Packing Heat (Blue-Collar Lover, Book 2)

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Email me at jordan at psycop dot com. Click Here to view this newsletter in your browser if you can't see the graphics. I just don't have time for foolishness. Maybe if you let go of past hurts and current expectations, and unlock your heart, you'll find that out. Of course, USPS is struggling now He protects her and defends her from some mean co-workers. He keeps her secrets, she can trust him. He's always making her laugh and gently teasing her.

He handles her problems like a man. It's fucking hot. So he's like, "I will open up the post office for you and you can wait inside while I go get gas.

I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave – Mother Jones

Less than ten minutes later, her problem was handled. This is such a man. I love when men just step in and take care of business, it's very much a turn-on. If you want to write a man who makes me excited, forget about six pack abs - just have him fix the heroine's car or something. O Jan watched, noting his nice arms, long legs, and cute butt. He's not a bad-looking guy. Though she wouldn't call him "hot" as her cousin had. Jan preferred her men in a suit and tie, well-coiffed, understated fine jewelry. She'd dated a couple of men who fit this bill.

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Had their character been as polished as their wardrobe, she'd be like Crystal right now Ew, you attracted to the very men who make my skin crawl. Luckily, Jan doesn't let this ideal keep her from enjoying Doug's company, and he breaks down her barriers slowly and surely. Which is cute. He befriends her brother and even gets him involved in basketball again.

He always supports her dreams of being a singer even though other people tear her down. I also really liked how Doug confronts Jan about being on the down-low. Initially, they were going to keep their relationship a secret. Jan is very private and she doesn't like the people at work to know her business. But Doug is not okay with being kept a secret for long. I remember a guy who wasn't going to date anybody he worked with. I just don't like people - " "In your business.

Girl, people are going to think they're in your business whether they actually are or not.

Book NEWS 1- Zuri Day, Pink Heart Society, Resse Ryan, Cheris Hodges

So trying to keep them out of it is basically a waste of time. It got none at all. You feel some kind of way because of Melissa.

If I hadn't slept with anybody at the office, would you still feel so opposed to people knowing we're together? How would you feel if I was going hard to keep you quiet, telling you I didn't want anyone to know about us? I'll tell you how you'd feel. Angry and suspicious, thinking that since I was trying to hide you there must be other things I was trying to hide.

You think I'm seeing someone else? And then several more. And remembering Pat's earlier comment didn't help. It made her position sound totally crazy. Doug Carter? That's a good man right there. If it were me, I'd be shouting it from the rooftops. In that moment Jan decided that Pat was right.

I've thought about it and I guess I don't care that everyone knows I turned you out. I don't care either. Because then they'll also know it was some Carter love that put that big-ass smile on your face. You want bragging rights. I just want you. He does a lot of stuff throughout the book that shows how caring and considerate he is, I really liked it. And this isn't even a big deal in the book. It's just treated as if it's nothing. Extra points. He drives a motorcycle and is in a little, low-key MC and he's so sweet and patient with her about her getting on his bike.

When she eventually does, it's very cute. He's very cute and funny with her and makes her laugh a lot. Day does NOT make Jan's brother "the poor cripple" or cutesify him in any way, this is a real person who just happens to be in a wheelchair Another good thing is Day's real and meaningful conversations about life.

I especially liked this one: "You never thought about college? But there was this bike I wanted. Parents wouldn't buy it. They told me that if I wanted it to get a job. So that's what I did. I have a liberal arts degree. See, you made my point. She keeps getting passed over in favor of thinner singers.

Jan is a size 14, but it's a hard size 14 and by that I mean she works damn hard to fit in size 14 clothes. This is accurate and true to life. Everyone just looks at her and sees "a thick chick" but she diets and zumbas her ass off in order to be a size If she did nothing, she would be a lot bigger. Of course, just like in real life, nobody gives a shit about that. All they see is a fat person and a target for their hatred.

ANYWAY, Jan gets fed up with the comments and needling and writes a song about being yourself and being happy with who you are. What is the company line? Well, society hates fat people. Fat people are not accepted and everyone wishes they would just go away. If you put yourself down a lot, say hateful things about yourself, and make it clear you are trying to starve yourself plus exercise a lot, people will grudgingly admit you are "trying" and maybe give you token acceptance. You don't need to hate yourself and hate your body just to gain acceptance into whatever you think you want to be accepted into.

Trust me, it's not worth it. I was really hoping that Day was going to put a positive message in this book. Unfortunately, it just turned into the same old thing. A lot of people, especially these days, might say you're overweight. But you're rocking that body, believe it! Does she throw her cranberry juice on his all-white outfit? She fucking thanks him. I can't even with this shit. And then she view spoiler [meets a record producer exec hide spoiler ] and he's all like, "Yes, it is. You need to work out to get in better shape, so when we get called out to go on tour, you'll have the kind of stamina you need on the road.

She works out all the time and fights damn hard for this size 14 body. Does she tell him that? Or better yet, not even be apologizing about how fat she is and explaining about how she's a "good, well-behaved fat person" who beats her body into submission regularly and starves in order to be a size 14 - but telling him where to get off and what he can do with his "concern? Fuck this shit, fuck it.

I am so rabid with this. I'm sick of people seeing a fat person and assuming that this fat person is doing jackshit about their health. AND I'm sick of society making fat people who DO choose to do jackshit about their health like they are worthless scum who should die.

Of course, Doug loves Jan's chubby little body and he never says anything about her weight or size. Which is how it should be. He thinks she's a yummy little woman that he would very much enjoy fucking and snuggling with. I can't complain about him, he's cute. But the fact that Day started out with a relatively positive message about a hard-working curvy woman and then fucked it all up for no reason made me very angry.

She even calls dicks "dicks" sometimes and even said 'pussy' once. I'm impressed. Tl;dr - I was hoping to give this a higher rating but the message about fat people really rubbed me the wrong way and is preventing me from giving this an extra star. I thought Doug was a great guy. I liked Day's humor and also her real-life vibe. I would definitely read another book in this series. I'm looking forward to Nelson's book because I think he's a heavier guy and I love heavy guys. That's it. View all 48 comments. I was pleasantly surprised by this book I guess the title led me to think the story would be somewhat different.

I liked the lead characters. Janice had a jill scout vibe to her that I found refreshing and I liked the picture the author painted of her, strong yet vulnerable. The story was cute and I was satisfied at the end with the outcome and will wonder what happened to the characters I guess that means I would read a book two. View 1 comment. Feb 23, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews rated it really liked it Shelves: guiltypleasures-rosalie-belle. Rosalie's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Janice Baker has a huge heart and is so involved with her career and family, she never sees life in front of her as it should be.

I love how sweet this read was. Janice and Douglas really did make a good couple, not matter how much Janice tried to avoid it. The two really got along and the lead into the relationship was super realistic and natural. I will say, though, that to have been against it, then BAM, in a relationship quick, I was little surprised. This is the second book in the series, but we were given some insight into previous books characters, which I always love! I look forward to reading more from Zuri Day and in this series in particular!

Review copy provided for an honest review. Feb 23, Reshemah rated it it was amazing. This series is a bout the Carter men and their love life's but they aren't your typical heroes! They have average lives with blue-collar jobs. In Packing Heat, we meet Jan. Jan is an aspiring singer who has big dreams of a wonderful career and a husband who fits most of your fantasies.

Then she meets Douglas! Doug is the supervisor at he post office. He is not the type of man Jan wants and she doesn't want to get involved with anyone at the post office and have a starring role in the soap opera. But can Jan resist that Carter charm?

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Absolutely loved Doug and Jans story and I'm excited about the next book. Doug Carter keeps it real just like his older brother Byron The attraction with Doug and Jan isn't as immediate Can't wait to read the third book in this series. Dec 16, Layeshia rated it it was amazing Shelves: a-a-romance , audiobooks , alpha-men , personal-challenge Another great book by Zuri day! Always great tension between characters. Sexual and otherwise. Feb 27, Dafort added it.

CONCEPT The concept of this story was a woman realizes love is not limited to ambition and means and can be found in the least likely package. In ten years he has worked his way to supervisor and is content with a career in the postal service. He has a good job, friends and family, what more could he ask for. He is looking to settle down and feels his cute co-worker could fill that role.

He is reluctant to pursue an CONCEPT The concept of this story was a woman realizes love is not limited to ambition and means and can be found in the least likely package. He is reluctant to pursue an office relationship but his attraction is powerful and he hopes she feels the same. Janice Baker is not working at the post office to make a career, but is there as a necessity to help out at home. She has big dreams of becoming a singer and although she faces a few challenges, she is determine to realize her dream. She is not looking for an office romance with an ordinary man but wants someone with ambition and drive.

These two try to fight the attraction but when you have a man like Doug packing charisma and sexy looks, who can resist the lure of falling in love. How she makes the decision to put her dream on hold to help her mother with the caring of the house and her brother. Her drive to not settle for a career as a postal worker but at the same time she realizes that all that glitters is not gold. It takes the help of a good ordinary man like Douglas to make Jan see that ambition does not lead to love. Doug helps Jan to see clearly see her potential.

As these two work more closely together, Jan gets to know the Doug and his caring ways. He is content how his life is progressing and knows where he wants to go in life. The secondary characters scenes were entertaining and will have readers chuckling throughout the story. Readers will fall in love with Douglas and is ability to show his chivalry and his encouragement of Jan. Readers will love Jan and how she handles herself and overcomes the challenges she faces while realizing her dream.

Overall this was a good read! Deborah Fortner UrbanDivaz Review Jan 15, Carmen Blalock rated it it was amazing. Dreams, we all have them but how many of us follow them? Does following your dreams require that you are the only one to believe in it or should you have dreamcatchers with you? Because you ARE the only one who believes in your dream does that deter you from having one or does it make you more determined to achieve that dream?

Janice Baker is your average woman. She has a great heart, family oriented, goal oriented and has a subtle beauty. Janice has dreams. While she has been working hard at the Dreams, we all have them but how many of us follow them? While she has been working hard at them she is trying not to get discouraged. When it looks like everything is beginning to go her way life hits her with another blow. Will she ever achieve her dreams or should she just give up. Douglas Carter is a great man. He comes from a strong loving family. He is kind, gentle and handsome.

Any woman would be lucky to have him. How should Douglas feel when he things that he has found "the one" but she keeps shutting him down? Should he continue his mundane life or should he try for this new and different adventure that life is offering him? Day is introducing new characters and flashes some of the characters from the first series.

This is a romantic book but not mushy. The characters show that being friends can lead to more if you want it to.

Romance on Audio: Ten Terrific Narrators

There is no time in this book where you feel like you are missing something, there is always something to keeps you interested in the story line. It is a great second book to this series and I look forward to more in this series. Jan 23, Priscilla rated it really liked it. Janice Baker is determined to make her dreams as a singer become reality. To do so, she has to be a contestant in the next reality show. She also sees this as a way to help her family.

So, fall in love and wasting her time with someone who is not goal oriented were not worth her time. Until she meets Douglas Carter. Doug has been working at the Post Office since he graduated from high school. He loves his job, his family and his Harley. But, there was something about Janice that wakened things in him.

At first the two agreed to be friends, but the emotional pulled directed them elsewhere. As I've stated before, Day really knows how to write about ordinary folk. Fans of this series will enjoy appearance from Carter clan and the introduction of new characters that are begging for a story. Aug 27, Shavonna Futrell rated it it was amazing. The Carter family is no joke mama and daddy had me crying laughing, they spoke the truth so if you did not want to hear it, you should not ask or go around them. Doug Carter was content with his life at the Post Office and plan to retire from there.

Jan Baker had big dreams of being a star and permanently working at the post office was not happening for her and dating a man who had no dreams or ambition was not f Zuri Day bought the heat back in this second installment of The Blue Collar Series. Jan Baker had big dreams of being a star and permanently working at the post office was not happening for her and dating a man who had no dreams or ambition was not for her. This was a very good book, I enjoyed how she incorporated characters from her other books.

This book dealt with self esteem issues, judging books by their covers and stereotypes.

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I highly recommend Packing heat. This book was provided by the author for an honest review. Disclaimer : I received an ARC of this book in exchange for a review.

Packing Heat (Blue-Collar Lover, Book 2)
Packing Heat (Blue-Collar Lover, Book 2)
Packing Heat (Blue-Collar Lover, Book 2)
Packing Heat (Blue-Collar Lover, Book 2)
Packing Heat (Blue-Collar Lover, Book 2)
Packing Heat (Blue-Collar Lover, Book 2)
Packing Heat (Blue-Collar Lover, Book 2)

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