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Such is the magic of hyper-personality, but again, such magic is an illusion. I fail at business, make mistakes, fart, trip down stairs, and make poor decisions. I am human, just like you. Celebrity perception is a Saturday. Meh, a boring Tuesday. The fact is, they eat, breathe, and shit stinky poop, just like you. They get divorced, go bankrupt, make mistakes, and yes, they even pick their nose. They are human. With easily accessible social media tools—Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat—crafting our own fakery is so easy a caveman could do it.

Nope, zero fucks are given. And yet, you care about them? Hyper-personality has you dwelling on the lives of others, instead of dwelling on your own. Holy fuckery. I love playing a good first-person shooter every so often.

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The problem is when it goes beyond entertainment and virtual life supplants real life. Know anyone like that? And yet, instead of seeing life as a game to be won, the SCRIPT has confiscated your player avatar and made you the one to be gamed. I was upset for about ninety-seconds. At the end of the day, the game was just entertainment.

I have zero emotional attachment to the outcome because my life is more important. This is an extreme case where entertainment has completely consumed a life. I wonder…how much meaning does life lack if your forearm is tattooed with a sporting event that will be forgotten three weeks later? In a article on Deadspin. Scenes, manufactured and scripted. That marijuana joint? That thirty-one-minute-long bout? Paper money becomes worthless and used as toilet paper. Fuel becomes better than gold. For example, in the movie Waterworld, one of the worst movies ever made, dirt becomes a currency.

In The Book of Eli, water and books are valued commodities. And of course, named days disappear—every day is another day to survive. Iceland even flirted with such disasters as recently as a few years ago. Money is just another shadow on a cave wall, a projection agreeably accepted as real. The repetition created a consensus fallacy—the idea that if many people believe something, some position, or some ideology, it must be true. Not true. Not for you, me, or anyone else. I own it free and clear, with no mortgage or bank involvement.

Liberating, eh? In effect, my home is leased from the government the State of Arizona and my yearly property taxes are the lease payment. If I refuse to pay my property taxes, the state will repossess what seemingly is mine. Heck, in Pennsylvania, 23 a woman lost her house when it sold at auction for an unpaid six-dollar tax bill!

Not exactly. Goldman Sachs. And these people are capable of every sin imaginable. Corporations are evil and greedy? No, people are evil and greedy! The car? Or the people in the car shooting? The car is directed by its occupants, just like a corporation. Somebody decided you were less important than profit. You see, corporations are people, and the corporation is just another shadow on a cave wall. No one gets more; no one gets less.

Would you be OK sitting at a desk five days a week, doing a job you hated? Would you spend two days camped outside at Best Buy, hoping to save two hundred bucks on a curved television? Youthful time sold today working five days a week so you can buy elderly time later retirement in your twilight is a bad bet. You work Monday through Friday, or you spend five life rations just so you can earn two. Five for two. Would you accept this negative rate of return in the financial world? Assuming eight hours for sleep, add up the work-related time, and your free time amounts to a pitiful two hours per day for a workday.

He experiences twenty-three indentured years while enjoying a whopping forty-two years of free time, mostly experienced after he retired in his thirties. Time is scarce, money is not. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. And once the real career fizzles, the consumption bear catches up.

He comments. He opines. He heckles the million-dollar athlete from the cheap seats. So you work for a corporation, everything you buy comes from a corporation, everything you watch is produced by a corporation, and the debt you owe is held by a corporation. Ah yes, as Sidewalkers say, the rich get richer. I know because I fell for the same trap: I deserve to be rewarded for all the hard work in college! Few realize that every dollar owed shortens the leash and tightens the collar around their neck. You need to buy diapers, food, health care, and the latest video game—and you do it for at least eighteen years.

Specifically, start depriving yourself. Settle for less. Lower your expectations. Defer spending, defer experiencing —vacations, restaurants, movies—and defer life until retirement. Replacing fiscal poverty with experiential poverty is like replacing your dietary protein with carbs and expecting muscle.

Life mulls into the trivial and mundane. The pending suicide mission is resigned as fate. Instead of blazing a trail, you marched with the herd. Instead of leading the pack, the pack led you. Goals, nonexistent. Optimism, scant. Dreams, murdered. No one willingly jumps into boiling water; we become suckers to the scheme by comfortably playing in lukewarm water while the heat slowly rises, optimally while showing the latest Hollywood movie while promising free popcorn.

Fuck that shit. Fuck you. I quit. Stock market sinking and threatening retirement? I leave tomorrow. Fuck you and your school. Freedom from work 2. Freedom from scarcity and fiscal constraint 3. Freedom from hyperrealistic influence 4. Freedom from hope and dependence 5. Still, every day is payday. Every day is Saturday. Every day is owned—every second and every hour are mine. Fundamentally, I am as rich in time as Bill Gates or any other billionaire.

Clarity of action and purpose without fiscal measurement, interference, or influence. I grabbed them and took a look. What I found was an emotional mixed bag: First, shock, then happiness, and then fear. The check sat lost in my car for weeks, not cashed, not missed, and not needed. You bet. The fear? The check totally slipped my mind.

At the same time, sectarian war broke out in Iraq. Ukraine was on the verge of a Russian invasion. And yet, Yahoo had nary a peep. While I respect pro athletes for their process, I pay attention to their livelihoods as much as they pay attention to mine.

The source is irrelevant. Is your lifestyle tied to a job and the income it provides? Sorry, dependent. Is your retirement locked into a fifty-year marriage with Wall Street? Or how well the stock market performs? Again, sorry—dependent. He broke routine. He actually engaged me in a cheerful conversation.

He learned I had two business degrees and was an aspiring entrepreneur. I learned he was a lawyer with a wife and two kids. Misery talking to me? Welcome to routine—err, I should say, breaking routine. No politics, religion, or sports team crap. No gym photos or pictures of my healthy meal. The truth is, I care more about the real me than a crafted, social media me—so real me gets my attention. My day-to-day attire is gym clothes. The last time I had a public speaking gig? I showed up in jeans and a T-shirt.

In his essay, he cited his daughter for the reason. I was twenty-six, four years removed from college and working as a chauffeur in Chicago. My workday started like the other six days before it. This morning was worse. Drive Ruth through a nuclear apocalypse or the eye of a hurricane and, well, enjoy your buck, kiddo. Roads were closed. Visibility, spotty. Frustrated, I pulled the limousine to the shoulder of the road and parked. I faced myself in an eerie silence. My cold socks, damp from hauling luggage all day, heckled my anguish.

The disheartening truth was clear: Wipe me from the face of the planet and no one outside family would care. I was a nobody. My two business degrees, a waste. My dead-end job was just a merry-go-round keeping the bills paid until next month. I was sick of being outcasted by my friends as we had nothing left in common—they talked about their jobs, cars, and two-bedroom townhouses; I talked about my entrepreneurial dreams.

Day after day, the dog lies there whimpering and moaning. A true FTE shifts interest to commitment. He said: It is the influence of leisure on consumption which makes the [five day workweek] so necessary. The people who consume the bulk of goods are the people who make them. That is a fact we must never forget, that is the secret of our prosperity.

People who have more leisure must have more clothes. They must have a greater variety of food. They must have more transportation facilities. They naturally must have more service of various kinds. This increased consumption will require greater production than we now have.

And 27 this to more profits. Good-bye job! Hello entrepreneur! Willie is owned by his junk and the mediocre comfort it provides. Translation 2? When you experience how much the system sucks firsthand, the desire appears. The nice car, the regular paycheck, the fun weekend of football games—all of it keeps you at the poker table with the same strategy, the same bets, and the same cards. In the end, nothing changes but the passage of time.

Or watching the Yankees third game on a ten-game home stand? Your long-term happiness? Or your drunken stupors at the lake on Saturday afternoon? Are you willing to make that sacrifice? He said: I believe that opportunity looks a lot like hard work… When I was thirteen, I had my first job with my dad carrying shingles up to the roof. And then I got a job washing dishes at a restaurant. And then I got a job in grocery store deli. And then I got a job in factory sweeping Cheerio dust off the ground.

I was always just lucky to have a job. And every job that I had was a stepping stone to my next job, and I never quit my job until I had my next job. And so 28 opportunities look a lot like work. Epic speech, no doubt. Epic crowd reaction, not so much. Make better choices? And until that changes, nothing will change, no matter what my advice is. Stack extemporaneous responsibility into life and consumption is mandated. Missing the latest episode of The Walking Dead is not the end of the world.

You will survive. Commitment swallowed interest. In my case, fear washed away. And mediocre comfort turned to pain. I had enough of the nail. I committed to entrepreneurial success and would do anything to make it happen. And that limousine job would be the last job I ever had. My last paycheck. My last boss. My last Monday through Friday. The failures, trials, and tribulations. The common thread is these men broke the rules for their time. Believers of their own delusions, they gibber about business, the newest motivational video or the latest IPO story. But they never do anything.

Caught in a perpetual paralysis by analysis, these wanderers consume the forum like a drug, creating progress illusions, reading book after book, posting inspirational meme after meme, while accomplishing nothing. Kevin owns a successful product-based eCommerce company. Some days he works three hours, some ten, some none. Despite his busy company, Kevin has globe trotted the world, from Antarctica to Iceland to Peru.

Six months out of the year, Kevin is on a plane to some exotic destination. In , Kevin bought his father a brand new Lexus. Author of the The 7-Power Contractor. Building a company into a very successful and profitable venture requires the ability to plan and execute as well as learning that recurring revenues are much more important than one-time sales.

Owning the company also provides the needed income 29 that is required to travel all over the USA to compete in ultracycling events. Yeah, a fake false FTE creates a division by zero. I just turned twentyseven and it was one of the happiest days of my life. And get this: I lived poorly on a mattress in a tiny studio apartment. At the time, my business was growing. I created an in-demand web service and finally cracked a nut on finding customers. After walking to the bank and making a deposit, I walked outside.

It was January and the weather on this sunny Arizona afternoon was stunning— warm with a gentle wind caressing the neighboring palms. Meanwhile 1, miles away in my hometown Chicago, it was just another dark day of snow, cold, and misery. I took a contented pause, thankful for my recent choice, and glanced at my bank receipt. However, at that moment in my life, it meant not having to get a job for at least another year.

Freedom to pursue my dream and what mattered to my heart and soul. In general, a process is an action-series resulting in an outcome.

For example, changing a blown tire is a process. Getting this book into your hands, another process. Your micro-processes are your thought patterns— your beliefs, biases, and your ability to self-reflect. I omitted certain details because such details were no longer relevant as a macro-process. The macro-event was worthless. Mark Zuckerberg was in high school fiddling with his Nintendo. The macro-process of scaling an Internet company is not the same as it was in Or in Rules change. Playing fields evolve. In other words, your inside-self is defeating your outside-self.

Ingesting the latest hot pill gives me the psychological edge of belief. Take for instance when I mentioned beliefs: I can guarantee many readers will skip this section. Your mind delivers a psychological impact—so impactful that it must be scientifically accounted. A falsely held belief is equally as powerful as one that is true. The difference, however, is what follows. A response imbued with a true belief is actionable knowledge.

A response compelled by a false belief manifests as a mistake, an illusion, or an inaction. Sure I could believe and ultimately bench press , but my joints would eventually expose the truth. Exposing our beliefs as either truths or falsities clarifies whether our actions are based upon actionable knowledge or misperceived delusion. Proof constitutes an immediate belief shift followed by action. Old belief: My wife is trustworthy. New belief: My wife cannot be trusted. On the flip side, false beliefs do the opposite: they produce either inaction or errant action.

Delusional beliefs also cause erroneous inactions. Or a nay-saying enemy? In effect, the crowd tells you how to think and live , while critical thinking is shoved under the rug. WHY do Democrats believe that success should be progressively penalized and that somehow it will translate into better-paying jobs?

Why do they believe that government bureaucrats are virtuous and selfless, while the citizens they regulate are not? For example, many of my readers have already boxed me into a category: MJ is one of these libertarian goons with a cache of guns! MJ is a corporatist! MJ this, MJ that! The truth is, if I disclosed my views on hot-button issues, such as religion, gay marriage, or environmentalism, your eyes would pop their sockets because no box fits me.

Aliens living among us? While we are free to question and investigate our beliefs, few do. Instead, we seek to ratify them through a collective groupthink.

Life Unscripted: Finding Your Voice to Transform Your Life

In other cases, they are generational, passed from ancestry. If your parents believe a particular religion, so do you. On my forum, countless young Asian adults complain about their demanding parents who unequivocally, without negotiation, insist they become an engineer or a doctor. If your favorite actor endorses a particular politician or undertakes a noble crusade to save the dolphins, you will likely adopt a similar belief.

Real story, but meh, not important—give it six-seconds. When I first heard of the movement, I was like, anti-Wall Street? I earned a degree in medieval literature! Indeed you are. Let the crowd do your thinking and you will indeed believe as the crowd and, unfortunately, find yourself with the results of the crowd. This systematic brainwashing is how mediocrity is born, lived, and then buried.

And yeah, its difficulty is likened to a lifelong Chicago Bears fan abruptly trashing his Ditka sweater and becoming a cheesehead Packer. Event idealism is when your behavior is geared toward fabulous outcomes with a predisposition toward short-term gratification and quick results. It denies process, overlooking the necessity of daily rituals and habits and, instead, expects fantastic results effortlessly. Behind the wins was a grueling process that largely goes ignored: relentless, rigorous training and yearly sacrifices—the daily routines that make the event a possibility.

On the other hand, events grab headlines, herd eyeballs, and elicit talk around the watercooler. Gold medals? Endorsement deals worth millions? If only I could be so lucky to have such genetics! Runaway Bride. The Wedding Singer. Action-faking can be many things, from trivial busywork to data research to reading books—none of which coax progress. Action-faking event. Wow, look at those mahogany desks! Imagine the deals going down there! And bam, three weeks later, the gym is back to normal.

Classic action-faking. It implies failure. Diets die. Habits do not. Can you help me get them? Ready to learn? Wannabe Entrepreneur: Meh, just give me the roses. MJ: Huh? MJ: Uhh…ever heard about learning to fish versus given a fish? If you want the roses, you need to learn how to cross the river yourself. It might take some time to find and learn these tools, but trust me, once you cross, the roses are incredible! I want to do what I love.

Will stuffing my face with it help me get the roses? What does your ice cream have to do with the roses or the river that stops you from getting them?

When compliments are Insults | Life Unscripted

Wannabe Entrepreneur: Mmmm…but I love this ice cream cone. Intelligent Awareness 2. Identify and Visualize the Change Target 4. Apply Mathematics to the Goal 5. Segment Goal into Its Daily Action 6. Identify Threats to the Target 7. Identify the Right Battlefield 8. And it loves assumptions, basing everything on memories or past reference points.

Unfortunately, that same neuroscience giving magicians power also gives the SCRIPT power through event-driven thinking, putting you on the perennial losing team. This neurological awareness is the first step toward a process modality. It must be earned. Oh really? Envision yourself celebrating the year that was, the year that changed everything.

Take a moment and reflect on the accomplishments you hope to celebrate. Did you win a fitness competition? Did you start a new business and double your income?

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Complete a full-length novel? Amazon started with one line of code; Harry Potter with one paragraph; McDonalds with one hamburger. In order to hit your targets, identify what will stop you from achieving them. What impedes success and prevents real change? The instant you put this crap in your shopping cart is the instant you lost the war.

Pick up the phone and cancel the freaking cable TV. Take disciplined action until a feedback loop kicks on. Vow to work until your first echo occurs and then—and only then—decide your next step. Do I continue? Or stop? The process-principle and its echoes can be visualized as a line of dominoes, where each sequential domino gets progressively larger. That domino continues the progression, toppling the next larger one. As the dominoes get bigger and fall, suddenly you start hearing and feeling them drop. And before that Mr. However, according to Josh, the greatest thing that ever happened to him was when he lost his first national chess championship.

Dunning-Krugers infest the internet, particularly in the comment sections wherever comments are allowed. A fixed mindset is the belief that talent alone causes success and that your basic qualities of intelligence, athleticism, and even rhythm are fixed traits that cannot be changed or improved. Ha, yes, rhythm! A whopping 67 percent of the intelligence-praised children opted for the easy test, while 92 percent of the effort-praised chose the challenging one.

They readily admit cheating over studying. Makes me wonder how much these players received fixed praise as children. And now that the real world exposed the lie, hearty challenges are not worth effort, and instead, cheating becomes cool. Such evidence took center stage after the presidential election of Donald Trump. After winning, thousands took the streets to whine, cry, and riot. Professors canceled exams. Nationwide, campuses offered students free counseling, therapy dogs, and Play-Doh.

I hate public speaking, interviews or whatever throws me on the public stage. I, by all definitions, am a hardcore introvert. And to get better at them, I have to do them. And so it goes with a growth mindset. Right out of the gate, I was at the top of my field, earning a solid mid 5-figure salary. There was no upward mobility. I started at the top, at age I did that for 3 years. The Internet has largely rendered college, and education in general, irrelevant.

For those that want to learn anything, open your browser and get to it. You are your only competition, and the process-principle will drive that change. I get a ton of email thanking me: a life changed, a fortune being made, or a paradigm being smashed. Instead, praise the process-principle. Praise improvements, habits, growth, and efforts. But hey, at least everyone in traffic is fooled. Yup, that Audi has a ridiculous car payment.

Not only that, but the average loan now extends over sixty-five months—more than five years! People buy more car than they can afford. Rapper 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy. How are these rich celebrities going broke? The consumer scam, where consumption annihilates production. Big paychecks and huge business profits are no match for the consummate consumer; it wants every dime earned and, compliments of credit, more than every dime.

According to a story at Yahoo Finance, Antoine spent his millions on luxury estates for family members, exotic cars Bentleys, Maybachs, BMWs , luxury gifts and vacations for his entourage, and even the best designer wardrobe money could buy. Walker earned like the 1 percent but spent like the 99 percent. The more production value you thrust into society, the bigger your house, the faster your car, and the juicier your steak. In other words, stop looking to take and start looking to give. You pave new paths, not harden the already well-worn ones.

You create and sell franchises, not buy them. You receive rents or royalties, not pay them. You lend, not borrow. You hire employees, not seek to be hired as one. You sell on Black Friday, not buying on Black Friday. The transaction mediator in this exchange is money. We agreed. No one was held at gunpoint and forced into the transaction.

Money is not hunted, cajoled, or manipulated in the deal; it merely mediates and bridges the deal once equilibrium is reached. Because you misrepresented value. Perceived value did not translate into actual value. Perceived value communicated to another party marketing and messaging 3.

A mutual agreement, an equilibrium with that party closing 4. After dispensing two real bills, blank paper came out. BRO-marketing is huge— and it has corrupted entrepreneurship. And yes, marketing and copywriting are absolutely critical in the value chain. However, for capitalist villains, slick marketing steals wealth through value illusions, much like Mr.

Lustig did decades ago. As a group, corporate types commit more murders on TV than any other occupational category—even career criminals. And what do stockholders want? Rising share prices by way of profit. Wherever you are, right now, take a look around you. A careful reflection yields a humbling truth: Every single thing in your life was once invented and created by someone, or by someone executing on a corporate initiative.

And now you benefit from that output. After a familiar weightlessness, the blindfold was removed. The old man was confused. It was like he never left. He was once again in a great dining hall with the same round tables piled high with the same culinary lavishness. And just like hell, he saw these people also had long spoons preventing them from feeding themselves. As he panned through the hall and processed the joyous sounds, the difference between heaven and hell finally struck him: The people in heaven were using those long spoons to feed each other.

If you want to make millions, impact millions. I was lucky when I chose to read books every day about emerging Internet technologies while camped out at airports, weddings, and drinking holes. And then continued to act. A bad hand is being born in a third-world country without education, sanitation, or clean water. A bad hand is being born with a debilitating disease like cystic fibrosis or cerebral palsy. If you popped out of Mom in America or another industrialized republic, congratulations; you have pocket kings. Suddenly the outcome might be considered luck simply because the attached outcome is significant.

And yet the flipping odds or the mathematics never change. What changes? Your perception. In its purity, this is the essence of probability. Hitting heads on one coin flip is 50 percent, but ten flips moves the probability to Keep freaking flipping! First, picture a row of large gumball machines. Each machine has 1, gumballs of four assorted colors: white, orange, red, and gold, each varying in their colored consistency.

Success, fame, or fortune! It also has some reds, many oranges and whites, but most important, it has some golds. Brother B has changed his probability universe while Brother A is dialing for white gumballs by doing nothing. You must deposit coins into the machine so probabilities are moved.

Crank, crank, crank! Depositing three coins and giving up because your spin yielded two whites and one orange? Throw in a growth mindset and the gold balls increase to 25 percent. However, without effort deposited into the machine, the probabilities are never tested. If you knew your machine had twenty-five gold gumballs among 1,, would you just stop at one crank? No, keep cranking! Fifty spins beats five. A few weeks later, it was on fire and wrapped around a palm tree with me in the car. I walked away unharmed, which amounted to a life-or-death coin flip.

It was good luck. I could have killed someone or myself. Bad luck? No way. You choose the interpretation of your life events and then you choose how to act on that interpretation. It only reacts to the mathematical probabilities of an applied stimulus. Live poor so you can die rich. Try getting that from a job. No matter which, income is capped and measuredly limited by the number of hours in a day, or years in a life.

Creating massive wealth quickly requires this relationship to disintegrate. At that income, can you keep consumption quarantined, or marginally linear? Or will you fall for the consumer scam and ramp up spending parallel to production? And be debt-free in a matter of weeks? An extraordinary life is won on offense; it is then preserved through defense. They say nothing. Good luck finding them. And if such statistics were sought, who would fund it?

The government? JP Morgan Chase? According to a BankRate. Six months? Consider the source. Instead of sanctifying this crap as if Moses ambled down from Mount Sinai and delivered the missive himself, ask who benefits from your belief. Both would be incorrect. In fact, my approach to Wall Street is identical to my approach to Vegas.

You see, instead of looking at Wall Street or Vegas for what they can be, I look at them for what they are. Take a look at the difference in monthly, passive returns. Imagine the joy. Imagine the freedom. Change keeps you poor or makes you rich. You decide which. Both statements are ridiculous, but I guarantee you probably loved one of them and hated the other. This shit happens. There are greedy people managing and owning corporations. Just as there are greedy rich people, there are greedy poor people.

The problem is whatever you want to see is what you will see. And yet, you also want to be wealthy. See the problem? Do you aspire to be greedy? Or evil? Of course not. But then how can wealth be a goal?

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The implication firing the subconscious strife is clear: To become wealthy, you must compromise something. Do you choose rich but evil? Or poor yet kind? The internal polarization causes apathy, stress, sabotage, or even intellectual dishonesty. The implied deduction is even worse: any mother who is incredibly fit is a bad mom. Because Dr. While some dismissed the discovery and the data based on scientific reasoning, others spurned it because it was unconscionable to presume that an upper-class gentleman, a physician, would have untidy and unclean hands.

When traditional paradigms are opposed or questioned, not only is the message attacked but so is the messenger. OMG, did he just say compound interest is a scam? Is he advocating not going to college? However, it demonstrates the first psychological trap that arms our brains for complacency and plagues self-development: podium popping. Podium popping is the ineffective application of various success strategies cherry-picked from individuals who have a broadcast podium.

The Untold Truth Of The Cars

Specifically, it oversimplifies life processes that are anything but simple. How much? Everyone else that follows the same advice and has failed at it, is failing, or will fail. A lottery has millions of invisible losers, and yet, one winner rises to the podium and is photographed and congratulated. After a bomber returned from enemy territory, it was examined for damage. Data were graphed for each surviving plane. After a while, a pattern emerged. The common damage clusters always occurred in the tail-gunner area, the middle underbody, and the wings. Wald, a mathematician by trade, interrupted the groupthink and theorized the opposite.

Can you see why? He added further that the most vulnerable areas of the plane were where there was no damage—those areas needed reinforcement because planes exhibiting those damage clusters were blown out of the sky, not surviving the flight 60 home. The Navy listened and reinforced the correct parts of the plane, more pilots survived, we won the war, and yes, the survivor bias was born. I finished the damn book. When you pay one hundred dollars for some hot stock shares, say eToys. So you buy more at eighty dollars.

Then it goes to fifty dollars and, yet again, you buy more. And then you repeat this insanity all the way to zero. So is it time to quit and do something else? But momentum paralysis says no. All of these memories, the sunk costs, keep you grinding a grind that should no longer be grinded. Or would you logically admit the mistake and turn around? Bullshit 1.

These scapegoats justify do-nothingness. Other times, they explain away failures or circumstances. And as long as we clutch these convenient fantasies, change adversity and righteousness bribe us into buying our victimhood. Bullshit 2. And Bullshit 3. Is it used to consume? Or is it used to maximize freedom within our free-range cage? Here it is: Soon after the American left, things changed. His wife divorces him. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Apr 17, Syd Carp rated it it was amazing. This book was sooooooooooooo good!!! It was just, amazing! Very inspirational!

I lv it sooooooo much! Very bitter-sweet times as well, tho. Every teen needs 2 read this. Nov 14, Kim Hampton rated it it was amazing Shelves: states-challenge. I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway. While it was aimed more at teen readers, the advice would work for any age group. The author explains some of the bad situations she went through as a teenager, and advises other teens to turn their lives over to God and let Him help them write a script for their lives, so they can practice in advance how to keep from getting in trouble.

She compares our lives to a movie, using movie terms to help define key parts. I will definitely be giving this bo I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway. I will definitely be giving this book to my daughters in a few years. Mar 13, Heather rated it it was amazing. This is a great book for teen girls! I thought that it was very neat how the author entwined her own life in script form , thoughts from young girls, and wonderful scripture. I would recommend this book as a great gift for that teenage girl in her life to help her face the struggles that are often Dec 06, Sydney rated it liked it Shelves: christian-books.

The message was great but just not my favorite format. I think ages would really enjoy this book.

Life Unscripted: Finding Your Voice to Transform Your Life

I really appreciate her personal stories that she included - especially the abortion one. Sep 14, Michelle rated it really liked it Recommends it for: youth workers, teen girls. Shelves: non-fiction , forreview , blog-tour-book. In My Life, Unscripted, the author takes real-life scenarios from her teen years and creates valuable lessons from her experiences. Quotes from other teen girls and tidbits of their thoughts are interspersed throughout the book as well.

I liked how everything tied together with Scripture and every scene was used to illustrate a point in the lesson. The screenwriting metaphor also made for an interesting set-up and the book was easy to follow. A great resource for teen girls. So check it out! Feb 08, Kathleen Yohanna rated it it was amazing. I really thought that this book was great. Note the 5 stars. Teenage girls are under a lot of pressure today more than ever.

Dating, school and dealing with parents were all discussed using scripture and insightful thoughts from other girls. I found the screenwriting format very refreshing and give the book a casual air. I teach teenagers at my church and this book will come to class if it is approved by the director of the program. I received this book for free from the Goodreads First Read pro I really thought that this book was great.

I received this book for free from the Goodreads First Read program. Thank you for a great book!! Jan 13, Mary Allen rated it it was amazing. This is a book every teenage girl should own! I've given three away to my teenage nieces and keep thinking of other girls who need a copy Jul 31, Aria Coswin rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book is very self motivating, and it gives you a different perspective on life. It makes you stop, and look around you at everything you have done or haven't done.

It helps you be thankful for all that you have, and basically sends the message, "When one door closes, another one opens". Kristinefuegs rated it liked it Nov 25, Stacie Shipman rated it it was amazing May 01, Alex Schnee rated it it was amazing Jan 16, Stephanie rated it liked it Aug 05, Veronica rated it really liked it Jan 20,

My Life Unscripted. Whos Writing Your Life? My Life Unscripted. Whos Writing Your Life?
My Life Unscripted. Whos Writing Your Life? My Life Unscripted. Whos Writing Your Life?
My Life Unscripted. Whos Writing Your Life? My Life Unscripted. Whos Writing Your Life?
My Life Unscripted. Whos Writing Your Life? My Life Unscripted. Whos Writing Your Life?
My Life Unscripted. Whos Writing Your Life? My Life Unscripted. Whos Writing Your Life?
My Life Unscripted. Whos Writing Your Life? My Life Unscripted. Whos Writing Your Life?
My Life Unscripted. Whos Writing Your Life? My Life Unscripted. Whos Writing Your Life?

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