Lysias (Loeb Classical Library No. 244)

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We see in him the art of oratory young and fresh. Funeral Oration III. Against Simon IV. For The Soldier X. Against Theomnestus, I XI. Against Alcibiades, I.

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Against Alcibiades, II. For Polystratus XXI. Against Philocrates XXX. See All Customer Reviews. University of Chicago. Lysias with an English translation by W. Lamb Loeb Classical Library, Kebric provides some first hand evidence of men and women and their lives in the following stories: Eratosthenes , A Poisonous Stepmother? The Casket Comedy. The Two Menaechmuses. Book 2: Christodorus of Thebes in Egypt. Book 3: The Cyzicene Epigrams. Book 4: The Proems of the Different Anthologies.

Book 5: The Amatory Epigrams. Book 6: The Dedicatory Epigrams. Book 8: The Epigrams of St. Gregory the Theologian. Longus -- Daphnis and Chloe. Love Romances and Poetical Fragments. Fragments of the Ninus Romance. Original Title: Daphnis and Chloe. Hercules Oetaeus.

Funeral Oration (Lysias)

Treatise on Odours. Concerning Weather Signs. Book The Convivial and Satirical Epigrams. Book Strato's Musa Puerilis. Book Arithmetical Problems, Riddles, Oracles. Book Miscellanea. Clement of Alexandria -- The Exhortation to the Greeks. The Rich Man's Salvation. To the Newly Baptized fragment. Original Title: The Exhortation to the Greeks. Plutarch -- Lives X: Agis and Cleomenes. Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus. Philopoemen and Flamininus. Sallust -- War with Catiline.

War with Jugurtha. Selections from the Histories. Doubtful Works. Original Title: War with Catiline. The Double Indictment or Trials by Jury. On Sacrifices. The Ignorant Book Collector. The Dream or Lucian's Career. The Parasite. The Lover of Lies. The Judgement of the Goddesses…. Original Title: Principal Fragments: Arbitrants. Girl from Samos. Unidentified Comedy. Original Title: Lives of the Sophists.

Eunapius: Lives of the Philosophers and Sophists. Against Rufinus 1 and 2. War Against Gildo. Against Eutropius 1 and 2. Fescennine Verses on the Marriage of Honorius. Epithalamium of Honorius and Maria….

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Original Title: Panegyric on Probinus and Olybrius. Epithalamium of Honorius and Maria. Panegyrics on the Third and Fourth Consulships of Honorius. Panegyric on the Sixth Consulship of Honorius. The Gothic War. Shorter Poems. Rape of Proserpina. Original Title: On Stilicho's Consulship Antoninus Pius. Marcus Aurelius. Avidius Cassius. Didius Julianus. Septimius Severus. Pescennius Niger. Clodius Albinus.

Opellius Macrinus.

Near Eastern Priests: A Graeco-Roman Perspective

Severus Alexander. The Two Maximini. The Three Gordians. Maximus and Balbinus. The Anonymous Fragments. The Folk Songs. An Account of Greek Lyric Poetry.

Hippocrates -- Volume I: Ancient Medicine. Airs, Waters, Places. The Oath. Hippocrates -- Volume II: Prognostic. Regimen in Acute Diseases. The Sacred Disease. The Art. Physician Ch. In the Surgery. On Fractures. On Joints. Regimen in Health. Regimen Heracleitus: On the Universe. Post Reditum in Senatu. Post Reditum ad Quirites. De Domo Sua. De Haruspicum Responsis. Pro Cn. Menippus or The Descent into Hades. On Funerals. A Professor of Public Speaking. Alexander the False Prophet. Essays in Portraiture.

Essays in Portraiture Defended. The Goddesse of Surrye. The Braggart Warrior.

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The Haunted House. The Persian. Constitution of the Lacedaemonians. Ways and Means.

LOEB CLASSICAL LIBRARY: Lysias by W. R. M. Lysias (, Hardcover) - $ | PicClick

Cavalry Commander. Art of Horsemanship.

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On Hunting. Constitution of the Athenians. Original Title: Scripta Minora: Hiero. On Listening to Lectures. How to Tell a Flatterer from a Friend. Pro Caecina. Pro Cluentio. Pro Rabirio Perduellionis Reo. The Lovers. Original Title: Charmides. Isocrates -- Volume I: To Demonicus.

Lysias (Loeb Classical Library No. 244) Lysias (Loeb Classical Library No. 244)
Lysias (Loeb Classical Library No. 244) Lysias (Loeb Classical Library No. 244)
Lysias (Loeb Classical Library No. 244) Lysias (Loeb Classical Library No. 244)
Lysias (Loeb Classical Library No. 244) Lysias (Loeb Classical Library No. 244)
Lysias (Loeb Classical Library No. 244) Lysias (Loeb Classical Library No. 244)
Lysias (Loeb Classical Library No. 244) Lysias (Loeb Classical Library No. 244)

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