Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology

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Forgot password? Old Password. New Password. Password Changed Successfully Your password has been changed. Rycerz was a founding member of the Center for Biological Defense, an organization focused on quick response to bioterrorist events and rapid detection of bioterrorist agents.

He initiated development of a method to detect bioterrorist agents prior to Rycerz's published articles, presentations, abstracts and posters are numerous and diverse, spanning various disciplines including microbiology, cell biology, plant molecular biology, neurochemistry, and most recently, wound healing,leveraging his wide-ranging background to direct research to better understand wound progression and tissue repair.

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Research interest: Wound Healing, Mononuclear cell migration, Hyperactivation in response to acellular matrices. Currently, Dr.

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He has published more than 70 peer-reviewed articles in the international journals, with an H-index of Research interests: Normal and disordered personality traits, Emotion functions, Normal and abnormal cognitive processes, treatment-resistant depression, schizophrenia, personality disorders. She worked as a neuroradiology research fellow at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia for 6 months in Research interests: Cerebrovascular diseases, Brain tumors, Advanced neuro imaging modalities.

Faiyaz-Ul-Haque has made tremendous contributions to the field of human genetics with highest standard and by employing several innovative research methodologies. He is a referee for a number of well reputed national and international journals, and author of more than 51 articles. Previously, he worked as professor in Wonkwang Medical School till He studied as research fellow in Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary He has published 83 articles in the distinguished international journals related to otology. He is on the editorial boards in 6 international journals and reviewers in 6 international journals.

He is received the Ph. He got his PhD degree in studying epidemiology and pathogenesis of ankylosing spondylitis. He performed a second Level Master in Metabolic bone diseases. In he performed a shoulder fellowship in London. He defended a second PhD Thesis in in Rome in osteo-oncological pathology. The author has been the recipient of several prestigious national and international awards.

Rheumatology & Clinical Immunology (Medical Masterclass)

Wenbo Bu received his Ph. He has published about 50 peer-reviewed research papers in J. His current research interests include the design and synthesis of multifunctional nano-materials and nanoporous for multimodal biomedical imaging and multimodal imaging-guided therapeutic applications. Research Interest : multi-functional nanosystem design,the controlled synthesis and characterization of novel nano-materials and nanoporous with various compositions, adjustable structures and controlled morphologies, with tailored functions and specific applications in multimodal biomedical imaging, drug and gene delivery, as well as novel photo therapies of cancer.

Alfonso H. His clinical and research interests include optimal selection between imaging tests and comparative effectiveness of cardiovascular imaging. Ciro Isidoro Obtained a D. His scientific interest Focuses on the biogenesis of lysosomes and the pathophysiological role of autophagy degradation in human diseases. Ciro Isidoro Has published over hundred papers in peer-reviewed international journals.

Research interest: Testing novel anche theranostics for diagnostic imaging, Therapy of cancer, pathophysiology.

He has published more than 75 scientific papers. Research Interest:Cancer epigenetics, Cancer stem cells, Tumor microenvironments, Cancer inflammation and Therapeutic targeting. Mousaab Alrhmoun is Assistant Professor in the departments of Chemistry, and Microbiology, and at university of Limoges. He is also Research in the biomasses and the water, anti bio resistance bacteria and bacteriology in laboratory of GRSES.

Institute for Clinical and Translational Research

Mousaab was the first researcher who used the Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy in dosage and analyses of Protein and polysaccharides in the biomasses. Research interests: Chemistry, Microbiology, imaging analyses, anti bio resistance bacteria and bacteriology. Head of a large academic Department of Medicine since January and Full Professor of Medicine, Hebrew University Hadassah, Jerusalem with more than publications in peer-reviewed international journals and books. Research interest: Rheumatoid arthritis and Sjorgens syndrome, Cytokines in autoimmunity, Virus-induced autoimmunity, Cytokines in chronic hepatitis.

He is currently licensed to practice medicine in Virginia and North Carolina. He his also a Radiologist at U. Department of Veterans Affairs at Norfolk, Virginia. Research interest: Informatics, Radiology, Business intelligence, Predictive analytics, Sports medicine. Giuseppe Pantaleo is an assistant professor of Department of Medicine and Surgery. He graduated in Dentistry at the University of Naples. He held scientific reports in national and international conferences and congress. He graduated from Alexanderia University in Egypt and completed pediatric neurology residency at Wayne State University in Michigan and a clinical neurophysiology fellowship at Cincinnati Children Hospital.

Beverly A Baroni is Assistant Professor and has had a long history of working in the field of education and social work. She has a doctorate in Educational Policy and Leadership and is a licensed clinical social worker. Her dissertation focused on the identification of facilitating factors and barriers related to the development of a unified service delivery system for special education services as perceived by urban school educators and parents of students with disabilities.

Since , Dr. Baroni has served as principal for Clara B. Ford Academy where she feels her dreams of making a difference for our at-risk students is becoming a reality. Research interest: Development for special education services. He went through the academic cascade till being assigned as a lecturer of Cardiology in the same institute.

He was specialized in cardiac imaging field with special dedication to echocardiography. He is one of the pioneers of stress echocardiography in his area and took the responsibility of the stress echocardiography unit in Ain shams University hospital. His interest and expertise extend from the areas of manual therapy, posture to acupuncture and emotions. As a Post-doctoral fellow at one of the best Medical School in South America, he created a methodology called Postural Balance, which is a way of treating posture through the myofascial chains, movement and emotional release.

He has trained over course participants in the Postural Balance concept and methodology.

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Research interest :Clinical practice, aiming to achieve better treatment results for patients, effect of mindfulness and meditation. Neghab his working as a full time professor occupational health and toxicology at School of Health affiliated to the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran and involved in teaching and research activities.

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Research interest: Occupational lung disorders, Toxicology of metals and irritant gases, Toxicology of organic solvents, Chemical induced hepatobiliary dysfunction. Dr Miyati completed his doctorate Doctor of Engineering in studies on developments of imaging and analytical methods and evaluations of properties mainly on image quality in magnetic resonance imaging MRI at Gifu University in Moreover, he earned another degree of Doctor of Medical Science in studies on noninvasive MRI assessment of intracranial compliance in idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus at Nagoya City University in Dr Miyati has been working as an assistant professor , an associate professor , a full professor present , and a deputy director at Kanazawa University.

During this period, he has been developing and evaluating noninvasive bio-functional imaging and analytical methods in MRI such as the brain hemodynamics, hydrodynamics, and biomechanics. Dr Miyati has published 26 books and more than journal articles, received 23 scientific awards, and been invited lectures in MRI. Research Interest : Epilepsy, pathophysiology and treatment of pharmaco-resistant and pharmaco-responsive epilepsy.

He then pursued a postdoctoral fellowship at the Montreal Neurological Institute. Monchi's lab has been a pioneer in using different neuroimaging techniques to study the origins and evolution of cognitive deficits in Parkinson's disease with the ultimate goal of the early prediction of dementia in the disease.

Interactions between cognitive and neuropsychiatric symptoms are also being studied. Non-medication therapies such as transcranial magnetic stimulation and cognitive training are also being explored. Elena Bozzola graduated in medicine in and specialized in pediatrics in Her interests are: pediatrics and infectious diseases. She is author of 56 medical reports.

Prof Shen got her bachelor degree in the major of medicine and pediatrics in Capital Medical University in , and then got her PhD degree majored in pediatrics and virology in She has been working in Beijing Children's Hospital and specialized in respiratory, virology and sleep medicine ever since then.

Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology
Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology
Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology
Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology
Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology
Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology
Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology
Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology
Medical masterclass : rheumatology and clinical immunology

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