Physics of Highly-Ionized Atoms

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Flambaum, U. Safronova, S. Porsev, and M. Kozlov, Phys. Published 16 July DOI: Provided by Joint Quantum Institute. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Could Venus have been habitable?

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Sep 20, Relevant PhysicsForums posts Speed measurement -- Limitations to "instantaneous" measurements? Can a virtual particle from a maget accelerate another particle on a linear path? List of Conversion Factors 18 hours ago. Unexplained phenomena 18 hours ago. Condensation as humidity control Sep 21, Ambipolar diffusion and sheaths in a bounded plasma Sep 21, Related Stories. Understanding the energy and charge transfer of ions passing through membranes Apr 22, Apr 22, Jun 13, Physicists propose a way to make atomic clocks more accurate Nov 07, Feb 17, Dec 04, Recommended for you.

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Physics of Highly-Ionized Atoms

Send Feedback. This clock uses strontium atoms, and the observed transition is reported to an astounding degree of explicitness. The energy corresponds to a wave with a frequency of ,,,, Astronomical data has been interpreted by some to suggest that alpha is changing at a small level. At the finer level of precision offered by highly charged ions, terrestrial tests of alpha's constancy could be carried out.

Journal of the Optical Society of America

Other potential uses for atomic clocks emerge in areas where high precision is critical: geodesy, hydrology, navigation, and even the deep tracking of spacecraft. Safronova singles out the potential for quantum computing: "The highly charge ions we recommend," she said, "present a completely unexplored resource for quantum information owing to their unique atomic properties and their potential for reducing the sensitivity to troubling decoherence effects. More from Other Physics Topics. Please sign in to add a comment.

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Stored and Cooled Ions Division - Atomic and molecular quantum dynamics

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Share Twit Share Email. Home Physics General Physics. July 18, The best highly charged ions seem to be atoms such as Nd, Pr, and Sm that can be ionized to have the same number of electrons as four successive elementsAg, Cd, In, and Snin another part of the periodic table. Credit: Los Alamos National Lab. Explore further. More information: "Highly charged ions for atomic clocks, quantum information, and search for alpha variation," M.

Safronova, V. Dzuba, V. Flambaum, U. Safronova, S. Porsev, and M. Kozlov, Phys. Published 16 July Highly Ionized Atoms HIA hypothesis: According to Bohr theory of atomic structure and the Schroedinger equation solution for energy eigen values, the bound states of the atom exist when the energy E n , as approximate values, is:. Short distance stage: Which is the stage from the beginning of the neutron-nucleus interaction, to the time of formation of the fission fragments which start to go faraway from each other.

EC-decay of highly ionized atoms

The Coulomb potential and the energy of the system will be treated as if the two new nuclei are one nucleus. During this stage, consider one of the electrons and calculate the binding energy of this electron with each newborn atom:. This electron has a chance to accompany the fission fragment of velocity v ff..

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Figure 2 represents this stage. In the case of 93 Rb and Cs in Eq. Figure 3 represents HIA stage. After introducing ionization states of fission newborn atoms and make a comparison between different atom behaviors due to different nucleus activities, it is noticed that, the ionization states of fission born atoms is more near to what presented in HIA hypothesis where atom destroys completely and electrons with each atom resulted. According to former interpretations of electromagnetic radiation from nuclear detonations, there are three types of electromagnetic radiation SCOPE, :. The EMP produced from currents interacts with the earth magnetic field.

The currents are produced from high energy Compton electrons which are in turn, produced from prompt gamma interaction with the atmosphere SCOPE, According to HIA hypothesis, there is an excess of electrons released from fissioned atoms distributed through the medium surrounding the fission process, with keV-eV kinetic energy.

These electromagnetic radiations are emitted in quanta with frequency f Wong, When the ambient temperature is very high, 10 8 K, the kinetic energy will be very high and a part of the emitted radiation will be as X-rays. At intermediate temperatures K, a part of the emitted radiation will be ultraviolet, visible and infrared radiation. At lower temperatures the radiation emitted will be as low frequency EMP which affects telecommunication and electronic equipment.

This rapid gradient in electromagnetic radiation energies follows the rapid gradient of ambient temperatures. In case of reactor accident which stays for a long time, like Chernobyl, it is expected to have a steady level of kinetic of electron energies and radiation emission with intermediate or nearly low frequencies and this explains the red glow of Lava-like-Fuel Containing Material LFCM in that accident. This red glow was attributed to reactor graphite burning Sich According to HIA hypothesis, fissioned atom destroys completely and electrons accompanied with each new born atom.

HIA hypothesis represents a new tool to understand fission product chemistry, where many issues are not clear, in a proper way. Subscribe Today. Science Alert. All Rights Reserved. Research Article. Abdul- Wali Ajlouni and A.

Physics of Highly-Ionized Atoms Physics of Highly-Ionized Atoms
Physics of Highly-Ionized Atoms Physics of Highly-Ionized Atoms
Physics of Highly-Ionized Atoms Physics of Highly-Ionized Atoms
Physics of Highly-Ionized Atoms Physics of Highly-Ionized Atoms
Physics of Highly-Ionized Atoms Physics of Highly-Ionized Atoms

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