Mixed Surfactant Systems

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2nd Edition

This approach is shown to yield particles displaying selective adsorption for sugars with different number of carbons, but also provide enantioselective adsorption of targeted saccharides. The imprinting technique provides the first example of selective adsorption based on non-covalent imprinting of silica for sugars. The mixed surfactant are also used to synthesize templated porous materials incorporating titanium which are used for epoxidation catalysis.

Mixed Surfactant Systems

The porous materials obtained have high surface area, uniform pore sizes in the mesopore range, and provided high selectivity and activity towards epoxidation of styrene. Titanosilicate thin films are also synthesized using cationic and saccharide surfactant mixtures to understand the incorporation of the titanium into the porous material. It is demonstrated that large amounts of isolated, tetracoordinated titanium sites can be incorporated into mesoporous silica-based materials via the complexation of the titanium precursor with a saccharide-based surfactant.

Ohsato, N.

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Role of cosurfactant in microemulsion

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      Park Systems Webinar - Viscoelastic Surfactants and Oilfield Chemicals

      Completely revised and expanded throughout, Mixed Surfactant Systems, Second Edition surveys the latest results, newest experimental perspectives, and theoretical investigations of properties, behavior, and techniques applicable to mixed surfactant systems. This important book elucidates core theoretical notions while summarizing results of cutting-edge studies in nanoscale phase separation at monolayers of mixed amphiphiles, nanocapsule preparation through mixtures of cationic and anionic polymer amphiphiles, and the photodegradation of mixed surfactant systems by titanium dioxide.

      The book provides new sections on topics including: Diffusion of mixed micelles Mixed micelles of fluorinated and conventional surfactants Sponge-like vesicles of mixed surfactants Liquid crystals of mixed surfactants Mixtures of surfactants and polymers Photolysis of mixed surfactants Reflecting the abundance of current and emerging applications in the field, Mixed Surfactant Systems, Second Edition compiles chapters written by world-renowned leaders in industry for an up-to-date scientific account of the dynamics of mixed surfactant systems, including physicochemical properties and behavior of surfactant mixtures in detergency and surfactant precipitation.

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      Mixed Surfactant Systems Mixed Surfactant Systems
      Mixed Surfactant Systems Mixed Surfactant Systems
      Mixed Surfactant Systems Mixed Surfactant Systems
      Mixed Surfactant Systems Mixed Surfactant Systems
      Mixed Surfactant Systems Mixed Surfactant Systems
      Mixed Surfactant Systems Mixed Surfactant Systems
      Mixed Surfactant Systems Mixed Surfactant Systems
      Mixed Surfactant Systems Mixed Surfactant Systems
      Mixed Surfactant Systems Mixed Surfactant Systems

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