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We benefited using the microworld with a large group of educators, each on their own computers. Another drawback that challenged our workflow with museum visitors was that the microworld is not logged into a specific account, so we could not share a common backpack for easy sprite transfer.

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I'm very happy that I tried out a microworld for this activity because it felt like an ideal candidate for a more limited Scratch blocks pallette. I experienced a learning curve when working on this project. I needed to set up my computer with necessary software to make these changes to the Scratch editor, as well as learn some basic JavaScript syntax to hide these blocks.

However, as an educator and activity developer, this tool is invaluable.

How to Start a MicroWorld EX Project

I love the fact that code can be curated toward an activity without limiting the possible directions a learner can take a project. Curating coding blocks aligns nicely with creating an ideal environment for tinkering. Pattern Blocks overview. Turtlechase 10K. Turtlechase overview. Linking Circles 23K.

Microcredit effectively for micro-entrepreneurs | MicroWorld

Linking Circles overview. Draw Dots 11K. Fill the screen with multi-colored dots. Make rainbows as the dots follow your mouse. Mac version makes squares. Draw Dots overview. Hearts 36K. Hearts overview.


Snowflakes K Create randomly-generated snowflakes! Try to guess what angles the computer used to make the flakes, then find out if you're right. Control the speed of snowflakes falling from the sky. Snowflakes overview. Olympic Rings 9K.

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Olympic Rings overview. Yehuda's Robe 24K. Draw fascinating robe-like shapes made of hundreds of colored dots. Control 4 variables with sliders. Yehuda's Robe overview.

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  • Microworlds.
  • Biosensors.
  • Fractions K Fractions overview. Silly Recipe Machine 29K. The silly recipe machine invents crazy recipes by choosing random words from hidden textboxes.

    Wonders of the Microworld

    You can add your own ingredients to the machine! Recipe Machine overview.

    Riddle Machine 25K. The riddle machine asks number riddles at random and then gives you the answers. The name "microworld" comes from combining "micro" and "world", which symbolizes a world that teaches powerful ideas, yet having a limited scope. Interest-based microworlds are microworlds aimed at a specific interest or goal, like animation. A Scratch microworld has a limited palette of blocks , to reduce the number of blocks a Scratcher has to dig through.


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