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Gustave Flaubert

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One such learning experience occurred in , when the young Flaubert attended a fancy ball given by the rich Marquis de Pomereu, an event that inspired his description of the ball that Emma and Charles attend in his novel Madame Bovary. Flaubert's father died in January , and nine weeks later his sister Caroline died in childbirth.

Upon their deaths, Flaubert received a sizable inheritance, which he used to retire to the family estate at Croisset.

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There he focused purely on his writing. Flaubert commissioned an artist to sculpt a bust of his sister Caroline, and when he arrived at the artist's studio, he met Louise Colet, a well-known poet and a great beauty, who was posing for the sculptor. Immediately smitten, Flaubert and Colet developed a tumultuous affair that became one of the most celebrated in literary history. His many letters to Colet are of literary significance in that they reflect his struggles with composing Madame Bovary, a novel he worked on for five years.

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  5. The couple's relationship ended in Madame Bovary first appeared in the Revue as a magazine serial, and it was published in book form the following year. Because the subject matter was so shocking to French society, Flaubert was prosecuted for immorality; he had given frank and detailed descriptions of Emma's adulterous affairs. Flaubert was acquitted in , escaping the fate of most victims of censorship during the time.

    In the s, Flaubert became a member of the intellectual court of Napoleon III, and his writing became highly appreciated by the developing school of naturalistic writers.

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    Chekhov in Russia would not have been quite Chekhov. So much for Flaubert's literary influence.

    Flaubert never married, instead focusing on care for his mother and his niece. In his final years he suffered financial troubles resulting from the generous act of giving away his fortune to save his niece's husband from bankruptcy.

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    A press clipping found on his writing table described him as "one of the uncontested masters of the contemporary novel, perhaps the only one who owes nothing to anyone, and whom everyone else has more or less imitated. He spiced up his usual material with a Carthaginian sauce. You will be served with human flesh, bourgeois brains and tigress clitorises fried in rhinoceros butter; after coffee, renewal of the Punic oration until the listeners pass away. How does that sound? Your observations would make me lose my wits.

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    That is all. Just so long as it cannot be proved that I have said anything absurd, that is all that I demand. When it comes to botany, I really could not care less. I have seen with my own eyes all the plants and trees that I need.

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