Natural and engineered clay barriers

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Clay models for radioactive barriers

Bourg, I.

[MSA-talk] ACS Session: Natural and Engineered Clay Barriers

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Part 2. Toward a precise coupling between molecular simulations and diffraction data. Fritz, S. Clays and Clay Minerals , 34 , — Glaus, M.

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Journal of Contaminant Hydrology , , 1— Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta , 77 , — Holmboe, M. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology , , 19— Hsiao, Y.

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A THMC framework to consider microstructural effects in the analysis of clay barriers. Activation of a Ca-bentonite as buffer material. Alcaline perturbation into the Tournemire argillite: structural and mineralogical studies of a 15 years in situ propagation.

Alteration of montmorillonites in saline solutions. Alteration processes in bentonites ; mineralogical and structural changes during long-term and short-term experiments. Alternative buffer material experiment. An experimental protocol for the investigation of diffusion of ions through argillaceous barriers. Anion exclusion effects in compacted bentonites: towards a better understanding of anion diffusion.

Approaches for modelling gas transport in clay formations based on improved darcy and non-darcy flow concepts. Assessing the performance of a swelling clay tunnel seal and issues identified in the course of its operation. Assessment of backfill materials and methods for deposition tunnels. Assessment of the radionuclide release from the near-field environment of a spent nuclear fuel geological repository.

Autochthonous and colonizing microorganisms in argillaceous underground environments. Behaviour of a bentonite barrier in the laboratory: experimental results up to 8 years and numerical simulation. Bentonite swelling pressure in pure water and saline solutions. Callovo-Oxfordian clay variability from high resolution log data. Implications for porewater composition modeling.

Clays in Natural and Engineered Barriers for Radioactive Waste Confinement - Knovel

Changes in the hydraulic properties of a smectite in presence of chromium. Characterisation of the excavation-damaged zone in the Meuse Haute Marne underground research laboratory. Characterization of a clay material in the context of a cap cover application: field flexion tests. Characterization of a redox-modified clay mineral with respect to its suitability as a barrier in radioactive waste confinement.

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Characterization of the THM parameters of Callovo-Oxfordian mudstone by interpretation of an in situ heating test. Chemical interaction of Eu with the clay barrier. Chemical stability of rare-eart disilicate. Clay mineral interactions with leachate solutions in landfills. Clay seals in CO 2 storage.

BGE (Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung mbH)

CO 2 data on gas and porewater sampled in situ in the Opalinus Clay at the Mont Terri rock laboratory. Colloid generation mechanisms from compacted bentonite under different geochemical conditions. Comparison between radial diffusion and leaching for determining chloride and sulphate in Tournemire argillite pore water. Consolidation and rebound properties of Opalinus Clay: a long-term, fully-drained test. Constitutive model for a deep argillaceous rock using Hoek-Brown criteria. CORE2D V4: a general purpose code for groundwater flow, heat and solute transport, chemical reactions and biological processes in porous and fractured media.

Correspondence between sorption measured on compacted and dispersed systems and sorption model predictions. Coupled hydrogeochemical calculations of the interactions of corrosion products and bentonite. Couplings of THMC phenomena in deep argillaceous rock of a radiaoctive waste repository.

Critical issues regarding clay behaviour in the KBS-3H repository design. Deformation induced by dissolution of salts in porous media.

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Deriving large scale hydraulic behaviour from borehole pressure history data. Determining water permeability of a compacted bentonite-sand mixture under confined and free-swell conditions. Deterministic and probabilistic compart-mental modelling of nitrate reduction and transfer in a bituminous waste cell and the adjacent host rock.

Development of a new facility for dating old groundwaters by using 81Kr. Development of water content adjust method by mixing powdered-ice and chilled-bentonite: application to the construction of bentonite engineered barriers by shotclay method. Diffusion coefficients measurement in consolidated clays: a combination of micro-scale profiling and solid pore structure analyses. Diffusion experiments in Callovo-Oxfordian clay from the Bure site, France: 1 experimental setup and data analyses. Diffusion experiments in Callovo-Oxfordian clay from the Bure site, France: 2 model results.

Diffusion of H 2 O and electro-osmosis in water-saturated compacted Na-montmorillonite using H 2 18 O as a tracer. Diffusion of ions in unsaturated clay-rocks: theory and application to the Callovo-Oxfordian argillite. Diffusion of tritiated water and ions through the Tournemire argillite France in presence of alkaline fluids.

Diffusive properties of stainless steel filter discs before and after use in diffusion experiments with compacted clays. Dismantling of the Mock-Up-CZ experiment. EDZ investigations by ultrasonic borehole logging in drifts of different ages excavated in argillaceous formations of the Tournemire experimental station aveyron, France. Effect of deviation from equilibrium on dissolution rate of smectite under hyperalkaline condition. Effect of temperature on the proton charge of montmorillonite.

Effect of temperature on the retention capacity of compacted bentonite: an experimental and numerical investigation. Effects of alkaline alteration on water diffusivity in montmorillonite gels - a NMR study-. Eh and pH in the porewater of compacted bentonite. Electrical tomography monitoring of the EDZ during the excavation of the gallery 04 in the Mont Terri rock laboratory. Emplacement tests with granular bentonite. Engineering geological clay research for radioactive waste repository in Slovakia.

Erosion of backfill materials during the installation phase. Esdred project, module 1selection and THM characterisation of the buffer material. European bentonites as alternatives to MX Evaluation of pore structure in compacted saturated bentonite using NMR relaxometry. Evaluation of the geochemical processes occurred in the Opalinus Clay formation subjected to a ventilation test. Examination of clay minerals-organic matter interactions at submicron-scale during confined pyrolysis of a simplified system volclay bentonite - type II kerogen.

Excavation damaged zones in the argillaceous Tournemire site: characterisation and failure mechnisms. Experimental and modelling study of pure secondary silicate minerals reactivity in geological CO 2 sequestration conditions. Experimental determination of thermodynamic properties of a chlorite. Experimental evaluation of a retention model for major groundwater elements on the Tournemire argillite.

Experimental reduction of aqueous sulphate by hydrogen in the context of the Callovo-Oxfordian argillite. Experimental study of the water permeability of a partially saturated argillite. Experimental study on self-sealing capacity of clay rocks. Experimental study on the thermo-hydro-mechanical behaviour of Boom Clay. Extension of the Mont Terri rock laboratory and experiment programme.

Natural and engineered clay barriers Natural and engineered clay barriers
Natural and engineered clay barriers Natural and engineered clay barriers
Natural and engineered clay barriers Natural and engineered clay barriers
Natural and engineered clay barriers Natural and engineered clay barriers
Natural and engineered clay barriers Natural and engineered clay barriers
Natural and engineered clay barriers Natural and engineered clay barriers
Natural and engineered clay barriers Natural and engineered clay barriers
Natural and engineered clay barriers Natural and engineered clay barriers

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