Heretics: Apotheosis Series, Book 2 (Apotheosis)

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It consists of Prophets , Heretics and Messiah. Centuries after the fall of the Confederacy , the Eridani Caliphate and the Roman Catholic Church are two of the major powers in human space. The have both detected transmissions from a cluster of human colonies not recorded by history, and are rushing in secret to investigate. The urgency rises when an inexplicable anamoly appears in the vicinity of the farthest of these colonies, Xi Virginis.

He is assigned to travel in secret to the anarchist planet of Bakunin, there to recruit or insert himself into an expedition into the unknown. Once a prince of the blood royal, Nickolai was maimed and exiled for his transgressions against the word of St. Looking forward to the conclusion.

Messiah (Apotheosis, #3) by S. Andrew Swann

Mar 22, Daniel Attack of the Books! Burton rated it liked it Shelves: science-fiction.

I like action. I like suspense. I like drama. And increasingly, I like S. He knows how to write all of these into his plot, and he does it deftly, smoothly, and never lets the writing get in the way of the story.

ISBN 13: 9780971796041

We are introduced to a few new characters, learn more about our antagonist Adam, and watch the known universe crumble before his claim as the one true god. Adam, the nanobot entity possessed of a more than slightly insane artificial intelligence, has assumed divine status. He begins each planetary invasion with a perfunctory demand of its inhabitants that they worship him by joining in his restructuring of the universe on a molecular level. It is horrifying, a destruction by our own creation, and Swann pulls no punches.

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Adam never develops far beyond the villain and with good reason. The people we care about—our heroes—are who we begin to see grow and develop in the furnace of their fight for survival.

The Antichrist Was Gnosticism/Neoplatonism and Constantine's Apotheosis Was Caligulan

In Heretics, Swann shows his characters begin to step out of themselves, grow, and connect with each other. That said, it is important to note, that Swann writes with more focus on action and plot than on internal character development.

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And you know what? It works great. I finished the last page of Heretics, set it down, and immediately picked up Messiah book three, which came out just this year and started reading. I had no desire to put off the conclusion to the Apotheosis, and I look forward to seeing the finish of the story. A cautionary comment on content: One scene in the book bothered me. At one point, the mutant tiger begins a relationship with one of the humans also mutated, but not quite like him characters. While there is only brief description, there is foreplay and reference to a sexual relationship. This is science-fiction, and perhaps interspecies romance has a place there, but it was the sexual description that was a bridge too far for me.

Fortunately, the scene is brief, short, and not reoccurring. Jun 03, Cathy rated it liked it Shelves: zz-challenge-bcc-scifi , zz-challenge-library-borrowed , series-reminder , science-fiction , read-in Better than the first in this Apotheosis series, maybe a 3.

A truly frightening Big Bad has arrived to unite the disparate forces in a battle that supercedes politics, religion or philosophy. The pace has picked up and by the end I felt an excited anticipation for the next book and the resolution of this epic confrontation. The characters have been fleshed out a bit not meant to be a punny, reference to what nanoparticles can do , but are still not the driving force of this story.

This one is Better than the first in this Apotheosis series, maybe a 3. This one is another morality tale entirely about free will, independence, assimilation and obliviation.

لا يوجد تقيي٠ات

It's also about people putting aside their differences in a crisis and working together in order to survive, and thereby finding similarities they didn't realize existed. It also seems to be building toward a rather nice job of weaving in elements from all 3 of Swann's series in this timeline Moreau, Hostile Takeover and Apotheosis , promarily the 2nd two space-faring trilogies, to illuminate aspects that were hinted at or obscured before.


I'm looking forward to seeing the final shape the elements of the puzzle will take. Mar 17, Julian rated it liked it Shelves: Very enjoyable read. I like a lot of the characters and I really liked the way worm holes work in his universe and the time paradoxes they can create. However, the story with Adam is starting to get a little far fetched now. I am worried that the third book is just going to punch straight through reality and into its own little land of make believe.

Dec 10, Otto rated it it was ok. Tell us if something is incorrect. Out of stock. Get In-Stock Alert. Delivery not available. Pickup not available. Product Highlights The hero is plunged into an alien world at war and natives who either regard him as a god or another heretic fit to burn. The hero fights for peace but his nemesis arrives, poised to launch unthinkable wrath that fulfills a world-ending prophecy. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information.

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Heretics: Apotheosis Series, Book 2 (Apotheosis) Heretics: Apotheosis Series, Book 2 (Apotheosis)
Heretics: Apotheosis Series, Book 2 (Apotheosis) Heretics: Apotheosis Series, Book 2 (Apotheosis)
Heretics: Apotheosis Series, Book 2 (Apotheosis) Heretics: Apotheosis Series, Book 2 (Apotheosis)
Heretics: Apotheosis Series, Book 2 (Apotheosis) Heretics: Apotheosis Series, Book 2 (Apotheosis)
Heretics: Apotheosis Series, Book 2 (Apotheosis) Heretics: Apotheosis Series, Book 2 (Apotheosis)
Heretics: Apotheosis Series, Book 2 (Apotheosis) Heretics: Apotheosis Series, Book 2 (Apotheosis)
Heretics: Apotheosis Series, Book 2 (Apotheosis) Heretics: Apotheosis Series, Book 2 (Apotheosis)

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