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You may later unsubscribe. Sign Up Already have an account? Email Address. Real Quick. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Cancel Resend Email. Fort Apache, the Bronx Add Article. Want to see. Super Reviewer. View All Photos 1. Movie Info. Paul Newman stars as an essentially decent cop patrolling that decimated, drug-and-gang-ridden borough known on the city maps as the Bronx, but known to its denizens as "Fort Apache". While Newman tries to hold on to his basic humanity and to treat even the sorriest of the people on his beat with dignity, he can't do much to convince his superiors that blind brutality is not the answer to social blight.

When he witnesses fellow-cop Danny Aiello cold-bloodedly murdering a crime suspect, Newman is advised to sweep the whole incident under the rug. He refuses to do so, and as a result becomes "persona non grata" to his former friends on the force. Ed Asner co-stars as the beleaguered captain who has given up trying to treat his job as anything but a necessary evil, while Rachel Ticotin is Newman's love interest.

Daniel Petrie Sr. Heywood Gould. Nov 5, Paul Newman as Murphy. Edward Asner as Connolly.

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Ken Wahl as Corelli. Danny Aiello as Morgan. Rachel Ticotin as Isabella. Pam Grier as Charlotte. Kathleen Beller as Theresa. Miguel Pinero as Hernando. Jaime Tirelli as Jose. Lance William Guecia as Track Star. Rony Clanton as Pimp. Clifford David as Dacey. Sully Boyar as Dugan. Erik Estrada. Michael Higgins as Hefferman. Rik Colitti as Pantuzzi. Irving Metzman as Applebaum. Frank Adu as Clendennon. Raynaldo Medina as Detective. John Di Aquino as Finley. Norman Matlock as Lincoln. John Ring as Donahue. Tony DiBenedetto as Moran.

Terence Brady as Cops at Bar. Randy Jurgenson as Cops at Bar. Marvin Cohen as Cops at Bar. Paul Gleason as Detective. Reinaldo Medina as Detective. Daryl Edwards as Black Rookie. Donald Petrie as White Rookie. Thomas A. Carlin as Man with Flat Tire.

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Frederick Allen as Corelli's Brother. Dominic Chianese as Corelli's Father. Mike Cichette as Wild-eyed Man. Apu Guecia as Stabbed Boy. Kim Delgado as Suspect. Reyno as Suspect. Dadi Pinero as Suspect. Cleavant Derricks as Suspect. Dolores Hernandez as Pregnant Girl. Santos Morales as Girl's Father. Ruth Last as Girl's Mother. Jose Rabelo as Girl's Uncle. Gilbert Lewis as Mob Leader. Randy Jurgensen as Cop at Bar. Darryl Edwards as Black Rookie.

Lisa Loomer as Hooker. Sandi Franklin as Hooker. Erick Mourino as Boy and Girl on Roof. Jessica Costello as Boy and Girl on Roof. Gloria Irizarry as Drug Dealer. Manuel Santiago as Intern. Joaquin LaHabana as Transvestite. Fred Strother as Hospital Buyer. Sylvia Kuumba Williams as Bartender. Patricia Dratel as Hostage. Thomas Fiorello as Fence.

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Jul 25, Rating: B Full Review…. Jan 31, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews One of the reasons the film is so effective is that, right from the start, the audience shares a sense of physical desolation that eventually becomes psychological as well as spiritual. Having implicated us in this truth in such a fashion, the film makers would seem to have a responsibility to be accurate, though I suspect that not everyone objecting to the film would agree on all of the things about it that are supposed to be inaccurate.

These objections can't be answered here, which is not to say that they shouldn't be raised.

Petrie's South Bronx is an urban nightmare, a contemporary American vision of World War II Hamburg or Dresden or Manila or Hiroshima , destroyed not by saturation bombing, artillery warfare or the A-bomb but by decades of what is euphemistically referred to as urban decay, civic neglect and shifting population patterns. The heart of this community is Precinct Station House 41, which, as one of the policemen explains to the new station chief, is not a precinct house but a fort in hostile territory. It's where the old people gather during the day to sun themselves, gossip and play cards, comforted by the immediate presence of the law.

Outside the station house, there is chaos - drug dealing, prostitution, murder, mugging and discontent on an epic scale. The film begins almost casually: Early morning. A deserted side street. Two rookie police officers sit in their patrol car near the end of their night shift. A tall black hooker named Charlotte, wearing a blond wig and spike heels, totters over to the car.

She makes them a proposition they can refuse in good humor.

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She giggles. They suggest she go on home. She assumes a seductive pose, leaning through the window on the driver's side. As they talk some more, Charlotte, still giggling, pulls out a handgun and shoots both men at point-blank range. The mystery of the killing of the two rookies is just one of the daily problems to be faced by Murphy Paul Newman , a veteran police officer, and his young partner, Officer Corelli Ken Wahl , in their line of duty.

There are also would-be suicides, babies to deliver, a confrontation with angry community activists and corruption within the precinct house itself, including one white officer's mindless murder of a Puerto Rican youth. Heywood Gould's original screenplay, which is credited as having been ''suggested by the experiences of Thomas Mulhearn and Pete Tessitore,'' focuses most of the time on Officers Murphy and Corelli, especially on Murphy's uneasy relationship with the new precinct chief, who makes the near-fatal mistake of going by the book.

However, the film doesn't hesitate to pull back from the affairs of Murphy and Corelli to show us vignettes of life that are forever out of the reach of the two officers.

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  5. The split vision does not make for a neat screenplay, but it broadens the film's impact to a considerable degree, particularly by suggesting that what's happening in this community is inevitable - nothing less, really, than the collapse of civilization and the beginning of the new Dark Ages. At the same time, however, this split vision makes more relevant criticism about, among other things, the film's alleged racism. If the film has the freedom to look into the spaced-out activities of the murderous Charlotte, might it not also have the freedom to suggest that the black police officers with whom Murphy and Corelli work are more than just dress extras?

    When a film considers the theme of civilization's decline, it has obligations that a simple chase movie doesn't. Newman gives his best performance since ''Slapshot. Rachel Ticotin, a beautiful young actress new to films, has the break of her career as the Puerto Rican nurse with whom Murphy falls in love, only to lose under circumstances that are not untypical of the locale. She and Mr. Newman work beautifully together. As Mr. Newman's comparatively callow partner, Mr.

    Fort Apache, The Bronx
    Fort Apache, The Bronx
    Fort Apache, The Bronx
    Fort Apache, The Bronx
    Fort Apache, The Bronx
    Fort Apache, The Bronx

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