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As she scanned the message, her pinched features took on an unusual animation. Twin spots of pink appeared in her waxen cheeks. Most extraordinary, indeed! Baxter gave her favored two teachers a distracted smile. It seems I am to have the honor of a visitor from London on the morrow, a fine lady from the royal court. She will wish to meet the staff, so you must all wear your very best. She will be interviewing a select number of you for the post. It seemed as distant and exotic as China or India. For many years, she had yearned to see the sights beyond the insular world of the school.

A Cinderella Sisterhood Series

On the rare free day, she would hike the moors and imagine what lay beyond the barren, windswept hills. She had studied and dreamed and saved when the other teachers had spent their wages on new gowns and ribbons and other frivolities. Now this was her chance to escape the tedium of teaching manners to giggly young girls concerned only with fashion and gossip.

Baxter glanced around the table, her gaze stopped on Annabelle. Those pale eyes took on a distinct chill. Run along now, and close the door on your way out. She was being banished. She would not be granted a coveted interview. The colossal injustice of it overruled all caution. She stood up from the table, the chair legs scraping the wood floor. Baxter said in tight-lipped astonishment.

My lady visitor will wish to hire someone from a respectable family. She would never consent to employ a bastard who cannot even put a name to her own parents. Mavis and Prudence had the audacity to smirk.

If the Slipper Fits

The other teachers regarded Annabelle with pity or discomfiture. Although most of them were pleasant enough, they would not align themselves with her for fear of being ridiculed, too. Her cheeks burned with humiliation. It took an effort to harness the impulse to lash out in anger. She curtsied to Mrs. Baxter, then walked out of the dining room and shut the door. Annabelle paused there in the dim corridor with her head cocked, trying to discern meaning in the muffled drone of Mrs.

What was the headmistress telling everyone? Was she giving them instructions on how to act and what to say? Was she announcing the order in which they were to meet Lady Milford? Realizing her fists were clenched, Annabelle gulped several deep breaths. Wild emotions must not goad her into another impassioned outburst. Better to have a clear mind so that she might determine rationally how to proceed.

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One thing was certain, she would not relinquish this golden opportunity. A chance like this might not come along again—ever. By hook or by crook, she must finagle her way into an interview. One minute, the group of fifteen-year-olds paraded in a dignified circle, each girl balancing a book on her head to learn proper posture. The next minute, several students broke rank and rushed to the windows overlooking the front of the school. But why would anyone so rich be coming here—and after the term has already begun? Come back here at once. The visitor had to be Lady Milford. For the umpteenth time, Annabelle fretted over how best to present her credentials to the lady.

The fly in the ointment, of course, was Mrs. The headmistress would be keeping a sharp eye on the proceedings. The rest of the pupils had seized upon her silence as an invitation. They made haste to crowd around Cora and Dorothy at the windows. The buzz of their excitement infused Annabelle, too.

As a former charity student, she knew the ennui of endless classes in deportment, art, music, and other skills necessary to become a lady. How could she scold the girls when she herself felt an irresistible curiosity? Maintaining a semblance of dignity, she strolled to join them. For once her tall stature proved a boon. Peering over the heads of the students, she studied the vehicle that rolled up the graveled drive.

The girls were right to ooh and aah. A team of four white horses drew the cream-colored coach with its fancy gold scrollwork decorating the door. Large gilded wheels glinted in the dappled sunlight. A coachman in leaf-green livery drove the equipage, while a pair of white-wigged footmen perched at the rear. Annabelle forgot herself and stared openly. Never before had she seen a sight so magnificent. The girls here were mostly commoners, the daughters of local landowners, and they tended to arrive for the term in pony carts or sturdy carriages suitable to the country.

This coach, however, had sprung straight out of a fairy tale. The fine vehicle drew to a halt in front of the portico. One of the footmen leaped down to lower the step and open the door. A moment later, a woman emerged from the vehicle. Petite and slim, she wore a waist-length black mantelet over a turquoise gown with a fashionably full skirt. A black-veiled bonnet embellished with peacock feathers hid her features from view.

All at once, she cast an upward glance. For one piercing moment, she seemed to stare through the dark tulle straight at Annabelle. Then the woman lowered her head and started up the steps to the porch. The incident unnerved Annabelle. The skin prickled at the nape of her neck and she stood frozen, her gaze locked on the figure below. How ridiculous to think that keen look had been directed at her.

Baxter appeared on the porch. The headmistress sank a deep curtsy and exchanged a few words with her guest. Then the two women vanished into the ivy-covered stone building. A collective sigh rippled from the girls. They turned away from the window to chatter among themselves.

If the Slipper Fits

Besides, Princess Victoria is only seventeen and I think this lady looks quite a bit older. There was a mature dignity in the way Lady Milford had moved, a graceful self-assurance that made Annabelle feel gauche and countrified in her much-mended gown of drab gray worsted wool. How did she dare hope such a vision of elegance would hire her? She shook off the question.

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Book Description St. Martin's Paperbacks, Mass Market Paperback. Never used!. Seller Inventory P Book Description Condition: New. Seller Inventory S Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Olivia Drake. Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Buy New Learn more about this copy. Other Popular Editions of the Same Title. Search for all books with this author and title. May 27, Nath rated it liked it Shelves: historical , read , romance.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The cover of If the Slipper Fits really caught my eyes and I thought the book sounded interesting after reading the blurb. What I liked?

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Overall, I did like Annabelle's character. I liked that she was persistent. Given her situation at the girls' school, it would have been so easy to give up and be depressed She was also very genuine and definitively to give the duke a better life, a better childhood. She had guts going against Simon and standing for what she believed.

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My favorite part of the book was definitively the bond between Annabelle and the young duke and how Annabelle roped in Simon to care more about his nephew. I simply like seeing adults and children develop a relationship together, to see the trust that is being established Also, I find children keep adults honest and down-to-earth : So that part was well done.

And while I wasn't impressed by Simon's behavior, I thought Ms Drake did a good job with his character and establishing the motives for his neglect. In addition, this was my first time reading Ms Drake and I did like her writing. Another good thing was the lack of sequel baiting I have to admit it's a bit weird, because I'm not even sure we were introduced to the future characters, but I'll take it : Unfortunately, all this wasn't enough to negate my issues. Any issues? As I mentioned, I have a few.

The most important one is that I didn't care for the romance in If the Slipper Fits. I think that Simon and Annabelle didn't have any chemistry together and I dislike how Simon takes one look at Annabelle and desires her At the same time, he makes no efforts to get to know her or try to establish a relationship, since he is too busy looking for a wife.

Also, I just don't see why Annabelle succumbed to his charms and when was the moment lust turned into love for both of them? Oh and Simon's proposal was just way premature. In every aspect, the romance just didn't work for me : The other main issue was the big reveal at the end about Annabelle's identity. It came out from absolutely no-where in my opinion and was really far-fetched.

Really, I thought it was totally superfluous and once again, did not care about this twist. I guess it was to tie in the Cinderella theme, but meh. It might have worked with a bit more shadowing and if it had a bigger impact on the storyline Speaking of Cinderella, I'm not a big fan of fairy tales retellings and Cinderella sure is not a favorite I guess depending on the reader, this can be a good or bad thing.

At this point, I'm not sure I'll be picking up the next book Nov 14, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: historical-romance , olivia-drake. Overall, not a bad book just not something overly special. The plot is one that has been used many times before There was a nice little subplot involving some ruins found on the land that adds a bit of intrigue.

I am a sucker for Cinderella retellings so I like the glass, or in this case ruby, slipper and the fairy godmother and I also likes how the evil stepsisters and stepmother were not that exact case, Overall, not a bad book just not something overly special. I am a sucker for Cinderella retellings so I like the glass, or in this case ruby, slipper and the fairy godmother and I also likes how the evil stepsisters and stepmother were not that exact case, but rather some characters that were seen in a smaller dose.

Annabelle and Simon have an instant attraction but not much happens with their feelings until the end of the book. And the ending had one last twist that I personally didn't really like. I was actually kind of hoping nothing would be discussed about her parents as Annabelle is an orphan for a change but oh well. Its well written and easy to read and I do look forward to what could be next. Bonus points for the cover matching a scene exactly! Jun 25, Lisa Shininger rated it did not like it Shelves: romance.

The good: fun, resourceful heroine; cute kid; great setting. The not-so-good: hardly intriguing mystery; random identity revelation almost completely out of nowhere with only five pages to go; but worst of all: what is this romance? When they got to the big oh-I-love-you-be-with-me-always scene, I honestly thought maybe my copy had accidentally left out a few chapters leading up to it because it was so completely out of nowhere. Good way to waste a few sunny hours though.

View 1 comment. Oct 03, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: books-read , romance , historical-romance. Good book. I liked both Annabelle and Simon. Annabelle really wanted to get away from the school. I loved the way that she was able to get the interview she needed - it showed her determination and her creativity. I also liked the way that she refused to back down when confronted by Simon about her presence there.

The way that she came to care so deeply for the young duke, Nicholas, was heartwarming and I loved that she refused to give up on getting him exactly what he needed. Her enjoyment of t Good book. Her enjoyment of the little things in her new life was great. Her love for Simon grew slowly, but it was strong.

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I liked that she had enough sense of her self-worth to not give in to his desire to make her his mistress, and that she had the guts to call him out on it. Simon was a little harder to like at first. His lack of interest in his nephew was frustrating to Annabelle and she wanted to change it. Simon had a hard time looking at Nicholas and not remembering the love he had for the boy's mother and her betrayal of him. Simon's interest in Annabelle was purely lust at first and he kept trying to figure out how to get her in his bed.

He didn't understand why he kept listening to her when she would complain about his treatment of Nicholas, but eventually he listened to her and his attitude began to change. He was surprised when she refused his offer and furious when she told him what she thought of it. I did like the way it made him think and he began to realize what his feelings really were. The mystery that wove through the book was fairly mild. I guessed who the bad guy was but not why he was after Annabelle. Overall I liked it and am looking forward to the next book in the series. Jun 24, Mary Gramlich rated it it was amazing.

Even if the slipper fits, will it make my dreams come true? Having known the life at the bottom of the social ladder Annabelle Quinn finds her escape and grabs it. Annabelle has lived shackled by her illegitimacy so having the opportunity to become the governess to a titled child is the road to freedom and all too soon the only lesson this child needs is the one Annabelle can provide, love.

The problem however is his uncle Lord Simon Westbury who wants nothing to do with her or his nephew despite Even if the slipper fits, will it make my dreams come true? The problem however is his uncle Lord Simon Westbury who wants nothing to do with her or his nephew despite being his guardian. It was a devastating turn of events that led to the woman he loved marrying his brother and leaving him to care for their child. There are nights of passion and stolen kisses between them but days where the distance is greater than being divided by a room.

Fear of relationship failure keeps Simon illusive and distant to a woman with an open heart and a loving nature. Annabelle is more than capable of caring for everyone when given the opportunity and love just one man if he could trust her. Too many clues leading in the wrong direction providing few answers to explain what is going on. When Olivia Drake writes everyone should be reading and experiencing the magic of wonderful historical romances. Sep 11, Lorka rated it did not like it Shelves: dnf-at-all.

One BIG Ugh star. My second book by this author, and it read so similar to the first one. As if she just changed the names of the characters and that's it. This should have been such a cute story!! But it was just The heroine started off great. I loved her spunk in how she got herself chosen for the governess position.

As to how she was actually selected, with the slipper fitting her foot was the first of many things that made no sense to me as to how it all connect One BIG Ugh star. As to how she was actually selected, with the slipper fitting her foot was the first of many things that made no sense to me as to how it all connected to the story. The next WTF moment was why exactly the author had the heroine be directed down the wrong route to reach the castle, instead of the main road.

Unless I missed something, there was no reason for that to have happened. The hero was a mirror imagine of the asinine, mean, arrogant hero from the other Olivia Drake book I read. Despising the heroine one second, having lustful thoughts the next. Back to the heroine She also had insta-lust thoughts, mirror'ing the heroine from the other book. During the first day or two of knowing the hero, who was a cold, arrogant jerk to her, she would look into his silver eyes, and her womb would get the quivers. Then she needed to beg the hero to not let her go from the new position, but to give her 2 weeks to prove herself worthy.

So while knowing that she needed to stay out of his way, walk on eggshells, and generally don't screw up, what does she do on the first day? A servant would NOT interrupt her superiors like that, at all.

If the Slipper fits...

I was embarrassed reading the whole scene. Feb 15, Rachel- Goodbye Borders rated it liked it Shelves: read Annabelle was abandoned as a baby. She knew nothing of her parentage. She's lived, worked, and taught at an all girl's school. While the school educated her, she's had to work for her keep. She's always been treated differently and doesn't have close friends. Simon was in love with a woman who then decided she wanted Simon's older brother.

Simon, bitter, bought a commission in the army and left. He had no contact with his family for years. His brother and sister-in-law's deaths brought him back. Simon is the guardian of his nephew. Annabelle gets hired by Clarissa to be Nicholas's governess. She gradually makes changes and Nicholas comes out of his shell. I liked both characters, Annabelle is strong and outspoken. Simon is bitter, but comes out of his funk.

What I didn't "buy" was the romance- to a point.

If the Slipper Fits If the Slipper Fits
If the Slipper Fits If the Slipper Fits
If the Slipper Fits If the Slipper Fits
If the Slipper Fits If the Slipper Fits
If the Slipper Fits If the Slipper Fits
If the Slipper Fits If the Slipper Fits
If the Slipper Fits If the Slipper Fits

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