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I found this to be an exciting story with plenty of action and romance. Between deep sea diving in perilous waters off the coast of Florida, a motorcycle speed-chase, an encounter with a deadly coral snake YIKES!

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There are several less-than-savory characters to keep the reader wondering who the villain will turn out to be and I think the hero and heroine; Constantine Con Xenakis and Lizzie Dare love this name! I don't see Con as a super, super alpha hero; he made poor decisions in his past and had an unfortunate childhood; a tough life. When he is accused of stealing and loses his job, he decides since he was already thought to be a thief, why not become one.

He reminded me more of a modern day Robin Hood. But his past doesn't define him, and he quickly shows us what kind of man he truly is. He outshines his past and proves over and over that he is indeed a hero Lizzie is strong and fearless. She's not afraid to stand up for what she believes and go after what she wants.

Make Her Pay

She's physically fit from her deep sea diving so I thought it was apropos for her to step right into the action. A Roxanne St. Claire romance wouldn't be complete without a HOT sex scene or two. She doesn't disappoint her readers in this area. From the minute Con and Lizzie meet the sexual tension and chemistry sizzles between them.

Hot and steamy!

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I also sensed a lot of tenderness in Con. He is sexy, ripped, a Greek-god-like face and body who could easily play with Lizzie's heart and then move on especially since his current job as a Bullet-Catcher depends on him doing just that. It is evident that he struggles with this and doesn't want to hurt Lizzie. All the riches and jewels in the world can't stand up against his love for Lizzie Dare! I recommend this book and if you haven't read the other Bullet-Catchers I recommend those as well.

Each story is sexy and exciting with characters you will love and remember. A Jewel. From Amazon I was surprised by this book, I really was. I had no idea it would be this awesome, this perfect. I love Roxanne St. Claire and her books, but for some reason, I had set a low standard for this book. Free delivery. Free delivery in Phnom Penh. Safe shopping. With Fado Hot Under the Collar The Dogmothers. Shiver of Fear The Guardian Angelinos.

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Face of Danger The Guardian Angelinos. Publisher Pocket Star. Publication date March 27, Language English. Product Dimensions 4. Shipping Weight 4. Book length ISBN Best Sellers Rank Someone has to stop it. Claire really rocks. View more. Customer care. Full name:. Retype password:. Register a shipping account. Customer's code.

ID card image Upload Image. It was a win-win. One other thing Jack made sure to let us know is that nothing Lucy did was arbitrary.

Too true, Jack. This book is available from Pocket Books. Megan And for her great Sawyer pics… azteclady.

Posted July 15, by Casee in Promotions 16 Comments. Roxanne St. Claire joins us again today to talk about writing, reading, and more importantly…Sawyer from Lost. Book Binge : What is the difference in writing a single title for Pocket Books vs.

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Claire : The difference between a big, juicy steak, rare and smothered in blue cheese and a three-layer dark chocolate cake, heavy on the frosting. The single titles I write have action, adventure, danger, complicated plots with multiple villains, lots of secondaries, and a core romance that drives everything. At the root of whatever I write, there is a deep and complex relationship, full of electricity and chemistry and fire, but the stories can be very different. RSC : Nothing is easy.

Not a scene, not a page, not a word. Every single book makes me want to tear my hair out at the roots and go back to writing press releases for hamburger companies. I love my job! RSC : Constantly. I outline every day. On reams of legal pads. In pretty blue ink. At the end of the day, I take out my pad and outline all over again. I save all of my legal pads and when I finish a book, I flip through them and laugh. BB : What kind of research do you do for your books? Do you get to visit the places you write about like the Caribbean? I took a research trip to Charleston, South Carolina last year because the setting is central to the story arc in the Bullet Catcher trilogy.

I often put out calls for help on my many writers loops and am amazed at the assistance and photos and information everyone shares. RSC : Wishing I could be a writer. But nothing except being a mom, of course! I hope to have the opportunity to do so as long as I can sit up straight and type. RSC : Read. Never give up. People just like you and me. Just write, learn, polish, and submit. RSC : Coffee with plenty of sugar and cream. The list is long, and depends on my mood. Recently my ten-year-old daughter and I discovered that there are about six million movies for 99 cents right on our TV.

I had no idea until we were channel surfing one night. Who knew? This summer, we are watching a movie every night and through her eyes, they are all brilliant again. I just love a good story with unforgettable characters and a hot guy or two.

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  6. RSC : Lost. And more Lost. Can we just talk about Sawyer for a minute? Le major sigh. I admit to an embarrassing weakness for some reality shows, mostly because the insight into characters is priceless. I thought last season was superb — I cried when David Cook won. RSC : Thank you for the opportunity to visit! Toggle navigation. Bullet Catcher. Like this: Like Loading The ending is melt-your-heart sweet.

    Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers) Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers)
    Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers) Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers)
    Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers) Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers)
    Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers) Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers)
    Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers) Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers)
    Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers) Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers)
    Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers) Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers)
    Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers) Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers)
    Make Her Pay (The Bullet Catchers)

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