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Ella and Louis Again , which features nineteen songs, primarily consists as a collection of vocal duets like its predecessor. However, seven selections do involve either Armstrong or Fitzgerald singing without the other. The backing group remained the same except for Buddy Rich's role being taken by Louie Bellson ; [1] Bellson is regarded as one of the greatest drummers in history right alongside Rich by critics. Porgy and Bess , which came out in April , is not to be confused with either the release by the same title or the release The Complete Porgy and Bess which is also known as just Porgy and Bess too.

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All three albums draw on the material in George and Ira Gershwin 's operatic stage drama of that name , a piece that had its original Broadway production in Ella and Louis has picked up praise from a variety of publications. Writing for AllMusic , critic Scott Yanow stated that the two stars made "for a charming team" and provided "tasteful renditions" of the ballads chosen.

AllMusic 's Alex Henderson stated that he could find details to " nitpick ", such as a possible lack of trumpet solos despite Armstrong's strong presence, yet found little reason to criticize "this fine set". Henderson also made a note of the "solid rhythm section led by pianist Oscar Peterson". Porgy and Bess joined the Grammy Hall of Fame by Ginell of Allmusic.

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He remarked, "Their work together is a highlight of the s, a busy time for classic vocal jazz records, and both were in fine form on these dates, Fitzgerald's sweetly melodic voice contrasting nicely with Armstrong's coarse rasp. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jazz portal Pop music portal.

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Retrieved March 1, But Stone was actually 17 at the time—and neither McGuinn nor Kemp remember her on the tour. I think he was more going for a mime look than KISS.

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  • Another one of the central characters is the filmmaker Stefan Van Dorp, who says in the film that he was brought on to record concert footage and B-roll. He tussles with Sloman, demands credit for his work on the film, and scoffs at the idea that Bob Dylan is a genius. His reedy voice was inserted into many scenes, and at one point a doctored photo of him appears, with Sloman lurking in the back of the frame.

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    When Sloman watched the film in an advance screening several weeks ago, he was at first bewildered by the outsize presence of a man he had no recollection of. At long last, we get to the crux of the creation of the Rolling Thunder Revue. In , at the beginning of the tour, Dylan told Kemp that he wanted to shoot a film on the road.

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    He hired the playwright Sam Shepard to write the script and come along for the ride. But in reality, Shepard was writing the bones of what would become Renaldo and Clara , a part-documentary, part-narrative film released in Renaldo and Clara was directed by Dylan and shot by Howard Alk, David Meyers and Paul Goldsmith—and like Rolling Thunder Revue , it consists of concert footage, documentary interviews and fictional vignettes. Some vignettes were scripted by Shepard—but given that his actors were musicians, most scenes devolved into improvisations by Dylan, his wife Sara, Joan Baez, Jack Elliott, and many others on the tour, who played amorphous and ill-defined characters.

    Renaldo and Clara ran for four hours and was met with widespread ridicule upon release for its bloat and lack of coherence. One new scene, for example, shows Bob Dylan and Joan Baez flirting and rehashing their old relationship, and is presented as documentary footage.

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    And in the most stunning rescue imaginable, God sent His son to this spinning planet we call home - the Creator reconnecting us to Himself with life that never ends. Indescribable takes us on an image-rich journey through the cosmos, allowing us to peer into God's universe to discover the amazing magnitude of His greatness and grace. View in iTunes. Trailers See All. Artists in This Movie See All. Louie Giglio.

    Heavens to Louie Heavens to Louie
    Heavens to Louie Heavens to Louie
    Heavens to Louie Heavens to Louie
    Heavens to Louie Heavens to Louie
    Heavens to Louie Heavens to Louie
    Heavens to Louie Heavens to Louie
    Heavens to Louie Heavens to Louie

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