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This is a dummy description. As the environment of care continues to evolve to promote person-centredness, dignity, health, and wellbeing, for nurses working with older people, this can be challenging. Nursing Older People at a Glance is a timely publication which provides an overview of key concepts that nurses need to know in order to care for older people in a wide range of settings.

Divided into six sections, it explores a range of themes such as person-centred care, health and wellbeing, health promotion, and the complexity of older people's care, encompassing mental wellbeing, diverse communities and learning disability. With a strong focus on dignity in care throughout, Nursing Older People at a Glance will readily equip undergraduate and post-qualification nurses with the knowledge and skills required to care for older people in a competent and compassionate manner.

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Three publications are currently in press. The aim is to introduce and integrate academia to a nursing home for people with dementia diseases. There is a need to integrate academia and clinical practice while caring for people with dementia. This offers unique opportunities to bring together research and practice within nursing home care.

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This project aims at working in collaboration with employees and researchers to create new ways of working and to implement evidence based knowledge and structure in the organisation. The aim of the project is to examine the physiological and psychological effects of soft massage treatment tactile massage after stroke in geriatric patients, i.

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The long-term goal is to improve care, treatment and function after stroke in older people. Research question: Does soft massage affect measureable psychological and physiological effects on symptoms and post-stroke function in patients 65 years and older. Preliminary results indicate that touching through stimulation of CT-fibers and soft massage can have normalizing effects on pulse and blood pressure as well as to contribute to pain relief, improved sleep, decreased anxiety, and increased well-being compared to the control group.

The aim of the OPEN study is to evaluate the effects of the sit-to-stand exercise, in combination with a protein-rich nutritional supplement, on physical function and independence in frail older persons living in nursing homes.

NURSING 2004 - Nursing Older People

The data collection is completed. Data analyses and and writing of publications are ongoing. The study protocol for the OPEN study was published in An international research collaboration between researchers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and Sweden, has been established. The group meets regularly and are working on joint publications within family nursing.

Funding applications for various projects are being developed in co-operation with 4 NGO's.

Fulmer Spices: Comprehensive Assessment Tool for Older Adults

The study aims to assess feasibility of a mobile application, Stress Alleviating Mobile Application for Caregivers SAMAC , by collecting views of caregivers of persons with dementia on its use to alleviate stress. In collaboration with about 15 countries worldwide, the Thirst Distress Scale for persons with heart failure will be translated, and data will be collected on thirst and factors related with thirst.

Thirst, appetite, symptom burden, and quality of life in elderly persons with heart failure. A study with four heart failure centres in Sweden will be conducted with the aim to describe thirst, appetite, symptom burden, symptom clusters and quality of life in persons with heart failure. An intervention study will be conducted to prevent and alleviate thirst distress in persons with heart failure.

In collaboration with Stockholms Sjukhem a randomized controlled trial will be planned.

Nursing Older People

The aim is to describe effects of individual nutrition therapy combined with physical activity on rehospitalization, frailty, thirst, symptom burden and quality of life in elderly frail persons with heart failure. The overall aim of this project is to increase understanding of how people with early-onset dementia disease and their families experience transitions during the course of the disease. The aim of the program is to develop solutions for improving the quality of care provided to nursing home residents, enriching the work life of their caregivers, and enhancing system efficiency.

TREC is a research partnership of researchers, knowledge users, policy makers, and citizens which aims to produce knowledge that improves elder care. Nursing Care of Older People.

Caring for Older People in Nursing

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Nursing Older Adults Nursing Older Adults
Nursing Older Adults Nursing Older Adults
Nursing Older Adults Nursing Older Adults
Nursing Older Adults Nursing Older Adults
Nursing Older Adults Nursing Older Adults
Nursing Older Adults Nursing Older Adults

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