Inside the Classroom (and Out): How We Learn through Folklore

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Thanks so much for sharing your love of these literary works. Hey, just want to congratulate you guys on a job well-done — your podcast is pretty darn amazing! Or how Ne Zha subdued the dragon king? Yeah, I actually just bought a few books on Chinese myths and folklore. There will definitely be some Chinese myths coming up. It was good from the beginning, but I really appreciate that you work to improve it with each episode. Could you do something with the Egyptian pantheon.

Just stopping in to say to tell you what an amazing job you do with this podcast. I might have a problem. I get frustrated when I start an episode and have interruptions that prevent me from finishing one. Life Questions. Hi Jason. I just wanted to say you are an awesome storyteller! Thanks a ton for the great podcast, and I can only imagine it will continue to flourish. First, love the dedication to each episode you give. Hi, Jason. I was hooked from the start and have been listening ever since. You make the stories on the podcast so much more interesting and engaging with your hilarious comments on the characters shady actions; far from the flat, dull delivery of the classroom, I had to endure.

I am going down to Nottingham Uni soon for an open day and was wondering if you could do an episode on the legends of Robin Hood, possibly making a series of them like with you have with King Arthur? Just want to say again that your podcast is amazing and I look forward to your next episode. Yes, Robin Hood is coming.

I have some excellent books on him, but his story is more of a challenge because Arthur has some key people tying the stories together early on, but Robin Hood seems to be all over the place until much later. Found the show on Spotify and went through all available episodes in just a few days. Amazing show, keep up the good work! Your show brings me joy, during my day at work or to pass the time on the commute home.

The horse that brags is just an amazing animal, the legend like all the others are just enjoyable. Have you by any chance stumbled across the Mayan folktales? A good book to reference is listed below. I have yet to read all of it but hope it brings intrigue. I have to say that this is my favorite podcast ever. Also, I would love to hear more Latin American folklore if possible — especially from Mexico. Just started listening to the podcast yesterday while doing incredibly boring clerical work!

Love it! Dogs ARE wolves. Love the Podcast!! I would love it if you made an episode on Indian mythology. Most of them have very interesting stories and are very well documented. Also love the website! I love listening to your podcast! I have never listened to podcasts before, but I recently started working in a position that requires a TON of computer time, and your podcasts are much more substantial than music, but much more manageable than full audiobooks! I was wondering, though, if there is any chance you have maybe one giant timeline for all of the stories?

I know you generally try to give the time period or compare one story to another in terms of timing, but is there one master list we listeners could see? Thanks so much for doing what you do! Just saying hello. I started listening to the podcast a few months ago and I am totally hooked. Could I please ask that you look into some African stories, such as the Anansi stories?

The Ramayana, too, would be great, as someone else has already suggested. I really enjoy listening! New to podcasts and myths and legends was one of the first I listened too. Hooked instantly and working my way through all the episodes. I absolutely love this show. It makes my day anytime a new episode pops up. Great work with the music, by the way.

It adds so much to the whimsical and endearing nature of these stories. Thanks so much for this! Thought it was high time that I thanked you, Jason, for this podcast. Your little inserts are some of my favorites and I find myself saying the same things along with you. Thank you!! Really love this podcast, started with 1 now I am on my 5th. Great story telling and love the sideline humor. Right after the initial spike in volume for the creature music fades, theirs a high pitched tone for about seconds.

On the most recent week, 38A, it occurs at Take a listen!

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That being said, I love your podcast and listen to every episode the moment it arrives! I recently found your podcast in Spotify and I love it. I teach English in a state college in the Philippines and I find it really difficult to find transcripts and other references in teaching Mythology and Folklore.

Your podcast has made my life a lot easier. So thanks. Oh and if you ever need info on Philippine folklore which has btw inspired Neil Gaiman I can probably lend a hand in collating info. I started listening to your podcast earlier in the year while training for the Boston Marathon. I became hooked as I ran and lost myself in your telling of these stories. Keep them coming! Great job! I found this podcast a few days ago and have not been able to stop listening. I hope you have time to get to more Chinese Folklore or even African Folklore.

I lived in China for a year and I learned of many stories involving ghosts and could totally see you bringing them to life. Thanks for the good listens! I have some really good African stories in the works, and I need some Chinese stories. I am a 25 year old woman that looks forward to your story telling! I am obsessed with the real Disney versions of these princess stories! Please do all Disney princesses! Also will you please do the Swan Princess?!? Been dying for that one! Thanks for doing the podcasts. This podcast kept me company while I was moving into my own apartment recently, and it certainly made the experience much more enjoyable.

I did, while listening. This podcast kept me company while I was moving into my own apartment recently, and it certainly made the moving experience much more enjoyable. You do a fantastic job! Thank you much. I just recently discovered podcasts in general…but yours has been my go to every single week! Thank you for your amazing show — and facts. My friend suggested this podcast to me, and it has changed my life!!!!!! It is the best thing since my siblings read lord of the rings to me as a child.

I love stories and I love the side notes. They are hilarious. I love you. You said there was a 20 page section on your site. Where is this section of the book about the fairies? Jason- As I progress through college I have come to appreciate the cultural importance of myths, legends and folklore in society and I find it quite noble that you are interpreting and styling these stories in a way that the modern listener can appreciate. I,for one, have already told many friends on escapades of these stories and of your podcast. I am very thankful that you post sources since they are very difficult to come by and are fascinating.

As a lover of history I stumbled across this podcast while looking for King Arthur legends and I came to the right place. I am sure you have 1 billion requests but a humble listener asks that a short for Robin Hood perhaps be looked into. Thanks again for what you do. I have already told many friends on escapades of these stories and of your podcast. Excellent commentary and all your stories are well-told.

Just a random little fact. After finding your podcast, I thought my coworker was moonlighting and doing a podcast. Turns out you have a voice doppelganger in SC! Please tell your friend to stay far away from Cincinnati, OH. Great podcast! I recently found it and I am now listening from the beginning. I just listened to 6B origin of Melrin and you mentioned that dying of a broken heart is not possible. It is real and can indeed be fatal. I did hear that, but I really appreciate the information.

Where have you been in my primitive introduction to the podcasting world! Was introduced to podcast little less than a year ago by a coworker and have slowly been expanding my library. All joking aside, your delivery, voice and knowledge keeps me coming back for more.

I really hope that you continue to create new podcasts to keep me, and no doubt many others, informed and entertained. Incredible work! Jason thank you for presenting this podcast to the world. I enjoy your presentation of the stories and have listened to everyone so far. You mentioned about doing another podcast, has that kicked off yet? Thank you for your talents! I deliver things and drive for about 8 hours a day I love your podcast, and the stories that you tell. Do you have any plans to do pacific islander, Maori or Hawaiian stories?

I would love to tell some of them, but they are outside of any expertise I might have, so they take a little more research for me. Glad you like the show! You are a fantastic story teller. Love the little bits of incredulity and sarcasm tossed in when the original stories stray. My wife and I recently sold our condo and bought a house. Your podcast kept me company as I stayed up late, long after my wife and toddler went to sleep, for many nights of packing, shlepping, eventually unpacking and doing many odd jobs around our new house.

I would not have gotten it all done in time for moving day without your stories keeping me awake and entertained. This is a fabulous collection of stories, retold to capture a modern audience! I was a giant myth nerd when I was a tween, and slogged through countless dense, boring old books to get to these stories. This podcast captures the essence of these tales and saves you the boring research. Hi Jason, Love this show! I work in a grocery store and find myself mentioning Myths and Legends to many of my customers, based on the tee shirts they wear!

I have recommended the podcast to many, including my old English professor, who specializes in Medieval history. In one of her classes we spent time looking at the ancient maps as literature, illustrated with many mythic characters and odd creatures. I one of my writing classes we spent a whole term looking at Cinderella, and the changes the story went through as it moved from one country to the next. If you are looking for strong roles for women, check out the Vietnamese version of Cinderella! I get home from work at two in the morning, and even though I can listen on my phone as soon as the car is turned off, I still myself sitting in the car and waiting for a good stopping point!

Truly love your story-telling style, and I am excited for your success. Thanks for a great listen, Shelley in Oregon. Hi Jason, I love listening to your podcast right before I go to sleep. Its like you have given me back a little piece of my childhood. Your episode on Ali Baba made me think of all the different stories that are now long forgotten but are probably the most awesome stories that I have ever known. Here is a couple of them to start you off on.

I am making my way through every episode and catching up. Contrary to some comments, I really dig your 21st century take. I have a suggestion for a creature of the week. The Piasa bird from Midwest Native American legend. One more thing, when I was in college, I did a term paper that was initially going to be on fairy tales. But it evolved into a comparison of all the Cinderella stories from different cultures. That might be a fun one shot for you later. I particularly liked the Chinese version. Also, the more Japanese folklore, the better!!!

The Latin American story of Crystal was also very refreshing. Keep up the great work. I checked out your podcast just because it seemed like something I would like. And it has been a pleasure. A great surprise. Thank you for being you!! I just found this podcast and I am so pleased! Listening will give you modern, quirky, and easy to swallow versions of stories from many cultures that never fail to delight.

I absolutely love this podcast. Thanks for all you do! Hey Jason and Carissa, I really do love the podcast! Many thanks. Hey Kris! Totally fair question. Thanks so much for getting back to me! Thanks for letting me know! Looking forward to the next installments! Jason, I just recently got into podcasts and my partner suggested Myths and Legends. I love it! I am a teacher and I am so ready for the summer holiday so that I can just lay about listening to Myths and Legends.

That is all that I want to do. I have an interest in the Ancient Greek stories and stumbled across Hercules Labours — absolutely brilliant and great acknowledgment that much of it is hard to believe but we love it anyway!


I love your podcast and the whole vibe you have going on with these stories. Your inserts are great. I look forward to every new episode and have replayed a lot of them over just to listen to them again! Your perspective just adds to the stories! By far one of my favorite podcast of all time! I eagerly await new stories. Keep up the excellent work! I just wanted to say I greatly enjoy your podcast. I first stumbled upon a Greek Gods Encyclopedia when I was 12 and am now soon to be My favorite is Orion though there are several stories on it.

I also enjoy your use of a side bar. I listened to all of your podcast on itunes in 5 days. I may submit in an email or however i send the voice thing on a few favorite stories in Greek Myth. I just found the podcast recently and have been binge listening — I love it! It is so fascinating to hear the stories, and I really appreciate the work you put in looking at the sources and trying to make them all fit. I just stumbled across your podcast today, I have been looking for something new to help distract me during my long workouts marathon training and your perfect telling of the story of Cupid and Psyche did the trick!

I have been listening all day! I love the pod cast but I would love it even more if you could make more episodes like 2 a week pls and thank you. Haha, I would like that too…but it might just kill me. Jason does a superb job with bringing these stories to life while expressing a soothing manner and humble approach, recognizing that part of what makes myths myths is their variety of versions and retellings over time. This podcast is a phenomenal contribution to the mythological canon and Jason is an expert storyteller. He combines and shifts between humor and sobriety well, handles delicate subjects with care and gives fair warning about them, and has a keen sense for the absurdity and good fun that has made these myths last so long in human memory.

To Jason: thank you so much! Awesome podcast man, keep it up. Keeps me super entertained during work. We have Jason and the Argonauts as well as the Iliad coming up in the next few months. I LOVE this podcast and wait impatiently for it every week and am never disappointed. The episodes are a great mix of storytelling and history. I recommend it to anyone with interests in literature or history.

I was so happy with the Crystal the Wise podcast. Keep those strong female protagonists coming! I listen to a couple a night to relax and sometimes get too into it and wake my boyfriend to tell him bits and pieces. I wanna rate it on iTunes but I currently listen on Podbean on Android. And no worries about rating it. I appreciate that you want to, but at this point I actually like hearing from people more. I love, love, love this podcast.

Therefore I am writing it here, and if you technically can, please, put this review on iTunes. Thank you very much for this excellent podcast! People tend to forget the importance of storytelling, let alone myths and legends, which accompanied humanity at each stage of development. Wonderful podcast — I am sure I am not alone who does learn a lot from you, and this is an invaluable knowledge. Thank you also for the brilliant website — very helpful! I love the way you present stories; repetitions of previous episodes, if you talk about the same heroes, are very helpful to recall and to remember the plot.

Please, continue to enlighten us! Best wishes to you! Hi there! Wanted to extend my thanks for producing such an awesome podcast. I love history and I feel as if the myths and legends that people have told and passed down for generations can help us understand the mindset of people just as much, if not more, than the actual day to day goings on of their lives. Plus its fun to see what wacky things they came up with along the way.

Thanks and I hope you have a great day. I recently changed jobs and have a 40 min. However, your podcast gets me to work before I know it and often I regret having to wait until the drive home to finish a story or hear about the creature of the week. Thanks for your work and keep it up! I recently subscribed to your podcast and just fell in love with it. Thanks for everything you do! Seriously, thank you so much for the membership. It is a huge help. I only recently discovered the podcast and I just wanted to send along my thanks for the great stories. I drive around a lot for work so I have ample opportunity to listen and they definintly make my days much more tolerable.

Look forward to any and all future episodes. I love listening to these old stories, especially as you tell them with a modern twist and cheeky commentary. Haha, thank you. Just discovered this podcast and thoroughly enjoy it. It might be cool if you could ID where one might have heard of the mythical creatures you share at the back end of your shows.

Good stuff. Yeah, definitely. Are you looking for sources, or just sort of a mention as to where this creature may have made an appearance in the wider culture? Usually the creatures are more obscure and just a fun little bit at the end of the show. Stumbled across the podcast looking for interesting things to listen to on my drive in from work. Downloaded a couple of episodes and was hooked and ended up binge-listening to them like I binge watch Netflix! Keep it up, so very entertaining! Thank you for your enjoyable podcasts — I am now an annual member. Listening to your podcast takes the edge off my overtime shift.

Rock steady, drive on!! Aw, thanks! It is a huge help, and you and others that have supported the show have really helped it grow to where it is today. Hey I just wanted to say this podcast has been pretty great. I just got a new job that involves a lot of drIving and its helped to pass the time. I would really love to hear more about the genii, an origin story perhaps?

Keep up the good work man! Glad you like it! It will be a few weeks, but it will be good. I just wanted to say I love your podcast so much! I am currently a doctoral student and I spend long hours driving to and from school and my practicum site and your podcast is what gets me through those early morning drives! I hope you keep making episodes. I really enjoy your witty humor and how you add your own interpretations sometimes, very well done!

I love your podcast, I just found it on Friday and have listened to half your episodes already. Thank you so much for creating it. Hey there! Myths and Legends have always been interesting to me. I am a comic book artist and I listen while I work. I know it was a while back, but you put a call out for artists and I would like to offer up my talents for you. This would be fun. Thanks for saying hi. Keep up the awesome work Jason and Carissa.

This is my fav podcast since I discovered it a few months ago. The content is always so interesting and Jason is the perfect narrator. Loving your work from New Zealand? That said, this podcast is one that I eagerly await every week— when I first came upon it I binged on it for 3 days. I am so thankful that you have legends from around the world!

Romani and Slavic folklore are among my favorite genres and I am stoked about all of the Norse mythology. I would love to hear more about Celtic and Native American lore. It will enrich all our lives! In my artistic practice I draw from archetypal stories that can be found across the globe for inspiration— so you in no small way help me keep doing what I do best.

Laughing the whole time! Thank you so much for the wonderful content and fantastic listening experience! Good heath to you and your family. I would love to do more stories on Turkish, Indian, Mongolian, and Mesoamerican. Unfortunately, they are a bit outside of my expertise, so it takes me longer to find the stories. The Epic Mahabarath also has some good ones.

Big fan of the podcast by the way! Let me know if you have any questions on Indian Mythology and I can help you out. Yes definitely. Hi Jason — recently discovered your podcast and am really loving it! You have a great gift for storytelling and I like the humour you inject with your asides. I like the retelling of the Disney stories too e.

Mulan , as the originals are so much darker and more weird and interesting! I really enjoy your podcast! I wanted to ask if you could tell more Greek and Roman mythology stories? I really enjoyed the one about Cupid and Pysche and Prometheus. In past art exhibitions I ranged in themes focusing on bringing in female focused folklore, like La Sirena: Maiden of the Sea, and Persephone… and more.

I know you can work your magic and create something fun the ladies would enjoy. Just wanted to pop by and say that I really love your show. I have now binge listened to all of them, and am looking forward to more. The level of detail is perfect, and your sarcasm always brings a smile to my face.

Sharing the podcast around work, and people are loving it as well. I have always been of myths, legends, fairytales…in any form and as they fall into any category. BUT, the way you tell them with just a hint of sarcasm and facetiousness…it takes it to a whole other level! I love it, but I also find myself chuckling at your humor. Thank you Jason! I absolutely love the podcast. Requests: more Greek myths! Thank you so much for what you do! I just got an awesome book of Persian myths, so those will be making an appearance soon. Great stuff always, please keep up the notes about whether or not shows are appropriate for kids — my 11 and 8 year olds listen regularly.

Almost as odd as some of the Greek gods. I commute about five to six hours, three times a week… and am completely jazzed to discover this excellent podcast! Love the show! I noticed some subtle different pronunciations. Haha, well pronunciation would be one of them. Very minor, I just notice things like that. I actually find that really interesting. Just want to say thanks and great job! So, thanks from your new fan in Korea! I found this Podcast about a 5 days ago and binge listened to all episodes. This is just the right amount of story telling and editorializing.

Jason does a great job telling the stories while mocking the more ridiculous parts of the stories. Well done and thoroughly entertaining. I am loving listening to your stories. Thank you again for bringing them to us. You have really helped bring some calm and happiness to my busy days. I love listening! Jason, I wanted to let you know that this has become one of my favorite podcasts in the past few months!

I listen to them on the bus, at work I work in a lab, so listening and focusing is easy to do , in the car, and sometimes before I go to sleep at night, and when I get up in the morning and make breakfast. Your storytelling is very calming and pleasant. I really like the Japanese stories, I know you did a few podcasts already dedicated to these short and sweet stories, but I love their uplifting message. Thanks for the stories!

I love Japanese fairy tales. This has quickly joined my top 4 podcasts geeks guide, nerdist, night vale and you??? Could figure out how to via phone, sigh. Really enjoy the blend of historical tale and modern wry asides. I only try and convey my love and appreciation for podcasts i truly enjoy. This is one of them. I feel some have a difficulty with relating older information and conveying it to an audience but this podcast never to me has a lull or span of boredom. I was actually sad to learn these were already transcribed, as that is my job for a living.

Love myths and legends from history? Look no farther. Hi- I just found your podcast today and wanted to say how much I enjoy it. I teach World Mythology and have already suggested my college students check this out for more modern retellings of the stories we discuss. Thank you for putting good information into the world! Wow, thanks! I put a lot of time into research, and I always breath a small sigh of relief when someone who teaches these stories in an academic setting says they like the show.

Thank you for making something fun, entertaining, and informative. My family and I appreciate all of the hard work that you put into these. I just found this podcast about a week ago and am so hooked! This is such an awesome podcast. Maybe you can also look into incorporating where sayings come from that we use on a regular basis…i.

That would be interesting… thanks for the suggestion. That might be a cool change of pace episode, or a lighter one after the longer, heavier episodes. Truly enjoying listening. I am seriously addicted to this podcast! I am currently binge-listening from the beginning and I often find myself laughing out loud. Jason, your sense of humor is delightful and I love the way you tell the stories.

I have been recommending the show to pretty much anyone that I know. Please keep up the amazing work! I LOVE this podcast! I enjoy the storytelling so much. I am a Podcast fanatic with a deep love for fairy tales and myths. I was beyond delighted when I found this podcast and truly got hooked after the first episode. I started listening maybe less than a week ago, from newest to the oldest ,and I have now listened to all of the published episodes neglecting my other podcast, haha. Thanks, for bringing such refreshing take on many stories that we love and introducing new ones to us.

We found it! We love hearing stories we thought we knew. Creature of the week is also so funny and entertaining. Hi there, quality of your voice track is great. What mic are you using? Subtle natural atmospheres might work better. Cheers, Diane di. Hey Diane, thanks! Depending on how far in you are, it might get less intrusive, but it always stays pretty modern. I love the music particularly the 8bit tracks i think of Heracles whopping things with his club making Mario squashing sounds. I enjoy catching your new podcasts as much as any of Mr.

Thanks for great episodes! I discovered your show a few weeks ago and just really enjoy the way you tell a story. Have you ever thought of delving into modern urban legends? The Russian and Korean folklore are some of my favorites, too! On one hand, they are shocking and interesting, and on the other hand they are pretty gruesome. Maybe this year for Halloween.

Jason: I really enjoy your podcast and as soon as I discovered it I raced through all the episodes on my way to and from work. I especially enjoyed the Volsungs saga and the story about Aladdin…I had a video of Aladdin when I was a kid and it was not the Disney Version, but went more like the version you told alas it got lost in the many moves since my childhood home. I tell a lot of my patients to listen to your podcast as a distraction for their panic attacks or other troubles, because it forces them to use more of their brain power to both listen and picture the story than listening to music does, and the results so far have been positive.

There are two major epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharatha which have numerous re-tellings but are originally based on some ancient sages who put them on paper. Contained within them are many stand-alone stories that are used in Indian culture to this day to tell kids about how to be moral upstanding people, and they are also depicted in comic books Amar Chitra Katha.

There are also the Vedas which contain much more mythology.

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Thanks again for the podcast, and looking forward to this weeks edition! I love your approach to each story, contextualizing and fleshing out Ha! Koschei the deathess! I love listening to your stories at bedtime. Of course, I fall asleep, which for me is the point since falling asleep is usually very hard for me.

Would you consider putting your transcript up to read? I love your version and your humour. Theseus did in episode 17A on his mini set of labors on the way to Athens, so could that be it? He had one waist, 3 torsos, and 3 pairs of legs. He killed him with a hydra arrow. Kind of makes me want to own a sword. They are surprisingly easy to find at flea markets, at least in the Midwest in the US.

I have two….

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Magical swords, though, are a bit harder to come by. Generally those are found in trees or rocks.

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Love this podcast! Catching up on back episodes. Ready for more. Love your podcast, Jason! Also, who creates the episode art? Is it you? Love the storytelling and absolutely love the music woven in with the tales, it really adds to the drama. I especially appreciate whenever the 8-bit music pops up i. Please keep up the great work! I am from Hawaii and I grew up hearing Japanese folktales. Hearing some of them on the podcast Urashima Taro especially brings back childhood memories.

Listening to them also makes them seem new. I grew up hearing them but now I am listening to them through an ear of perspective. I am an eighth grade teacher and my students listen to one story from the podcast a week during study hall and it always leads to great discussions. It was my favorite growing up! Thank you so much for your excellent podcast! Myths and legends are my jam not in a scholarly way per se , and your retellings are the perfect combination of source authenticity and modern context.

Very nice binding! Some of the myths and legends I had already heard of, but many of them I had no idea about. Like how different the story of the Little Mermaid really is just terrible. Keep those stories coming! I love learning new things about myths and legends I thought I knew!

Jason has a great voice to listen to. I recommend this podcost to all my fellow history majors! I would love to hear more about Native American myths! Thanks for making an entertaining and enlightening podcast! I just started listening to your show Last week I did not even know what a podcast was so I went on my app and this was the first thing to show up so I listened to it And now I love it I have all your shows.

My e-mail is jason[at]mythpodcast[dot]com. Thanks so much You said that you live up in New York well I used to live in Massachusetts So I was wondering if you could do a podcast on the legend of the Hoosaic tunnel. As a swede I enjoyed it tremendously! Hey Darren — first, thanks for becoming a member, and I hope you like the extra episodes. Thanks for the suggestion! Great stuff man! I listen to your podcast every day during my commute to work.

I really like the dedication you show in your speech, it is great to listen to somebody so passionate about what they do. It is a good amount of work, but I love finding these stories and sharing them with people who might not have heard them. Thank you for the excellent stories. Your dedication to historical accuracy and ability to break down the tales with dry humour makes them all the more entertaining. You have received a lot of requests for Celtic folklore, if I may specify a request for some Welsh tales aside from King Arthur?

The Mabinogion is an excellent source for Welsh Folklore. I touched on him super-briefly in the Myrddin the Wyld episode, but his actual story is pretty good. Just a quick comment, my trips to work has become far less boring now that im listening to your podcast — keep up the good work. Hi, I just listened to the Call of the Wyllt episode. What is the piano music you use? Have you thought of doing an episode on Fionn mac Cumhaill?

But I love this podcast so much. I would love to make this a full-time job! Your two podcasts complement each other well. Just wanted to agree with the many other people thanking you for the podcast. I listen to it coming home from night shifts at work to help me wind down. Can you do selkies as your creature of the week one week? They are one of my favourite UK mythical beings.

Thanks for the great podcast. I especially loved the volsung podcasts. This story has been a favourite of mine since I was about 15 and read Rhinegold by Stephen Grundy. Its an extremely well researched and written novelisation of the saga brutally hardcore too. Very faithful to the source material also. It is thoroughly excellent aswell. It portrays the material more realistically that you usually get with those stories and is set in a post roman, dark ages England where the saxons are invading and christianity is slowly gaining sway over the old druidic religion.

Highly recommended as well. Hi Jason, another of your international listeners from the home of King Arthur and Merlin. Which is lucky because it means our stories become even more enriched. I recently bought a copy of the Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient poem from Mesopotamia. I think you could do it justice. If there were seven episodes a week, I would listen to them all.

A rare gem! I really enjoy your dry, monotone sarcasm. This got me thinking that there must be some myths worth exploring in their histories. Hi Jason just wanted to say that the podcast is awesome and hope you keep going for a long time. I was wondering if you could do an episode or episodes on the whole romance of the three kingdoms saga, the only thing i know about it is from the Dynasty Warriors games and it seems really interesting.

Thanks and keep up the great work. Hi Jason, I would love to become a member on the site was on Patreon for a while but I do not have a paypal account. I was wondering if you would be making any other payment options available? I should have payment options via Stripe and Visa up soon. Unexpectedly for me, the Arthurian stories have been a favourite so far — unexpected perhaps because they come from a chapter of history I thought I had no interest in.

Storytelling has been supremely important in Aus Indigenous cultures for 40, years, and so the mythology which varies from place to place but shares some central animistic beliefs is rich, ancient, and unique, with stories that connect human problems with the physical land and celestial bodies. I can only assume the English translations fall woefully short of describing the subtleties and complexities of Dreamtime stories not to mention erasing the differences across like dialects but they are still beautiful.

They have everything — weird monster fights to deep character studies. The only problem is they are well outside the range of my expertise, so the links you sent and the brief explanations are very much appreciated. I would love anything else you have, so let me know. I just started listening to your podcast and its great, now i listen it al day long. I hope you can make one on some mexican legends.

There are hundreds of very interesting ones. Thanks and keep up the great work! I would love to do some stories on Mexican legends. Any ones in particular that I should start with?

There is also the legend of the eagle that stood in a nopal devouring a serpent that lead the mexica people to start a civilization in the valley of mexico. Here is a link with some legends that can give you an idea of what you can look for. The only problem is that it is in spanish but it can help you as a guide. I recently moved to a new office in Toronto so am doing more commuting.

Tried a few podcasts which I subsequently ditched and then came across yours and it was like sunshine breaking through the clouds! Really love the stories and your storytelling style has grown on with each passing week. Skip to main content. Toggle navigation. You are about to leave the UNT Press website. Buy this book from Amazon Kindle. Buy this book from Nook. Buy this ebook from Google Play. Buy this ebook from Apple Books.

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Inside the Classroom (and Out): How We Learn through Folklore Inside the Classroom (and Out): How We Learn through Folklore
Inside the Classroom (and Out): How We Learn through Folklore Inside the Classroom (and Out): How We Learn through Folklore
Inside the Classroom (and Out): How We Learn through Folklore Inside the Classroom (and Out): How We Learn through Folklore
Inside the Classroom (and Out): How We Learn through Folklore Inside the Classroom (and Out): How We Learn through Folklore
Inside the Classroom (and Out): How We Learn through Folklore Inside the Classroom (and Out): How We Learn through Folklore
Inside the Classroom (and Out): How We Learn through Folklore Inside the Classroom (and Out): How We Learn through Folklore

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