High resolution optical satellite imagery

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Further to this, DigitalGlobe has product samples available for different parts of the Earth.

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If you are just looking to purchase Worldview imagery scenes, the Worldview Viewer application gives you the option to preview and find images in archive. DigitalGlobe also provides basemaps, analytical services, precision aerial, maps API and various other products and services. With the recent purchase of DigitalGlobe from MDA, this turns a new leaf in the era of space imaging.

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And this will include 3 additional satellites from the Canadian Radarsat Constellation Mission. Now, technical users can access another untapped resource like synthetic aperture radar for even more rigorous analysis. The Landsat file name structure gives you the what, where, when and how the data was captured. We rank the best sources of free satellite data.

High Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery

Hi, from which satellite and how can I get images for archaeological research and buried cities under the soil? However, most LiDAR is airborne so that might a big more challenging. Geospatial Data.


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Earth Observation Landsat program. In order to complete the subscription process, simply check your inbox and click on the link in the email we have just sent you. If it is not there, please check your junk mail folder. If you still experience difficulties subscribing to our newsletters, please contact us at editors directionsmag.

Share Sharing is Caring. Twitter LinkedIn Facebook. Christopher Lavers. Earth Observation Landsat program Landsat is the longest running satellite program for acquisition of earth observation imagery. The most recent, Landsat 7, was in fact launched in April and has 8 separate spectral bands with spatial resolutions ranging from m, and a temporal resolution of 16 days [21]. In , President Carter transferred Landsat operations from NASA to NOAA, recommending development of a long term operational system with 4 further satellites beyond Landsat 3, and all important transition to the private sector, which took place in NOAA directed Landsat 4 and 5 to be shut down.

Vice President Quayle head of the newly inaugurated National Space Council arranged emergency funding so that the Landsat program could continue.


In and , Congress again provided only half of the required annual funding to NOAA, requesting agencies that sale of Landsat data provide the funding for the other 6 months of the year. In , efforts were made to procure funding for follow on Landsats and continued operations, but by the end of the year EOSAT ceased processing Landsat data completely. However, Landsat 6 was launched October 5, , but was lost during launch.

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This could have been the end of Landsat, which would have held back progress on development of civil imaging capabilities, but processing of Landsat 4 and 5 data was resumed by EOSAT in and NASA finally launched Landsat 7 in April This drama might have been avoided if the Land Remote Sensing Policy Act Public Law authorizing procurement of Landsat 7 and assuring continued Landsat digital data and image availability, at low cost, to all users of the data passed by the US Congress in October had actually been fully supported at the time.

SPOT includes a series of satellites and ground control resources for control and programming, image production, and distribution. The SPOT orbit was designed to be polar, circular, and sun-synchronous. Since SPOT satellites have orbited earth and taken more than 10 million high quality images. Two days later, the kg SPOT 1 transmitted its first image with a resolution of meters. Satellite loads were identical, including 2 High Resolution Visible HRV imaging instruments able to operate in 2 modes, either simultaneously or individually. The two spectral modes used are panchromatic and multispectral.

Panchromatic imagery sensors generally refer to a single band system which spans the visible and Near IR NIR part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and are usually represented black and white, although false colour representation is possible. Multispectral imagery can also be acquired by sensors that measure energy in several specific bands simultaneously, usually 3 to 7, although increasingly hyper spectral systems, with potentially up to hundreds of bands, are now being developed for deployment.

Because the SPOT 1 orbit was reduced in , it gradually lost altitude and broke up in the atmosphere. The GeoEye-1 satellite launched in is the world's highest resolution commercial earth-imaging satellite.

2. Spatial Accuracy

The detail and geospatial accuracy of GeoEye-1 imagery further expands applications for satellite imagery in every commercial and government market sector. The positional accuracy is the best of all commercially available satellites, namely 3 meters. QuickBird provides images at 61 cm panchromatic and 2,44 m multispectral resolution.

The QuickBird spacecraft is capable of acquiring over 75 million square kilometers of imagery data annually. The WorldView-1 satellite, launched by DigitalGlobe, is the first satellite equipped with state-of-the-art control moment gyros, which provide stunning agility, rapid retargeting and efficient in-track stereo collection.

High resolution optical satellite imagery High resolution optical satellite imagery
High resolution optical satellite imagery High resolution optical satellite imagery
High resolution optical satellite imagery High resolution optical satellite imagery
High resolution optical satellite imagery High resolution optical satellite imagery
High resolution optical satellite imagery High resolution optical satellite imagery
High resolution optical satellite imagery High resolution optical satellite imagery
High resolution optical satellite imagery High resolution optical satellite imagery
High resolution optical satellite imagery High resolution optical satellite imagery

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