spot Brand in Golden, Colorado, can handle smooth tar and rugged wilderness trails alike. The drivebelt needs no lube and is nearly silent - good for keeping a low profile. HUNGRY Tree bark Remove the tender inner layer, called cambium, and boil strips of it as you would pasta, or grind to powder for thickening soup. Can also be roasted into chips. If able, bake to kill bac- teria, then boil for half an hour and strain.

    Soil is nutrient rich, and clay is filling. Everything you need to ride out an emergency at home. Wind saps your body temperature and increases the risk of hypothermia. Keep moving to maintain blood flow and retain body heat. No matter what, never go per cent. GEAR We use a list called the 10 essentials. O Map and O compass. Make sure you know how to use them see page A lot of people substitute GPS. GPS can work very well, but it has its limits.

    O First-aid kit. You want to at least be able to stop bleeding and splint an arm. O Sungiasses and 0 sunscreen.

    Popular Mechanics: April 2014 in 48 seconds!

    If you are someplace with a lot of snow, like we are, snow blindness is a real concern. O Extra food. They may be smushed, old, and beat up, but a couple of protein bars can keep you going for another 12 to 24 hours. There are a lot of options. Try stocking your kit with this: take lint from the tumble dryer, put it into a paper cup, and pour wax on it. Put it beneath some kindling, and light the whole thing.

    O Extra ciothing. Avoid cotton. Synthetic clothing is better. Always have some sort of wind layer. People underestimate the chilling effect of wind. It can be extremely hazardous and can lower your core temperature pretty easily. It tends to have a knife on it, so 1 steer towards that. And it also has other tools. In every pack. You never know.

    His team is on call year-round to lead search-and-rescue efforts, averaging 10 to 12 annually. NICK who collect guns rather than supplies. Their plan: to raid the prepared and eliminate the competition. But what about the insatiable appetite, water retention and raging erections? Whereas some health claims are simply bizarre, we can proudly boast that the humble rooibos is the closest mankind will get to a renewable pharmacy. Rooibos has been linked as an effective treatment for acne, allergies, ageing, colic, insomnia, eczema and asthma.

    Ongoing concerns about the recommended daily allowance were highlighted after a year-old woman was admitted to Tempere University Hospital in Finland with elevated liver enzymes after consuming a large amount of rooibos tea. Dive into the unbiased truth about rooibos over the next couple of pages. Here are five reasons rooibos reigns supreme among flora.

    The enzyme is called superoxide dismutase SOD and rooibos packs it by the bucketload. A study at the Juntendo University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan, administered rats with dextran sodium sulphate, which is known to mess with their colons. One group was given rooibos tea and one group water. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the serum SOD levels in the urine of the rooi- bos group was significantly higher and their colons were far less inflamed. The takeout? Rooibos tea can prevent DNA damage and inflammation. Rooibos can help beat a hangover That Statement is a little misleading. Allow us to explain.

    The most common wine allergen is sulphites, the result of winemakers needing to use sulphur as a preservative. All winemakers, that is, except a handful associated with Red Dawn, a holding com- pany that registered a patent that breaks from the tradition of winemaking. This innovative concept is all hinged on using rooibos wood chips instead of oak staves in wine barrels. Stellenbosch University is conducting several trials around the use of rooibos in alcohol, so watch the news on that. If the jury is still out on this one, the science does seem to support it. We reckon the real winner here is that SA wine, beer and cider con- sumers now have authentically South African drinks to live next to our superb MCCs and potstilled brandies.

    And because rooibos is such a champion at mopping up free radicals and reducing the resultant inflammation, science is trying to prove the correlation between drinking a cup of rooibos tea and easing of post-workout discomfort, instead of heading for the massage tent at the end of a race.

    Dave Mosher - Business Insider

    The trick is in the high levels of magnesium and zinc, which boost testosterone, which helps muscles recover. Rooibos also helps your body absorb iron, which will enhance oxygen delivery to muscles. The relaxing properties of a warm cup of tea will also help you get better sleep. Massage, ice baths and arnica oil have been widely debunked as the cure for post-exercise soreness, but the diehards do have one powerful argument: they feel so good. The group treated with rooibos gels and creams showed massive signs of recov- ery, leading to the conclusion that it could work on humans as well.

    Bye-bye wrinkles? Other desirable characteristics of rooibos are its anti- bacterial properties, its hypoallergenic characteristic, as well as high levels of zinc and vitamin D. Moving away from the skin, a clinical trial in adults at risk of heart disease done by the Cape Peninsula University of Technology CPUT found that drink- ing six cups of rooibos a day is good for your ticker and will lower your risk of heart disease.

    Rooibos will help maintain your erection The two biggest enemies of the male erection are low testosterone levels and poor oxygen circulation. Ley dig cells are important because they are the primary source of testosterone. Low testoster- one levels lead to loss of muscle strength, decline in physical activity and low sperm counts. A Korean study fed week-old rats a dandelion and rooibos extract complex over four weeks. The results were higher testosterone levels and higher sperm counts. Thirty men who showed ageing-male symptoms were given a mg dose of the same complex and a clinical survey showed a marked improvement in quality of life.

    At the time of writing CPUT were investigating rooibos as a possible way to weaken the effects of altitude sick- ness, which it just so happens is an alternative use for Viagra. Picking up a pack of rooibos feels a whole lot more casual than asking for the blue pill at your local pharmacy. Your wait will be longer than usual, you realise within the first 12 seconds. Part of human life on Earth is to divide, categorise, and delineate what one encounters. Time is no exception. However, the process is done so consistently and ubiquitously that time has taken on a false objectivity in the minds of Man.

    The arbi- trary division of a day into 24 hours, for instance, has its roots in a human predilec- tion for the number 12 that extends from Ancient India, Greece and Egypt, further fuelled by the contingency of there being 12 lunar cycles in a year. Before it became pervasive throughout human society, many other systems of per- ceiving time held primacy.

    David Landes, in his book Revolution in Time, explains that, before artificial light, daylight hours were central to human agency, and thus formed the cornerstone of division of workable hours and life in general. This would mean a more fluid and random division of time as daylight hours changed through seasons, quite unlike the concrete system of the contemporary hour day. Despite human misconceptions of the centrality of an imposed system of elapsing time, the universe works on yet another time scale, one which is in many ways inaccessible to the human mind.

    The phenomena of truly large numbers extend beyond the reach of our otherwise vast imagination. According to a study published in the journal Cognitive Science, led by David Tandy, most people can conceptualise num- bers now that extend far from a million, due to growing familiarity.

    However, once the boundary of sev- eral billion, say, is breached, most attribute numbers above this thresh- old to the same category of the inconceivably massive, simply because it becomes impossible to visualise. Humans simply do not function in a way that has to do with too large numbers. Our years on Earth are few, our friends and family number in, at most, the triple digits, and our bank accounts are generally not so large either.

    So when it comes to possibly understanding the arbitrari- ness of our imposed and anthropo- centric perception of time, it is nearly impossible. When the sheer magnitude of the numbers we must face stand in such stark contrast to our very imaginary boundaries, ana- logies become the last resort.

    At the restaurant, you have now been sitting for about five minutes without being served. Five minutes, any stockbroker will tell you, is a lifetime, and you would be inclined to agree in this instance.

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