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Inhibition of auxin efflux using 1-naphthylphthalamic acid blocked VC-mediated growth enhancement. Spatial and temporal expression patterns of the auxin-responsive reporter DRGUS indicated that the activation of auxin signaling occurred before enhanced plant growth became visible.

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Results from this study suggest critical yet overlooked roles of VC in Verticillium ecology and pathology. Add to favorites Download Citations Track Citations. Metrics Downloaded times.


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  • Role and regulation of ROS and antioxidants as a signaling molecule in response to abiotic stresses Renu Bhardwaj 9. Role and regulation of plants phenolics in abiotic stress tolerance: an overview Mohd Irfan Naikoo Bioactive molecules as regulatory signals in plant responses to abiotic stresses Antonio Ferrante Biochemical and molecular regulation of phenylpropanoids pathway under abiotic stresses Alessandra Francini Role of sugars in abiotic stress signalling in plant Iffat Zareen Ahmad Methylglyoxal: a novel signaling molecule in plant responses to abiotic stress Zhong-Guang Li Role of trehalose and regulation of its levels as a signal molecule to abiotic stresses in plants Silvia Morgutti, Chiara Pucciariello, Gian Attilio Sacchi and Noemi Negrini Sugar and phytohormones regulates plant growth and development under in vitro condition Nasreena Sajjad Role of mineral nutrients in abiotic stress tolerance — revisiting the associated signaling mechanisms Mohammad Abass Ahanger Sulfur availability potentiates phytohormones-mediated action in plants Nafees Khan Role and regulation of plant hormones as a signal molecule in response to abiotic stresses Renu Bhardwaj Role and regulation of auxin signaling in abiotic stress tolerance Veena Pandey Abscisic acid in plant abiotic stress signaling and responses Amarjeet Singh Salicylic acid-mediated defense mechanisms to abiotic stress tolerance Aisha Kamal Role of methyl jasmonates in salt stress tolerance in crop plants Aamir Raina Jr.

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    Insights into the nitric oxide mediated stress tolerance in plants Santisree Parankusam Role and regulation of osmolytes and ABA interaction in salt and drought stress tolerance P. Kavi Kishor Regulatory role of proline in heat stress tolerance: modulation by salicylic acid Noushina Iqbal Osmolyte diversity, distribution and their biosynthetic pathways P.

    Role and regulation of osmolytes as signaling molecules to abiotic stress tolerance Challa Surekha and Shabir Wani Role of heat shock proteins and its signaling under abiotic stress Palakolanu Sudhakar Reddy Protein linases and phosphatases in stress transduction - role in crop improvement Thammineni Chakradhar Iqbal R. Working on the metabolism of plants under different abiotic stresses, Dr. Khan has found a significant role of phytohormones in the regulation of plant growth and development and have suggested that phytohormones play an important in controlling stress responses and interacts in coordination with each other for defense signal networking to fine tune tolerance mechanisms.

    Unique communication strategy discovered in pathway controlling plant growth

    Khan has published more than 35 journal articles, 07 book chapters and has edited two books including this. He was an integral part of the team for developing high-throughput, low-cost methodologies for the isolation of promoters and genes, sequencing for phage DNA and identification of stable reference genes for qPCR studies. He is associate fellow of Andhra Pradesh Akademi of Sciences from He has worked in Germany and Philippines on genomics and molecular aspects of abiotic stress tolerance and genome editing.

    He has published more than 32 research articles in international peer reviewed journals and also has 5 book chapters and a patent to his credit. Area of expertise: Functional genomics, Gene expression, Molecular biology and Genome editing.

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    He has 18 years of research and teaching experience. His research activities are related to the understanding plant responses to abiotic stresses; on the role of plant hormones on regulating leaf and flower senescence; molecular studies on the ethylene biosynthesis and actions in plants; postharvest physiology and biology of horticultural crops.

    With 30 years of research and teaching experience, Professor Nafees A. His current research interest is understanding the mechanisms of hormonal and nutritional regulation of plant growth with special emphasis on abiotic stress vis-a-vis photosynthetic efficiency and abiotic stress tolerance. He has edited 14 books and published more than peer-reviewed research articles in journals of international and national repute.

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    Plant Growth Signaling Plant Growth Signaling
    Plant Growth Signaling Plant Growth Signaling
    Plant Growth Signaling Plant Growth Signaling
    Plant Growth Signaling Plant Growth Signaling
    Plant Growth Signaling Plant Growth Signaling
    Plant Growth Signaling Plant Growth Signaling

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